Do not behave like a foolish tourist by overpaying Pattaya girls


Walking Street is renowned  for tourists who are guilty of overpaying Pattaya  girls.  Most of my expatriate friends view such tourists as total idiots when it comes to the women here. The reason so many expats despise sex tourists is the majority of them act as if they know it all.  Then fail to seek advice from the guys who live here.  And even if given well meaning advice, ignore it.

My favorite girl from Super Girls.  Unfortunately today finding girls like her on Walking Street is like finding a needle in a haystack.

But the worse thing about  foolish tourists is most of them are guilty of overpaying Pattaya girls for sex.    This is very bad for everyone including the women who work in the bars and night clubs in this city.   And ultimately for the fools who caused the problem who will no longer be able to afford the girls.  As for the girls, if most men can no longer pay for them, the majority of them will soon find themselves out of work.

Take the example last week of an American who accompanied an expat friend of mine to  Walking Street. I really don’t know this man at all although I just met him.

Perhaps he’s used to paying California prices for prostitutes of hundreds of dollars for just twenty minutes of sex. Perhaps he doesn’t pay California sex workers at all thinking that he cannot afford their services.

I really don’t know, but this I do know. He went into a go go bar with his expat friend and found a girl he wanted to have sex with.

Straight off, either the girl or the go go bar establishment told him it would cost him 2,000 baht for short time ($60.00). And then since he already had a girlfriend or wife staying with him at his hotel, he needed a place to take the go go dancer. The nearby short time room cost him another 300 baht. Then he had to pay the go go bar a bar fine of 700 baht for so that the go go girl could leave the bar with him. So he paid a total of 3000 baht or $100 American dollar for thirty minutes of short time. But he was not quite finished yet. Feeling sorry for the girl for having to work in such miserable circumstances, he gave her a 1000 baht tip.  Which raised his cost to $133.00.

His expat friend, another American, who just happens to live full time down the street from me probably warned him to go elsewhere to look for a girl.

But this guy’s a tourist, and as I’ve mentioned before, tourists know so much more than we expats.

Gene and I could have taken him to an entirely different area of Pattaya where he would have wound up paying between 500 and 800 baht to short time a girl and just 300 baht for a room with no bar fine whatsoever. His cost for short timing a girl would have been just $33.00. Chances are the girl would have been just as good looking, and I can virtually guarantee that she would have been much better in bed than the spoiled go go girl he had gone with instead.

Did I mention spoiled go-go girls? Yes, I most certainly did because most of you tourists are spoiling them to the point that most of us who live here and know better want absolutely nothing to do with them.

Typical tourist overpaying Pattaya girls
Don’t be a bonehead by overpaying Pattaya girls

What the American who had just spoiled the go go girl didn’t realize is that once he had bar-fined her and turned her loose after having sex with her, she was now free to find her second customer. She might have returned to the go go bar looking for her second bar fine of the night.  Or now free to go wherever she pleased she might have gone to Lucifer’s,  Tony’s or Insomnia as a free lancer to go with any man willing to pay her asking price.   A price that did not include a bar fine.

I give you 80 percent odds she has a Thai boyfriend waiting for her at home.

But whether she does or not you will notice that most go go girls have no interest in spending the entire night with a customer.  Versus your typical beer bar girl whose goal is the opposite.  Which is to spend the entire night so that she can impress her customer to spend additional nights with her.

With most go go dancers the name of the game is constant turnover. Instead of impressing a man so that he might pay her for a week.  A month.  Or even years of companionship.

Do you think I’m joking? I live here, so I know. I used to frequent a beer bar near my condo that had the best looking group of bar girls around. Time and time again after midnight or so, if the night was going slowly and the girls were not getting bar fined, I’d watch a group of them leave the bar and stand together waiting for a baht taxi to take them down to Walking Street to go to Insomnia for customers.

Ten years ago  overpaying Pattaya girls was not very common

When I first moved here to Pattaya 500 baht used to be the  accepted price for short time. With go go dancers, the price for short time would have been 500-1000 baht.  While an all night long time cost up to 1500 baht. Go to the same go go bars today and the girls are quoting  2000 to 3000 baht short time.   And sometimes even more.  Especially if their go go bar attracts mostly Japanese and Korean men for their customers. Japanese men in particular are widely known on Walking Street to pay stratospheric prices for sex.

Now I just don’t understand most of these Japanese guys I see down on Walking Street overpaying Pattaya girls.  Sometimes they throw baht right at the girls dancing on the stage.  And they often purchase ping pong balls  which they throw at the girls on the stage.  The girls  scramble all over stage.  Groveling on their hands and knees to gather up as many ping pong balls as they can which they redeem at the bar for cash. To me, there’s nothing more stupid than throwing money away at go go girls.

And yet, so many Japanese customers enjoy overpaying Pattaya girls

Perhaps it’s a modern Asian version of the old Indian Potlatch ceremony that’s at play here. The Potlatch used to be a form of celebration practiced by Pacific Northwest Indians to demonstrate their wealth and status by giving away gifts to their peers who would then try to outdo their rivals by giving away even greater amounts of wealth.

So when it comes to throwing away lots of money at the girls, ping pong balls or paying more for sex than the rest of us are used to paying, many Japanese just might be demonstrating, “I have more money than you, more power, or more status. In effect they are trying to tell the world, “I am a real man because I can afford to throw my money away.”

Or perhaps these Japanese sex tourists are getting a certain malicious pleasure out of seeing all these women humiliating themselves by groveling around on the floor for a few baht.

To be honest, I really don’t know, but I am going to Japan one week from now where I will be seeing a very old Japanese friend of mine. I will be asking him, What is it with so many of these Japanese guys wanting to throw their money away at women?” One thing for sure though is that many of these Japanese are spoiling things for a lot of men by driving the price for sex upwards to levels most men either won’t want to pay or who cannot afford it.

Now I really don’t have it in for the Japanese. They build great cars, They produce wonderful cameras. They are clean and orderly.

And I am going all the way to Japan just to see a very good friend of mine, who happens to be Japanese, who I’ve not seen in years. I can go on and on about their wonderful attributes. But I absolutely fail to understand their ridiculous and stupid behavior when it comes to the go go bars here in Pattaya. We Westerners revel in getting value for our money. Even when it comes to women. And throwing ping pong balls at the girls simply doesn’t equate to anything approaching value. But in the end as stupid as so many of these Japanese men seem to be, I find most American and European tourists to be just as stupid by failing to seek the advice of those who know better or upon getting such advice, completely ignoring it.

