Curing obesity requires rejecting AMA calling obesity a disease

Curing obesity requires Americans  become proactive and reject the American Medical Association’s contention that obesity is a disease.

Put bluntly, the AMA is endorsing fatness as a way of life and what Americans should settle for.

I strongly suggest that in most cases  laziness, stupidity, obesity and lack of self respect causes obesity.  I also believe that the AMA is no  better than a tribal association of witch doctors.   So you might as well call me  Dr. Corbett and listen up.  If you care about curing obesity.

Let me guide you out of your fatness.  Stop believing all  this bacterial and virus nonsense the American Medical Association keeps spouting as the reason for your looking like a buffalo.  Come exercise with me, watch what you eat, and see who’s really right on this one.  The AMA or Dr. Corbett.

These are the elliptical machines and stair climbers I use at the Centara Grand Mirage Resort’s Fitness Center. I bring my own music on a usb and plug it into the machine. The music really pumps me up. On the elliptical machine I’m sweating like a mongoose in the first 10 minutes. But I’ve still got another 50 to 60 minutes to go.

Get on the elliptical machine for six days a week for an hour.  Or if you are slow, two hours a day until you exercise off 750 calories. Do it for a few months.  Watch what you eat and drink.  And keep score of  how many unnecessary calories you eat and drink.  Then come back and tell me whether or not I’m  right about curing obesity.

Think I’m off base? Consider that on February 21st, 2014 Sunday

the New York Times stated: “In June 2013, millions of Americans contracted a disease.  They developed it not because of some pathogen or illness, but thanks to the American Medical Association’s decision to label obesity a “multi-metabolic and hormonal disease state.”

Which means the AMA was telling fat Americans: “Accept your being an overgrown hippopotamus because there is nothing you can do about it.” There’s a lot to the article, which is well worth reading. Where the editorial falls short is it doesn’t provide any answers.  It  only poses the dilemma that it is difficult to make a choice between making people feel good about their obesity and inspiring them to actually do something about it.

Americans today weigh 25 pounds more than they did in the 1960’s The reason is Pizzas and McDonalds, a sedentary lifestyle and unwillingness to exercise did it.  And certainly not an incurable disease called obesity.

I am currently visiting Japan and I can guarantee you that neither the bacterial form of obesity or virus carried mutation has made any serious inroads here. For the most part I’m not seeing many fat people here in Japan.    So it’s important to look at what the Japanese are doing about  curing obesity.

A few days ago I asked my Japanese friend, Takoi, why Japanese women weren’t fat like American women. He replied: “Because Japanese women see thinness as the best way to be.”

That was in Tokyo, but now that I’m in Kyoto and have been here a few days longer, I must say that obviously the Japanese must be doing a lot of things right when it comes to being slender as opposed to the American approach advocated by the American Medical Association of “Don’t rock the boat. Feel good that you look like Jabba the Hut.”

The situation has gotten so bad that a good friend of mine who lives near me in Thailand told me, “I never want to bang another white woman ever again.” My friend is 71.

The truth is that most people can do something about their elephantine figures.

Here’s the Dr. Corbett secret.  Americans must use their brains and have the will power to do what must be done.  This is the only alternative to being ugly and fat for the rest of their lives.

Viewing themselves as victims of an incurable disease called Obesity as recommended by the AMA only serves to create an acceptance that being grotesquely fat and ugly is unavoidable.

Once again, I’m not the AMA, and I’m not about to tell you to feel good about yourself. So let’s just face the facts. Americans are not the same race of people they once were. Just keep in mind that

the average American soldier during World War II weighed just 152 pounds and that today the average American male weighs 194.7 pounds according to Wikipedia.

Whereas American females weigh 74.7 kilograms or 164.7 pounds. Good God, I’m 66 years old.  I am five foot eleven, and I still weigh only 75 kilograms,.  This is the same that I weighed in college.

So there is no excuse for  the rest of you.  I’m ashamed for my fellow Americans. The United States has become a hog farm for humans.  And I’m not afraid to say what the American Medical Association is either too gutless or too much into the profit motive to admit that Curing obesity requires Americans to actually do something about it.

Did I say profit motive?  Damn right I did. It’s either that or that  the AMA is dim witted. It all boils down to this. Fat people have a lot more health problems than thin people do. To begin with the typical American male’s heart was designed to support a body weight of 152 pounds.  This is the typical body weight of a World War II soldier. The heart was not designed to pump blood for a 195 pound body.  The human heart cannot keep supporting all those extra arteries,veins and tissue for nearly one third more body mass.

So to begin with Americans can expect a lot more circulatory problems and that means more profits for the doctors.

On the other hand, perhaps doctors are not really that greedy.  So then it’s gross stupidity that causes the AMA to lull Americans into acceptance of their corpulent bodies. And if it’s not stupidity, then it’s simply that the AMA is too gutless to tell the truth.

The truth is if you are American, chances are you are grossly overweight.  So you now have two choices. Either accept the fact that you are destined to being a fatso for the rest of your life.  Or  decide that you are going to conquer what the AMA chooses to cause a practically incurable disease called Obesity.   No matter what it takes.

The key to curing obesity is Americans must quantify how many calories they are putting into their bodies each day.  And then make sure that they burn off more calories than they consume.

For example, one bottle of lite beer contains around 110 calories. To burn that off I need to run one mile.  Or do eight minutes on the elliptical machine until the machine’s digital readout gets to 110 calories.

Centara Grand Mirage Hotel is where I have my fitness club membership. It costs a lot. But it’s got the best equipment and facility I know of. And if I am not exercising here, I am swimming for an hour a day or running 14 kilometers from Nakua Soi 16 to Walking Street and back.

I exercise very hard for one hour a day six days a week. In that hour if I’m on the elliptical machine I will burn off 750 calories which is good enough for 7  bottles of lite beer.  But if I’m drinking a non lite beer, that’ll come out to 160 calories so in that same hour I will burn off approximately 5 beers. Since I am undergoing so much pain during that hour, I favor drinking the lite beer over the higher calorie regular beer.  This means I am getting a lot more out of my one hour’s exercise.

Curing obesity at the Centara Fitness Center
It will set you back around $1000 a year and up for a fitness membership here. But figure it this way. My neighbors who play golf need a car to take them and their golf clubs way across Pattaya to the golf courses. And the fees they pay must run into the thousands. Many of my neighbors drink in the afternoons and they are going to pay a lot more for their drinks than I’ll ever pay here.  Many of them are obese, but I suppose Curing obesity is not relevant to them.

