New Year as young Thai girl and Dick Fitswell take the stage

December 31, 2013 brings the new year with fireworks, a sexy 20 year old Thai girl and the cartoonish Dick Fitswell taking Pattaya Drinking Street’s beer bars out of control, but Fitswell’s far more than a cartoon. He’s in a Jack Corbett Book on a Quest for the Perfect Fit.

Oldie but goodie Sexy Pattaya Drinking Street Bar Video

Now with sound, Drinking Street Gang of Seven beer bar dancers, sizzling Kwan, Pulsating Mam, return to continue the action started in my four books books, “Death on the Wild Side”, “Welcome to the Fun House, “Dick Fitswell”, and “Extreme Guns and Babes” available at”>

I have put this video up on you tube many months ago when I was first getting to know Kwann and Mam when they were both dancing at the Frog Bar on Pattaya’s Drinking Street. However I recently learned that I had been red-flagged for possible copyright violation resulting in You Tube’s striking the entire audio track for the whole video. Without sound this video was ruined. I don’t think I ever violated anyone’s copyright for the audio in my video as the audio was only the background music being played throughout the Drinking Street Beer Bar complex. Certainly the quality of this background music was not up to original source material due to its being picked up in the small LX-5 camera’s tiny microphone. Therefore it’s not commercially viable, and I wasn’t selling the video anyway. I finally decided to delete the existing video from the You Tube server and to replace it with a drastically reworked version of the old video. It’s only about 6 and a half minutes long now and the background music that triggered you tube’s censurers has now been chopped in little bits and pieces.

I have also plugged four of my books in this video. I’ve got close to 1.4 million views on You Tube for my videos. Many of them are well liked so why not? If someone likes the video, there’s an excellent chance he might enjoy reading one of my books and I really don’t think the connection has been made that the producer of all these videos is also a published writer.

Christmas with the bar girls at the Koracha Bar on Pattaya’s Drinking Street–the short and the long versions.

I want to know, which is better, the short version of the Drinking Street Christmas video above or the long one that comes later? 12 minutes or 21, that is the question? Instant gratification or the longer view of what it’s really like partying with some of Pattaya’s most fun loving entertainers and bar girls from 9 p.m. until 4 a.m. It’s Tequila time for some of us and some of the partiers could hardly stand up at the end when it was time to go home.

I am not releasing these two videos on You Tube just quite yet. I am still waiting to see how well the East St. Louis Cement Mixer meets Pattaya’s Bar Girls will be doing. Presently it’s at over 200 views a day and I’m still looking for the video that will match or exceed the Skytop video that was once doing over 6000 views a day.

The more I look at these videos, particularly these two the more I’m starting to think that perhaps Drinking Street will become the number one place where Thailand’s super star entertainers will be discovered. Drinking Street is a bar complex of over 40 beer bars but each of these bars has a single centralized sound system pumping out the same music to each bar. This is not the case with Soi 7 and Soi 8 where the bars are closely packed together but there’s a different song blaring out at the customers from all sides. The bars are also stretched over an entire city block and each bar is too small to provide high level entertainment for a critical mass of customers. Drinking Street is like one large amphitheater where most of the customers at all 40 bars have a view of all the other bars. One could have for example a dancing competition at any one of these bars and broadcast it on the television sets which are in each bar. But the television sets are all focusing an English soccer, Tennis and other sporting events such as even more English soccer. But just imagine if a single bar hosted a pageant and cash prizes were given out to the winners of the dancing competitions and all the bars were in on this together. All 40 television sets could be covering the event while a single D.J. constantly gave updates on the pageant’s activities. But even without the bars cooperating with each other, consider this. Presently I have over 100,000 You Tube views on my Drinking Street videos alone. This could easily be brought up to over 1,000,000. Think about it, my Skytop video got over 600,000 views and it didn’t begin to have the quality of talent that’s already over at Drinking Street.

Walking Street with all its go go bars couldn’t begin to compete with what could happen here. The problem starts with once again the limited seating capacity at each go-go bar. And as for Bangkok, it’s been out of the running for a long time. The go go beer bar scene there simply does not begin to compare with what Pattaya has to offer. And with all these political disturbances going on with no end in sight, it’s only going to get worse.

Watch these videos and it will be very clear that already one superstar has emerged. She’s at her bar nearly every night, she has a lot of dancing talent, she’s tall and good looking and she’s got all the charisma in the world. Her personality is infectious, she’s tuned into the Internet and she welcomes all the publicity she can get. She’s driven. As time goes on, I am thinking that she won’t be alone. Thailand’s got just too many extremely beautiful talented women.

As for myself, I am wondering which approach is the best, the shorter videos that tend to grab and hold the audience’s attention longer or a longer video such as the 21 minute version of this Christmas video or the East Cement Mixer video. This video in particular has got a lot of action in it and more than several beautiful women to look at. It has a lot of fade ins and outs and camera zoom ins at the beer bars across from the Koracha Bar that I am hoping keeps things interesting. There also is I think more of a natural flow throughout the video that makes it a more realistic depiction of all the good times we are all having here. The short version of this same video must have about 50 separate video clips in it due to my constantly cutting them down to a much shorter size. But this causes the whole thing to seem more artificial to me. When these two videos become fully public at You Tube I suppose the tallying of the number of views for each video will tell me the real story. In the meantime I will appreciate any constructive comments as to why you might prefer the short version over the longer one or vice versa.