One more bit of advice, however. If you think Walking Street go go girls are top drawer you will wind up overpaying Pattaya girls for sex

I remember a slender girl who used to dance at Heaven Above Go Go.  A good friend of mine had the hots for her so he bar-fined her. But he went out with us to a couple more go go bars.  After he returned to Heaven Above, he found out that another man had bar-fined her.  The club gave him the option of picking another girl.  But he wisely declined the offer and was given his bar fine back.   So this night he was able to avoid overpaying Pattaya girls and get a second shot at her later.

A couple of months later we found her working at a Soi Six Bar.  There’s no bar fine.  One only has to pay for  a room upstairs for 300 baht.

But here on Soi Six he would have had to pay her just 500 baht for short time versus the 2000 baht she was getting as a Walking Street go go girl

Another Soi Six girl worked for a couple of weeks at Baccarat Agogo on Walking Street, a club that has a very heavy Asian customer base. At Baccarat the Soi Six girl’s bar fine was 1000 baht.  And she would probably be asking another 2000 baht for short time. Not able to make nearly as much money at Baccarat as she had been making on Soi Six she soon returned to Soi Six where a man can have sex with her for 1000 baht.  700 baht for her and 300 for the room upstairs.

Go to Soi Six and avoid overpaying Pattaya girls

These are the same girls. They have the same brains, the same bodies, and the same hearts.  But when they work at Walking Street go go bars you spend a hundred American dollars for them.  But when they work on Soi Six you pay just one third the price. That’s why so many of my expat friends are so contemptuous of the Walking Street go go bars.  And men who are overpaying Pattaya girls.

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Because of their misrepresentation of their rooms I will never use Agoda again

Agoda misrepresents its rooms far too often in my experience, and my recent booking of the former Best Western Hotel in Kyoto Japan is the final straw.  This is what happened.  And why I will never use Agoda again.

never use Agoda
This is the top half of the trial booking page.  Agoda intentionally tries to mislead its customers in the hopes of extracting more money out of them.  Which is why I never use Agoda anymore.
I will never use Agoda again
2nd half of the booking page.  It’s as clear as mud.  That’s only one reason I’ll never  use Agoda again.

I booked a standard double room for this Kyoto Hotel for six days starting on February 18, 2014 fully believing I’d be paying $593.08 for two persons.  This is for my Thai girlfriend and myself.  And that we’d have a double bed. But I have a good friend in Japan who we will be seeing.  When I forwarded my booking confirmation to him, he emailed me back.  And asked me politely, “Are you sure of this reservation?” He had highlighted “Number of adults–1.” Then he remarked, 1 person? Shouldn’t it be for 2 persons?”

So I looked at my confirmation from agoda to double check and it turned out he was right. The wheels started turning. “I am going to have one nasty surprise when I finally get to this hotel with my girlfriend only to find out that she cannot stay in the room with me. The wheels continued to turn….”Certainly the hotel will allow her to occupy that double bed with me.  The only question is how much additional money will I pay?

My investigation now turned to checking out the hotel’s web site which was now under the new name Hotel Vista Premio Kyoto

Notice that one pays 17,000 yen if only one person occupies the standard double room but if two people occupy the same room it costs 20,000 yen. No breakfast is included nor any other extra amenities that I can determine.  So the hotel is charging 3000 more yen for the exact same product or service with no additional costs. By now I’m totally pissed off.  I’m about to never use Agoda again.

So I tried calling customer service at My plan was to accuse agoda of misrepresenting this room.  Then hiding the fact that I will get a nasty surprise once I get to Kyoto.  And have to cough up additional money so that my girlfriend can stay with me. It’s a United Kingdom phone number, and I call it on Skype only to be informed by an answering machine that the systems are undergoing repair. I resort to sending a complaint online to Agoda customer service.

I then place another long distance call direct to the hotel in Kyoto but by this time I’ve made a second booking through planning to cancel the agoda booking later on. The desk clerk in Kyoto tells me her hotel has me down for both reservations. So I ask her, “what happens when I turn up at reception with my Thai girlfriend and you have me down for a maximum occupancy for one person (I already know the answer)?

“Well, we will have to charge you 2,000 extra yen per day for your girlfriend”, she tells me. Although I can do the math on my own I ask her what the entire six nights will run me in American dollars. She tells me $118.00. I then ask her who gets this windfall at my expense, the hotel or She tells me the hotel gets the extra money.

A few hours later I get an email from customer service at verifying that they’ve called the hotel in Kyoto and that the hotel will charge me an additional $118 upon my arrival with my girlfriend.

Okay…I’ve made the second booking with because I feel the cheaper rooms that are left are going to go pretty fast and because I don’t want to give one more dollar because I felt that the web site had indicated to me while I was making my reservation that I was getting a room for two people, not one. In other words, by this time I was nearly certain that was playing tricky dicky with me.

But I had to be fair. Perhaps I had made a mistake while making my booking with agoda. So I went through a dummy booking to see what really happens while reserving a double room for two people. First off, I could not click a check box for two persons  And from all indications I could see that the maximum occupancy for this double room was for 2 persons, not one.  Perhaps I was still missing something here.

So I asked two good friends  to see what would happen if they underwent this same reservation process. One of them reported back to me that until he got to the point of putting in his credit card and other personal information that he was reserving a standard double room for two people.  Not one. There wasn’t a single hint that he was reserving a room just for himself.  Bottom line is Agoda is playing tricky dicky.  Which is typical of Agoda.  Because in my opinion Agoda tries on purpose to mislead its users.  So I plan to never use Agoda again.

Well that did it. I had been completely fair and tried and found guilty of deceptive and dishonest business practices, and that’s exactly what my friend reported back to me. So to cover my butt before posting my findings in this blog I did two screen captures while once more going through a dummy booking on my own.

Note that this booking is clearly for a maximum occupancy for two persons indicated by the little symbol in the second image for two figures, not one. Needless to say I didn’t go through the final stages of this dummy booking which would have meant charging my credit card.

So today I checked my credit card’s activity online, and yes… has already charged me the full $593.08. I’m sure Visa will credit my card next month.  But I still wanted to be absolutely sure.   So I once again called the hotel in Kyoto after canceling my reservation on the agoda web site. According to the hotel the reservation had already been canceled.

As for my reservation…I made it clear to reception that I”m keeping it. It is at a higher price than the original price quoted to me at agoda. But when one goes to the web site the default and pricing defaults for an occupancy for two persons. My confirmation email from verified this is for an occupancy for two guests. What I can gather is that already knows there is an additional charge for the second guest and that it has already absorbed this additional charge it is quoting for this room. However it most certainly appears that it is significantly higher priced than Agoda.

My friend tells me that he will never use agoda after helping me check this situation out.

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No problem getting Thai girlfriend American tourist visa

I had no  problem getting my Thai girlfriend American tourist visa.  In spite of all the nonsensical advice from know it all “experts” contending it would be next to impossible.

 And we didn’t spend one dime with those flim flam visa advice agencies claiming they could do it for a fee.  We got my Thai girlfriend American tourist visa all on our own.

