Rocky Marciano undefeated knockout king

With 49 wins, 43 of them by knockout and zero losses, a book might be titled Rocky Marciano  undefeated knockout king of heavyweight boxers.

Rocky Marciano undefeated and Ezzard Charles
A bruised and battered Rocky Marciano knocking out Ezzard Charles

Rocky Marciano alone out of all the heavyweight champions retired undefeated with a perfect record.  He knocked 87.5 percent of his opponents out, eleven of them in the first round.   An excellent athlete, Marciano strongly considered becoming a professional baseball player.   Yet Marciano seemed to lack the physical attributes of the best heavyweights.  At five foot ten, he was too short for a division that’s usually dominated by six foot two and even taller men.  He was too light at 185 pounds.  His arms were way too short.   Most of the men he fought had such a reach advantage that they could  stand out of range while jabbing his face to pieces.  But Rocky could be likened to “the Terminator”.  He always fought in superb physical condition.  He was relentless.   Constantly moving in he’d never give his opponents a moment’s rest.  And he was almost impossible to stop, having been knocked down only twice in his career.  He fought with a crab like style, hunching down low as he stalked his opponents.  This made him a smaller target while making his chin harder to hit.  In my opinion this crab like style did not make Marciano appear like a champion.  He was boring to watch, and he absorbed a lot of punches.  Obviously it was very effective though.  Although Marciano threw more punches than practically everyone else, his connection rate was abysmally low.  He was the opposite of Joe Louis, whose style was one of economy and grace.

One of the reasons Marciano missed so often is he had a habit of putting his entire body behind his punches.  In December 1963  “Boxing Illustrated”  measured Marciano’s punch and found it to have 1000 foot pounds of energy, which is enough force to lift 1000 pounds one foot off the ground.  Jack Dempsey and Rocky Marciano are oftentimes compared against each other.  Both men were highly regarded as knockout artists.  But whereas Jack Dempsey is usually rated as the more formidable of the two, Jack Dempsey had this to say about Rocky Marciano.

“What everyone forgets is that Marciano can punch harder with a right hand than any modern day heavyweight.  In his first fight with Walcott, Rocky needed only one blow to win the title.  The power in his right scrambled Jersey Joe’s brains at Chicago.  I’ve scored my share of knockouts along the way, but more often than not my opponents got up after being knocked down and had to be knocked down repeatedly.  The same is true of Joe Louis.  But Marciano needs only one solid smash and it’s all over.  That’s why Rocky Marciano is the hardest hitting heavyweight champion I have seen.”

So who really was the greatest heavyweight champion of them all?  Was it Joe Louis?  Jack Dempsey?  Muhammad Ali? Or Rocky Marciano undefeated out of all of these great heavyweight champions.  We will never know.  I have listed a number of you tube videos below.  The last one is an extended computer simulation that pitted an in their prime boxing years Muhammad Ali  against Rocky Marciano.  As he’s losing in points towards the end of the simulation, Rocky knocks out Muhammad Ali in one version of the simulation.  In another, the one that the Europeans got, Ali emerges as the victor.  But computers cannot measure what’s really lurking down deep in a man’s mind or heart.   The simulation was done in 1969.  This was done while Muhammad Ali was being suspended from the ring, before his comeback, and before he proved in his later fights many strengths that he had never shown before.

Joe Louis Fight 10-26-1951  In his quest of proving worthy of fighting the reigning heavyweight champion,  Rocky Marciano knocks out a still dangerous but aging Joe Louis.

Marciano defeats Jersey Joe Walcott to win the heavyweight title Sept 23. 1952.  This is a very interesting fight because it exemplifies how a seemingly outclassed Rocky Marciano shows off how his superior physical stamina and conditioning enables him to physically wear down his opponents.   The end comes in the 13th round.  It comes as a bolt of lightening.  The fight, particularly the end, shows off a very important Marciano attribute that allows him to triumph over all his opponents and that is one of supreme confidence.  Although throughout most of the fight Marciano appears to be losing, he never always seems confident of its eventual outcome.  Such confidence is very evident moments after he knocks Joe Walcott out.    Marciano knows there’s no getting up from the two blows he’s just delivered.  The right hand’s probably enough, but just to make sure a split second later Marciano delivers the Coup de Grace with his left.  He casually turns away from this fallen opponent without so much as a single  glance to see whether or not he’s terminated the affair.

Rocky Marciano vs Jersey Joe Walcott 2  5/15/1953  This one’s no contest as in this rematch, Marciano knocks Jersey Joe out in the first round.

Rocky Marciano vs Roland La Starza 9-24-1953  Often called Marciano’s toughest title defense.

Rocky Marciano vs Ezzard Charles II  9-17-1954  Ezzard Charles who had formerly held the heavyweight title is a faster and much more clever fighter than Marciano, but being fast and clever is not enough.

Rocky Marciano vs Archie Moore 9-21-1955  Archie Moore’s in his element as a Light Heavyweight.  But he’s also one of the all time greatest punchers in the ring with a never equaled ring record of 131 knockouts.  He goes on record for holding the light heavyweight title longer than anyone else.   In this fight Moore will drop Marciano down in the 2nd round, which is the 2nd and last time Marciano’s ever been knocked down.  But in the end Marciano simply has too much firepower for the old Mongoose.

Rocky Marciano vs Muhammad Ali (computer simulation) July 1969

Muhammad Ali sizes up Rocky Marciano and rates his chances against Rocky in their prime years  “he hits so hard”.  (Ali)

But here’s the other version of the Computer simulation of Ali vs Rocky Marciano and in this version Ali wins.

in the first version, Marciano is “The Terminator” because no matter how many punches he throws Ali simply cannot put Marciano down.  Marciano is in superb physical condition.  As was true in nearly all his fights he’s untiring.  His punching power is horrific but Ali due to his speed and tremendous boxing ability is able to escape Marciano’s onslaught until the very end.  We must keep in mind, however, that whatever data was fed into the computers is based on what was known about Ali before he was stripped of his title.  It was only after he made his comeback and started fighting in his post prime years that other huge strengths of Ali’s became known.  First, in his fight against Ken Norton when he fought with a broken jaw, Ali’s courage was obviously just as great as Marciano’s.  Later in his three fights against Joe Frazier, there could no longer be any doubt as to both his courage and his durability.  Before 1969 when the “super fight” was stimulated by computers Muhammad’s ability to take a punch was in question.  But after he knocked out George Foreman when he reclaimed the heavyweight title, the question of whether or not Ali had a glass jaw or not was answered forever.   I don’t think there’s ever been a heavyweight champion who was as durable as Ali and this includes Rocky Marciano.  The Super fight video in which Marciano knocks Ali also shows Ali as being deficient in the punching power department.  In 1969 Ali was not highly regarded for his punching power being credited as being able to stop his opponents with a flurry of punches instead of one or two single blows.

Unquestionably George Foreman was a very durable strong heavyweight, but when it came time to put him away, Ali put Foreman down with the greatest of ease.  There’s also the controversy over the infamous phantom punch where Ali knocks out Sonny Liston in the 1st round.  Opinion as to the authenticity of the phantom punch is very divided.  In one camp, Ali and Liston’s detractors contend that Liston intentionally threw the fight and that there’s virtually no evidence that shows Ali punching hard enough to put Liston down.  However, when you go to You tube and study the Foreman Ali fight, seconds after Ali puts Foreman down the announcer is yelling, “This is no phantom punch.  This is no phantom punch.”  There’s no doubt in the announcer’s mind that Ali has convincingly and quite easily stopped Foreman.  But I think there’s a little more to it than that.   The announcer is very excited when he screams into his microphone, “This is no phantom punch.  This is no phantom punch.”  At this very moment in time I believe the announcer believes that there never was a phantom punch in the first place.  The announcer is saying in effect that Ali’s ability as a fighter is simply off the charts and that Ali did in fact knock Liston out with a single blow.

Then again, all of this is only my own opinion.  But I will say this.  When you are actually observing a fight instead of watching it on television you see a lot of things that are never picked up on television.  The action is much faster than it appears to be on television for one thing.  Also…the intensity of the blows actually landing is of much greater force than what they appear to be when televised.

Rocky Marciano might not have been the undisputed King of the heavyweights.  Certainly both Joe Louis and Jack Dempsey are equally deserving of such distinction.  It’s likely that George Foreman could hit even harder than Marciano.  Or Sonny Liston, who just might have been credited a better champion than he was fated to become thanks to the mysterious Phantom Punch.   Or that Liston had the bad luck to be pitted against a Muhammad Ali, who had in equal measure the same virtues of stamina, heart, an iron jaw, and the relentless drive to win as Rocky in addition to the fastest hands the heavyweight division ever saw.   But Rocky Marciano had one claim no other heavyweight could make which could have been put in his epitaph as  Rocky Marciano undefeated knockout king

The Greatest Boxer–of all time–Ali

Five Reasons why Muhammad Ali was the greatest boxer who ever held a championship title.

by Jack Corbett

Muhammad Ali the greatest boxer of all time
In the return match after Muhammad Ali defeated Sonny Liston for the world heavyweight championship Ali knocked out Liston in the 1st round. Here you see Ali taunting Liston by screaming, “Get up you bum.” In this controversial fight the knockout blow was notoriously called “The Phantom Punch.” Did Ali really knock Liston out or did Liston intentionally throw the fight by taking a dive? The cameras show that the punch was not hard enough to knock a man out, let alone a man as tough as Sonny Liston. But I beg to differ. Although Muhammad Ali was not renowned for his  knockout punch, I think you will all agree when you see all the videos here that Ali oftentimes knocked out an opponent in a seemingly effortless manner.

Who was the greatest heavyweight champion of them all?   The verdict of the most respected boxing experts are pretty much evenly divided between Muhammad Ali and Joe Louis. But let’s forget for a moment that the BBC ranked Ali as the greatest sports personality of the century or that Sports Illustrated called him the sportsman of the century.  Forget the fact that during his championship years Ali’s face was the most recognizable face in the world.  Forget that he was more famous than the U.S. president or any dictator or king on the planet.  I’m focusing on one thing only, and that’s who was the greatest boxer of all time.  Was Ali greater than Joe Louis, or Jack Dempsey.  Or how about Rocky Marciano who retired undefeated as heavyweight champion after winning 49 out of 49 of his fights–43 of them by knockout?   Louis, Dempsey, Marciano, and Ali were all heavyweight champions.  How about Sugar Ray Robinson who is generally acclaimed as the greatest boxer ever considering all the weight divisions altogether?  Well, I disagree, and I’m going to give you five reasons why Muhammad Ali was the greatest boxer of them all.