When the East St. Louis Cement Mixer Meets the Drinking Street Bar

Meet Kwan and with her a number of other cute Pattaya Beer Bar Girls in the Drinking Street bar complex. But what separates Kwan from all the others in this entire complex of over forty bars is she’s the complete entertainer, starting with her being the absolute finest dancer here. I’ve got a few other videos over on You Tube with Kwan in them, but this one’s been long overdue and very necessary because I think it captures some of her personality which I can share with the world. It is also a bridge between two worlds I have experienced because this video starts with Delilah who always had been my favorite ex stripper in the United States. And it was Delilah who started this entire East St. Louis Cement Mixer thing which is pretty odd considering that Delilah never lived anywhere near East St. Louis, Illinois. Delilah who went by the stage name of Rene when she was stripping at Stimmelators in Northern Indiana actually lived in Southern Michigan about 50 miles from the club. I’d drive over 400 miles to North Webster, Indiana about every 6 weeks or so from my Collinsville apartment which was near East St. Louis and the strip clubs there and I’d usually stay with the club’s owner Sam Stimmel. I soon met the three prettiest dancers in the club, Heaven, Katt, and Rene and it wasn’t long afterwards that Heaven and Katt became regulars in my Lost Angels chat on my alphapro website. But my favorite always had been Rene and I was so disappointed that she rarely showed up in the chat room. Rene didn’t strip at Stimmelators for very long either but she did ask me to drive up to Michigan to take pictures and video of her getting married. I did while Sam Stimmel gave Rene away to her new husband at the wedding. That should have been the end of everything between Rene and me. One would expect her to slip into married conformity and live a life in the backwaters of that little backwater Michigan town she was living in, but no….it was just the beginning.

It turned out that little ex stripper Rene was a computer guru. She could take a computer apart, trouble shoot it and fix it, and I soon learned that Rene would oftentimes lurk in the background on my web site to see what I was up to. I’d oftentimes drive up to Michigan to stay overnight with her and her husband and go drinking with them in the small town’s bars. And the first time I covered Nudes-A-Poppin which is billed as the largest outdoor nude beauty pageant in the world, her husband allowed Rene to travel there with me in my sports car where we booked a nearby motel room. Rene and her husband even traveled with me to Las Vegas to represent my exhibitor’s booth at the Exotic Dancer Expo at Caesar’s Palace.

But one weekend when I brought three East St. Louis strippers with me to northern Indiana, Rene came down with her husband from Michigan to be with our group, one of whom was Keith, who lived near the Indiana club. During one night’s partying Rene suddenly told Keith and me, I’ll buy you both a drink but you must drink it exactly the way I tell you to drink it. After Keith and I agreed she had the bartender fix us up with on shot of Tequila and one shot of Baileys Cream each and then Rene ordered us to put one shot of liquor in our mouths telling us not to swallow the shot but to hold it in our mouths. Then she had us pour the other shot in our mouths, hold the mixture in our mouths for a few seconds and then shake our heads to blend the two together before allowing us to swallow. Keith and I could barely get both shots into our mouths, and Rene just sat there laughing at us as we downed those shots.

I might have loved little ex stripper Rene to death, and I held the club owner, Sam Stimmel in the highest regard but I just lived too far from North Webster, Indiana so my hangout of choice was much closer to home at the Dollies Playhouse near East St. Louis in Washington Park, IL. THere was a huge amount of fraternization in this club back then and I’d often take strippers home and oftentimes split the hotel costs with one of the girls before I moved off my farm into the area. One of the managers, Big Howard, became one of my best friends and I’d be in this club three times a week at least. And we all drank a lot of Tequila in those days. But after Rene had bought Keith and I those Cement Mixers at Stimmelators, I’d start buying what I called “The East St. Louis Cement Mixer” which was a shot of Tequila with a shot of lime juice. And we’d all start toasting Rene up in Michigan who could only be with us in spirit. EVentually customers would start coming into the club and actually ask for an East St. Louis Cement Mixer.

Rene was and is very special. Beautiful with a wonderful whacky sense of humor and a keen intellect, she was simply the best companion I ever had in those days, and believe me, I had a lot of beautiful American strippers as my friends back then. Which finally brings me to Kwan. Simply put, so far, Kwan is the ONLY Thai girl who’s been able to capture the spirit of someone like Rene. At the bar she will be the most dominant personality. All the mens’ eyes will be upon her, and she’s a true pro. Unlike most of the other girls in the entire complex it is very rare for her to miss a night in the bar she represents. Her appearance is striking. She is five foot six or seven which is tall for a Thai woman and in her heels she stands over five feet eight. And she has the most sensuous trim little body. But she’s far more than a pretty little thing. Her personality is simply contagious. Her English is quite good, but even more important she has a true sense of what she’s doing. If I tell her she’s in a new video on You Tube out comes her cell phone and she’s pulling the video up to watch it right at the bar. She’s alert, she has a quick intellect and she knows she’s there to entertain and to make money. Out of all the Thai women I’ve met in the go go bars and beer bars she’s the only one I’ve ever met who has in my estimation the blend of qualities including the requisite drive to be a widely known feature entertainer in the United States.

This video captures Kwan as much more than a two dimensional good looking Thai girl putting on a dancing performance. It shows the complete entertainer who is capable of captivating an entire bar complex.

Why Yamaha Nouvo SX is best Thailand City Motorbike

I just completed the December 2013 Looking Glass Magazine issue which includes my review on the Yamaha Filano motorbike In a few days I will accompany this review with a You Tube video that will show the little bike bottoming out on a speed bump when I have my girlfriend on the back. It’s a Vespa look a like, it’s cute and it’s well put together but as an all around motorbike for Thailand it will not begin to match a new Yamaha 125 SX or Honda’s PCX 150. The same is true for Yamaha Finos, Honda Scoopy’s and Honda Clicks.   Clearly, the best all around bikes for city driving in Pattaya are the Honda PCX and the Yamaha 125 SX.   This was a real tossup, until one day my Nouvo Elegance would not start.  One hour later, I decided that the Yamaha Nouvo SX is the best Thailand City Motorbike.  It would have been the Yamaha Elegance that had edged out the Honda PCX 150 because I was finally able to start it with its kick starter and drive it to a nearby shop to replace its battery.  Trouble is, you can’t buy these new anymore, so the Yamaha Nouvo 125 SX will have to do.