I am especially gratified when I recall what a Thai legal adviser told us in  a Pattaya Drinking Street bar a year ago. This man used to give presentations at the Pattaya Expat Club before 100 to 150 Westerners. He told us, “Forget it. Don’t even try. It’s a waste of your time and money.”

But I don’t think he was listening to me. I told him I didn’t want a fiancee visa. I only wanted a short term travel visa. Turns out it’s called a B-2 Visa and there’s an entirely different application process for it on the American Embassy web site. Meanwhile friends of my girlfriend who only had a sixth grade education told her, “It’s easy for you and Jack because you are only applying for a short term visitors visa”. (they might not be well educated but they were listening).

We had trouble getting the Pin number one that is required to make an appointment with the American Embassy in Bangkok.

The American Embassy web site did not function when tried my credit card.  But we were able to purchase it at the Thai Post office.

The next problem occurred when I tried to access the location on the web site where I could see what dates and times were available. I had already submitted my girl friend’s picture and the DS-160 application form.  And got a user name and password.  But this user name did not work when I tried to make an appointment online.

I sent a message to the U.S. Embassy stating this problem.  And I got a message back that I had to use a new user name even though I already had one.

But from then on, it was smooth sailing all the way. One more trip to the post office, this time to pay my nonrefundable $160.00 application fee.

And we were on our way. (Incidentally the Thai post office seems extremely well run. In eight years it has never failed to deliver a single visa statement, bank statement or purchased item sent to me from the U.S.  Even when the mailing address was horribly botched).

We had prepared documents galore stating our case that we have been together for over 4.5 years.  That we had traveled together to Vietnam, Malaysia, Macau and Hong Kong.  And that we are about to go to Japan. The embassy official who interviewed my girlfriend looked at none of that.

But he did look at a document I had scanned proving I owned a condo here.

My girlfriend entered the embassy at 10.00 for her 10.30 appointment.  She left the Embassy at 10.30. The official who interviewed her kept her passport. Which indicated to us and a few of her Thai friends that she had been successful. She had to pay a small fee to have the embassy send her passport back to our condo by courier.  Two days later…it was here.

Reasons why the naysayers told us we would not be able to get my Thai girlfriend American tourist visa

The rule of thumb is that if a Thai woman has insufficient reasons to come back to Thailand she will want to stay forever in America, the land of milk and honey.  Keeping this in mind.

  1.  She has no children that would make her feel compelled to come back to Thailand
  2. She has no career or well paying job in Thailand that will make her want to come back
  3. She doesn’t have property or big money in Thailand to make her feel compelled to come back (the American Embassy never even looked at her bank account statements)

Reasons why we felt the American Embassy would make an exception for us

  1. I have a large condo in Thailand where I’ve lived for years.  So why would my girlfriend not want to come back to that?
  2. We were able to prove with our passports that we had been a couple for years.  The passports show we visited Macau, Malaysia, Vietnam and Japan together and the dates we made those trips
  3. We were only getting a Tourist visa that allows stays in the U.S. for just 3 months, not a fiancee visa that would make the Thai girlfriend a lifelong resident of the U.S.

What the American Embassy thinks of all these agencies  that claim that only they can get  the Thai girlfriend American tourist visa

The people she talked with at the embassy told her that all these agencies that help candidates get their American visas are a waste of time and money. They told her,  these agencies can’t stamp your visa into your passport.  Only we can.

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Our Do Nothing Congress has been the laziest congress since 1947

I just read in the “New York Times” that this do nothing Congress has passed fewer laws than any other Congress in American History since 1947. That’s 63 years ago, the year I was born. In essence that means this Congress has not done the job we are paying it to do.  And that it has betrayed American tax payers who pay its salary. So when it comes to the next midterm elections let us never forget the following key facts and always remember that Republicans do not deserve our votes.

the Gop Cartoon Strip and the Do Nothing congress

Never forget the following facts about the GOP that now has a majority in this do nothing Congress

● First off, it’s the Republican Administration under George W. Busch that landed us in the recession, not the Democrats, and most certainly not Obama.

● In 2008 when Obama took office we were on the verge of a catastrophic world wide depression that would have made the Great Depression of the 1930’s look like a picnic. The Obama administration avoided it.

● The right wing tea party faction has hijacked The Republican Party .

It has become the party of NO to anything and all things.  Whether brought forward by our president.  Or Democratic Congressman and Senators that could possibly improve our nation’s future.

● The Republicans have shut down our government in order to force Americans to accept the demands of its Right Wing Faction. It has used this threat repeatedly in order to get its way. This has impaired the credit rating of the United States of America while making the entire U.S. appear ridiculous in the eyes of the rest of the world.

● It is the GOP administration under George W. Busch that gave us two useless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Wars that have lasted for years at great expense to the American tax payer, both of which have been lost.

● The Republican Party has dredged the bottom of the barrel by offering Americans an almost endless lineup of unqualified candidates.  Such as Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman, Rick Perry, Herman Caine, Rick Sanotorum, and Mitt Romney.  Who as a group  make the Three Stooges look like the Three Wise Men.

● I have included Sarah Palin even though she ran only for Vice President. Had McCain won and died in office, she would had her finger on the nuclear button.  You can fully appreciate the horrifying thought of this totally unqualified candidate for Vice President if you watch the movie, “End Game”.

● Like it or not Obama care is the law of the land. Republicans are breaking the law in its endless attempts to hold to shut down the government.  And by derailing it state by state, and sabotage it at every turn.

● The Republican Party denies that climate change is man made in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

If given its way– if we continue to vote in a Republican Majority in Congress.  If we vote for a Republican controlled Senate or president  we are voting for the destruction of our entire planet.

● The Republican Party legislature has joined together in a unified front.   This means that every single Congressman and Congresswoman is opposing our president at every turn.   And by opposing him they are rejecting the American people who elected him. Therefore we must hold all Republican lawmakers and all future Republican lawmakers accountable for the travesty that this do nothing Congress presents.

● Considering all of the above the only good Republican is a Republican who is out of office. Make it happen. Fire all  the Republicans in this do nothing Congress.

Lastly…I cannot draw. But I will do what I can when it comes to defeating this Republican scourge.  This Frankstein that has been created ever since the GOP has allowed itself to be hijacked by its right wing.  Here’s the url of my GOP Cartoon strip for those who enjoyed the image heading this post

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The Russian Walking Dead are taking over Pattaya Sin City

The Russian Walking Dead are taking over Pattaya Sin City, clogging up the streets,  like zombies,  walking three and four breast, multiplying, fearless of the traffic.