First is superior speed.  Muhammad Ali’s hand speed has been timed as being even faster than Sugar Ray Robinson’s and here we are talking about a 215 pound heavyweight against a 165 pound Middleweight.  As the old saying goes, speed kills, and since Ali was even faster than Robinson this means his killing speed is even better.

Second is the  Ability to take a punch.    Ken Norton broke Ali’s jaw, yet Ali continued to fight until the bitter end.  Or ask George Foreman about Ali’s ability to take a punch.  Prior to being knocked out by Ali, Foreman had won 40 out of 40 fights,  37 of them by knockout.

Third is personal courage.   Certainly Ali’s ability to stand up to the heaviest punches of a George Foreman or Joe Frazier is a huge part of such measurement.  But Ali’s personal courage went far deeper than the ability to withstand the heaviest punishment an opponent could deliver.  In his prime years Ali took his stand against the Vietnam War by refusing to be inducted by the U.S. military.  As a consequence he was stripped of his heavyweight title while being deprived of his passport which meant that for three years he couldn’t fight anywhere in the world.  Had he allowed himself to be be inducted by the military, Ali would have had a soft and lucrative time of it fighting in exhibitions for the entertainment of U.S. servicemen, getting to tour the world, and making money endorsing various products from Wheaties cereal to fashionable cars.  He almost had to go to prison for standing up for his rights and his religious beliefs.

Fourth is all around boxing skills.  This includes footwork, the ability to duck and slip punches and the ability to take an opponent out.  While I was an adolescent studying Ali’s fights I was firmly convinced that Ali could knock any opponent out, and that when he didn’t, it was simply because he was playing games.  Examples of this include both Floyd Patterson and Ernie Terrell.   Ali could have knocked out  either man.  Instead he chose to humiliate both by dragging each fight out to the end as he toyed with each of them like a cat would with a mouse.

Fifth is, it’s difficult to lose at anything when you are firmly convinced that you have God on your side.  Muhammad Ali was a devoted Muslim following the teachings of Elijah Muhammad.  Much of the reason behind his taking his stand against the Vietnam War was because of his religion which prohibited the killing of other human beings.  Undoubtedly whenever Muhammad Ali stepped into the ring he absolutely believed that Allah would not allow him to lose.   Let me go one step further to say that Ali was in every sense of the word, Allah’s or God’s messenger.  His sacrifice of his heavyweight title and what would have been his most successful years as a boxer is in my opinion the same type of sacrifice that was made by Jesus Christ or Buddha who sacrificed all of his material wealth in order to teach the principles of Buddhism that he was bringing into the world.  I don’t think there is any doubt in anyone’s mind that Ali would have sacrificed his own life for his principles.

I would classify Muhammad Ali’s career in four stages.  The first is one of establishing himself as being worthy of taking a run at the heavyweight title.  This stage of his career starts with his winning the gold medal for the U.S. in the 1960 world Olympics.  When he turned professional soon afterwards he fought a number of fights that brought him so much attention that Sonny Liston, who was then the Heavyweight champion could not ignore him.  The second stage of his career are his prime years as Heavyweight Champion before he was robbed of his title.  This starts with his first Liston fight and ends with his last fight against Zora Folley.  The World Boxing Association stripped him of his title soon after the Folley fight.  Over the next three years, as usually happens to a fighter after a long layoff, Ali’s boxing skills became seriously eroded.  He’d never be able to reclaim what he had lost in his prime years.  The third stage of his career were his resurgence as Champion.  Keep in mind that even though the WBA had stripped him of his title, Ali never ceased to become world champion in the hearts and minds of his millions of fans across the world.  A new champion would arise in the form of Joe Frazier after a series of elimination bouts were established.  And although Joe Frazier was certainly worthy of the world heavyweight title, the real champion had always been Muhammad Ali.  In order to be recognized as the real champion by anyone or anything other than the WBA Frazier would have to defeat Ali in the ring.  Which he did.  Or did he really?  I suppose that Frazier actually did defeat Ali in the first Ali Frazier match up, but he did it by the narrowest of margins.  Ali Frazier 1 has been recognized as one of the toughest and best in heavyweight championship History.  And for many, Muhammad Ali was still the reigning heavyweight champion regardless of what the referees had to say about it.  Later Ali would go on to defeat Frazier in their next  fight.  He then knocked out the “invincible” George Foreman and then he finally settled his score with Frazier by scoring a TKO in the last round after another grueling battle.

Ali’s supreme boxing skills had no doubt never been what they had once been during his prime years, but during this third stage of his career, Ali showed that as a ring commander he was second to none, and that he could take a punch as well as any man who had ever stepped into a boxing ring.  So in spite of his no longer being as fast or tireless as he had been in his prime he was now at the top of his game.  He had knocked out both Foreman and Frazier.  Both men were far more formidable than any of Joe Louis’s or Dempsey’s opponents, with the exception of Rocky Marciano who knocked an over the hill Joe Louis out.  Or possibly Gene Tunney who twice defeated a past his prime Jack Dempsey.  I mentioned possibly because I’m not sure how well Gene Tunney would have fared against a younger Dempsey or a Joe Frazier or Foreman, who were both extremely powerful punchers.

This is when Muhammad Ali should have quit.  He should have ended his career while he was on top.   By now he was simply getting too old.  He had absorbed far too much punishment in the ring and it is quite likely that Parkinson’s disease had already set in.  I will call stage 4 of Muhammad Ali’s career as “Eclipse”.    I will not contribute any videos that fall into this category for many reasons.    After all the subject of this piece is,  “Five Reasons why Muhammad Ali was the greatest boxer who ever held a championship title” rather than a complete history of Muhammad Ali.

I’m  putting up a lot of you tube videos here both for my own personal enjoyment and for those who want to revisit the remarkable boxing careers of the greatest heavyweights of all time.

Stage 1 of Muhammad Ali’s Career.  Proving he’s worthy of fighting the world champion

Winning the Olympic Light Heavyweight Gold Medal  8/18/1960

Muhammad Ali vs. Sonny Banks 2-10-1962

Muhammad Ali vs. Billy Daniels 5-19-1962

Muhammad Ali vs. Archie Moore 11-15-1962

Muhammad Ali vs. Doug Jones 3-13-1963

Muhammad Ali vs Henry Cooper  6-18-1963


Stage II in Ali’s Career.  In his prime as world heavyweight champion

Sonny Liston 1 vs Muhammad Ali for the heavyweight title    2-25-1964

Muhammad Ali’s first title defense vs Sonny Liston   5-25-1964

Muhammad Ali vs Floyd Patterson 1     11-22-1965

Muhammad Ali vs. George Chuvallo    3-29-1966

Muhammad Ali vs. Henry Cooper 5-21-1966

Muhammad Ali vs. Brian London  8-6-1966

Muhammad Ali vs. Karl Mildenburger  9-10-1966

Muhammad Ali vs. Cleveland Williams  11-14-1966

Muhammad Ali vs. Ernie Terrell  2-6-1967

Muhammad Ali vs. Zora Folley  3-22-1967


Stage III of Ali’s Career Resurgence as World Champion (but past his prime years)

Muhammad Ali vs. Frazier 1       3-8-1971

Muhammad Ali vs. Jimmy Ellis 7-26-1971

Muhammad Ali vs. Floyd Patterson 9/20/1972

Muhammad Ali vs. Bob Foster 11-21-1972

Muhammad Ali vs. Jerry Quarry   6-27-1972

Muhammad Ali vs. Ken Norton 1   3/31/1973

Muhammad Ali vs. Frazier 2    1-28-1974

Muhammad Ali vs. Foreman    10-30-1974

Muhammad Ali vs. Frazier 3        10-1-1975

From November 22, 1965 when he defended his title against Floyd Patterson and November 11, 1966 when he TKO’d  Cleveland Williams, Muhammad Ali defended his title 8 time.  Think about that.  Here’s a man who risks losing the heavyweight championship 8 times in a single year when most heavyweight champions fight only twice a year.   In his prime Muhammad Ali would fight and beat all comers.  Ali  knew he was the greatest boxer of all time.  He always said he was.  And I believe that with the passage of time, he will be regarded as so much more than the greatest boxer ever.


Was the ferocious Jack Dempsey the hardest puncher of all time?

Many boxing enthusiasts consider the ferocious Jack Dempsey  to be the most brutal heavyweight fighter of all time.

The ferocious Jack Dempsey training
Jack Dempsey in training. My step grandfather, who had been a boxer himself oftentimes spoke of Dempsey’s ability to knock a man out with a punch that traveled 6 inches or even less.

But does this claim for unparalleled ferociousness really stand up against other fearsome Heavyweight champions who were perhaps equally noteworthy at knocking their opponents out?  At his best fighting weight of 190 pounds, Dempsey could easily knock out any opponent with a single short punch delivered from only 6 inches away.  But so could Joe Louis.  Ring Magazine gave its number one rating to Louis as number one out of its list of the 100 greatest punchers of all time.  And Louis held the heavyweight championship for a record 12 years during which he knocked out 57 out of his 70 opponents.  Dempsey’s record stood at 57 knockouts out of 83 fights.  Which gives Louis  a knockout record of 81 % versus Dempsey’s 61 %.  But—when  you take Dempsey’s last 36 fights from 1918 through 1927 he knocked out 29 of his opponents.  Which comes out to an 80 % knockout rate, a figure that’s nearly identical to Joe Louis’s.

With the possible exception of Muhammad Ali Joe Louis is rated by most boxing experts as the greatest heavyweight of all time.  If it were up to me, I’d replace the word possible with probable, but I’m not about to explain that right now.  So you will just have to wait for me to defend my position in my next article, which will focus on Ali.  But I will say right now that it’s almost impossible to fault Louis’s style in any respect.   And as far as Louis’s ability to quickly put away a weakened opponent, to watch him is like watching poetry in motion.