As far as much larger motorbikes that are more suitable for highway driving, they won’t compare to a Yamaha Nouvo SX or Honda PCX 150. This interesting statistic will explain why. THe news just got to me via an email from Thaivisa that is reporting that Thailand now ranks number three in the entire world for having the most highway fatalities per 100,000 registered vehicles, per capita, etc. The figure for 100,000 registered vehicles is 118.8 versus just 12.57 for the United States. What this comes down to is because of the way Thais drive and the total lack of police enforcement driving high powered motorcycles with high speed traffic such as is common on expressways and superhighways, the possibility of death becomes even much higher. The way I’m thinking is if you have say a 650 c.c. or 1000 c.c. motorbike you have lots of power on tap and you are going to want to tap into all that power. But you can never predict all the brain dead things all those brain dead people are constantly doing around you, and too often the brain and reflexes simply cannot keep up with that person who just pulled in front of you, the hole that should have been repaired that you suddenly see in the middle of that four lane, or the driver who suddenly decided to drive the wrong way towards you against the flow of traffic.

But now last night with my Yamaha Nouvo Elegance suddenly not being able to start, there is no longer a shadow of doubt in my mind why the Yamaha Nouvo is a better all around bike than Honda’s PCX. My bike had an electrical problem and would not start with the electric starter so the first thing I did is I pulled the plastic cover off the battery compartment, pulled the battery out, and loosed, then tightened the connections. THe problem persisted so because I still could use the horn, etc I figured I had a connection problem somewhere on the bike that I could not get to. I tried to kick start it but it turned out I did not try hard enough. So this morning I got our condo maintenance employee and security guard to help me out. We were able to get the bike going with the kick starter so off I went with the maintenance employee sitting behind me. He took me to a small place one normally would not notice and I bought a battery there for 600 baht. ANd that was it. My battery had gone defective even though it was less than one year old.

The same thing had happened to a friend who was renting a Honda PCX,but he could not kick start it and so he wound up having to walk to the restaurant we were meeting at for lunch. So it really comes down to the fact that the Yamaha Nouvos are more reliable because even if the electric won’t work you can always kick start them and they are more versatile as you can easily use bungee cords to tie all kinds of stuff down across the bike’s rear seat.

So there we have it. Short of doing a lot of expressway superhighway driving the Yamaha Nouvo SX or its predecessor the Nouvo Elegance has enough tire size and engine to easily handle most driving conditions. As for the fast highway cruising much larger bikes excel at, driving in such conditions should be discouraged because it’s so dangerous trying to do it especially at the higher speeds such bikes are capable of. Lastly due to their having kick starters, their overall excellent build quality, relatively large storage area underneath the seat, and a plethora of hooks and bungee cord attachment spots on the Yamaha Nouvos, their reliability and versatility is unmatched

Food Poisoning and Pattaya Go-Go Dancers

Who gave me food poisoning?

That’s right. I must ferret out the villain here or I will keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Obviously I ate at the wrong place so I will need to never go there again. I ate nothing but Thai food for twenty-four hours preceding the time I was struck down. The first possibility is the restaurant across the street. Although I have never had any problems here I nearly always ate Western food there, but this time I ordered up a plate of Cow Pat, which is fried rice with a little chicken put in, which I laced with a few peppers and fish sauce to give it the right amount of spiciness. I wouldn’t even put this restaurant on my list of suspects, but my girlfriend insisted it was a possibility. My second possible suspect is the Thai noodle stand near our condo building where my girlfriend often gets her food. The day before we went to the zoo my girlfriend had gotten us each a bowl of Noodle soup. My third possible suspect is the zoo itself. We had driven there in my car, arriving at 11 a.m. where we immediately searched for a spot to have an early lunch-late breakfast. After walking several hundred meters we came to one of the main restaurants. It’s a little bit high dollar inside where it’s air conditioned but outside there’s the typical Thai vendor that serves up cheap Thai dishes. I opted for the Katapowel, which is a spicy ground beef dish that is nearly always served up on rice. It came to 45 baht which is $1.50 in U.S. money with my total bill for both us including a bottle of water coming out to $3.40.

Within two hours I started to feel very tired and couldn’t wait to get home. Arriving at the condo around 1:30 p.m. I immediately collapsed in my lazy boy where I slept on and off for the next four hours. I very rarely sleep during the afternoons. By 6 p.m. I was shitting like a Mongoose. I was also having alternating fever and chills and a splitting headache between my eyes. My joints and bones ached. That night I slept 8 hours. Normally I’m lucky to get 5.5 to 6 hours which seems to be about all the sleep I need. I will now spare everyone the gory details about how often I’d shit, how much my ass hurt when I did, what color my excrement was, but even though I was feeling better by the second day I was still running a temperature a degree above normal, my eyes looked like a raccoon’s and I was still defecating like a fire hydrant. All of which was of no real importance. The critical thing was, who did this to me?

Today I went to the restaurant across the street where I talked with one of the owners who happens to be a friend of mine. He’s got a sidekick of sorts, a Thai woman who used to waitress for him, who will often accompany him when he goes out to shop for food for the restaurant. The woman’s spent a lot of time in Europe. They had just come back in a car which had a trunk full of food. I pointed the noodle stand out to both of them. Straight off the Thai woman told me that it had to have been the Zoo that had poisoned me. The outdoor food vendor just outside the air conditioned restaurant bought its food from everywhere, the woman told me. And when I asked her, “It doesn’t cook up any of the food it sells?” she told me, “No.” All of which meant that no one was responsible.

My mind had already been churning up this vendor as my number one suspect. After all, why should this vendor care or not who it poisoned? After all, it would never see anyone again since nearly all the people eating there would be tourists from all across the world. The noodle stand next to my condo was another story and so was the restaurant across the street. Both depended on a lot of repeat business. If my girlfriend would get sick at the noodle stand she’d tell everyone else at my condo. Since most of its customers were Thais either living or working in my neighborhood the word would soon get out that everyone should avoid the place and that would be the end of the Noodle Stand. This would be equally true of my restaurant owner friend. As for the tourists, they are a dime a dozen. One tourist replaces another so if a lot of them get sick, who cares.