So what about one large piece of cheesecake? I’m not sure on that one, but I’ve read that an average size serving is 257 calories. This means 2.6 miles of running, fast walking, or over 20 minutes on the elliptical machine just for that single slice.

So what about those 14 beers I had last night? Yeah, I know, I know. I’m quite the derelict. 14 beers if they are lite beers comes out to around 1400 calories.

So if I am burning off 750 calories during one hour’s exercise session, it’s going to take two days in a row to burn all that beer off, which comes out to 1500 calories.  But only if these are lite beers. However I do not drink in the afternoons so a martini lunch is not in the cards.

I’ll usually have one big night out a week. But suppose I have two big nights out when I get sloshed to the gills? This comes out to 3000 calories. So I must keep in mind that 3600 calories equals one pound. If I keep that pace up for a month I’ll be gaining 3000 times 4 or 12,000 calories in that month. That means I am apt to gain about 3.5 pounds a month on account of the beer alone. However, I am hitting the exercise hard six days a week so that must be put into the equation. Six times 750 calories is 4500 calories that I’ve burned off. So that has to be balanced off against the 2800 calorie gain from  two nights beer drinking.

What all this boils down to are two words, Quantify and brain. That is one must use one’s brain to constantly quantify how many calories are being consumed versus how many calories one is burning off.  This is what it takes for curing obesity or at least to keep from becoming fat.

So what does it really take for Curing obesity?

A lot more than you think, and certainly a lot more than the doctors are telling you.  Who are recommending three days a week of exercise.  Which is complete  bull. When I work out on the elliptical machine I maintain a pace that most 30 year-olds are unwilling or unable to attain.

Perhaps I’m lucky and have been blessed with much better than average genes. But if that’s the case, there’s still hope for you.  Even if you think you have been victimized unfairly into suffering a lifetime of being fat and unsightly.

A big man often exercises next to me at the health club. Once I’ve done one hour’s torment and pain he’s just starting to hit his stride. The man will exercise for another hour. He’s British and I suppose he weighs over 300 pounds. He travels incessantly all over Southeast Asia, but when he does, he chooses hotels that have exercise rooms.  I’ve heard he’s lost at least 20 kilograms or over 50 pounds. And he’s still losing weight. But he’s got a long way to go still. His business keeps him working over 60 hours a week, yet he still manages to do two hour exercise programs.

This man knows what it takes for curing obesity. He’s an inspiration to me because I can tell you this….he’s undergoing a lot more physical pain and challenge than I’m having to overcome at just 75 kilograms. Compared to him I’m just another wimp.

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Do not behave like a foolish tourist by overpaying Pattaya girls


Walking Street is renowned  for tourists who are guilty of overpaying Pattaya  girls.  Most of my expatriate friends view such tourists as total idiots when it comes to the women here. The reason so many expats despise sex tourists is the majority of them act as if they know it all.  Then fail to seek advice from the guys who live here.  And even if given well meaning advice, ignore it.

My favorite girl from Super Girls.  Unfortunately today finding girls like her on Walking Street is like finding a needle in a haystack.

But the worse thing about  foolish tourists is most of them are guilty of overpaying Pattaya girls for sex.    This is very bad for everyone including the women who work in the bars and night clubs in this city.   And ultimately for the fools who caused the problem who will no longer be able to afford the girls.  As for the girls, if most men can no longer pay for them, the majority of them will soon find themselves out of work.

Take the example last week of an American who accompanied an expat friend of mine to  Walking Street. I really don’t know this man at all although I just met him.

Perhaps he’s used to paying California prices for prostitutes of hundreds of dollars for just twenty minutes of sex. Perhaps he doesn’t pay California sex workers at all thinking that he cannot afford their services.

I really don’t know, but this I do know. He went into a go go bar with his expat friend and found a girl he wanted to have sex with.

Straight off, either the girl or the go go bar establishment told him it would cost him 2,000 baht for short time ($60.00). And then since he already had a girlfriend or wife staying with him at his hotel, he needed a place to take the go go dancer. The nearby short time room cost him another 300 baht. Then he had to pay the go go bar a bar fine of 700 baht for so that the go go girl could leave the bar with him. So he paid a total of 3000 baht or $100 American dollar for thirty minutes of short time. But he was not quite finished yet. Feeling sorry for the girl for having to work in such miserable circumstances, he gave her a 1000 baht tip.  Which raised his cost to $133.00.

His expat friend, another American, who just happens to live full time down the street from me probably warned him to go elsewhere to look for a girl.

But this guy’s a tourist, and as I’ve mentioned before, tourists know so much more than we expats.

Gene and I could have taken him to an entirely different area of Pattaya where he would have wound up paying between 500 and 800 baht to short time a girl and just 300 baht for a room with no bar fine whatsoever. His cost for short timing a girl would have been just $33.00. Chances are the girl would have been just as good looking, and I can virtually guarantee that she would have been much better in bed than the spoiled go go girl he had gone with instead.

Did I mention spoiled go-go girls? Yes, I most certainly did because most of you tourists are spoiling them to the point that most of us who live here and know better want absolutely nothing to do with them.

Typical tourist overpaying Pattaya girls
Don’t be a bonehead by overpaying Pattaya girls

What the American who had just spoiled the go go girl didn’t realize is that once he had bar-fined her and turned her loose after having sex with her, she was now free to find her second customer. She might have returned to the go go bar looking for her second bar fine of the night.  Or now free to go wherever she pleased she might have gone to Lucifer’s,  Tony’s or Insomnia as a free lancer to go with any man willing to pay her asking price.   A price that did not include a bar fine.

I give you 80 percent odds she has a Thai boyfriend waiting for her at home.

But whether she does or not you will notice that most go go girls have no interest in spending the entire night with a customer.  Versus your typical beer bar girl whose goal is the opposite.  Which is to spend the entire night so that she can impress her customer to spend additional nights with her.

With most go go dancers the name of the game is constant turnover. Instead of impressing a man so that he might pay her for a week.  A month.  Or even years of companionship.

Do you think I’m joking? I live here, so I know. I used to frequent a beer bar near my condo that had the best looking group of bar girls around. Time and time again after midnight or so, if the night was going slowly and the girls were not getting bar fined, I’d watch a group of them leave the bar and stand together waiting for a baht taxi to take them down to Walking Street to go to Insomnia for customers.