Russian Walking Dead
This picture is from the actual t.v. series The Walking Dead. I took segments from the t.v. series and inserted them in my video the Russian Walking Dead and mixed them up in my final you tube video

Pattaya Sin City is in Thailand.  There are hardly any sidewalks.  While the police are selling slivers of the road to street vendors.  Everything’s for sale here in Pattaya Sin City.  From women to the public safety which takes a backseat to the bribes the police can pocket.  After all, there’s a reason why Thailand’s roads are now the most lethal in the entire world.

Russian Walking Dead of Pattaya Sin City
So who really created the Russian Walking Dead? How about the Pattaya Sin City powers that be starting with the police? Notice how street vendors are allowed to set up their little shops right on the street.

But we must feel sorry for the poor Russians who comprise the largest Caucasian group of tourists to ever hit Pattaya Sin City.  There’s nowhere they can walk.  So they must take to the streets to become the Russian Walking Dead.  Which many of them will become.  Roadkill.  As squashed dismembered bodies.  Thanks to the total lack of police enforcement of Thailand’s traffic laws.

Welcome to the world’s most lethal roads

But we are not here to dissect causes of traffic fatalities.  We are here to have fun.  And that’s what this  Russian Walking Dead video is all about.

But who am I really satirizing?  If you really think that I’m poking fun at the Russians, think again.

But here they are, the Russian Walking Dead. Scurrying like rats dodging traffic.  But we all are here in Pattaya Sin City.   There’s a lack of humanity here.  And you have to watch this video to see it.

So do I really hate the Russians?

How could I hate the people who gave us Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Lermontov and Pushkin?  These Russian writers were top notch.  With Tolstoy’s War and Peace generally acclaimed as the greatest novel that’s ever been written.  Not to mention some of the greatest classical music composers the world has ever known.  Such as Rachmaninoff,   Tchaikovsky, Korsakov

Russians are more avid readers than Americans.  By far.  I have far too many Russian friends to really be serious about calling them the Russian Walking Dead.  So let’s get back to this video.

How I produced this video, the Russian Walking Dead here in Pattaya Sin City?

I started off shooting video near my condo of Russians clogging up my street.  Walking and strolling down the pavement because not a sidewalk was to be found.  I then downloaded parts of the celebrated t.v. series, The Walking Dead.  From which I selected the choicest segments.  And that’s when I really started having fun.  As I pulled my film clips of Russians dodging cars and motorbikes into my video editing program.  And then added portions of the televised Walking Dead into my video. 

Then I started to really have fun as I added parts of the original Walking Dead soundtrack to my video. 

Well what can I say?  I am ting tong mak mak.  And I love being the kind of guy I am.   

Here’s a few of the choicest lines in this video.

“What are those?  (My Thai girlfriend asks me).

“I think they are Russians.”

“They are everywhere?”  Who?  The Russians.  Or is it the zombies?

“We must do something about these Ruskies”  (Hey, that’s my line).

“That noise.  Will that bring more of them?  There’s nothing we can do about it now.”  (from the television series soundtrack).

“We will just have to wait them out till morning.”

“The Question is how were these Walking Dead created?”  (my line again).

“Welcome to my world.  Welcome to my only world.  (from the soundtrack).

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1 inch groups from the Ruger Mini 14 Rifle




Oldie but goodie Sexy Pattaya Drinking Street Video

Now with sound, this Sexy Pattaya Drinking Street Video features sizzling Kwan, Pulsating Mam as return to  the action in my four books books, “Death on the Wild Side”, “Welcome to the Fun House, “Dick Fitswell”, and “Extreme Guns and Babes” which you can buy now at

I have put this Sexy Pattaya Drinking Street Video on you tube many months ago.  That’s when I was first getting to know Kwann and Mam.  Who were both dancing at the Frog Bar on Pattaya’s Drinking Street.

Sexy Pattaya Drinking Street Video thanks to Mam and Kwan
This is one Sexy Pattaya Drinking Street Video. Thanks to Mam and Kwan in particular. This picture is of Mam. Who was probably the best dancer Pattaya Drinking Street ever had.

However I recently learned that You Tube had red-flagged me for possible copyright violation resulting in You Tube’s.  So You Tube  deleted the entire audio track for the whole video. This ruined the entire video.

I don’t think I violated anyone’s copyright  in this Sexy Pattaya Drinking Street Video and here’s why

I don’t think I ever violated anyone’s copyright for the audio in my video as the audio provides only the background music for the Drinking Street Beer Bar complex. Certainly the quality of this background music falls far short of the  original source material.  Because there is no way that the small LX-5 camera’s tiny microphone can reproduce acceptable commercial quality audio. Therefore it’s not commercially viable, and I wasn’t selling the video anyway. I finally decided to delete the existing video from the You Tube server and to replace it with a drastically reworked version of the old video. It’s only about 6 and a half minutes long now and the background music that triggered you tube’s censurers has now been chopped in little bits and pieces.

I have also plugged four of my books in this video. I’ve got close to 1.4 million views on You Tube for my videos. Many of them are well liked so why not? If someone likes the videos, there’s an excellent chance he will read one of my books.   I have over 1000 subscribers to my video channel.  But I doubt if many of them know that I am the same guy who has written and Published four books.

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Drinking Street Bars have 2 terrific Pattaya girls dancing

Pattaya Thai girl Mam is dancing on Drinking Street at the Frog Bar

More Pattaya Drinking Street Sizzling Kwan Video

Thailand Sexy Dancing at Pattaya Drinking Street

Why Yamaha Nouvo SX is best Thailand City Motorbike

I just completed the December 2013 Looking Glass Magazine issue which includes my review on the Yamaha Filano motorbike.  In a few days I will accompany this review with a You Tube video.  Which will show the bike bottoming out speed bumps when I have my girlfriend behind me. It’s a Vespa look a like.   It’s cute and it’s well put together.  But as the best Thailand City Motorbike, it cannot match a Yamaha 125 SX or Honda’s PCX 150.

Yamaha Filano is not the best Thailand City Motorbike
Although it’s a beautiful little jewel the Yamaha Filano is not the best Thailand City Motorbike

The same is true for Yamaha Finos, Honda Scoopy’s and Honda Clicks.   Clearly, the best all around bikes for city driving in Pattaya are the Honda PCX and the Yamaha 125 SX.

Which was a real tossup, until one day my Nouvo Elegance would not start.  One hour later, I decided that the Yamaha Nouvo SX is the best Thailand City Motorbike.

It would have been the Yamaha Elegance that had edged out the Honda PCX 150.  And that’s because I was finally able to start it with its kick starter.  And drive it to a nearby shop to replace its battery.  Trouble is, you can’t buy these new anymore.  So I now rate the Yamaha Nouvo 125 SX  as the best Thailand City Motorbike.