Walking Street Go-Go Girl

Walking Street is also for tourists. Real expats who live here all the time know better to go there unless it’s a once in awhile kind of thing or if they have friends visiting they feel have to be entertained. For the most part go-go girls prey on the tourists who don’t know they have far better options when it comes to the opposite sex. The game plan for most go-go girls is to go short time with a customer paying her bar fine, and as for short time, the shorter the better. After breaking free of her ball and chain, she is now free to go back to her go-go bar to look for her next short time victim. Or she might go to Lucifer’s, Insomnia, Misty’s, Tony’s or some other disco to hunt for a new customer she can go with. Chances are 80 percent she’s got a Thai boyfriend (versus 50 % for your average beer bar girl) so she might just want to go home or go drinking with him and his friends. But whichever way she works it you can be sure that her short time customer is the very last on her list of people she wants to spend the rest of the evening with. But the worse scenario is one where a customer overpays her and then she goes out to a Thai Karioke bar where she hires a Thai guy to have sex with her on the money the overpaying customer just gave her. Believe it or not, there’s Male prostitutes who specialize in overpaid go-go girls and this is a lot more prevalent than you’d ever think.

To get such treatment the customer pays her bar fine, which several years ago ran 600 baht (around $20.00), but which will now range upwards to 1500 baht. Thanks to the insidious infusion of Coyote dancers, the 1000 to 1500 baht bar fine is now getting to be the norm. The way this works is a go-go bar will often contract with a company that provides the Coyote girls for which it is willing to pay top dollar. The Coyote girl in turn gets a high salary while the go-go bar owner is assured of getting a reliable supply of attractive dancers. So far so good, everyone’s happy except the customer gets screwed. But the customers are so ignorant that they don’t even have a clue how badly they are being screwed. That’s because they are tourists, meaning, ignorant rather than stupid due to being completely oblivious of the game that’s being played against them. But what’s really bad is when a man is no longer a tourist and he’s been here long enough to know better, yet he still persists in going after go-go dancers.

Take the other night when one of my American friends spied a cute girl strutting off her sexy little body in front of the Wind Mill Club. He paid her bar fine, all 1500 baht of it and then he took her back to his condo where she immediately complained of feeling tired, of having to work too hard, the neighbors keeping her awake all night, the dog puking on her couch and so on. So the poor thing immediately went comatose on him, and then when she woke up two hours later, she immediately wanted to go home. To my friend’s credit he didn’t pay her a thing, but the average tourist probably would have after being taken in by her charade. Nevertheless out of the 1500 baht bar fine he paid she probably got at least 200 baht of that as her cut.

The truth is most go-go girls are spoiled little girls who learn very quickly how easily tourists can get taken advantage of. The key thing to remember here is like the outside food vendor at the Zoo repeat business is of no interest to such go-go girls. But a beer bar girl, now that’s an entirely different story. Her game plan is the complete opposite from your typical go-go dancer’s. First off, she’s much more likely to want to go long time with you, which means spending the entire night with you at your condo or hotel room. This should run 300 baht for the bar fine which entitles her to leave the bar with you, and then it’s between the two of you. Pay no more than 1000 baht for her though. That’s the going rate and don’t let anyone tell you differently. The reason she will probably want to spend the night with you is she will probably want to spend tomorrow night with you as well. Better yet is to spend the week with you, month or whatever unless you have the personality of a Marquis de Sade and the face of the Headless Horseman. An arrangement that goes for month after month at a mutually agreed upon monthly stipend will oftentimes be even more desirable for her, and if she’s real lucky, possibly even marriage.

And of course there are more options than beer bar girls and go-go dancers. There’s Soi Six girls, girls with regular jobs, massage girls, etc. Just keep in mind that out of all the options your worse option is the tourist option. Just as I got food poisoning from a vendor who didn’t care about repeat business because her customers are primarily tourists so it is with the go-go dancer who finds a non-ending supply of fools to prey on.

I want to know why hydrogen powered cars didn’t come much earlier

With a projected range of 310 miles and possibly with Toyota beginning production in 2015 I want to know.

1. Why is it taking so long to do this?
2. Why as the article below suggests is getting enough refueling stations across the U.S. such a problem?
3. How long will prohibitive high costs to manufacture such a car going to pose a problem given the economies of scale that will be realized once full mass production is underway?
4. Does this means that all those conspiracy theorists who’ve always blamed the oil companies were right all along?
5. Does this mean that with the U.S. becoming increasing independent of foreign oil due to domestic fracking and other new technologies and now THIS, that we no longer need to have such good friends as Saudi Arabia?
6. Does all this mean that if we no longer need Saudi Arabia we are now free to get along much better with Iran?

I copied this from the New York Times

Upcoming 2015 Toyota hydrogen powered car??
Toyota’s FCV concept vehicle at the Tokyo Motor Show. The company plans to sell a car based on the FCV “around 2015.”

Published: November 20, 2013


TOKYO — Hydrogen-powered cars are finally being readied for their Prius moment — at least, that is what promoters of the environmentally friendly technology hope.
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Toru Hanai/Reuters

Carlos Ghosn, chief executive of Nissan, with his company’s BladeGlider EV concept car.

Toyota, maker of the Prius, the first hybrid vehicle to achieve mass-market acceptance, on Wednesday unveiled a concept version of a hydrogen fuel-cell car that it plans to begin selling “around 2015,” as the company put it. The bright blue sedan is shaped like a drop of water to emphasize that water is the only substance that hydrogen-powered cars emit from their tailpipes.

The car, which Toyota calls the FCV concept, was one of several vehicles with alternative powertrains to take the spotlight at the Tokyo Motor Show, which opened to reporters on Wednesday. Later in the day, two other carmakers, Honda and Hyundai, were expected to display new fuel-cell vehicles at a preview for the auto show in Los Angeles.

Honda was set to introduce a concept version of a new car it plans to introduce in 2015. Hyundai, which is based in South Korea, says it intended to beat both of its Japanese rivals to market next year with a hydrogen-powered vehicle based on its Tucson sport utility vehicle.

In July, Honda and General Motors announced that they agreed to share fuel-cell technology.

For years, automakers have talked about the potential of hydrogen power to help them reduce harmful greenhouse gas pollution and meet strict emissions standards in places like California. But there is a joke in the industry that “fuel-cell technology is always five years down the road,” said Alan Baum of Baum & Associates, an auto industry analyst in West Bloomfield, Mich.