Ten years ago  overpaying Pattaya girls was not very common

When I first moved here to Pattaya 500 baht used to be the  accepted price for short time. With go go dancers, the price for short time would have been 500-1000 baht.  While an all night long time cost up to 1500 baht. Go to the same go go bars today and the girls are quoting  2000 to 3000 baht short time.   And sometimes even more.  Especially if their go go bar attracts mostly Japanese and Korean men for their customers. Japanese men in particular are widely known on Walking Street to pay stratospheric prices for sex.

Now I just don’t understand most of these Japanese guys I see down on Walking Street overpaying Pattaya girls.  Sometimes they throw baht right at the girls dancing on the stage.  And they often purchase ping pong balls  which they throw at the girls on the stage.  The girls  scramble all over stage.  Groveling on their hands and knees to gather up as many ping pong balls as they can which they redeem at the bar for cash. To me, there’s nothing more stupid than throwing money away at go go girls.

And yet, so many Japanese customers enjoy overpaying Pattaya girls

Perhaps it’s a modern Asian version of the old Indian Potlatch ceremony that’s at play here. The Potlatch used to be a form of celebration practiced by Pacific Northwest Indians to demonstrate their wealth and status by giving away gifts to their peers who would then try to outdo their rivals by giving away even greater amounts of wealth.

So when it comes to throwing away lots of money at the girls, ping pong balls or paying more for sex than the rest of us are used to paying, many Japanese just might be demonstrating, “I have more money than you, more power, or more status. In effect they are trying to tell the world, “I am a real man because I can afford to throw my money away.”

Or perhaps these Japanese sex tourists are getting a certain malicious pleasure out of seeing all these women humiliating themselves by groveling around on the floor for a few baht.

To be honest, I really don’t know, but I am going to Japan one week from now where I will be seeing a very old Japanese friend of mine. I will be asking him, What is it with so many of these Japanese guys wanting to throw their money away at women?” One thing for sure though is that many of these Japanese are spoiling things for a lot of men by driving the price for sex upwards to levels most men either won’t want to pay or who cannot afford it.

Now I really don’t have it in for the Japanese. They build great cars, They produce wonderful cameras. They are clean and orderly.

And I am going all the way to Japan just to see a very good friend of mine, who happens to be Japanese, who I’ve not seen in years. I can go on and on about their wonderful attributes. But I absolutely fail to understand their ridiculous and stupid behavior when it comes to the go go bars here in Pattaya. We Westerners revel in getting value for our money. Even when it comes to women. And throwing ping pong balls at the girls simply doesn’t equate to anything approaching value. But in the end as stupid as so many of these Japanese men seem to be, I find most American and European tourists to be just as stupid by failing to seek the advice of those who know better or upon getting such advice, completely ignoring it.

One more bit of advice, however. If you think Walking Street go go girls are top drawer you will wind up overpaying Pattaya girls for sex

I remember a slender girl who used to dance at Heaven Above Go Go.  A good friend of mine had the hots for her so he bar-fined her. But he went out with us to a couple more go go bars.  After he returned to Heaven Above, he found out that another man had bar-fined her.  The club gave him the option of picking another girl.  But he wisely declined the offer and was given his bar fine back.   So this night he was able to avoid overpaying Pattaya girls and get a second shot at her later.

A couple of months later we found her working at a Soi Six Bar.  There’s no bar fine.  One only has to pay for  a room upstairs for 300 baht.

But here on Soi Six he would have had to pay her just 500 baht for short time versus the 2000 baht she was getting as a Walking Street go go girl

Another Soi Six girl worked for a couple of weeks at Baccarat Agogo on Walking Street, a club that has a very heavy Asian customer base. At Baccarat the Soi Six girl’s bar fine was 1000 baht.  And she would probably be asking another 2000 baht for short time. Not able to make nearly as much money at Baccarat as she had been making on Soi Six she soon returned to Soi Six where a man can have sex with her for 1000 baht.  700 baht for her and 300 for the room upstairs.

Go to Soi Six and avoid overpaying Pattaya girls

These are the same girls. They have the same brains, the same bodies, and the same hearts.  But when they work at Walking Street go go bars you spend a hundred American dollars for them.  But when they work on Soi Six you pay just one third the price. That’s why so many of my expat friends are so contemptuous of the Walking Street go go bars.  And men who are overpaying Pattaya girls.

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Because of their misrepresentation of their rooms I will never use Agoda again

Agoda misrepresents its rooms far too often in my experience, and my recent booking of the former Best Western Hotel in Kyoto Japan is the final straw.  This is what happened.  And why I will never use Agoda again.

never use Agoda
This is the top half of the trial booking page.  Agoda intentionally tries to mislead its customers in the hopes of extracting more money out of them.  Which is why I never use Agoda anymore.
I will never use Agoda again
2nd half of the booking page.  It’s as clear as mud.  That’s only one reason I’ll never  use Agoda again.

I booked a standard double room for this Kyoto Hotel for six days starting on February 18, 2014 fully believing I’d be paying $593.08 for two persons.  This is for my Thai girlfriend and myself.  And that we’d have a double bed. But I have a good friend in Japan who we will be seeing.  When I forwarded my booking confirmation to him, he emailed me back.  And asked me politely, “Are you sure of this reservation?” He had highlighted “Number of adults–1.” Then he remarked, 1 person? Shouldn’t it be for 2 persons?”

So I looked at my confirmation from agoda to double check and it turned out he was right. The wheels started turning. “I am going to have one nasty surprise when I finally get to this hotel with my girlfriend only to find out that she cannot stay in the room with me. The wheels continued to turn….”Certainly the hotel will allow her to occupy that double bed with me.  The only question is how much additional money will I pay?

My investigation now turned to checking out the hotel’s web site which was now under the new name Hotel Vista Premio Kyoto

Notice that one pays 17,000 yen if only one person occupies the standard double room but if two people occupy the same room it costs 20,000 yen. No breakfast is included nor any other extra amenities that I can determine.  So the hotel is charging 3000 more yen for the exact same product or service with no additional costs. By now I’m totally pissed off.  I’m about to never use Agoda again.

So I tried calling customer service at My plan was to accuse agoda of misrepresenting this room.  Then hiding the fact that I will get a nasty surprise once I get to Kyoto.  And have to cough up additional money so that my girlfriend can stay with me. It’s a United Kingdom phone number, and I call it on Skype only to be informed by an answering machine that the systems are undergoing repair. I resort to sending a complaint online to Agoda customer service.