My Yamaha Nouvo Elegance
My Yamaha Nouvo 135 c.c. Elegance. Behind it is Yamaha’s replacement model the 125 c.c. Nouvo SX. Note all the stabilizing struts on the Elegance. Less bikes such as the Yamaha Filano, Honda Click, Honda Scoopy, do not have this structure that stabilizes the bike at higher speeds especially. This is why all “scooters” with floorboards cannot begin to match a Yamaha Nouvo, Honda PCX or equivalent in handling and stability. Although the Yamaha Nouvo SX offers fuel injection and is overall a very nice bike, the 135 c.c. engine of the Nouvo Elegance has a lot more guts

Larger motorbikes more suitable for highway driving won’t compare to a Yamaha Nouvo SX or Honda PCX 150.

This interesting statistic will explain why.  Thaivisa reports that Thailand now ranks number three in the entire world for having the most highway fatalities.  This is based on 100,000 registered vehicles, per capita, etc. The figure for 100,000 registered vehicles is 118.8 versus just 12.57 for the United States.

What this comes down to is because of the way Thais drive and the total lack of police enforcement driving high powered motorcycles with high speed traffic such as is common on expressways and superhighways, the possibility of death becomes even much higher. The way I’m thinking is if you have say a 650 c.c. or 1000 c.c. motorbike you have lots of power on tap and you are going to want to tap into all that power.

But you can never predict all the brain dead things all those brain dead people are constantly doing around you, and

too often the brain and reflexes simply cannot keep up with that person who just pulled in front of you.  The hole that should have been repaired that you suddenly see in the middle of that four lane.  Or the driver who suddenly decided to drive the wrong way towards you against the flow of traffic.

But now last night with my Yamaha Nouvo Elegance suddenly not being able to start, there is no longer a shadow of doubt in my mind why the Yamaha Nouvo is a better all around bike than Honda’s PCX. My bike had an electrical problem and would not start with the electric starter so the first thing I did is I pulled the plastic cover off the battery compartment, pulled the battery out, and loosed, then tightened the connections. THe problem persisted.

Because I still could use the horn, etc I figured I had a connection problem somewhere on the bike that I could not get to. I tried to kick start it but it turned out I did not try hard enough. So this morning I got our condo maintenance employee and security guard to help me out. We were able to get the bike going with the kick starter so off I went with the maintenance employee sitting behind me. He took me to a small place one normally would not notice and I bought a battery there for 600 baht. ANd that was it. My battery had gone defective even though it was less than one year old.

The same thing had happened to a friend who was renting a Honda PCX.  He could not kick start it, and he wound up walking to the restaurant we were meeting at for lunch. So it really comes down to the fact that the Yamaha Nouvos are more reliable.  Because even if the electric won’t work you can always kick start them.  Furthermore they are more versatile as you can easily use bungee cords to tie all kinds of stuff across the bike’s rear seat.

So there we have it.  Both the Yamaha Nouvo SX and Nouvo Elegance have enough tire and engine size to easily handle most driving conditions.

But I will discourage cruising at the fast highway speeds much larger bikes excel at.  Lastly due to the Yamaha Nouvos  having kick starters and their overall excellent build quality.  In addition to the relatively large storage area underneath their seats.  Both bikes have a plethora of hooks and bungee cord attachment spots.  So their reliability and versatility is unmatched.  Bottom line is the Yamaha Nouvo SX is the best Thailand City Motorbike you can buy.

There is no excuse for not having hydrogen cars now

There’s no excuse for not having hydrogen cars now.  With a  range of 310 miles,  no need for batteries,  and Toyota starting production in 2015, hydrogen powered cars should have been springing up worldwide like weeds.


From the New York Times

Toyota making hydrogen cars now
Toyota’s FCV concept vehicle at the Tokyo Motor Show. The company plans to sell a car based on the FCV “around 2015.”

Is this article from Erich Pfanner

There should be millions of hydrogen cars now on the roads

1. Why is it taking so long to do this?
2. Why as the New York Times article suggests is getting enough refueling stations across the U.S. such a problem?
3. How long will prohibitive high costs to manufacture such a car going to pose a problem given the economies of scale that will be realized once full mass production is underway?
4. Does this means that all those conspiracy theorists who’ve always blamed the oil companies were right all along?
5. Does this mean that with the U.S. becoming increasing independent of foreign oil due to domestic fracking and other new technologies and now THIS, that we no longer need to have such good friends as Saudi Arabia?
6. Does all this mean that if we no longer need Saudi Arabia we are now free to get along much better with Iran?

We should be thinking about all these questions.   But I do have a couple of thoughts about #2 and #3.

Not having millions of hydrogen cars now because of a lack of filling stations for hydrogen fuel cells is a total crock

Think about it.  If the government suddenly outlawed all gas powered cars, how long do would it take the U.S. to develop an entire infrastructure of such filling stations?  Months?  Maybe a year or two.  Fuel cell filling stations would spring up like mushrooms.  So this excuse has obviously been planted by the oil companies.

As to #3.  Once mass production of hydrogen powered cars got underway, economies of scale would result.  What Economies of scale means is this.  The costs of producing a single car would be prohibitive.  But once a major car manufacturer receives orders for 10,000 cars, then 100,000, and finally a million cars a year,  the price to the consumer plummets dramatically.  Until the price the consumer has to pay is roughly equivalent to what he’s already paying for a gasoline powered car.

Which brings us to #4.  The conspiracy theorists have been right all along.  There is simply no excuse for not having hydrogen cars now?

You might also enjoy reading  “Use CNG (natural gas) powered cars for energy independence“.



Dirty Chinese tourists at Pattaya’s Five Star Hotel Spa

I am constantly being offended by all the dirty Chinese tourists I encounter at Pattaya’s Five Star Hotel Spa.  Or any dirty tourists regardless of nationality.

A lot’s changed since I took this picture in 1979 the first year the Peoples Republic of China opened its doors to Americans. Everyone wore peasants garb in blue or green then and there was hardly a car to be found.  In those days one could have any color of bicycle one wanted so long as it was black.  But you had to wait a half a year to get one.

These are not dirty Chinese tourists
From my 1979 scrapbook Peoples Republc China…All Chinese dressed like this then.

When our bus would roll into town, people would flock over as if we were aliens from outer space.  This was the first year, China allowed Americans into the Peoples Republic of China.  And I was one of these first Americans.

But Thirty-four years later (last night) I wrote
The Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort spa is magnificent, so much so that I feel very lucky to be here. And so are the pretty massage girls.  But I’ve got just 10 free massages and they are expensive compared to what one can get practically everywhere else.   I wouldn’t pay the 1500 baht for an hour’s massage here.  But like I said, I get ten free massages a year due to my taking out a one year’s fitness and spa membership.