Fuel-cell cars, which create the electricity that powers them by combining hydrogen with the oxygen in the atmosphere, have been held back by a variety of factors, including the high cost and a dearth of hydrogen filling stations. Although a handful of fuel-cell test cars and fleet vehicles are on the road, the new models from Honda, Hyundai and Toyota are expected to be among the first hydrogen-powered cars available to the public.

“Everybody has been putting their toe in the water, but Toyota putting its toe in the water is a bit more significant,” Mr. Baum said.

Toyota executives noted that hybrid technology faced considerable skepticism until the Prius was introduced in 1997 in Japan and in 2000 in the United States, where it quickly became a must-have accessory for Hollywood stars and Internet entrepreneurs. Now that Toyota, the biggest carmaker in the world, is signaling its commitment to fuel-cell technology, the infrastructure will follow, they hope.

“One of the reasons we are doing this is to send a message,” said Satoshi Ogiso, deputy chief officer in Toyota’s product planning group.

Fuel-cell cars will give greater choice to consumers who are seeking engines that are easier on the environment, creating a potential rivalry with battery-powered electric vehicles. Despite the popularity of electric cars from Tesla Motors in California, fully electric cars remain a niche market. Through October, 78,000 were sold in the United States, according to Baum & Associates, compared with 423,000 hybrids. Only about 1,000 fuel cell cars are expected to be sold worldwide in 2015, according to Navigant Research, which provides market analysis for so-called clean technology.

Toyota has not provided estimates of sales for its fuel-cell car, though executives acknowledge privately that the numbers will be modest to start and that sales will be concentrated in places like California and Scandinavia, where emissions targets are strictest. Toyota, while embracing hybrid powertrains, has favored fuel-cell technology over fully electric cars, saying the experience of driving them is more like what consumers are used to with gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicles. The company says its new car will be able to cover about 500 kilometers, or 310 miles, on a single hydrogen fill-up that takes just a few minutes. Fully electric vehicles require lengthy recharging time.

Other carmakers are hedging their bets. Although many of the big players have fuel-cell projects underway, either alone or with partners, some also continue to promote electric vehicles. Battery recharging stations are more widespread than hydrogen filling stations.

And fuel cells are not as clean as they might seem, detractors say, because the production of hydrogen releases greenhouse gases. But then, most electricity generation also uses carbon-based fuels.

“It’s still difficult to choose a winner at this point, which is why the automakers are diversifying their portfolios,” said Thilo Koslowski, an analyst at Gartner, a research company.

At the Tokyo show, another Japanese automaker, Nissan, displayed an electric concept car called BladeGlider, which looks like a cross between a Batmobile and a stealth fighter. It has a single seat in front for the driver and two in back, and the doors open at a rakish, upward-slanting angle.

Carlos Ghosn, Nissan’s chief executive, said car designers had greater styling freedom with electric cars, because the motors are smaller. In the BladeGlider, they are built into the rear wheels, allowing the front end, which houses the motor in most conventional cars, to taper to a point.

“We are promoting electric cars because we believe in the potential of electric cars,” Mr. Ghosn said.

Toyota executives say the FCV concept is close in appearance to the expected production version of the car. It has a large grille and other openings to allow cooling air and oxygen.

The company has not announced a price, but Mr. Ogiso said the car would be aimed at a niche of environmentally conscious, early adopting and relatively affluent customers — much like Toyota’s pioneering hybrid car.

“We have learned a lot from Prius,” Mr. Ogiso said.

This article has been revised to reflect the following correction:

Correction: November 21, 2013

An earlier version of a picture caption with this article misstated the power source of the BladeGlider EV concept car. It is a battery-powered electric car; it is not powered by hydrogen.

This article has been revised to reflect the following correction:

Correction: November 22, 2013

An earlier version of this article provided an incorrect time frame for sales figures from Baum & Associates. The data, relating to sales of hybrid and electric cars in the United States, are for the year 2013 through October, not September.

Dirty Chinese at Thailand Five Star Hotel Spa

From my 1979 scrapbook Peoples Republc China...All Chinese dressed like this then.  A lot’s changed since I took this picture in 1979 the first year the Peoples Republic of China opened its doors to Americans. Everyone wore peasants garb in blue or green then and there was hardly a car to be found, and one could have any color of bicycle one wanted so long as it was black after a half a year wait. When our bus would roll into town, people would flock over as if we were aliens from outer space.

But Thirty-four years later (last night) I wrote

The spa is magnificent, so much so that I feel very lucky to be here. And so are the pretty massage girls, but I’ve got just 10 free massages and they are expensive or at least compared to what I can get practically everywhere else. There’s a large Jacuzzi and a cold pool next to it, a sauna and steam room. The place would do a Roman Senator proud, except as terrific as those old Roman bath houses were, there’s no way they could ever top this. Unfortunately, marring the beauty of this place are the despoilers, the defilers, who make about everything they touch worse for everyone else. These are the polluters who throw their towels, and used massage garments all about the place giving it a ghettoish trashy look that is absolutely undeserved. A friend of mine thought it was the Russians trashing the place up, but I told him, “no way”. First, there’s not a lot of Russians who use the spa and when they do I don’t see all the liter left behind after they’ve left. Asians now, that’s another story. But unless I ask, I oftentimes don’t know where they are from. At first I thought it was rich Thais, but the girls at the desk keep telling me they are Chinese. Turns out they are right.

The Spa dressing room

In the men’s side of the spa there are fourteen lockers in a room that’s around 20 feet wide and at either end of these lockers there’s a bin where hotel guests using the spa are instructed to throw their used towels, massage robes and other paraphernalia which the hotel leaves in each locker for their guests. The instructions are on a little plaque just above the opening of each bin. For me, it was pretty obvious what these bins are used for, but I must admit that the text on each plaque is in one shade of brown and the actual plaque itself is in another shade which gives these instructions a subdued appearance that’s in good taste, but which is not as noticeable as it should be. Each time a man puts in for a massage he is escorted into the spa by one of the spa’s female employees who then instructs him to wait until his masseuse arrives to take him over to the area he’s to receive his massage. The female employee shows him the massage clothing he is expected to wear as she explains the whole procedure to him. She also gives him other instructions such as where he’s supposed to put used towels and the massage clothing once his massage is over.