I then place another long distance call direct to the hotel in Kyoto but by this time I’ve made a second booking through planning to cancel the agoda booking later on. The desk clerk in Kyoto tells me her hotel has me down for both reservations. So I ask her, “what happens when I turn up at reception with my Thai girlfriend and you have me down for a maximum occupancy for one person (I already know the answer)?

“Well, we will have to charge you 2,000 extra yen per day for your girlfriend”, she tells me. Although I can do the math on my own I ask her what the entire six nights will run me in American dollars. She tells me $118.00. I then ask her who gets this windfall at my expense, the hotel or She tells me the hotel gets the extra money.

A few hours later I get an email from customer service at verifying that they’ve called the hotel in Kyoto and that the hotel will charge me an additional $118 upon my arrival with my girlfriend.

Okay…I’ve made the second booking with because I feel the cheaper rooms that are left are going to go pretty fast and because I don’t want to give one more dollar because I felt that the web site had indicated to me while I was making my reservation that I was getting a room for two people, not one. In other words, by this time I was nearly certain that was playing tricky dicky with me.

But I had to be fair. Perhaps I had made a mistake while making my booking with agoda. So I went through a dummy booking to see what really happens while reserving a double room for two people. First off, I could not click a check box for two persons  And from all indications I could see that the maximum occupancy for this double room was for 2 persons, not one.  Perhaps I was still missing something here.

So I asked two good friends  to see what would happen if they underwent this same reservation process. One of them reported back to me that until he got to the point of putting in his credit card and other personal information that he was reserving a standard double room for two people.  Not one. There wasn’t a single hint that he was reserving a room just for himself.  Bottom line is Agoda is playing tricky dicky.  Which is typical of Agoda.  Because in my opinion Agoda tries on purpose to mislead its users.  So I plan to never use Agoda again.

Well that did it. I had been completely fair and tried and found guilty of deceptive and dishonest business practices, and that’s exactly what my friend reported back to me. So to cover my butt before posting my findings in this blog I did two screen captures while once more going through a dummy booking on my own.

Note that this booking is clearly for a maximum occupancy for two persons indicated by the little symbol in the second image for two figures, not one. Needless to say I didn’t go through the final stages of this dummy booking which would have meant charging my credit card.

So today I checked my credit card’s activity online, and yes… has already charged me the full $593.08. I’m sure Visa will credit my card next month.  But I still wanted to be absolutely sure.   So I once again called the hotel in Kyoto after canceling my reservation on the agoda web site. According to the hotel the reservation had already been canceled.

As for my reservation…I made it clear to reception that I”m keeping it. It is at a higher price than the original price quoted to me at agoda. But when one goes to the web site the default and pricing defaults for an occupancy for two persons. My confirmation email from verified this is for an occupancy for two guests. What I can gather is that already knows there is an additional charge for the second guest and that it has already absorbed this additional charge it is quoting for this room. However it most certainly appears that it is significantly higher priced than Agoda.

My friend tells me that he will never use agoda after helping me check this situation out.

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No problem getting Thai girlfriend American tourist visa

I had no  problem getting my Thai girlfriend American tourist visa.  In spite of all the nonsensical advice from know it all “experts” contending it would be next to impossible.

 And we didn’t spend one dime with those flim flam visa advice agencies claiming they could do it for a fee.  We got my Thai girlfriend American tourist visa all on our own.

I am especially gratified when I recall what a Thai legal adviser told us in  a Pattaya Drinking Street bar a year ago. This man used to give presentations at the Pattaya Expat Club before 100 to 150 Westerners. He told us, “Forget it. Don’t even try. It’s a waste of your time and money.”

But I don’t think he was listening to me. I told him I didn’t want a fiancee visa. I only wanted a short term travel visa. Turns out it’s called a B-2 Visa and there’s an entirely different application process for it on the American Embassy web site. Meanwhile friends of my girlfriend who only had a sixth grade education told her, “It’s easy for you and Jack because you are only applying for a short term visitors visa”. (they might not be well educated but they were listening).

We had trouble getting the Pin number one that is required to make an appointment with the American Embassy in Bangkok.

The American Embassy web site did not function when tried my credit card.  But we were able to purchase it at the Thai Post office.

The next problem occurred when I tried to access the location on the web site where I could see what dates and times were available. I had already submitted my girl friend’s picture and the DS-160 application form.  And got a user name and password.  But this user name did not work when I tried to make an appointment online.

I sent a message to the U.S. Embassy stating this problem.  And I got a message back that I had to use a new user name even though I already had one.

But from then on, it was smooth sailing all the way. One more trip to the post office, this time to pay my nonrefundable $160.00 application fee.

And we were on our way. (Incidentally the Thai post office seems extremely well run. In eight years it has never failed to deliver a single visa statement, bank statement or purchased item sent to me from the U.S.  Even when the mailing address was horribly botched).

We had prepared documents galore stating our case that we have been together for over 4.5 years.  That we had traveled together to Vietnam, Malaysia, Macau and Hong Kong.  And that we are about to go to Japan. The embassy official who interviewed my girlfriend looked at none of that.

But he did look at a document I had scanned proving I owned a condo here.

My girlfriend entered the embassy at 10.00 for her 10.30 appointment.  She left the Embassy at 10.30. The official who interviewed her kept her passport. Which indicated to us and a few of her Thai friends that she had been successful. She had to pay a small fee to have the embassy send her passport back to our condo by courier.  Two days later…it was here.

Reasons why the naysayers told us we would not be able to get my Thai girlfriend American tourist visa

The rule of thumb is that if a Thai woman has insufficient reasons to come back to Thailand she will want to stay forever in America, the land of milk and honey.  Keeping this in mind.

  1.  She has no children that would make her feel compelled to come back to Thailand
  2. She has no career or well paying job in Thailand that will make her want to come back
  3. She doesn’t have property or big money in Thailand to make her feel compelled to come back (the American Embassy never even looked at her bank account statements)

Reasons why we felt the American Embassy would make an exception for us

  1. I have a large condo in Thailand where I’ve lived for years.  So why would my girlfriend not want to come back to that?
  2. We were able to prove with our passports that we had been a couple for years.  The passports show we visited Macau, Malaysia, Vietnam and Japan together and the dates we made those trips
  3. We were only getting a Tourist visa that allows stays in the U.S. for just 3 months, not a fiancee visa that would make the Thai girlfriend a lifelong resident of the U.S.