But there’s nothing poetic about Rocky Marciano who knocked out 43 out of his 49 opponents for a knockout percentage of 86 percent.  And unlike Louis or the ferocious Jack Dempsey Marciano never lost.  Being able to retire as the undefeated Heavyweight Champion of the world put Marciano in an elite category of one.

Or how about George Foreman?  In his prime before Ali defeated him, Foreman was 40 and 0 with 37 knockouts for a 92.5 percent knockout rate.  And whereas Louis was at his best fighting weight at 205 pounds while Dempsey was just 188 pounds when he knocked out Jess Willard for the heavyweight title,  Foreman was a six foot four giant weighing 220 pounds.

There were others who could justifiably be considered the most fearsome heavyweight puncher of all.  For example, Mike Tyson won 26 out of his first 28 professional fights by knockout, 12 of them in the first round.

The ferocious Dempsey was oftentimes called a tiger in human form, but how would one compare Dempsey to Tyson who bit both of Evander Holyfield’s ears during a fight leaving part of one ear on the canvas?

I’m going to let all of you readers be the judge.  Before I’m through I am going to have some of the best fights of Marciano, Louis, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, and Sonny Liston all together in this forum.  But now it’s time to get to the ferocious Dempsey who is after all the subject of this piece.

Let’s check this fight out first, when the ferocious Jack Dempsey defeated Jess Willard for the heavyweight championship of the world. The 6 foot six and a half inch  Jess Willard will fight Dempsey at 235 pounds.  Dempsey’s a mere wisp of a man in comparison weighing a mere 187 pounds and being nearly six inches shorter at 6 foot 1.

This bout is generally considered to be the most brutal heavyweight championship bout in History.  If Dempsey appears as if he’s made of iron, he nearly was.  Earning his fearsome reputation as a devastating puncher in the mining camps of the American West, Dempsey used to ride the rails for transportation to his earliest fights.  He was a pimp, bouncer and exhibition fighter who would take on all comers.

On December 7, 1920 Dempsey fought Bill Brennan for his second title defense.   The fight lasted 12 rounds, ending with Dempsey scoring a left hook to Brennan’s jaw which he instantly followed with two devastating punches to the body.


Once he became champion, Dempsey’s ex wife came out of the shadows to tell the world about how Dempsey had dodged the draft during World War 1.   Although he was World Champion, this made Dempsey a traitor to many who felt a man should never shirk his duty to God and Country.  This setup the fight between Dempsey and Georges Carpentier, a Frenchman who was regarded by his fellow Frenchmen as a war hero.   In this fight Dempsey played the role of anti hero and draft dodger while the handsome Frenchman became the white knight of France.  The two fighters would become lifelong friends but up to and during the fight both men were able to play their parts very well.   Carpentier was a fearless fighter with excellent boxing skills.    The Frenchman succumbed to  the ferocious Jack Dempsey’s  firepower  in the fourth round.


Dempsey’s next fight was with Luis Firpo, who was applauded by his fellow Argentinians as the Bull of the Pampas.  This became one of the most exciting fights in History.  Dempsey knocked Firpo out 7 times in the first round.  Yet  Firpo managed to knock Dempsey out of the ring.  To this day there is still controversy over whether or not Dempsey could have managed the ten count had he not been aided by several sports writers pushing him back into  the ring from their front row seats.  The ferocious Jack Dempsey does manage to get back into the ring, however, where he finishes Firpo off in the 2nd round.


Just keep in mind that in his earlier professional fights Dempsey weighed just 85 kilos (187 pounds).  But here he’s utterly demolishing huge men such as Firpo and Willard with body punches.  Willard suffers several broken ribs from Dempsey’s tremendous blows to the body.  It is said that Dempsey had developed a special technique that put his entire body behind his blows.

In July 1923 Tommy Gibbons fought an entire 15 rounds against the ferocious Jack Dempsey.  This is an interesting fight because Gibbons was then considered the number one boxer in the heavyweight division.  Note, that I wrote boxer, not fighter.  Gibbons weighed only 175 pounds so he was giving away 15 pounds to Dempsey.  Dempsey was given the decision however, so this was not a case of the fearsome puncher beating up the weaker but much faster and skillful boxer.  In his prime Dempsey had fast hands along with some excellent boxing moves.  So when you watch this video you might ponder how a Jack Dempsey in his prime might have fared against Gene Tunney, a man who was far more renowned for his technical boxing ability than his raw punching power.


Three years pass, and Dempsey’s not fought one championship bout.  He’s been spending  a lot of time traveling.  He dabbles in the movies, as an actor, although not a very good one.

Tunney and the ferocious Jack Dempsey
Tunney’s got the size, strength and the courage to mix it up with Dempsey

Meanwhile a new star has arisen from the Heavyweight ranks, in Gene Tunney.  Like Tommy Gibbons, Tunney’s an excellent boxer although he’s not renowned for his knockout punch.  But unlike Gibbons, who fought Dempsey at 175 pounds, Tunney is the same size as Dempsey at 190 or so.  It’s 1926.  Tunney beats Dempsey on points.


There’s a rematch in 1927.  Dempsey’s outclassed almost as totally as he had been in 1926.  But in the later rounds, Dempsey scores heavily with a barrage of punches that send Gene to the canvas.  However, the rules of the ring had recently been changed.  Under the new rules once a fighter knocks his opponent down he must immediately go to a neutral corner.  Dempsey’s not used to the new rules so he winds up hovering over his opponent.  In all likelihood he’s probably planning on demolishing Gene as soon as he starts to get up off the canvas.   The referee doesn’t start the count until after Dempsey finally goes to a neutral corner.  4 seconds have elapsed with Gene sitting on the canvas before the referee finally begins the count.  At the count of nine, Gene finally regains his feet.  A total of 13 seconds have passed with Gene either unwilling or unable to rise off the canvas.  Gene gets up and immediately gets on his bicycle as he backpedals away from Dempsey’s punches.  After several minutes he’s back to his normal form.  Once again he shows that he’s the superior fighter and wins the fight by unanimous decision.

Could Tunney have risen off the canvas before the count of ten had Dempsey gone immediately to a neutral corner?  There’s been a lot of controversy on that one.  But no matter what anyone else says, you can see the long count for yourself and make up your own mind from the following video on You Tube.  This video is silent.  It also happens to be of superior quality than all the other videos I’ve seen of the Jack Dempsey-Gene Tunney rematch.


Gene Tunney didn’t remain champion for long.  Gene gave up his championship, after fighting one more fight in which he scored a technical knockout against Tom Heeney .

So how good was Jack Dempsey?  He most certainly faded fast once he started playing movie star and spent all that time over in Europe.  As you can see in the videos above the Jack Dempsey who knocked out Jess Willard and Luis Firpo was not the same fighter who later succumbed to Gene Tunney.  After he emerged from riding all those rails and fighting for small money in Colorado’s mining towns, Dempsey was a very hungry fighter.  He was lean and mean. In the ring he was pure animal with a single thought in his mind, which was to utterly destroy his opponent.  When the rules allowed it in his earlier professional bouts, he wouldn’t wait for a floored opponent to rise off his feet and regain his footing.  He’d hit the man as soon as he attempted to rise off the canvas.

And how about Tunney, the man who defeated the great Dempsey?  Ironically, although Dempsey was reviled as a draft dodger soon after he defeated Jess Willard, he became extremely popular later on.  His style was pure aggression and that appealed to the fans.  Dempsey also had a wonderful outgoing personality.  In time he became a real American icon, a hero who embodied the true spirit of the old American West.  Tunney never enjoyed such widespread acclaim.  For one thing, he was a book worm and an intellectual.  Americans in the 1920’s did not feel comfortable with intellectuals.  They still don’t.  The public also found Tunney’s boxing style to be boring.  He was generally regarded as a light puncher while his highly refined skills as a ring technician, did not bring on the excitement that a Dempsey or Luis Firpo brought to the ring.  Unfortunately there’s not a single video of the great Middleweight Harry Greb who had been Tunney’s nemesis while fighting in the Middleweight and Light Heavyweight divisions.  But those fights he had with Greb were gory blood baths during which both men proved they were as brave as they come.  Tunny’s professional record stands at 65 wins out of a total of 66 fights with 48 of those wins by knockout for a Ko percentage of 72 %.  Which is not bad for a man who had been considered a  light punching heavyweight.

You’ve got the fights now so you can be your own judge over just how good Jack Dempsey was and whether or not the ferocious Jack Dempsey was the most fearsome heavyweight of all time.  I think the fights against Willard and Firpo show that Dempsey was absolutely devastating in his prime, and certainly much faster than he was when he faced Gene Tunney.  But it’s difficult to measure the true greatness of Tunney.  He was an intellectual after all, and let’s face it, his style no matter how effective it might have been was boring.

I regard the ferocious Jack Dempsey in his earlier years as a professional as a man who was cut in the mold of Joe Louis.  Or is it, Joe Louis was cut of the same cloth as Dempsey?  Both men could easily take out virtually any opponent with a punch that traveled no more than six inches.  And either man was almost without peer when it came to putting away an opponent who was already in trouble.  They were roughly comparable in speed.  But as great as he was, Joe Louis had been punched out by Max Schmeling.   So Louis was potentially very vulnerable to the ferocious Jack Dempsey.  Who’d win is anyone’s guess.  But I don’t care, I still think the greatest of them all was Muhammad Ali who in his prime was simply too fast for even a Joe Louis to beat.  But my take on Ali will have to wait for my next prize fighting story.  But first I will leave you with one more Jack Dempsey video you might find interesting.


Best Pattaya Camera shop

The Best Pattaya Camera Shop is one I can recommend to both professional photographers and amateurs.  Recently I bought a tripod, a Nikon D750 SLR,  then a 50 mm Sigma F1.4 lens.  I will explain my experiences with the Best Camera Shop below in detail.  What is important is 1.  This shop is run by the owner, and it’s a one man operation.  This means you are always dealing with the top man.  2.  The Best Pattaya Camera Shop owner is from Bangkok where he was a professional photographer for 15 years.  What does this mean to you?  It means you are always dealing with a man who has a thorough knowledge of everything he sells–from the cameras themselves, to lenses, flashes, camera bags, tripods, and just about every important camera accessory you can think of.  3.  The owner of this shop is, in my opinion a man of integrity.  This is a rare commodity in Pattaya these days.  4.  He has excellent English skills.