I had just arrived in the locker room when one of the girls from the desk arrived with a new hotel guest, who was obviously Asian. The man never greeted me which was typical of most Asian guests, but I often talked with the desk girl who like most of the hotel’s employees goes out of her way to be friendly to the customers. I listened to her give the guest the usual instructions, but the man could obviously speak virtually no English at all, nor could he speak a lick of Thai. So the woman delivered most of her instruction by gestures and pantomime. When it came to where he should put his used towels and massage gear she reached into the man’s locker, pulled out a massage robe and then she carried it over to the bin. I thought she had done a terrific job and told her afterwards. In the meantime she asked me, “Help me with him. He speaks no English.” So after she left I grabbed a towel and shoved it towards the bin to make it 100 clear where he needed to put his towels and used massage gear.

I then went over to the fitness center where I exercised for one hour and relaxed with my girlfriend on a couch from which we both we conversed with a couple of other members we both knew and a couple of the hotel employees. When I reentered the spa I found that the beautiful small dressing room had just been turned into a pig pen. My thoughts immediately turned to the Chinese man who by this time had just finished getting his massage. But surely he couldn’t have done this much havoc all by himself? I asked myself. Certainly he had to have gotten some assistance from several of his Chinese friends at despoiling the place?

Well, we will see about that. If you and your fellow countrymen should persist in trashing up everything around here that’s beautiful, then the least I can do is to give all of you a bad name for your rudeness, inconsiderate behavior, and your polluting the planet the rest of us live on. But I had to be fair. I had to be 100 percent certain the man was guilty. There were at least four used towels and massage robes that had been strewn all over the place, several on the bench the rest of us had to sit on while changing clothes, the rest on the floor. In the next room another towel had been carelessly cast off next to one of the ornate wash basins. To ascertain whether this particular Asian was guilty or not I went over to the towel bin next to the man’s locker, looked inside the little closet and saw that there were a number of used towels inside but not one single massage robe so obviously he had thrown everything around and might have even gotten a few extra towels and massage robes for good measure just to establish who was the boss. I then looked into the towel bin next to my locker where I found that no one had disposed of his massage gear there as well. Which meant that I was 95 percent certain that this Ex Red Chinese was one human pig indeed.

The pollution in our beloved dressing room had almost devastated me. So much so that I had to show what this derelict had done to the friendly desk girl. I didn’t walk to the spa’s desk. I ran. Only to find the ex Red Chinese man fully dressed sitting in a chair near the desk girl no doubt waiting for his wife to come out of the woman’s section of the spa. The first thing I asked the desk girl was whether or not the ex Red Chinese man had gotten a massage or not. So when she assured me that he certainly had, I immediately told her in Thai that the man was a pig, that he had desecrated the spa and that she should see for herself what havoc he had wrought. When she asked me if I knew for sure who had done it, I immediately looked over at the man, pointed at him and told her once again in Thai that he was one big pig.

The problem was, and it is especially true about Five Star hotels, is that the customer is always right. This man in front of me was the most miserable excuse for a human being that I had ever laid eyes on. But he undoubtedly had a lot of money; otherwise he wouldn’t be staying at so expensive of a hotel in the first place. And the desk girl couldn’t say anything to him because if she did she would probably find herself very severely disciplined by her superiors. Later a couple of other employees could go into the dressing room and clean up after the ex Red Chinese. Well, she couldn’t do anything, but I sure as hell could. So I walked over to him and pantomimed someone throwing things into a trash bin. So even though the man’s command of English amounted to just about zero he’d clearly understand that I knew what he had done and that I didn’t think much of him. Well, I don’t know exactly what the man said, but it was very clear to me from the way he said it along with his facial expression that he meant, “So what! I refuse to clean up after myself. That is up to lesser mortals than myself because I can do whatever I want to anybody that I choose.” If he had tried to pull this in the United States, especially when I was forty-five or younger I would have knocked him out of his chair on the spot, even if it meant risking his getting his Chinese mafia after me.

But never mind. I’d get my revenge. It’d simply redouble my efforts to avoid buying Chinese whenever it was possible. Unfortunately too often there’s no choice in the matter at all, even here in Thailand where people make only a couple of hundred dollars a month or so at construction and factory jobs. The problem is that the Chinese are only paying a hundred dollars or even less, and oftentimes when they do work in factories they are required to live on the very premises upon which the factory is located where they must pay the landlord-factory owners rent which effectively cuts way back on their take home pay. Chairman Mao would be convulsing in his grave if he could only see what’s come of his beloved Communist society. And that’s why I kept referring to this polluter as an ex Red Chinese. He is the living embodiment of what all true Communists despised and what they tried to rid their country of and for whom millions died.

I had just gotten back from Macao and Hong Kong where I had recently seen rich Chinese by the thousands gambling and shopping away their ill begotten wealth. That was just two weeks ago and even then I thought about Chairman Mao and Zhou Enlai and all those devout Communists who had gone on the Long March and fought so hard to get the Japanese out of China and then rid their country of Chiang Kai Shek and all his gangsters. The whole social experiment had turned into a complete travesty.

Actually Chairman Mao wasn’t exactly a saint. Not hardly. But he did have his little red book in which he exhorted all good Chinese to do things for the good of others along with other instructions pertaining to a whole host of subjects. He also had all his reeducation camps where he’d send Chinese he found to be especially offensive such as the turd I had just encountered in the five star spa.

I must admit I’ve gotten to be quite disappointed over all that’s happened in China since my first, and last visit back in 1979, the first year that it was opened to Americans. Some of the first Chinese students sent over to the United States actually came over to visit my farm. My mother was then heading a special voluntary English section for foreign students at Washington University in St. Louis. They came from everywhere, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, Romania, and Mainland China–students who could polish their English language skills free of charge outside their normal college curriculum where they could learn from my mother and the teachers working under her donating their time for free. One of my best friends would come out of Japan, an engineering student getting his masters who would remain in the U.S. for three or four years. Meanwhile I was living on a farm in central Illinois, alone and both my parents would keep bringing my mother’s students down to the farm, sometimes for an entire weekend. There was one Taiwanese group in particular who came to visit me several times, so if anyone thinks I have it in for the Chinese, don’t even go there. There was one man in particular who was then in his thirties, a college professor who I put to work helping me to put a new cedar shake single roof on an outhouse I had in my backyard and then I had him help me build shelves in my machine shed. The man was from the People’s Republic then known as Red China and in his earlier days he had been sent to Chairman Mao’s reeducation camps during the Cultural Revolution where he was put to work cleaning out toilets and doing other repugnant tasks to teach him his place.