What the American Embassy thinks of all these agencies  that claim that only they can get  the Thai girlfriend American tourist visa

The people she talked with at the embassy told her that all these agencies that help candidates get their American visas are a waste of time and money. They told her,  these agencies can’t stamp your visa into your passport.  Only we can.

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After we got my Thai girlfriend American tourist visa we took three Thai women to American Strip Clubs

Our Do Nothing Congress has been the laziest congress since 1947

I just read in the “New York Times” that this do nothing Congress has passed fewer laws than any other Congress in American History since 1947. That’s 63 years ago, the year I was born. In essence that means this Congress has not done the job we are paying it to do.  And that it has betrayed American tax payers who pay its salary. So when it comes to the next midterm elections let us never forget the following key facts and always remember that Republicans do not deserve our votes.

the Gop Cartoon Strip and the Do Nothing congress

Never forget the following facts about the GOP that now has a majority in this do nothing Congress

● First off, it’s the Republican Administration under George W. Busch that landed us in the recession, not the Democrats, and most certainly not Obama.

● In 2008 when Obama took office we were on the verge of a catastrophic world wide depression that would have made the Great Depression of the 1930’s look like a picnic. The Obama administration avoided it.

● The right wing tea party faction has hijacked The Republican Party .

It has become the party of NO to anything and all things.  Whether brought forward by our president.  Or Democratic Congressman and Senators that could possibly improve our nation’s future.

● The Republicans have shut down our government in order to force Americans to accept the demands of its Right Wing Faction. It has used this threat repeatedly in order to get its way. This has impaired the credit rating of the United States of America while making the entire U.S. appear ridiculous in the eyes of the rest of the world.

● It is the GOP administration under George W. Busch that gave us two useless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Wars that have lasted for years at great expense to the American tax payer, both of which have been lost.

● The Republican Party has dredged the bottom of the barrel by offering Americans an almost endless lineup of unqualified candidates.  Such as Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman, Rick Perry, Herman Caine, Rick Sanotorum, and Mitt Romney.  Who as a group  make the Three Stooges look like the Three Wise Men.

● I have included Sarah Palin even though she ran only for Vice President. Had McCain won and died in office, she would had her finger on the nuclear button.  You can fully appreciate the horrifying thought of this totally unqualified candidate for Vice President if you watch the movie, “End Game”.

● Like it or not Obama care is the law of the land. Republicans are breaking the law in its endless attempts to hold to shut down the government.  And by derailing it state by state, and sabotage it at every turn.

● The Republican Party denies that climate change is man made in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

If given its way– if we continue to vote in a Republican Majority in Congress.  If we vote for a Republican controlled Senate or president  we are voting for the destruction of our entire planet.

● The Republican Party legislature has joined together in a unified front.   This means that every single Congressman and Congresswoman is opposing our president at every turn.   And by opposing him they are rejecting the American people who elected him. Therefore we must hold all Republican lawmakers and all future Republican lawmakers accountable for the travesty that this do nothing Congress presents.

● Considering all of the above the only good Republican is a Republican who is out of office. Make it happen. Fire all  the Republicans in this do nothing Congress.

Lastly…I cannot draw. But I will do what I can when it comes to defeating this Republican scourge.  This Frankstein that has been created ever since the GOP has allowed itself to be hijacked by its right wing.  Here’s the url of my GOP Cartoon strip for those who enjoyed the image heading this post

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The Russian Walking Dead are taking over Pattaya Sin City

The Russian Walking Dead are taking over Pattaya Sin City, clogging up the streets,  like zombies,  walking three and four breast, multiplying, fearless of the traffic.

Russian Walking Dead
This picture is from the actual t.v. series The Walking Dead. I took segments from the t.v. series and inserted them in my video the Russian Walking Dead and mixed them up in my final you tube video

Pattaya Sin City is in Thailand.  There are hardly any sidewalks.  While the police are selling slivers of the road to street vendors.  Everything’s for sale here in Pattaya Sin City.  From women to the public safety which takes a backseat to the bribes the police can pocket.  After all, there’s a reason why Thailand’s roads are now the most lethal in the entire world.

Russian Walking Dead of Pattaya Sin City
So who really created the Russian Walking Dead? How about the Pattaya Sin City powers that be starting with the police? Notice how street vendors are allowed to set up their little shops right on the street.

But we must feel sorry for the poor Russians who comprise the largest Caucasian group of tourists to ever hit Pattaya Sin City.  There’s nowhere they can walk.  So they must take to the streets to become the Russian Walking Dead.  Which many of them will become.  Roadkill.  As squashed dismembered bodies.  Thanks to the total lack of police enforcement of Thailand’s traffic laws.

Welcome to the world’s most lethal roads

But we are not here to dissect causes of traffic fatalities.  We are here to have fun.  And that’s what this  Russian Walking Dead video is all about.

But who am I really satirizing?  If you really think that I’m poking fun at the Russians, think again.

But here they are, the Russian Walking Dead. Scurrying like rats dodging traffic.  But we all are here in Pattaya Sin City.   There’s a lack of humanity here.  And you have to watch this video to see it.

So do I really hate the Russians?

How could I hate the people who gave us Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Lermontov and Pushkin?  These Russian writers were top notch.  With Tolstoy’s War and Peace generally acclaimed as the greatest novel that’s ever been written.  Not to mention some of the greatest classical music composers the world has ever known.  Such as Rachmaninoff,   Tchaikovsky, Korsakov

Russians are more avid readers than Americans.  By far.  I have far too many Russian friends to really be serious about calling them the Russian Walking Dead.  So let’s get back to this video.

How I produced this video, the Russian Walking Dead here in Pattaya Sin City?

I started off shooting video near my condo of Russians clogging up my street.  Walking and strolling down the pavement because not a sidewalk was to be found.  I then downloaded parts of the celebrated t.v. series, The Walking Dead.  From which I selected the choicest segments.  And that’s when I really started having fun.  As I pulled my film clips of Russians dodging cars and motorbikes into my video editing program.  And then added portions of the televised Walking Dead into my video. 

Then I started to really have fun as I added parts of the original Walking Dead soundtrack to my video. 

Well what can I say?  I am ting tong mak mak.  And I love being the kind of guy I am.   

Here’s a few of the choicest lines in this video.

“What are those?  (My Thai girlfriend asks me).

“I think they are Russians.”

“They are everywhere?”  Who?  The Russians.  Or is it the zombies?

“We must do something about these Ruskies”  (Hey, that’s my line).

“That noise.  Will that bring more of them?  There’s nothing we can do about it now.”  (from the television series soundtrack).

“We will just have to wait them out till morning.”