Best Pattaya Camera Shop and Powerbuy
Pattaya Best Camera Shop is located on the 2nd or 3rd floor of Tukcom. Which floor I’m not sure. It’s to the right in this picture with Powerbuy straight down from it.

My association with the Best Pattaya Camera Shop didn’t really start with the tripod.  A tripod’s only a tripod after all but I will have to say that I went to several camera shops in the building before I decided on the tripod from the Best Pattaya Camera Shop.  So obviously I must have felt I was getting the best features and quality at a reasonable price.   But it was when I handed my credit card over to the photography shop owner that convinced me that I had found a top notch professional photography shop that was well above the norm for this part of the world.  I had looked at Nikon D610 SLR’s in Hong Kong several years ago and had decided that this was a worthy successor to my Nikon D300.

Actually I still felt well-equipped with the Nikon D300 and its 18 by 200 mm lens.  Since the D300 has a DX sensor, this DX lens is effectively  a 28 by 300 which makes it an exceptionally versatile combination from wide angle to heavy duty telephoto.  But I still had two extremely high priced lenses in my arsenal and those lenses were simply not getting the use they deserved.  I had shot over 100,000 pictures in the U.S. with my 28 by 70 mm 2.8 Nikon and had liked it so much that I had bought its sister lens, a 17 by 35 mm 2.8, which was reputedly the finest wide angle lens that Nikon had ever produced.    However, on the Nikon DX 300 body the two lenses performed at 41 by 105 mm and 27 by 52 mm respectively.  Other than what amounted to some what superior optics the wide angle Nikon provided no advantage to the 18 by 200 lens I was already using on my Nikon D300.  And as to the Nikon 28 by 70 mm 2.8 zoom lens the same 1.5 multiplier effect allowed this lens to operate at only 42 mm on the wide end of the scale.  So I was not getting optimum wide angle results with either lens due to the limitations imposed on them by the DX sensor of the Nikon D300 camera body.

Best Pattaya Camera shop
Best Pattaya Camera might be small but as I can see it’s loaded with a lot of professional level photography equipment. For example these umbrellas are used by photography professionals to shoot portraits.

Together those two lenses would cost close to $4000 if I had to replace them and here they were hardly getting any use.  But no one in the Hong Kong camera shops was able to convince me to switch over to a Nikon D610 camera body with the full frame sensor that would bring out the best of my extremely expensive Nikon lenses.  But when I brought my Nikon D300 into the Best Pattaya camera shop, the shop owner had me filling out the credit card form in no time at all.  Essential to his success was that he allowed me to try my Nikon 2.8 wide angle lens on a Nikon D750 full frame body.  For the first time I was truly able to see my expensive 17 by 35 mm Nikon wide angle lens perform in the way it was designed to perform.  The field of view I was getting was phenomenal.

Once I got my new Nikon 750 home and started trying it out, I noticed that the automatic focusing of my 28 by 70 mm Nikon 2.8 had become next to useless.  My Nikon 300 would still perform wonderfully at anywhere from 28 to 300 mm but due to my now emasculated 28 by 70 mm top of the line Nikon lens I’d be  stuck with only a 17 by 35 mm lens for my new Nikon D 750 full frame camera.  Should I buy another $2000 lens?  I had already had Nikon repair the 28 by 70 lens once and that repair cost me almost $1000.

So back I went to the Pattaya Best Camera Shop.  I wound up spending about $350 for a new Sigma 1.4 50 mm lens.  I probably would never have bought a Sigma lens in the first place had it not been for the owner of the Pattaya Best Camera shop.  I would have bought something else with the Nikon name on it, but the shop owner convinced me that the Sigma lens might even be better than its Nikon counterpart.  When I took this lens home with me and started to take low light pictures down on the beach, I realized that this shop owner certainly knew his cameras and lenses.  The Sigma had excellent low light capabilities, was very sharp, and it did a fantastic job of blurring the background when I was shooting wide open.Best Pattaya Camera camera accessories

But what should I do with the Nikon 28 by 70 lens?  For a few nights I pondered my choices.  I could send it back to Nikon for repair as I had once before.  But the thought of once again paying close to $1000 for the same lens was not very appealing.  I could forget all about zoom and buy a 1.4 Nikon 85 mm  prime lens which was getting outstanding reviews.  I could also opt for the new lens that had replaced it in the Nikon stable which was a Nikon 24 by 70 1.4.  I pretty much decided to wait until I traveled back to the U.S.  By this time I’d have over $500 worth in points on my credit card which I could apply on a new lens that I’d buy from Amazon.

But first, I went back to the Best Pattaya Camera shop.  The shop owner took the 28 by 70 mm lens off my Nikon 750.  After studying it closely he said to me, “All you need to do is to have this lens cleaned.”

“Cleaned?  Why I had hardly used it since sending it to Bangkok Nikon for that very expensive repair.

“Are you sure that’s all there is to this problem?” I asked the shop owner.

“I am almost completely sure,” he promised me.

“How much will that cost me?”

“A little less than 2000 baht.”

Whereas before I had packaged this same lens by myself and taken it down to the Post office, the shop owner did all the work for me.  Two weeks later I came back to the shop to see if the less than 2000 baht repair had been successful.

The lens now focused perfectly.

After I explained to the shop owner that I wouldn’t be doing a lot of telephoto work with my cameras, he told me, “Those two Nikon 2.8 lenses should last you for the rest of your life. They are the finest lenses made.  You don’t really need any new lenses.”

I’m keeping my Nikon D300 DX.  It feels identical in hand to my new Nikon D750.  I have the original 18 by 200 kit lens attached to it.  ANd I have a great trio of lenses for my D750 with the two very expensive Nikon zoom lenses and that very appealing 1.4 Sigma Prime lens.  Then I have the Panasonic LX7 for a lightweight carry camera.  So I feel very well equipped now.  So what else do I need from the Best Pattaya Camera  camera shop?  This camera shop owner is absolutely first rate.  He’s fair, he really knows his stuff, and he’s a one man operation so one will always be getting the top man to take care of one’s photography needs.

I am not alone in my assessment of the excellence of the Best Pattaya Camera Shop and how good this shop owner takes care of his customers.  Consider the following comments from Thai Visa.






Bangkok Soi Cowboy go go action

How does the Go Go Bar Bangkok Soi Cowboy action compare to Pattaya Walking Street for girl quality, price, and overall ambiance.  I’d like to say, I had to find out.  I’d love to tell all you guys that Uncle Bufford is alive and doing well as he tries his damnest to bring you all that Soi Cowboy go go action up close and personal so you can experience all those luscious Thai babes vicariously.  But I can’t.  Going to Soi Cowboy was purely an afterthought.  My primary mission to Bangkok was to go to Little Japan to meet a very good Japanese friend of mine.  So Soi Cowboy go go action was purely coincidental to my main mission which was to be a true friend to a man I’d known for over forty years.

Soi Cowboy go go action
Soi Cowboy at Night

If it had been up to me, I probably would never have gone to Bangkok in the first place.  Until I got that email telling me, “I need to come to Bangkok on business. Can you meet me? I’ll even pay for your hotel room.”.  I jumped at the chance to meet up with my old pal from Nippon.  But there was no way I’d allow him to pay for my hotel room.  But I did allow him to book my hotel room.

As my taxi driver started to get close to the hotel I started to notice that there were a lot of Japanese restaurants in the area.  When I went up to the room, I noticed that nearly all the hotel guests were Japanese.  I’d later be informed by one of the hotel’s employees that over 80 percent of its customers were Japanese.  I was starting to love the place already.  As for my friend, he was far from the hotel over three hours away on his business appointment and I’d not see him until the next day.  So here I had a lot of time on my hands. My first priority was food.  My second priority was to find all that Soi Cowboy Action that I had been told was likely to be walking distance from my hotel.  But I’m Uncle Bufford, and action’s a lot more important to me than food, so long as I have just enough food to get by.

So how do I get to Soi Cowboy?  Do I take a taxi or should I try the Sky Train.  But taxis except for when they are absolutely necessary are for wimps.  Although the Skytrain was nearby I wasn’t really used to using it.  And if I took it, I wouldn’t get to see much on the way to Soi Cowboy.  It would take me nearly half an hour to walk to Soi Cowboy.  I’d wind up walking back to my hotel hoping to get together with my friend.  And when that didn’t work out I walked back to Soi Cowboy looking for wimmen and beer, and then back again to my hotel at 3 a.m.  I must have walked two hours, which is something most of you readers wouldn’t even attempt.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  So I’m going to take my Bangkok adventure one step at a time.

Four Wing Hotel is  located down Soi 26 from Sukamvit.  I will call this area from Sukamvit to the hotel along Soi 26 as Little Japan.   About three blocks from the hotel are a couple of streets where I found a number of Japanese restaurants. I’ll go there one day because I like Japanese food, but tonight I had business to take care of.  I passed the Japanese restaurants up looking for a Family Mart or Seven Eleven.  It’s like being in the military.   I’d eat on the run, and I wouldn’t eat a lot because too much food would slow me up. About one one block before I came to Sukamit I noticed a street that ran at an angle to my left.  Seeing a few massage parlors on this little street I decided to check the situation out.  I soon came to Sukamvit so I took a left and started walking in the direction the hotel bellhop told me to go. But the go go bars were a lot further than I had thought.   I had to stop once or twice to get directions.   My last stop was at a massage parlor that was attended by a single woman who was in her late thirties or early forties.   I was tempted to give her a whirl but passed after getting directions from the woman.   On the way I stopped at a Seven Eleven where I bought a tuna fish salad sandwich and a Snickers chocolate bar.  That was my dinner and I ate both on the last leg of my walk.   After crossing to the other side of Sukamvit I found the street the massage lady told me to look for and found Soi Cowboy a couple of blocks down Sukamvit.   But it was about six p.m. so the go go bars hadn’t gotten a good start yet.  But a few beer bars intermixed among the go go’s were ready for action and several of the bar girls tried to get me to join them for a drink.  But I know myself too well. Realizing that once I started on the bar scene here,  I wouldn’t feel like leaving it for at least six hours and that would mean there would be no hope of connecting with my Japanese friend once he got back to the hotel from his business appointment . I was figuing he’d be getting back to the hotel around eight or so. I headed back towards the hotel.