There’s a large Jacuzzi and a cold pool next to it, a sauna and steam room. The place would do a Roman Senator proud.  Except as terrific as those old Roman bath houses were, there’s no way they could ever top this. Unfortunately, marring the beauty of this place are the despoilers, the defilers.  Who make about everything they touch worse for everyone else. These are the polluters who throw their towels, and used massage garments all about the place.  Which gives it a ghettoish trashy look that is absolutely undeserved.

A friend of mine thought it was the Russians trashing the place up, but I told him, “no way”. First, there’s not a lot of Russians who use the spa.  And when they do I don’t see all the liter left behind after they’ve left. Asians now, that’s another story. But unless I ask, I oftentimes don’t know  these despoilers come from. At first I thought they are rich Thais.  But the girls at the desk keep telling me they are dirty Chinese tourists. Turns out they are right.

The Spa dressing room

In the men’s side of the spa there are fourteen lockers in a room that’s around 20 feet wide.  At at either end of these lockers there’s a bin.   Hotel employees instruct hotel guests to throw their used towels and massage robes into these bins. There’s written instructions are on a little plaque just above the opening of each bin.

For me, it was pretty obvious what these bins are used for, but I must admit that the text on each plaque isn’t very readable.  Because the test is one shade of brown.  While the actual plaque itself is in another shade.  Which gives these instructions a subdued appearance that’s in good taste.  But which is not as noticeable as it should be.

Each time a man puts in for a massage he is escorted into the spa by one of the spa’s female employees.  Who then instructs him to wait until his masseuse arrives to take him over to the area he’s to receive his massage. The female employee shows the hotel guest the massage clothing he is expected to wear as she explains the whole procedure to him. She also gives him instructions where he’s supposed to put used towels and the massage clothing once his massage is over.

I had just arrived in the locker room when one of the girls from the desk arrived with a new hotel guest.  Who was obviously Asian. The man never greeted me which was typical of most Asian guests.  But  I often talked with the desk girl who like most of the hotel’s employees goes out of her way to be friendly to the customers. I listened to her give the guest the usual instructions.  But the man could obviously speak no English at all.  Nor could he speak a lick of Thai.

So the woman delivered most of her instruction by gestures and pantomime. When it came to where he should put his used towels and massage gear she reached into the man’s locker, pulled out a massage robe and then she carried it over to the bin. I thought she had done a terrific job and told her afterwards. In the meantime she asked me, “Help me with him. He speaks no English.” So after she left I grabbed a towel and shoved it towards the bin to make it 100 percent clear where he needed to put his towels and used massage gear.

I then went over to the fitness center where I exercised for one hour.  When I reentered the spa I found that someone had turned  the beautiful small dressing room into a pig pen. My thoughts immediately turned to the Chinese man who by this time had just finished getting his massage.

But surely he couldn’t have done this much havoc all by himself? I asked myself. Certainly he had to have gotten some assistance from several of his dirty Chinese tourists friends at despoiling the place?

Well, we will see about that. If you and your fellow dirty Chinese tourists friends persist in trashing up everything around here that’s beautiful, then the least I can do is to give all of you a bad name for your rudeness, inconsiderate behavior, and your polluting the planet the rest of us live on.

But I had to be fair. I had to be 100 percent certain the man was guilty. Someone had strewn at least four used towels and massage robes  all over the spa.  Several on the bench the rest of us had to sit on while changing clothes, the rest on the floor. In the next room a hotel guest had carelessly cast a towel next to one of the ornate wash basins. To find out whether this particular Asian was guilty or not I went over to the towel bin next to the man’s locker. I looked inside the little closet and saw that there were a number of used towels inside.  But not one single massage robe.

So obviously this hotel guest had thrown everything around.  He might have even gotten a few extra towels and massage robes for good measure.  Just  to establish who was the boss. I then looked into the towel bin next to my locker.  And found that no one had disposed of his massage gear there either. Which meant that I was 95 percent certain that this Ex Red Chinese was one human pig indeed.

The pollution in our beloved dressing room had almost devastated me. So much so that I had to show what this derelict had done to the friendly desk girl.

I didn’t walk to the spa’s desk. I ran. Only to find the ex Red dirty Chinese fully dressed sitting in a chair near the desk girl.  No doubt he was waiting for his wife to come out of the woman’s section of the spa. The first thing I asked the desk girl was whether or not the   Chinese had gotten a massage or not. When she assured me that he certainly had, I immediately told her in Thai that the man was a pig. That he had desecrated the spa and that she should see for herself what havoc he had wrought. When she asked me if I knew for sure who had done it, I immediately looked over at the man.  Then I pointed at him and told her once again in Thai that he was one big pig.

The problem, and it is especially true about Five Star hotels, is that the customer is always right. This man in front of me was the most miserable excuse for a human being that I had ever laid eyes on. But he undoubtedly had a lot of money.  Otherwise he wouldn’t be staying at so expensive of a hotel in the first place. And the desk girl couldn’t say anything to him.  Because if she did her superiors would probably severely disciplined her.

The way a lot of these Dirty Chinese tourists think is

“These hotel employees can very well clean up after me.  I’m rich so I can tell these hotel minions to do whatever I tell them to do”.

Well, the girl at the desk couldn’t do anything, but I sure as hell could. So I walked over to the Chinese and pantomimed someone throwing things into a trash bin. So even though the man’s command of English amounted to just about zero he’d clearly understand that I knew what he had done.  And that I didn’t think much of him.

Well, I don’t know exactly what the man said, but it was very clear to me from the way he said it along with his facial expression that he meant, “So what! I refuse to clean up after myself. That is up to lesser mortals than myself because I can do whatever I want to anybody that I choose.”

If he had tried to pull this in the United States, especially when I was forty-five or younger I would have knocked him out of his chair on the spot.  Even if it meant risking his getting his Chinese mafia friends after me.

But never mind. I’d get my revenge. It’d simply redouble my efforts to avoid buying Chinese whenever possible.

Unfortunately, too often there’s no choice in the matter at all.   Even  in Thailand where people make only a couple of hundred dollars a month or so at construction and factory jobs. The problem is that the Chinese are only paying a hundred dollars or even less for labor. And oftentimes when they work in factories they are required to live on the very premises upon which the factory is located.  Where they must pay the landlord-factory owners rent which  cuts way back on their take home pay.

Chairman Mao would be convulsing in his grave if he could only see what’s come of his beloved Communist society. And that’s why I keep referring to this polluter as an ex Red Chinese. He is the living embodiment of what all true Communists despised. And what they tried to rid their country of and for whom millions died.

I had just gotten back from Macao and Hong Kong where I had recently seen rich Chinese by the thousands gambling and shopping away their ill begotten wealth.

The Casinos in Macao rival those in Las Vegas. Thousands of Mainland Chinese who have lots of money to burn frequent these casinos.