“The Question is how were these Walking Dead created?”  (my line again).

“Welcome to my world.  Welcome to my only world.  (from the soundtrack).

If you think I’m biased against Russians I invite you to read the following.

Andre Ward Sergei Kovalev fight was a draw

Is a New Boxing Golden Age upon us?

1 inch groups from the Ruger Mini 14 Rifle




Oldie but goodie Sexy Pattaya Drinking Street Bar Video

Now with sound, Drinking Street Gang of Seven beer bar dancers, sizzling Kwan, Pulsating Mam, return to continue the action started in my four books books, “Death on the Wild Side”, “Welcome to the Fun House, “Dick Fitswell”, and “Extreme Guns and Babes” available at”>

I have put this video up on you tube many months ago when I was first getting to know Kwann and Mam when they were both dancing at the Frog Bar on Pattaya’s Drinking Street. However I recently learned that I had been red-flagged for possible copyright violation resulting in You Tube’s striking the entire audio track for the whole video. Without sound this video was ruined. I don’t think I ever violated anyone’s copyright for the audio in my video as the audio was only the background music being played throughout the Drinking Street Beer Bar complex. Certainly the quality of this background music was not up to original source material due to its being picked up in the small LX-5 camera’s tiny microphone. Therefore it’s not commercially viable, and I wasn’t selling the video anyway. I finally decided to delete the existing video from the You Tube server and to replace it with a drastically reworked version of the old video. It’s only about 6 and a half minutes long now and the background music that triggered you tube’s censurers has now been chopped in little bits and pieces.

I have also plugged four of my books in this video. I’ve got close to 1.4 million views on You Tube for my videos. Many of them are well liked so why not? If someone likes the video, there’s an excellent chance he might enjoy reading one of my books and I really don’t think the connection has been made that the producer of all these videos is also a published writer.

Why Yamaha Nouvo SX is best Thailand City Motorbike

I just completed the December 2013 Looking Glass Magazine issue which includes my review on the Yamaha Filano motorbike In a few days I will accompany this review with a You Tube video that will show the little bike bottoming out on a speed bump when I have my girlfriend on the back. It’s a Vespa look a like, it’s cute and it’s well put together but as an all around motorbike for Thailand it will not begin to match a new Yamaha 125 SX or Honda’s PCX 150. The same is true for Yamaha Finos, Honda Scoopy’s and Honda Clicks.   Clearly, the best all around bikes for city driving in Pattaya are the Honda PCX and the Yamaha 125 SX.   This was a real tossup, until one day my Nouvo Elegance would not start.  One hour later, I decided that the Yamaha Nouvo SX is the best Thailand City Motorbike.  It would have been the Yamaha Elegance that had edged out the Honda PCX 150 because I was finally able to start it with its kick starter and drive it to a nearby shop to replace its battery.  Trouble is, you can’t buy these new anymore, so the Yamaha Nouvo 125 SX will have to do.

As far as much larger motorbikes that are more suitable for highway driving, they won’t compare to a Yamaha Nouvo SX or Honda PCX 150. This interesting statistic will explain why. THe news just got to me via an email from Thaivisa that is reporting that Thailand now ranks number three in the entire world for having the most highway fatalities per 100,000 registered vehicles, per capita, etc. The figure for 100,000 registered vehicles is 118.8 versus just 12.57 for the United States. What this comes down to is because of the way Thais drive and the total lack of police enforcement driving high powered motorcycles with high speed traffic such as is common on expressways and superhighways, the possibility of death becomes even much higher. The way I’m thinking is if you have say a 650 c.c. or 1000 c.c. motorbike you have lots of power on tap and you are going to want to tap into all that power. But you can never predict all the brain dead things all those brain dead people are constantly doing around you, and too often the brain and reflexes simply cannot keep up with that person who just pulled in front of you, the hole that should have been repaired that you suddenly see in the middle of that four lane, or the driver who suddenly decided to drive the wrong way towards you against the flow of traffic.

But now last night with my Yamaha Nouvo Elegance suddenly not being able to start, there is no longer a shadow of doubt in my mind why the Yamaha Nouvo is a better all around bike than Honda’s PCX. My bike had an electrical problem and would not start with the electric starter so the first thing I did is I pulled the plastic cover off the battery compartment, pulled the battery out, and loosed, then tightened the connections. THe problem persisted so because I still could use the horn, etc I figured I had a connection problem somewhere on the bike that I could not get to. I tried to kick start it but it turned out I did not try hard enough. So this morning I got our condo maintenance employee and security guard to help me out. We were able to get the bike going with the kick starter so off I went with the maintenance employee sitting behind me. He took me to a small place one normally would not notice and I bought a battery there for 600 baht. ANd that was it. My battery had gone defective even though it was less than one year old.

The same thing had happened to a friend who was renting a Honda PCX,but he could not kick start it and so he wound up having to walk to the restaurant we were meeting at for lunch. So it really comes down to the fact that the Yamaha Nouvos are more reliable because even if the electric won’t work you can always kick start them and they are more versatile as you can easily use bungee cords to tie all kinds of stuff down across the bike’s rear seat.

So there we have it. Short of doing a lot of expressway superhighway driving the Yamaha Nouvo SX or its predecessor the Nouvo Elegance has enough tire size and engine to easily handle most driving conditions. As for the fast highway cruising much larger bikes excel at, driving in such conditions should be discouraged because it’s so dangerous trying to do it especially at the higher speeds such bikes are capable of. Lastly due to their having kick starters, their overall excellent build quality, relatively large storage area underneath the seat, and a plethora of hooks and bungee cord attachment spots on the Yamaha Nouvos, their reliability and versatility is unmatched

Food Poisoning and Pattaya Go-Go Dancers

Who gave me food poisoning?

That’s right. I must ferret out the villain here or I will keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Obviously I ate at the wrong place so I will need to never go there again. I ate nothing but Thai food for twenty-four hours preceding the time I was struck down. The first possibility is the restaurant across the street. Although I have never had any problems here I nearly always ate Western food there, but this time I ordered up a plate of Cow Pat, which is fried rice with a little chicken put in, which I laced with a few peppers and fish sauce to give it the right amount of spiciness. I wouldn’t even put this restaurant on my list of suspects, but my girlfriend insisted it was a possibility. My second possible suspect is the Thai noodle stand near our condo building where my girlfriend often gets her food. The day before we went to the zoo my girlfriend had gotten us each a bowl of Noodle soup. My third possible suspect is the zoo itself. We had driven there in my car, arriving at 11 a.m. where we immediately searched for a spot to have an early lunch-late breakfast. After walking several hundred meters we came to one of the main restaurants. It’s a little bit high dollar inside where it’s air conditioned but outside there’s the typical Thai vendor that serves up cheap Thai dishes. I opted for the Katapowel, which is a spicy ground beef dish that is nearly always served up on rice. It came to 45 baht which is $1.50 in U.S. money with my total bill for both us including a bottle of water coming out to $3.40.