Taking a taxi would have done me no good.   At five p.m. the traffic was godawful on Sukamvit and here it was past six and it was still terrible.   I noticed that there had been a lot of Japanese men on Soi Cowboy.   With the exception of Thais it seemed to me that nearly everyone on that stretch of Sukamvit was Japanese which suited me just fine. I almost felt like I was back in Tokyo.  So if you are Japanese and you are reading this episode, by now you know that I’m a lot more pro-Japan than against, and that I really have a keen appreciation of Japanese people in general.  I just don’t like the fact that Japanese men are paying far too much money for Thai go go girls, and that this is making go go bars very unappealing for any man who does not want to be taken advantage of.

Eventually I arrived back on that little diagonal street where I had seen all those massage parlors.  I spotted two places that were across the Soi from each other and decided to give one of them a try.  Several girls asked me if I want a massage so I walked over to them and asked them what they were charging for a Thai massage.

One of them, replied, “400 baht.”

“You must be kidding me,”  I responded.  I live in Pattaya and in Pattaya it’s just 200 baht for a Thai massage.”

The girl answered, “But here, not same.”

I went over to the massage parlor across the soi where I was immediately ushered inside by several of the girls.  I was immediately invited to sit down and asked what I went to drink.  I ordered a beer, and then the manager came over to me.  She handed me a price list of what kind of massages were being offered and at what prices, and then she directed every girl the place to come over to where I was sitting. There were six or eight girls.  Two or three of them were pretty good looking.  And by what I mean “good looking”  is far more attractive than what you are going to find at most massage parlours in Pattaya which are now filled for the most part by old hags.  This whole scene reminded me of those ranches or bordellos out in the Nevada desert where all the prostitutes parade in front of the prospective Johns, thus giving them a choice from all the girls who are available.

A Japanese man was brought over to the seat next to me and given a menu to choose from.  I noticed that  two time periods  were specified on the menu–45 minutes and 1 hour. I told the mamasan I was really Thai and that I wanted the Thai price.  She told me, I’d get everything during my massage which meant full service.  Then she pointed at the column for the 1 hour massages.  I think the price was 1800 baht, but the column listing the 45 minute massages showed a price of 1600 baht.  The mamasan indicated that I’d be getting a full hour with the girl of my choice for the 45 minute price.   Then she put her finger to her lips to indicate that I should keep my mouth shut and not tell the Japanese next to me that I was getting a lower price than he’d be getting.

It was difficult choosing between two girls in particular. So I chose one, paid the mamasan 1600 baht and followed the girl to a short time room. In the shower as we started to wash each other’s bodies I noticed that the girl had very large breasts. So I asked her: “Silicon?”


“Falang buy for you?”

“I buy by myself.”

They were the largest breasts I had encountered in quite a spell. Normally I prefer girls with small tits or even no tits. After all, for me, it’s what’s in the box that counts. But here I was face to face with the largest tits I ever remember feeling on a Thai woman before.

The massage was good. Massages are always good. And then it was time for us to do our business. Had I wanted to, I really think that the girl would have kept me in that room for much longer than one hour. But I was wanting to get back to my hotel to see if my friend had returned. But one I got back to my room I found out that I had just missed him. A message was waiting for me that read, “I go out with someone from India.” Now that I couldn’t fathom. Perhaps my friend had a mia noi who happened to be from India. For perhaps this was another business contact with him. Or just someone he had met at the hotel and the two of them had decided to go to a restaurant. But no matter. I was going to go back to Soi Cowboy.

Soi Cowboy go go action
Bangkok Go Go girls

By the time I had walked back, the Soi Cowboy go go action had picked up considerably. My first stop was the Lighthouse, mainly because Pattaya Walking Street also had a lighthouse and that’s were we often will have a couple two for one happy hour drinks. Here at the Soi Cowboy Lighthouse, my beer runs me 160 baht. I am immediately accosted by a decent looking girl so I buy her a Tequila. But no sooner than she gulps it down, does she tell me, “I have to go up to the stage and dance.”

“Well…so much for that. Obviously this place is everybit as bad as the Lighthouse on Walking Street where the sole object of the game is to fleece all the male patrons of as much money as possible while giving back the absolute minimum in return. I can’t wait to get out of this clip joint, gulp my beer down and pay my bin without even giving the girl a glance.

My next stop’s at the Dundee Bar. This is a pretty boring place or at least it is tonight. I sit down, order a beer, and a girl comes up to ask me to buy her a drink. I send her away cause she’s just not meeting my standards. But later I am joined by another girl so I ask her what it’s going to cost me for short time sex. I thnk she tried to tell me the bar fine was 3000 baht. But I’m not really sure. So I tell her about Soi Six in Pattaya and how I get the room, the girl and barfine all in one for 1300 baht. But she’s not having any of that so she winds up leaving me alone with my beer which suits me just fine.

I don’t get very far once I leave that go go for the next. A pretty girl is standing outside the Toy Bar, which at first appears to be a beer bar. She invites me in for a beer, telling me it’s just 110 baht for a bottle. Such a low price persuades me to have at least one beer in the place. What she doesn’t tell me is that her lady’s drink is going to cost me 200 baht so when you add the two prices together it comes to 310 baht which is about the same as you will paying in most go go bars where it’s usually around 150 or 160 for the beer and another 150 or 160 for the lady’s drink. Anyways, this girl is really something. She’s got a body to die for. I think I’d come even before I achieved full entry. But nevermind, I’m Uncle Bufford and I’m on a mission and that’s to cover as many go go bas here as possible.

The girl and I sit down at a small table next to a small stage. A girl is dancing right next to us and she’s nearly as beautiful as the girl who’s aleady sitting next to me. My girl speaks excellent English so I ask her a lot of questions about short times, and long times and how much the barfines are and so on. She tells me, “I’m coyote.”

Then I tell her how the Coyote girl routine works out in Pattaya Walking Street where the girls must sell their quota of fifty lady’s drinks every ten days. She explains all the minimums she must pass, but it’s nothing at all like it is on Walking Street. There’s something I’m missing. But the bottom line is this…..she tells me it’s going to cost a man 5000 baht to fuck her. I think she told me her barfine is 3000 baht, but I’m not sure on that either. This would mean she would be getting 2000 baht for the short time. Eventually she politely excuses herself by telling me it’s her turn to dance, and then she starts taking her turn on the small stage. Eventually I check bin and tell her goodbye. Her facial expressions tells me she’s surprised that I”m leaving so early and that I’m not waiting for her to come down off the stage. But she’s been up there at least 20 minutes and I’m bored shitless. But damn, she’s quite the looker and she seems pretty bright, a good conversationalist, and I almost cave in to stay with her until I decide to head back to my hotel.

But I’ve got at least one more review to do. On the way into Soi Cowboy I noticed Cowboys II which seems to be a larger go go than most of the rest. I decide to give that one a go. In no time I have a very cute girl sitting next to me. I buy us both a drink, then I ask her what her barfine is. She tells me it’s 800 baht. Then she tells me that she doesn’t want to go with anyone that night. Perhaps she’s on her period? Anyway, who cares. I’ve already had enough sex with the massage girl. And I”m having an 8 a.m. breakfast with my Japanese friend in the morning. The last thing I need to contend with is a girl in my hotel room. With my luck she might be difficult to arouse early in the morning. And who knows, I might like her so much that she will wind up having sex with me until 5 a.m.

So I go home alone. Or back to my hotel. But before signing off on this review of all that Bangkok Soi Cowboy go go action, there are a few things I want to mention. First is, in general the music in the Soi Cowboy Bars is much better than one finds down on in the Pattaya Walking Street go gos., which plays a godawful amount of pure noise that I call Da Da. Second….the last time I went to Soi Cowboy drinks were substantially more expensive than they are in the Pattaya Walking Street go go’s. Now they are about the same. 160 baht a beer on Soi Cowboy pretty much nails it and sometimes they are a little less. On Walking Street they are now running between 140 and 170 baht. It also seems to me that there are a lot more brain dead go go dancers down on Pattaya Walking Street than there are on Soi Cowboy. I can’t remember even once that I was left alone at a single Soi Cowboy go go bar. There was always at least one girl asking me if she could sit with me. Forty or fifty percent of the time the Pattaya Walking Street girls will not only allow me but also my friends to leave the premises without even attempting to get attention from any one of us. So, either the go go bars on Soi Cowboy are much better managed than they are on Pattaya Walking Street or the girls are simply not as lazy, and no doubt on average simply more intelligent. And as for the music, the music is so terrible in more than 50 % of the Walking Street bars that I feel insulted and belittled as a man for lowering myself so much as to even be buying drinks in such places in the first place.  But can I honestly contend that Bangkok Soi Cowboy go go action is superior to what one finds on Pattaya Walking Street?  That’s a difficult choice to make based on the fact that only this once have I ever reviewed the Bangkok Soi Cowboy go go action, and it is unlikely that I will be getting up to Bankok that often.

Pattaya GO GO Bar Sex prices continue to rise

It’s Uncle Bufford again, still on the job monitoring the rise of  Pattaya Go Go Bar sex prices. This time I”m talking down Windmill Go Go, Supergirls, Sugar Babes, and the Doll House Go Go. But first I want to make some general observations which are long overdue but which I can now put in better perspective since I’ve just returned from visiting the Soi Cowboy go go bars in Bangkok.

Pattaya Go Go Bar sex is readily available
Pattaya Walking Street

First off, in general the music in Pattaya Walking Street Go Go bars is really piss poor. Second,   Pattaya Go Go Bar sex on Walking Street continues to get worse, due to the stupidity and greed of most of the go go bar owners. Third, the mamasans are becoming increasingly meddlesome by trying to control how much money customers must pay for short time or long time sex. Fourth, most of my German, English, and Scandinavian friends who’ve bought condos here won’t be caught dead in such places, and if I’m successful in convincing them to join me and Billy Bob, they  leave us after hitting only one of two go go clubs. But don’t get me wrong.  They are completely devoted to having sex with as many women as possible.   And although they absolutely will not indulge in high priced Pattaya Go Go Bar sex,   they will haunt the Walking Street discos looking for sex partners  in the early hours of the morning where there’s no  bar fines.    Those late hours are way too late for me, but it’s during those late hours that go go girls who have already done a short time or two hang out looking for one last customer so they can send even more money  home to Mama and Papa.  These European friends of mine targeting the discos have more than enough money to afford those exorbitant go go prices–it’s just  that they won’t put up with being treated like a clueless tourist dupe who doesn’t know any better. Fifth, in spite of all my negative comments about Walking Street go go bars and the go go girls, it is still possible to find a decent babe in the go go’s, but, we are talking about less than 10 percent odds here.