Back then I had much higher hopes for China, then called the Sleeping Giant which was given fifty years to catch up with the rest of the world. Immediately upon returning from China in 1979 I subscribed to a Red Chinese newspaper which I received monthly by snail mail all the way from China to my farm. But now so much has changed and my whole perspective has become so much more negative. I think of a restaurant owner friend of mine telling me that his worse customers by far all come from the Chinese mainland. To my complete disbelief he once told me how a group of them can come into his restaurant and that even a pack of dogs could not come in, eat off his tables and leave his place in such a disgusting mess as the Chinese can. “Not the Hong Kong Chinese or the Taiwanese,” he kept telling me, “but the Mainland Chinese”. I am unfortunately starting to agree with him. In the exercise room, they will often shout across the room at each other, they speak in loud voices in the spa where a Japanese would recoil at such an abomination in a place that had been created for tranquility and calm meditation. And then there’s all that pushing an shoving in the lines I’ve encountered in my recent travels.

Thankfully, I did encounter some very nice helpful Chinese in our recent trip to Macau and Hong Kong. But in general I see a lot of problems developing here in Thailand, particularly in Pattaya due to the huge explosion of Chinese tourism from the mainland. I have some very concrete solutions for how many of these problems can be minimized, but hey, I’m just a visitor here so what does my opinion count? But that’s another subject that if my advice were to be taken would bring in a better class of Chinese tourist while actually providing a more pleasant overall Thailand experience for the Mainland Chinese visitor. But I’ll just have to bring that up here at a future date, but when I bring it up I hope that a lot of prospective Chinese travelers read it. As to the ex Red Chinese who got his massage last night, hey buddy, I do owe you one.

The Mothers of a More Boring Nation are at it again persecuting the Devil Incarnate (strip club owner Sam Stimmel)

A few hours after I returned from Macau and Hong Kong I saw this this link a friend of mine posted in the Lost Angels Chat. Sam Stimmel, a very good friend of mine who owned a strip club in North Webster, Indiana has once again enraged some of the stalwart God fearing members of this Indiana community resulting once again in his persecution for owning and running a strip club. Sam was arrested for prostitution, unethical business practices, etc. and bail was set for $100,000. Once again the medieval inquisitors of Indiana have set their racks in motion while gathering the firewood for the witches of their worse nightmares. Sam always was one of the most ethical men I have ever met. I knew him quite well and only wish most men could be as kind and as fair minded as Sam’s been in all the years I’ve known him. It was therefore fitting for me to add my take on this “Devil Incarnate” and to offer it up to the discussion that followed the police raid and subsequent arrest of my friend. What follows is a link to my Devil Incarnate article I wrote for Xtreme a very long time ago about the continuing persecution of my good friend by the god fearing stalwart citizens of Indiana who object to having a strip club in their state.

I wrote The Devil Incarnate years ago for “Extreme Magazine” All of this story is true just as I wrote it. And oh yes,the police officers allowed the two men who maced Stimmelators to get away with their crime and almost jailed Sam Stimmel for protesting thus proving that one of the founding principles of the Mothers for a More Boring Nation is it’s okay to intentionally injure strippers and patrons of a strip club, while it is a cardinal sin to own or operate a strip club. After all Mace comes in a can like container like Raid so it’s just as good on strippers, strip club managers and topless club customers as Raid is on cockroaches, which according to the Mothers for a More Boring Nation are one notch above insects on the evolutionary ladder.

I’ve been living in Thailand for over 8 years. And just yesterday I returned from Macau and Hong Kong where Saturday night my Thai girlfriend and a Canadian friend and I strolled down the Wanchai district, drinking from our 20 oz cans of beer. I cannot imagine the police allowing me to walk down the streets of St. Louis or Indianapolis drinking beer from cans. But this is normal where I now reside in Thailand so if I do not finish a beer in one bar I can stroll down the street beer in hand, sit down at another bar, finish my drink and order another one. As a matter of fact, I can do this in Vietnam as well. But Macau and Hong Kong are now part of China, formerly known as Red (Communist China), and I can assure everyone here that in many ways one has a much greater sense of freedom in Commie Land than one does in the U.S. Believe me when I tell you that the U.S. has become a very sterile and very boring place where spice of any kind is practically non-existent. The U.S. is a police state with a medieval mentality that would have done Hitler’s Nazi kingdom proud.

I am very familiar with Sam Stimmel and Stimmelators going back to its Cruisers days. Although I lived in the St. Louis area I’d visit Sam and his club every six or eight weeks and usually wound up staying at Sam’s house. Sometimes I’d bring friends with me all of whom Sam welcomed into his home for the weekend. The Sam I knew had a heart that was bigger than Texas. And as for his club, it was about as milk toast as it gets, Blue pasties to cover a dancer’s nipples? Pecks on each customers cheeks as each dancer comes off the stage as she comes around the room for dollar tips? This was all pretty innocent stuff compared to the strip clubs I used to hang out at in East St. Louis. And compared to Thailand and much of the rest of this part of the world I’ve visited it was about as innocent as a church. But so it goes, the vendetta against this Devil Incarnate continues while these eyes gazing across over 8000 miles holds any man, and any woman who’s part of this persecution in complete contempt.

Using the Google tool bar on my web site

It appears on most of my web pages as a relatively large toolbar just beneath the hit counters. And it works just like the Google Search engine all of us are so familiar with. The reason it works the same is that it is, except for two important differences. 1. To access it, you must be on one of my web pages and you go to the actual web page itself to use it, and 2. It focuses primarily upon content. And believe me there’s a lot of content there. Just consider that Alphapro has been in existence non stop since 1996. That’s 17 years.