Within two hours I started to feel very tired and couldn’t wait to get home. Arriving at the condo around 1:30 p.m. I immediately collapsed in my lazy boy where I slept on and off for the next four hours. I very rarely sleep during the afternoons. By 6 p.m. I was shitting like a Mongoose. I was also having alternating fever and chills and a splitting headache between my eyes. My joints and bones ached. That night I slept 8 hours. Normally I’m lucky to get 5.5 to 6 hours which seems to be about all the sleep I need. I will now spare everyone the gory details about how often I’d shit, how much my ass hurt when I did, what color my excrement was, but even though I was feeling better by the second day I was still running a temperature a degree above normal, my eyes looked like a raccoon’s and I was still defecating like a fire hydrant. All of which was of no real importance. The critical thing was, who did this to me?

Today I went to the restaurant across the street where I talked with one of the owners who happens to be a friend of mine. He’s got a sidekick of sorts, a Thai woman who used to waitress for him, who will often accompany him when he goes out to shop for food for the restaurant. The woman’s spent a lot of time in Europe. They had just come back in a car which had a trunk full of food. I pointed the noodle stand out to both of them. Straight off the Thai woman told me that it had to have been the Zoo that had poisoned me. The outdoor food vendor just outside the air conditioned restaurant bought its food from everywhere, the woman told me. And when I asked her, “It doesn’t cook up any of the food it sells?” she told me, “No.” All of which meant that no one was responsible.

My mind had already been churning up this vendor as my number one suspect. After all, why should this vendor care or not who it poisoned? After all, it would never see anyone again since nearly all the people eating there would be tourists from all across the world. The noodle stand next to my condo was another story and so was the restaurant across the street. Both depended on a lot of repeat business. If my girlfriend would get sick at the noodle stand she’d tell everyone else at my condo. Since most of its customers were Thais either living or working in my neighborhood the word would soon get out that everyone should avoid the place and that would be the end of the Noodle Stand. This would be equally true of my restaurant owner friend. As for the tourists, they are a dime a dozen. One tourist replaces another so if a lot of them get sick, who cares.

Walking Street Go-Go Girl

Walking Street is also for tourists. Real expats who live here all the time know better to go there unless it’s a once in awhile kind of thing or if they have friends visiting they feel have to be entertained. For the most part go-go girls prey on the tourists who don’t know they have far better options when it comes to the opposite sex. The game plan for most go-go girls is to go short time with a customer paying her bar fine, and as for short time, the shorter the better. After breaking free of her ball and chain, she is now free to go back to her go-go bar to look for her next short time victim. Or she might go to Lucifer’s, Insomnia, Misty’s, Tony’s or some other disco to hunt for a new customer she can go with. Chances are 80 percent she’s got a Thai boyfriend (versus 50 % for your average beer bar girl) so she might just want to go home or go drinking with him and his friends. But whichever way she works it you can be sure that her short time customer is the very last on her list of people she wants to spend the rest of the evening with. But the worse scenario is one where a customer overpays her and then she goes out to a Thai Karioke bar where she hires a Thai guy to have sex with her on the money the overpaying customer just gave her. Believe it or not, there’s Male prostitutes who specialize in overpaid go-go girls and this is a lot more prevalent than you’d ever think.

To get such treatment the customer pays her bar fine, which several years ago ran 600 baht (around $20.00), but which will now range upwards to 1500 baht. Thanks to the insidious infusion of Coyote dancers, the 1000 to 1500 baht bar fine is now getting to be the norm. The way this works is a go-go bar will often contract with a company that provides the Coyote girls for which it is willing to pay top dollar. The Coyote girl in turn gets a high salary while the go-go bar owner is assured of getting a reliable supply of attractive dancers. So far so good, everyone’s happy except the customer gets screwed. But the customers are so ignorant that they don’t even have a clue how badly they are being screwed. That’s because they are tourists, meaning, ignorant rather than stupid due to being completely oblivious of the game that’s being played against them. But what’s really bad is when a man is no longer a tourist and he’s been here long enough to know better, yet he still persists in going after go-go dancers.

Take the other night when one of my American friends spied a cute girl strutting off her sexy little body in front of the Wind Mill Club. He paid her bar fine, all 1500 baht of it and then he took her back to his condo where she immediately complained of feeling tired, of having to work too hard, the neighbors keeping her awake all night, the dog puking on her couch and so on. So the poor thing immediately went comatose on him, and then when she woke up two hours later, she immediately wanted to go home. To my friend’s credit he didn’t pay her a thing, but the average tourist probably would have after being taken in by her charade. Nevertheless out of the 1500 baht bar fine he paid she probably got at least 200 baht of that as her cut.

The truth is most go-go girls are spoiled little girls who learn very quickly how easily tourists can get taken advantage of. The key thing to remember here is like the outside food vendor at the Zoo repeat business is of no interest to such go-go girls. But a beer bar girl, now that’s an entirely different story. Her game plan is the complete opposite from your typical go-go dancer’s. First off, she’s much more likely to want to go long time with you, which means spending the entire night with you at your condo or hotel room. This should run 300 baht for the bar fine which entitles her to leave the bar with you, and then it’s between the two of you. Pay no more than 1000 baht for her though. That’s the going rate and don’t let anyone tell you differently. The reason she will probably want to spend the night with you is she will probably want to spend tomorrow night with you as well. Better yet is to spend the week with you, month or whatever unless you have the personality of a Marquis de Sade and the face of the Headless Horseman. An arrangement that goes for month after month at a mutually agreed upon monthly stipend will oftentimes be even more desirable for her, and if she’s real lucky, possibly even marriage.

And of course there are more options than beer bar girls and go-go dancers. There’s Soi Six girls, girls with regular jobs, massage girls, etc. Just keep in mind that out of all the options your worse option is the tourist option. Just as I got food poisoning from a vendor who didn’t care about repeat business because her customers are primarily tourists so it is with the go-go dancer who finds a non-ending supply of fools to prey on.