But. it’s time to move on.  Our little group heads to the Windmill Club on Soi Diamond just off Walking Street to start things off. I will be honest. I don’t like the Windmill at all, but several of my friends do.  As I’ve said before, the Windmill is a Dirty Old Man’s Paradise. It’s overcrowded, and in my opinion it attracts the worse low lifes in Pattaya. Nothing is sacred here. Any man, no matter how ugly he is or how despicably rotten and disgusting his behavior is  licensed to do just about anything he wants to the bodies of the girls in full view of everyone in the place. But unless I get seated on the stage, usually I am ignored by the prettier girls at the Windmill, and when I am targeted by one of the bar girls it’s usually by someone who’s so unattractive that I wouldn’t fuck her with your dog’s dick.  Bottled beer here is 160 baht, which is practically double what you are going to have to pay over on Soi Six or a beer bar.

Our next stop is the Dollhouse. But tonight only Billy Bob comes with me. One week later there’s four or five of us. Bottled beer costs 150 baht which is ten baht cheaper than Windmill’s prices, but the scenery is even worse. There’s only a few customers here, and one look at the girls tells me why. This is the house of Pudge, which means it’s not for me because I like slender women. On this first night, me and Billy Bob are having our beers alone. We only have one each and leave thankful to not having a single one of the pudges pounce on us. The next week we are not so lucky. A couple of inmates of this dog kennel come straight over to Billy Bob and me. I do want to mention that although this club has cheaper beers on draft, I no longer buy drafts in the Walking Street go go’s out of fear that someone’s going to be spitting in my beer before the waitress brings it over to me. The two fatties who’ve descended on Billy Bob and me, don’t last long, because I’m not about to hang out with a high dollar Walking Street go go dancer whose body is in far worse shape then mine and I know that Billy Bob feels the same way that I do.

Next stop is Super Girls. As I’ve mentioned in an earlier review, Super Girls go go  used to have some of the highest priced beers on Walking Street at 120 baht a bottle with no happy hours or drink specials. It kept its prices at 120 baht for years while the other go go bars kept increasing their prices to the 140-160 baht range. But times are tough now in Pattaya’s bars. Westerners simply are no longer coming here in the numbers they did in past years. So Super Girls seems to be resorting to the time honored Thai economic model that if the number of customers keeps decreasing, it’s time to keep raising the prices whereas businesses in Western countries  lower their prices so that they can attract more customers.   At Supergirls beers are now 140 baht a bottle. I’ve also noticed that at Super Girls the mamasans hang close to  the girls so that they pocket commissions by demanding much higher prices than the girls would charge if they were left alone to negotiate one on one with the customers.   Lesson to be learned–Have as little to do with the Mamasans as possible.  Most of them are total parasites.

You can now figure on being asked to pay a 1000 to 1500 baht bar fine for Walking Street go go dancers due to the Coyote Girl Plague that is now infesting Pattaya’s go go’s. However, there’s still a few girls whose bar fines are 800 baht, which is still far too high but better than 1500 baht.

I decide to buy a girl a drink. Which is now my new policy when dealing with Super Girls.  Just keep in mind that every woman on this planet earth is different, so it is still possible to find a go go girl who is not a robot. There’s a pretty girl dancing at the far end of the stage.  I motion at her to join me for a drink.  A few minutes later she comes off the stage and sits next to me.

She’s decidedly much more hands on than most of the girls in this place. Most of the girls are pretty reserved until you get a couple or three drinks in them. But this one’s got a fine body and she doesn’t hesitate to start putting her hands all over me.  But I can’t blame her for that.  I have a great body, and it must be like a picnic for her to get to fondle me instead of all those fat slobs who she gets stuck with most of the time.

Then I ask her the magic question which is “How much must I pay to be able to fuck you.?” But let me warn all you newbies reading these pearls of wisdom to never ask this question. Instead you should say, “I will pay you X amount for boom boom.” The reason is the girl will probably come out with a much higher price than she’s willing to settle for. Many girls once they suggest a price will never lower it for fear of losing face.

But if I tell this girl, “I will boom boom you for 1500 baht for example,” and if she accepts my offer, then I feel that I have to honor my word. In this case I plan not to bang the girl. I only want to get their prices so that I can put them in my Uncle Bufford go go bar reviews. Without batting an eye the girl tells me, “Bar fine is 800 baht. For short time you must pay me 3000 baht. She must think I’m Japanese, obviously.  I can’t wait to leave the place. First, this girl thinks I’m a stupid tourist even though I’ve told her I’m not. So she’s too stupid to be worth spending anymore of my time with, no matter how pretty she looks.

This same sort of thing happened to me several weeks ago at Naughty Girls which is a couple bars down from Super Girls.    Naughty Girls seems to have a proliferation of much younger girls than average.  Some of these girls are jail bait. Anyways, the who sits with me admits to being 21 or so.  She was pretty and had a nice firm figure.   But Naughty Girls is not exactly a top of the rung Walking Street go go.  It’s not quite a dive either. It’s just very ordinary, so I was really surprised when the girl told me her bar fine was 1500 baht. Now that’s 42 bucks just to get her out of the bar, and then she wants another sixty dollars for a short time. Putting all this in perspective, back when I was living in the Saint Louis Metro East in my old whoring days I was paying the same $100 but that was for an entire night. The girls I took to all those hotels were much smarter than the average Walking Street go go girl and a lot more fun to be around.

Somewhere along the line we went to Sugar Babies because one of my friends likes it there.  I’ve found that on at least two occasions the staff was inexcusably slow at getting me my change and on another occasion the service girl never gave me my change back. I had to ask another staff member to hunt her down so I could get my change back.  I think this is done on purpose with the club and at least some of the service people hoping the customers will leave before getting their change back.  The place was about as boring as usual for me with most of the girls being too unattractive for my tastes.

Our last stop was Electric Blue. Bottled beer was 150 baht. I only vaguely remember going there. I’m now reading in my notes…”Good Looker at the end” which must have meant that I saw only one girl I was attracted to in the entire club.

I must say that this night I had a pretty high and mighty opinion of myself. There’s some pretty attractive girls I’ve met recently but some of them are working at real jobs. Some of them are over on Soi Six. But most of the Walking Street girls are like most of the sex tourists here, a dime a dozen.  But in my next review it’s time to cover what I discovered in Bangkok.

Was Joe Louis the best Heavy Weight Champion of all time?

Was Joe Louis the best heavy weight champion of all time or was it Muhammed Ali?  or Jack Dempsey, Foreman, Marciano, Liston?

Neither was Heavy Weight Champion in 1936
Joe Louis vs Schemling in their first fight in 1936

You be the judge because we are showing the videos of the finest heavyweight champions of all time.

Here’s some of my thoughts though.  Joe Louis’s style was  beautiful. With his hands held high where they should be, Louis was the epitome of economy as he stalked his opponents.  His punches were short and to the point. Accurate and lethal, he delivered them on que with what his mind was calculating.  Although obviously fast, Louis seemed more methodical than quick.  Joe Louis was confident and businesslike with none of the bravado of a Muhammed Ali.  A master finisher, Joe Louis  took his opponents out with punches that seemed  effortless.

The six foot one 197 pound Joe Louis won the heavyweight title from James Braddock.   This put him on the small side compared to most modern heavyweight champions.  From 1937 to 1948 Louis successfully defended his title 25 times. Of those, only three of his opponents went the distance.  Out of 68 professional fights, he lost only three times, while scoring 54 knockouts for an average 80 percent Knockout ratio .   As impressive as these numbers are, they are still just numbers.  To get the full measure of Louis as heavyweight champion and how he stacks up against other great champions, you must watch him fight. Thanks to You Tube, we can bring those memorable fights back in time.

The first is of Joe Louis winning the heavy weight title against the heavy weight champion, James Braddock, who had captured the adoration of his fans as the Cinderella Man. It takes one punch for Louis to finalize the bout, and he delivers that  single punch perfectly.


The next fight pits Joe Louis against ex heavy weight champion Max Baer, a formidable puncher who had lost his title against Braddock.


Here you see him against Max Schmeling in two all time classics. In the first fight (1938),  the German, who had been knocked out by Max Baer in an earlier bout, knocks Louis out in  the 12th round.


In the return match held in June, 1938,  Louis now Heavy Weight Champion after his knockout victory over James Braddock,  easily dispatches Schmeling in just 2 minutes and 4 seconds.


One of Joe Louis’s most memorable heavyweight championship fights  was against the Light Heavyweight champion,  Billy Conn.  Louis weighed 199 pounds to the brash Irishman’s 169. The fight went 12 rounds with Conn well ahead of Louis on points. Instead of coasting to what might have been one of the most outstanding boxing upsets of all time, the audacious Irishman threw all caution to the wind and went for the knockout. It was a very unwise decision and Louis turned the tables  by knocking Conn senseless with a perfectly timed right uppercut followed by a left hook.


This last fight pitted Joe Louis against Primo Carnera, the six foot six giant who had been slaughtered earlier by Max Baer. You might want to compare this fight against Jack Dempsey’s championship bout against Jess Willard who equaled Carnera in size.


In some ways Dempsey and Louis were similar heavy weight champions. Both could easily take an opponent out with a punch measuring no more than six inches. Both men were among the very heaviest punchers the heavyweight division had ever seen. But whereas Louis was a methodical and patient fighter who would masterfully set his opponent up, Dempsey was pure aggression incarnate. His savagery was palpable. So who would win if Louis and Dempsey could have fought each other in their prime? And how would either of them have fared against Muhammed Ali, who was the fastest heavyweight champion the world had ever seen? Well–it’s going to be awhile before I get those videos up of Dempsey and Ali, but when I do, I’ll let you make that call. Because I won’t.

Max Baers fights and the man himself

Was Max Baer a villain as portrayed in Cinderella Man or one of the most likable fighters of the 20th Century?  The following videos show  some of Max Baers fights, plus a few that show the wonderful appeal of the man.