That was just two weeks ago and even then I thought about Chairman Mao, Zhou Enlai and all those devout Communists who had gone on the Long March and fought so hard to get the Japanese out of China.  Who then rid their country of Chiang Kai Shek and all his gangsters. Their whole Communist social experiment had turned into a complete travesty.

Actually Chairman Mao wasn’t exactly a saint. Not hardly. But he did have his little red book in which he exhorted all good Chinese to do things for the good of others.  He also had all his reeducation camps where he’d send Chinese he found to be especially offensive such as the turd I had just encountered in the five star spa.

I must admit I’ve gotten to be quite disappointed over all that’s happened in China since my first, and last visit back in 1979.  Some of the first Chinese students the government sent over to the United States actually came over to visit my farm.

My mother  headed a special voluntary English section for foreign students at Washington University in St. Louis. Her students came from everywhere.  Taiwan, Japan, Germany, Romania, and Mainland China.  Students who could polish their English language skills free of charge outside their normal college curriculum.  So they could learn from my mother and the teachers working under her who donated their time for free.

One of my best friends came from Japan.  Takoi was an engineering student getting his masters.  He would remain in the U.S. for three or four years. Meanwhile I was living on a farm in central Illinois, alone. And both my parents would keep bringing my mother’s students down to the farm.  Sometimes for an entire weekend. There was one Taiwanese group in particular who came to visit me several times.  So if anyone thinks I have it in for the Chinese, don’t even go there.

One man in particular  was in his thirties.  He was a college professor who I put to work helping me  put a new cedar shake single roof on an outhouse I had in my backyard.  I then had him help me build shelves in my machine shed. The man was from the People’s Republic then known as Red China.  In his earlier days the government had sent him to Chairman Mao’s reeducation camps during the Cultural Revolution.  The government put him to work cleaning out toilets to teach him his place.

Back then I had much higher hopes for China, then called the Sleeping Giant which was given fifty years to catch up with the rest of the world.

Immediately upon returning from China in 1979 I subscribed to a Red Chinese newspaper which I received monthly by snail mail from China to my farm. But now so much has changed and my whole perspective has become so much more negative.

 Most mainland Chinese I encounter here in Thailand are dirty Chinese tourists

I think of a restaurant owner friend of mine telling me that his worse customers by far all come from the Chinese mainland. To my complete disbelief he once told me how a group of them can come into his restaurant.  And that not even a pack of dogs could come in, eat off his tables and leave his place in such a disgusting mess as the Chinese can.

“Not the Hong Kong Chinese or the Taiwanese,” he kept telling me, “but the Mainland Chinese”.

I am unfortunately starting to agree with him. In the exercise room, they will often shout across the room at each other.  They speak in loud voices in the spa where a Japanese would recoil at such an abomination in a place that had been created for tranquility and calm meditation. And then there’s all that pushing and shoving in the lines I’ve encountered in my recent travels.

Thankfully, I did encounter some very nice helpful Chinese in our recent trip to Macau and Hong Kong.

But in general I see a lot of problems developing here in Thailand.  Particularly in Pattaya due to the huge explosion of Chinese tourism from the mainland. I have some very concrete solutions on how to minimize many of these problems.  But hey, I’m just a visitor here so what does my opinion count?

That’s another subject that if my advice were to be taken would bring in a better class of Chinese tourist while actually providing a more pleasant overall Thailand experience for most Mainland Chinese visitors. But I’ll just have to bring that up here at a future date. But when I bring it up I hope that a lot of prospective Chinese travelers read it.

As to the ex Red Chinese who got his massage last night, hey buddy, I do owe you one.

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Jack Corbett search engine Alpha Productions Google

The Jack Corbett search engine is a custom Alpha Productions Google tool bar that prioritizes 20 years of Jack’s adult entertainment web pages.   And over 12 years of Jack’s misadventures living as an expat in Thailand.

This Jack Corbett search engine appears at the bottom of most of my Alpha Productions web pages as a large toolbar.  And it works just like the Google Search engine all of us are so familiar with. The reason it works the same is that it really is.   Except for two important differences. 1. To access it, you must be on one of my Alpha Productions web pages.  And 2.  It focuses  upon my content. And believe me there’s a lot of content at Alpha Productions.  Just consider that Alpha Productions has been in existence non stop since 1996. That’s 22 years.  Who else in adult entertainment has been on the Internet this long?

Why the Jack Corbett search engine is so invaluable

This Alpha Productions Google tool bar enables you to zero in the Alpha Productions web site in minute detail.

For instance, the video slide show I just put up at Alpha Productions alerted me to just how valuable this Google tool bar is to those who are interested in the content at Alpha Productions.  For example, Big Howard, who was assistant manager at the Dollies Playhouse, is one of the predominant characters in the slide show.  And so is Alabama who plays the irrepressible topless nun, Sister Margarita.

Jack Corbett Search
Taking Dollies Playhouse alone, there’s hundreds of funny pictures like this not to mention cartoons, whacky stories, etc you will probably never find unless you use the Jack Corbett Search Engine Alpha Productions Google toolbar.

Upon viewing Howard  sucking one of Diamond’s breasts in the Dollies Playhouse restroom a lot of people would perceive Big Howard as a despicable degenerate.  But Big Howard was in real life a gentle giant.   Most of the strippers who worked for him loved Big Howard to death.  Big Howard also became one of my best friends.

For those who want to know more about Big Howard, just plug in “Big Howard” as search words in the Alpha Productions Google tool bar.    You will be surprised at how much amusing content focuses on him.  There’s pictures of Howard playing the pervert with Dollies strippers on one of the club’s back stages. There’s Big Howard playing the part of Studmuffin. I’ll not even try to explain what studmuffin means here. Just look it up in the Google tool bar. Or how about Alabama or Marilyn Mynxxx.  The two strippers playing the two nuns, Sister Cuervo and Sister Margarita.  There’s a lot of good stuff at Alpha Productions about both women.

I actually had more fun in the U.S. back in 1997 and 1998 than I do here in Pattaya, Thailand which has to be about the most fun city in the world.

Jack Corbett search
Here’s Marilyn Mynxxx playing Sister Cuervo as she’s spanking Selena. Both girls were strippers at Dollies Playhouse in Washington Park, Illinois.  There are a lot more pictures here at Alpha Productions of both Marilyn Mynxxx and Alabama who play the roles of nuns at Dollies.  But you really need to use the Jack Corbett Search Engine Alpha Productions Google tool bar to find them.

Much of the reason was because of people like Big Howard, Alabama and Marilyn Mynxxx. A lot of it had to do with the strip clubs I hung out in, especially Dollies Playhouse. Back then, all the great entertainment and bars were not in St. Louis.  Why? For one thing the bars all closed across the Mississippi over in Missouri at 1 a.m. Whereas many of the bars and night clubs on the Illinois side of the river stayed open all night long.  And the Missouri strip clubs were pretty milk toast compared to those in the St. Louis Metro East on the Illinois side.