I want to know why hydrogen powered cars didn’t come much earlier

With a projected range of 310 miles and possibly with Toyota beginning production in 2015 I want to know.

1. Why is it taking so long to do this?
2. Why as the article below suggests is getting enough refueling stations across the U.S. such a problem?
3. How long will prohibitive high costs to manufacture such a car going to pose a problem given the economies of scale that will be realized once full mass production is underway?
4. Does this means that all those conspiracy theorists who’ve always blamed the oil companies were right all along?
5. Does this mean that with the U.S. becoming increasing independent of foreign oil due to domestic fracking and other new technologies and now THIS, that we no longer need to have such good friends as Saudi Arabia?
6. Does all this mean that if we no longer need Saudi Arabia we are now free to get along much better with Iran?

I copied this from the New York Times

Upcoming 2015 Toyota hydrogen powered car??
Toyota’s FCV concept vehicle at the Tokyo Motor Show. The company plans to sell a car based on the FCV “around 2015.”

Published: November 20, 2013


TOKYO — Hydrogen-powered cars are finally being readied for their Prius moment — at least, that is what promoters of the environmentally friendly technology hope.
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Honda Motor Co Ltd

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Toru Hanai/Reuters

Carlos Ghosn, chief executive of Nissan, with his company’s BladeGlider EV concept car.

Toyota, maker of the Prius, the first hybrid vehicle to achieve mass-market acceptance, on Wednesday unveiled a concept version of a hydrogen fuel-cell car that it plans to begin selling “around 2015,” as the company put it. The bright blue sedan is shaped like a drop of water to emphasize that water is the only substance that hydrogen-powered cars emit from their tailpipes.

The car, which Toyota calls the FCV concept, was one of several vehicles with alternative powertrains to take the spotlight at the Tokyo Motor Show, which opened to reporters on Wednesday. Later in the day, two other carmakers, Honda and Hyundai, were expected to display new fuel-cell vehicles at a preview for the auto show in Los Angeles.

Honda was set to introduce a concept version of a new car it plans to introduce in 2015. Hyundai, which is based in South Korea, says it intended to beat both of its Japanese rivals to market next year with a hydrogen-powered vehicle based on its Tucson sport utility vehicle.

In July, Honda and General Motors announced that they agreed to share fuel-cell technology.

For years, automakers have talked about the potential of hydrogen power to help them reduce harmful greenhouse gas pollution and meet strict emissions standards in places like California. But there is a joke in the industry that “fuel-cell technology is always five years down the road,” said Alan Baum of Baum & Associates, an auto industry analyst in West Bloomfield, Mich.

Fuel-cell cars, which create the electricity that powers them by combining hydrogen with the oxygen in the atmosphere, have been held back by a variety of factors, including the high cost and a dearth of hydrogen filling stations. Although a handful of fuel-cell test cars and fleet vehicles are on the road, the new models from Honda, Hyundai and Toyota are expected to be among the first hydrogen-powered cars available to the public.

“Everybody has been putting their toe in the water, but Toyota putting its toe in the water is a bit more significant,” Mr. Baum said.

Toyota executives noted that hybrid technology faced considerable skepticism until the Prius was introduced in 1997 in Japan and in 2000 in the United States, where it quickly became a must-have accessory for Hollywood stars and Internet entrepreneurs. Now that Toyota, the biggest carmaker in the world, is signaling its commitment to fuel-cell technology, the infrastructure will follow, they hope.

“One of the reasons we are doing this is to send a message,” said Satoshi Ogiso, deputy chief officer in Toyota’s product planning group.

Fuel-cell cars will give greater choice to consumers who are seeking engines that are easier on the environment, creating a potential rivalry with battery-powered electric vehicles. Despite the popularity of electric cars from Tesla Motors in California, fully electric cars remain a niche market. Through October, 78,000 were sold in the United States, according to Baum & Associates, compared with 423,000 hybrids. Only about 1,000 fuel cell cars are expected to be sold worldwide in 2015, according to Navigant Research, which provides market analysis for so-called clean technology.

Toyota has not provided estimates of sales for its fuel-cell car, though executives acknowledge privately that the numbers will be modest to start and that sales will be concentrated in places like California and Scandinavia, where emissions targets are strictest. Toyota, while embracing hybrid powertrains, has favored fuel-cell technology over fully electric cars, saying the experience of driving them is more like what consumers are used to with gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicles. The company says its new car will be able to cover about 500 kilometers, or 310 miles, on a single hydrogen fill-up that takes just a few minutes. Fully electric vehicles require lengthy recharging time.

Other carmakers are hedging their bets. Although many of the big players have fuel-cell projects underway, either alone or with partners, some also continue to promote electric vehicles. Battery recharging stations are more widespread than hydrogen filling stations.

And fuel cells are not as clean as they might seem, detractors say, because the production of hydrogen releases greenhouse gases. But then, most electricity generation also uses carbon-based fuels.

“It’s still difficult to choose a winner at this point, which is why the automakers are diversifying their portfolios,” said Thilo Koslowski, an analyst at Gartner, a research company.

At the Tokyo show, another Japanese automaker, Nissan, displayed an electric concept car called BladeGlider, which looks like a cross between a Batmobile and a stealth fighter. It has a single seat in front for the driver and two in back, and the doors open at a rakish, upward-slanting angle.

Carlos Ghosn, Nissan’s chief executive, said car designers had greater styling freedom with electric cars, because the motors are smaller. In the BladeGlider, they are built into the rear wheels, allowing the front end, which houses the motor in most conventional cars, to taper to a point.

“We are promoting electric cars because we believe in the potential of electric cars,” Mr. Ghosn said.

Toyota executives say the FCV concept is close in appearance to the expected production version of the car. It has a large grille and other openings to allow cooling air and oxygen.

The company has not announced a price, but Mr. Ogiso said the car would be aimed at a niche of environmentally conscious, early adopting and relatively affluent customers — much like Toyota’s pioneering hybrid car.

“We have learned a lot from Prius,” Mr. Ogiso said.

This article has been revised to reflect the following correction:

Correction: November 21, 2013

An earlier version of a picture caption with this article misstated the power source of the BladeGlider EV concept car. It is a battery-powered electric car; it is not powered by hydrogen.

This article has been revised to reflect the following correction:

Correction: November 22, 2013

An earlier version of this article provided an incorrect time frame for sales figures from Baum & Associates. The data, relating to sales of hybrid and electric cars in the United States, are for the year 2013 through October, not September.

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