The man behind Max Baers fights had movie star good looks
In real life Max Baer was a handsome showoff, who loved to make people laugh. His clownish behavior no doubt caused him to fall short of the boxer he might have been. When he died, his last words were, “Oh God, here I go.” Over 1500 people attended his funeral. Among his pall bearers were Jack Dempsey and Joe Louis

At heart he was a handsome fun loving comedian with the charisma of a movie star.  Which is exactly what he became out of the ring, performing in nearly 20 movies.   There are ten videos of Max Baer here. Some of you might ask, “Why would I put so many boxing videos out there, especially of Max Baer?

Perhaps it’s because I was once a boxer myself.  I never went even to the Golden Gloves, but I fought enough both in and out of the ring to feel the exhilaration of victory and accomplishment.  Perhaps it’s because all my life I’ve viewed boxing as the greatest sport ever.   Which it is.

There’s nothing else quite like it.  It pits not only one man against another, but the fighter against himself.  He must be able to overcome fatigue that courses throughout his entire body.  He must be in complete control of his mind at all times, especially when his mind keeps telling him to quit.  He must train his body relentlessly so that he is totally fit.  He must be willing to endure both fear and pain.  And he must be able to fight all out for ten and sometimes even fifteen rounds.  He has to be both strong and fast.

In the videos to come, you will see what happens to very large men who are not gifted with speed or skill in the videos to come starting with  the one on this page where Max Baer destroys Primo Carnera for the heavyweight championship.  Later you will see what happened to the six foot seven 245 pound Jess Willard  when he lost the world championship to a hungry 187 pound Jack Dempsey.   You will also see the fight in which Billy Conn,  a slender Light Heavyweight at 175 pounds nearly defeated the 200 pound Joe Louis, one of the greatest heavyweights of all time.  It is my intention on this site not only to put together in one place a large assortment of some of the memorable fights ever.  It is also to provide a sense of the great champions themselves both in and out of the ring.  It is nothing less than to these great boxers back to life here in the Fun House.

This first video is of Max, the man, a man who could have become the most memorable fighter ever, if only he would have taken his fighting more seriously.  Covered here is the real story behind Killer Baer, the man who was vilified in the movie, “Cinderella Man”.   In the movie, Baer is portrayed as a heartless fighter who’s killed two men in the ring.  As you will see in the video, Baer, actually did inflict enough punishment on his opponent to lead to the man’s death the following day.  The difference is the real Max Baer was haunted by the accidental killing which likely cost him the single minded drive to destroy his opponents most true champions possess.

The first video of Max Baers fights is his world championship bout  against Primo Carnera.  At six foot six and weighing in for his fights as much as 275 pounds Carnera was a giant in a world when the average male was only five foot six inches tall.  Obviously such a giant among men could enjoy enormous appeal as a fighter.   So the story goes that Carnera became a creature of organized crime, which carefully nurtured his career.  Eventually Carnera became world champion after a History of beating up on unskilled boxers that were reputedly hand picked by the mob.  Then there were the more skilled boxers Carnera dispatched who had taken dives for their mobster bosses.  Eventually Carnera was forced to fight a high quality fighter.  That fighter was Max Baer, and you can see what happens to Carnera when he has to fight a real fighter in the following video.

Max Baer would later star in The Prizefighter and the Lady, a film, that is closely based on the career of Primo Carnera.  Keep in mind that this 1933 film actually preceded the championship fight between Baer and Carnera.  One year later in 1934, the Primo Carnera-Max Baer bout is for real, but this time, Baer slaughters the inept Carnera.  Which makes it one of the most interesting of Max Baers fights.

poster of the movie Prizefighter and the Lady starring Max Baer
Ironically in this film Max Baer plays the actor who’s fighting a real Primo Carnera who’s not playing himself but a made up character based on the mob controlled Primo Carnera.

The film features performances from the real Jack Dempsey as well as Primo Carnera.

Max Baer training.  If you think that boxing in the ring is easy just try to go a single three minute round with someone with gloves on.  My step grandfather, who taught me how to box, used to train as an amateur fighter on the speed bag and heavy bag then he’d spar a few rounds with a friend, and after that the pair would jog 18 miles from Staunton, Illinois to Litchfield to complete their training session.  

This  second of Max Baer’s fights is of his match against Max Schmeling in 1933.  Schmeling  had been crowned world champion in 1930 after suffering from a low blow from the reigning world champion Jack Sharkey.    Sharkey would win the title back from  Schmeling in 1932 due to a controversial split decision.  Future world champion, Gene Tunney, would claim that Schmeling was the better man and had been robbed.

And this is Max Baer telling the press about his chances in his upcoming fight with James Braddock.  This is the same fight that’s recently been popularized in the movie, “Cinderella Man“.

Steve Bierko as Max Baer
Steve Bierko playing the villain, Max Baer, in “Cinderella Man”

So take Max Baer’s measure in this short film and ask yourselves, “Is this the same Max Baer, we saw Craig Bierko play in Cinderella Man?”

The third is when he lost his title to James Braddock, the Cinderella Man.

And here he is in the movies, in “Prizefighter and the Lady”.

Last fight is against Joe Louis.

Interview of Max Baer with Joe Louis several years after their fight.

Max Baer in “Fisticuffs”.   Once again, he’s in the movies.

Last, is Max Baer in The Harder They Fall.  It’s 1956, almost twenty years since Baer’s fought Schmeling and Louis.  And Baer’s acting alongside Humphrey Bogart and Rod Steiger, two of the finest actors in the business.  I tried to put up a 7 1/2 minute segment of this film after gathering bits and pieces of the original film, putting it into my video editing program and figured since I had only very short clips I could get around the copyright infringement issues, but this was not to be.  I was immediately flagged by You Tube as in only minutes.  This is a great film to watch, however, as it mirrors both Max Baer’s career and Primo Carnera’s.    But in this film, Max Baer plays the bad guy, who’s killed a man in the ring while the Carnera part is played by Mike Lane.  It is Humphrey Bogart’s last film.  An older and much more mature Max Baer shows solid acting credentials in this film.  Also appearing in the movie is Jersey Joe Walcott, who won the Heavyweight title in 1951.

This set the stage for the much later movie, “Cinderella Man” depicting Max Baer as an arrogant villain.  The videos I’ve collected here should present a much more accurate picture of Max Baer.  Up next will be Joe Louis.

Is a New Boxing Golden Age upon us?

Andre Ward in the movie Creed
My interest in Andre Ward started when I first saw him play a small part in the latest Sylvester Stallone movie, “Creed”. There were perhaps a half dozen professional fighters in the movie, but right now Andre Ward is knocking on the door of the Light Heavyweight Championship of the World.

Three talented champion boxers, Sergey Kovalev, Andre Ward, and Gennady Golovkin, seem destined to bring the Boxing Golden Age  back.   If they do, the Boxing Golden Age might even have to be redefined. During the 1960’s and 70’s the Heavy weight division in particular was extremely talented. Sonny Liston, Muhammed Ali, Joe Frazier, Ken Norton, and George Foremen were the creme de la creme in those days with Muhammed Ali becoming the undisputed “Greatest”, beating all of them. Ali was the most charismatic heavy weight champion of all time. He was perhaps the smartest heavy weight champion who ever lived even though he ranked just 376 out of his high school class of 391 and finished with a D- average. He was named the “BBC” and “Sports Illustrated” Sportsman of the Century. So how does one eclipse the Boxing Golden Age when Ali reigned as the king of kings?

Let’s start with the combined records of this hugely talented three some of 92 wins and zero losses. Now let’s put some Cold War anti Soviet Union rhetoric into this mix. Andre Ward’s American. Sergey Kovalev is Russian. Gennady Golovkin’s from Kazakhstan. So he’s not Russian. But since Kazakhstan was part of the Soviet Union before 1991, I can easily imagine myself rooting against Golovkin as an evil Soviet bastard fighting for the glory of the Evil Empire.  Keep this thought in mind now–evil Soviet bastards fighting for the glory of the Evil Empire as I paint menacing pictures of both Sergei Kovalev and Gennady Golovkin.

Sergey Kovalev could be a major cause for a new boxing golden age
If the Russian Light Heavyweight champion looks like an American country boy, there’s good reason for the resemblance.

Kovalev is the reigning light heavyweight champion with a record of 30-29-1 with 27 of those wins by knockout. He’s a killer in the ring with a one track mind geared to the total destruction of his opponent. And he’s not a native English speaker which makes him nothing more than a primitive lout with a devastating punch that can level buildings.

Gennady Golovkin
Respectfully, Andre Ward called Gennady Golovkin a pretty boy. Andre meant this as a statement of fact—“Gennady is after all a handsome man”. So it’s hard to believe that Gennady oftentimes sticks his head right in front of his opponent enticing him to give him “his best shot” so that Gennady can get in a punishing counter punch. IT is also hard to believe Golovkin has knocked out his last 20 opponents.

Gennady Golovkin’s even worse with a perfect record of 34-0 including 31 knockouts, without even a tie to blemish his record. Even more depressing is he’s knocked out the last 20 of his opponents which makes him super inhuman. Although he’s fast and has impressive boxing skills, Golovkin’s attitude seems to be “Why bother” as he wades right into his opponents as he heedlessly ignores the punches pounding his face.

Andre Ward
Although not renowned for his knockout punch, Andre Ward is a strong boxer, and has recently shown he can throw his weight around quite well on the inside even after moving up from the Super Middleweight class to the Light Heavyweight division.

So who’s the good guy in this bunch? That would be Andre Ward, a man who used to be the Super Middleweight champion who had his title stripped from him because of inactivity in the ring due to injuries and disputes with his manager.  Ward has movie star credentials as evidenced in his role in the latest Sylvester Stallone Rocky movie, “Creed”. His record is 29-0 with just 15 knockouts. But he’s a brilliant ring tactician who simply doesn’t make any mistakes. Until that layoff that led to his being stripped of his title he was ranked the second best pound for pound fighter in the world. (Now he’s ranked only number 4 with Golovkin being ranked number 3) They call him SOG–Son of God. He’s articulate, and he’s a total gentleman. He’s the perfect representative for the U.S.A. and everything that’s good in this land of freedom of ours against those louts from the former Soviet Onion (makes my nose wrinkle in disgust even thinking about them).