Back when I was hanging out at Dollies using it for my favorite neighborhood tavern, I often hung out with three strippers, and all three of them would stay at the same hotel.

At the end of their shifts, which would usually run between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. I’d often continue my drinking and partying with one of these three strippers.   And after the stripper and I  hit a few clubs and bars and got all tired out, I’d stay in the room with her.  Paying her half the $40.00 she had to spend for each night for her room.  Which was a godsend to me because back in 1997 I was still living at my farm.  Which was 75 miles from such clubs as Dollies whereas the hotel was just three miles away.   Later I moved off the farm to an apartment on the St. Louis East side that was just one mile from the hotel.

But there were many other strippers I often hung out with.  As for the East side,  the people I hung out with, and the hotel itself, much as changed.  The hotel is no longer there.  A large complex of restaurants and shops headed by a Super Wall Mart and a Home Depot has replaced it.  And Big Howard’s no longer alive.  A woman lost control of her car after being beaten up by her boyfriend as Howard was leaving Killians, his favorite bar.  The collision put Big Howard into a wheelchair.  Big Howard died a couple years later from his injuries.

Ironically a murderer was running Dollies Playhouse for an entire year while the club and I were having our best of times together

I  first started doing my digital pictures at Dollies.  Which was over 20 years ago.  I don’t think anyone was doing digital photography in strip clubs back then.  So I was just about the only game in town.  The club’s general manager was Hawk.  Hawk was a wonderful person and a terrific manager. (look him up in my Google toolbar at Alpha Productions).

Jack Corbett search would get this picture faster
Hawk and Alabama in the first episode of the Dollies Trendy Toilet internet series. Alabama is playing Sister Margarita, a nun who wanders into Dollies Playhouse to take a dump. Hawk the club manager doesn’t realize a woman’s in the toilet, let alone a nun. Hawk was an exceptional manager who realized he could get Dollies to be one of the absolute most popular clubs in the United States. He was quick to showcase how much fun a club like Dollies could be. He entered Satin in the Big Als Miss Nude Illinois Pageant. It’s too bad that he was working for a murderer, and that once the murderer was arrested, his days as general manager would be numbered.  The Jack Corbett Search Engine will take you to a lot of entertaining web pages here at Alpha Productions.

Hawk was a biker I suppose and he was friends with Marriah, one of the strippers at Dollies.

Marriah had become a great friend of mine. So it wasn’t long before Marriah started pestering Hawk to allow me to start taking pictures at Dollies and bring my laptop into the club. Now Hawk was a smart guy who knew intuitively that the future of photography would be digital. It was Hawk’s idea that the club should put in a special phone line for me.  And that I’d have my own special seat and table just five feet from the club’s main stage.

But it was left for one of the club’s strippers, Satin, and me to run all the phone wires up in the club’s attic.  Where we put in a connection so that I could connect my laptop to a phone line  by the stage.  Later Hawk would have me take Satin to Big Als in Peoria, Illinois to enter her in the Miss Nudes Illinois competition there representing Dollies.

I remember Hawk telling me, “If I can’t get the club to pay your hotel and other travel expenses, I will pay them out of my own pocket.” But Hawk got the club owner to pay Satin’s and my expenses in Peoria.

By now many of us suspected  that the owner of Dollies Playhouse was a killer who had murdered his partner.

Jack Corbett search engine
Marriah is on the far right. On the far left is Jade. To Jade’s right is Dirt who created over 100 cartoons for Alpha Productions. In the middle is Satin. Notice that everyone’s wearing special Alpha Productions jackets. Each jacket has the person’s nickname, stage name, etc on it. The Alpha Productions emblem, the Alpha Wolf, and the web site address on it. As we used to say in those days, “We are the only Game in Town”. And we were.
One of Dirt’s last cartoons in the Death on the Wild Side cartoon strip. Actually it was Marriah who wrote the script several cartoon strips back. It was her idea to capture the abusive male as the dickhead in this cartoon. And it was Marriah’s idea to introduce the Dominatrix. But after that Dirt took Marriah’s concept and ran with it.   The Jack Corbett search engine will find a lot of treasures such as this on the Alpha Productions web site.

It was Marriah who first alerted me that NathanEggemeyer had undoubtedly murdered his partner, Steven Masters. The second person who suggested the possibility was Hawk when he politely  asked me to come into his office with him.

“Can you help me find out what happened to Steve?” Hawk asked me. No one’s seen him for weeks but they found his pickup.” By then I already suspected that Steve was dead, thanks to Marriah cluing me in.  Hawk undoubtedly suspected foul play as well.

“Perhaps you can use your internet skills and connections to find out for me,” said Hawk.

But they didn’t find Steve’s body until a year later. Nathan and Steve had been partners, and one of them felt the other had cheated him.

Nathan shot Masters on a property he owned where he had a trucking company. But the body was not found until Nathan’s son came to the police. In the meantime, business went on as usual at Dollies. Nathan would come into the club every now and then.  But Nathan let Hawk run the place with very little interference. Hawk had several managers working under him, and both men would often enthusiastically play roles in our internet online skits.

For that matter, so did Hawk, who played the “unsuspecting club manager” in the first Dollies Trendy Toilet Sex” episode when Sister Margarita, an “intoxicated nun” wandered by mistake into a strip club to relieve her bowels.

Everything went so smoothly in those days. Hawk was left alone. And he kept coming up with great ideas on how the club could attract more customers than ever.

While I was allowed to take pictures with complete abandon. But after the body was found, Nathan was out of the picture.   After finding a new home in the penitentiary.  Hawk found himself more and more on the outside looking in as Steve’s widow started taking a more active interest in  the club.  The club started to severely restrict my picture taking activities.  And I was barred from the club for bringing leaches into Dollies which I had awarded to Alabama’s boyfriend for being the Lost Angels Leach of the Year.

Even so I remained great friends with Big Howard, not to mention a number of the Dollies dancers. But being kicked out of the club meant that I had to find another digital office where I could find a number of strippers to be my accomplices. That club would be Visions in Centerville, Illinois.

The possibilities for using the Jack Corbett search engine Alpha Productions Google tool bar are endless

Just look at all those links I’ve used here.  If I didn’t link all those separate Alpha Productions web pages, chances are you could never find them.   You would not have much luck using the regular Google search engine.  This is because too many inferior web sites keep popping up.  Or web sites that have absolutely nothing to do with what you are looking for.  But the custom Alpha Productions Google search tool bar Jack Corbett search engine focuses mostly on the 20 plus years of Alpha Production.  And the more than 1000 web pages that comprise the Alpha Productions web site.

Thoughts from the Expats Corner