The video slide show I just put up at Alphapro alerted me to just how valuable this Google tool bar is to those who are interested in the content at alphapro. For example, Big Howard, who was assistant manager at the Dollies Playhouse, is one of the predominant characters in the slide show and so is Alabama who plays the irrepressible topless nun, Sister Margarita. To some upon viewing Howard apparently sucking on one of Diamond’s breasts in the Dollies restroom Big Howard might be a despicable degenerate. But Big Howard was in real life a gentle giant who was beloved by most of the strippers who worked for him. He also became one of my best friends. For those who want to know more about Big Howard, just plug in “Big Howard” as search words in the Alphapro Google tool bar and you will come up with a lot of amusing content that’s focused on him. There’s pictures of Howard playing the pervert with Dollies strippers on one of the club’s back stages. There’s Big Howard playing the part of Studmuffin. I’ll not even try to explain what studmuffin means here. Just look it up in the Google tool bar. Or how about Alabama or Marilyn Mynxxx, the two strippers playing the two nuns, Sister Cuervo and Sister Margarita? There’s a lot of good stuff at Alphapro about both women.

I actually had more fun in the U.S. back in 1997 and 1998 than I do here in Pattaya, Thailand which has to be about the most fun city in the world. Much of the reason was because of people like Big Howard, Alabama and Marilyn Mynxxx. A lot of it had to do with the strip clubs I hung out in, especially Dollies Playhouse. Back then, all the great entertainment and bars were not in St. Louis. Why? For one thing the bars all closed across the Mississippi over in Missouri at 1 a.m. whereas many of the bars and night clubs on the Illinois side of the river stayed open all night long. And the Missouri strip clubs were pretty milk toast compared to those in the St. Louis Metro East on the Illinois side. And back when I was hanging out at Dollies using it for my favorite neighborhood tavern, I often hung out with three strippers, and all three of them would stay at the same hotel. At the end of their shifts, which would usually run between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. I’d often continue my drinking and partying with one of these three strippers and when we finally hit a few clubs and bars and got all tired out, I’d stay in the room with her, paying her half the $40.00 she had to spend for each night. Back in 1997 I was still living at my farm which was 75 miles from such clubs as Dollies whereas the hotel was just three miles away. Later I’d move off the farm and get an apartment on the St. Louis East side that was just one mile from the hotel.

But there were many other strippers I often hung out with. As for the East side, and the people I hung out with, and even the hotel itself, much as changed. The hotel is no longer there. Instead there’s a large complex of restaurants and shops headed by a Super Wall Mart and a Home Depot. And Big Howard’s no longer alive. He was badly injured driving his car from Killians, his favorite bar when he was struck by a woman who had just lost control of her car because she was being beaten up on by her boyfriend. He wound up in a wheelchair and died a couple of years later from his injuries.

Ironically, Dollies and my experiences there had their heyday while it was being run by a murderer. When I first started doing my digital pictures there and the club started paying for a separate phone line for my digital office, the club’s general manager was Hawk, and Hawk was a wonderful person and a terrific manager. (look him up in my Google toolbar at alphapro). Hawk was a biker I suppose and he was friends with Marriah one of the strippers at Dollies. Marriah had become a great friend of mine so it wasn’t long before Marriah started pestering Hawk to allow me to bring my laptop into the club and start taking pictures there. Hawk was a smart guy who knew intuitively that the future of photography would be digital. It was his idea that the club should put in a special phone line for me and that I’d have my own special seat and table just five feet from the club’s main stage. But it was left for one of the club’s strippers, Satin, and me to run all the phone wires up in the club’s attic where I put in a t connection so that I could connect my laptop to a phone line in the front room by the stage and also another connecting line in the club’s new room in back. Later Hawk would have me take Satin to Big Als in Peoria, Illinois so that he could enter her in the Miss Nudes Illinois competition there representing Dollies. I remember Hawk telling me, “If I can’t get the club to pay your hotel and other travel expenses, I pay them out of my own pocket.” But Hawk got the club owner to pay Satin’s and my expenses in Peoria. What many of us suspected by then was that the owner was a killer.

It was Marriah who first alerted me that Nathan Eggemeyer had undoubtedly murdered his partner, Steven Masters. The second person who suggested the possibility was Hawk when he politely came of to my little table in front of the stage while I was playing with my laptop and asked me to come into his office with him. “Can you help me find out what happened to Steve?” Hawk asked me. No one’s seen him for weeks but they found his pickup.” By then I already suspected that Steve was dead, thanks to Marriah. Hawk undoubtedly did as well.

“Perhaps you can use your internet skills and connections to find out for me,” said Hawk.

But they actually found Steve’s body around a year later. The two men had been partners, and one of them felt the other had cheated him. Nathan shot Masters on a property he owned where he had a trucking company. But the body was not found until Nathan’s son came to the police. In the meantime, business went on as usual at Dollies. Nathan would come into the club every now and then. But he let Hawk run the place with very little interference. Hawk had several managers working under him, and both men would often enthusiastically play roles in our internet online skits. For that matter, so did Hawk, who played the “unsuspecting club manager” in the first Dollies Trendy Toilet Sex” episode when Sister Margarita, an “intoxicated nun” wandered by mistake into a strip club to relieve her bowels.

Everything went so smoothly in those days. Hawk was left alone. And he kept coming up with great ideas on how the club could attract more customers than ever. As for myself, I was allowed to take pictures with complete abandon. But after the body was found, Nathan was out of the picture after finding a new home in the penitentiary. Hawk found himself more and more on the outside looking in as the murdered club owner’s widow started taking a more active interest in running the club. My picture taking activities became increasingly restricted and eventually I was barred from the club for bringing leaches into the place which I had awarded to Alabama’s boyfriend for being the Lost Angels Leach of the Year. Even so I remained great friends with Big Howard, not to mention a number of the Dollies dancers. But being kicked out of the club meant that I had to find another digital office where I could find a number of strippers to be my accomplices. That club would be Visions in Centerville, Illinois.

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