Until recently, Andre Ward fought as a Super Middleweight (168-175 pound weight class) versus Golovkin who’s the present champion of the Middleweight division (147-160 pounds). If it had not been for Ward’s long layoff, the two would have probably already have met in the ring by now. But Ward has recently moved up to the Light Heavyweight class (168-175 pounds). On March 26, 2016 he decisively defeated Sullivan Barrera who had won 17 fights in a row with 12 knockouts. This was an important win for Ward because it showed that he had the right stuff to win in the light heavyweight division, and that the two year layoff had not seriously eroded his impeccable boxing skills. Ward’s spectacular win pleased Russia’s number one ogre, Sergei Kovalev, who was sitting at ring side in the front row cheering Andre Ward on.

So what about this ogre status of Sergei Kovalev? He’s the Russian monster or isn’t he? For one thing, like Ward, Kovalev has a lucrative contract with HBO Sports. And according to the contracts both fighters have with HBO Sports, they are to meet in the ring for the Light Heavyweight championship, probably in November–if Andre Ward should defeat Sullivan Barrera. Which he has.

I love Kovalev’s technique. He might not be as fast as Ward, but he’s fast. He fires his punches straight out in front of him. He has a devastating left jab that lands like a sledge hammer. When he gets his opponent in trouble, he goes for the kill, and finishes the job in short order. What’s not to like about this man’s style? He’s the complete fighter. Moreover, he smiles a lot. Kovalev seems to be quite the extrovert.

To get a better sense of this man, I tuned into several of his interviews on You Tube. He speaks English, although not as well as you and I, he speaks it well enough to make himself clearly understood. He’s not a braggart at all and he isn’t into all this political nonsense of my country is better than yours or “I don’t like Americans”. Kovalev always speaks very respectfully of Andre Ward, who he apparently has some genuine affection for. But most important of all, Kovalev is obviously very talented at analyzing other fighters, of their ring techniques, their strengths and weaknesses. I cannot remember ever listening to a commentator of the ring who was more believable than Kovalev.  I liked the man immensely.  He’s uncomplicated in his speech and so very much spot on.  He reminds me a lot of many farmer friends of mine, good ole boys, each and every one. It will be very sad to see him lose.

But will he lose? From everything I’m reading on the internet, opinion seems to be evenly divided on the outcome of the upcoming Kovalev–Ward fight. It’s the classic match between the consummate boxer and the overwhelmingly powerful puncher. But as the old saying goes, Speed kills, or as Muhammed Ali put it, “You can’t hit what you can’t see.” George Foreman was just 24 when he fought an over the hill 32 year old Ali.

When he entered the ring against Muhammed Ali for the Heavyweight championship of the world, Foreman was 40-0 with 37 KO’s. He had knocked out Joe Frazier in the 2nd round, and Frazier had beaten Ali. Then he knocked out Ken Norton also in the 2nd round, and Norton had also defeated Ali. Ali stood no chance. Yet Ali knocked Foreman out in the 8th round after supposedly withstanding an onslaught of Foreman punches that no other man could have survived. Or so many have thought. Regardless, Ali was able to slip most of Foreman’s heavy punches to his head. He was awfully quick, even on the downslope of his career. It has been said that Muhammed Ali’s jab was even faster than Sugar Ray Robinson’s. So, if this were true, then I really can’t see why anyone would have rated Sugar Ray Robinson as the greatest fighter (considering all weight classifications) of all time. Comparing the hand speed of a Heavyweight to a Middleweight, if both were equal, one would have to go with the Heavyweight.

We now know just how great Ali was. What we don’t know is “How great is Andre Ward?” or how great is Sergei Kovalev?” It appears to me, however, that both men are firmly committed to establishing himself as being one of the greatest boxers to live. Korvalev’s attitude resonates with “If Andre is good enough to beat me, all the power to him.”

In the video above Andre Ward talks about his upcoming fight with Kovalev, how good a fighter Golovkin is, and what kind of legacy Andre hopes to achieve (Heavyweight Champion of the World).  If Andre continues his unbroken record of successes, it is likely that he will once again  move up in weight to lead the way to a New Boxing Golden Age

There is huge mutual respect between these two. Andre’s been in one movie already. He’s good on the screen, but if Kovalev continues to win, and this will ultimately have to be at Andre Ward’s expense, I can see him in the movies also. In an Arnold Schwarzenegger sort of way. Which leads us to the third man, Gennady Golovkin.

In an interview, Andre Ward referred to Golovkin as a “Pretty Boy”. That he is. In fact, the first time I saw him on You Tube, I thought, “This guy is too handsome to really fight well.” Then you see him in the ring, a model of unrelenting aggression. Oftentimes he will get in close to his opponent in order to inflict maximum damage. But he’s got his head right in there, absorbing punches, which seem to have little affect on him. Kovalev’s style is altogether different. Sergei stands back in a classic boxing stance nailing his opponent with heavy jabs at long range until he’s crippled him enough to close in and finish him off. Golovkins utter willingness to take a punch belies his handsome visage.

Like Kovalev, Golovkin appears to be very affable both inside and outside the ring. But one thing I noticed early on while studying Golovkin. His ring handlers talk to him in English in the corner. Which means his corner men are not Russian. An even closer study of the man reveals that his father had been a Russian coal miner while his mother is Korean.  In the last few years, Golovkin has moved to Big Bear, CA where he’s placed his children in American schools.  It appears that Gennady is getting used to our American ways real fast.  There are pennants around the ring with the lettering GGG. The lettering is also on Gennady’s belt.  His nicknames are Golden G and God of War.

He wants Andre Ward. Meanwhile Golovkin’s fought as both a Middleweight and Super Middleweight and has world titles in both divisions. Meanwhile Andre Ward’s recently moved out of the Super Middleweight division into the Light Heavyweight class. It’s only going to take Andre Ward dropping a few pounds or Golovkin gaining a few to fight as a light heavyweight to find out which man’s the better fighter. But Golovkin must first wait until after Ward has fought Kovalev. In the meantime it looks like Golovkin is Americanizing real fast. I think we’ll claim him. But wherever these three champions hail from, each of them is a fantastic fighter, and all three are truly charismatic men.  Over the next one to two years the fighting game  is going to be very interesting.   We might even see  a New Boxing Golden Age.

The Soi Six Go Go Bar Walking Street Connection

Uncle Bufford talks about Soi Six Go Go Bar
It’s me. Uncle Bufford Again.

One should never pay too much for Walking Street go go girls. One reason is the Soi Six Go Go Bar Walking Street Connection. Lately, all of U’s will have noticed that I’ve made my strong preferences for Soi Six bars well known on account of cheaper beers, built in 300 baht short time rooms, and cheaper and better wimmen. But tonight kinda rekindled my passion for Pattaya Go Go bars.

It all started out with me and Billy Bob going to the Crazy House Go Go first. This was because we both admitted most of the time we had the most fun there. Maybe it was because Crazy House has the same toilet for the wimmen and the men and the toilet is often a wonderful place for meeting a lot of sexy wimmen. Cum to think of it that toilet there is so good that I sometimes am taking a piss, when a girl comes up behind me and starts giving me a massage. There’s also the exciting possibility that if a man buys a go go dancer enough tequila that he can take her back into one of those toilet stalls for a short time. Anyways if a girl isn’t a coyote, the bar fines 800 baht. Now that ain’t good but it’s a damn sight better than these other places all a chargin 1500 baht for them coyotes. Never mind my sidekick here, Billy Bob, who always seems to get the most rotten luck in the world. Even at Crazy House he seems to keep attractin them coyotes with large bar fines.

As soon as we walk into Crazy House, I knows my Dick is in for trouble. It’s that girl who was a wearing them glasses the last time. I see her sitting by herself as soon as I come into the place and she sees me too. So as soon as me and Billy Bob sit down she’s on me like a hyena onto something that’s already been killed. Pretty soon she’s on me, with those hypnotic eyes of hers.  Her hands are all over my body. She unbuttons my shirt. She feels between my legs where my bigger brain lurks. It becomes bigger and bigger as it starts to take control of whatever resolution I first brought into the place.

Pretty soon, Billy Bob’s got a girl on him trying to milk him for drinks. He doesn’t look too happy so I tell him that as soon as we finish our drinks we should go to the next place. The girl tells me, “I really like you.” A few moments she tells me, “I want you now.” In a moment of weakness I promise to come back (for her) after hitting several more go go’s with Billy Bob, and she says to me, “Okay, I wait for you.”

I figure she will. After all, I’m Uncle Bufford and there’s nobody in Pattaya who’s like me. I’ve got them kind of eyes that tell a woman, “Trust me”. I’ve also got a made by Viagra big dick. But unlike all those Japanese who keep cummin into these go go’s I’m not afraid to let all the girls play with it. I’ve got a great body too. It’s one that’s gotta put all their Thai boyfriends to shame. I’m on top of the world and I knows the wimmin can see that.

We gets only  a few feet down Walking Street from Crazy House when suddenly a girl runs right up to me, callin out my name. I takes one look at her, and I’m a thinkin, “She’s gotta be some girl I met workin a job somewhere. Maybe it was Home Pro or Power Buy, Seven-Eleven or Lotus. She sure don’t look like no bar girl.  She’s got too wholesome a face to be a workin at a bar. She’s cute.

“I work over there,” she tells me. Come see me.” She’s pointin at a small go go bar called Infinity. “New bar,” she says.

I promise to see her soon, but we gotta go to another place first.

Next go go is Super Girls. And sure enough they’ve got all that horrible DA DA music going in there again. Let me check my notes. Yep. First song’s DA DA. I got it all written here. Second song’s DA DA too. And the third and the fourth. I must have gotten tired of writing. But a lot of these wimmen are smiling at us, especially from the stage. Across the stage is Billy Bob’s friend. She’s one of the prettiest girls in the place, and she looks a lot like my favorite Soi Six girl. But if you get them lying down naked next to each other, I’m a bettin my Soi Six girl wins. She’s got the golden pussy too. The kind of pussy that men dies for.

With that kind of knowledge in my small brain, I am ready for anything. There’s a girl dancing in front of us pointing to her friend as she smiles down at us. Her friend’s got big tits. A nice body too. I tell Billy Bob, “I’m buying that one with those silicon breasts a drink. I won’t be bar fining her though. On account of my promise to the girl back at Crazy House. And that girl we met back in the street who knows me. “Man, now where do I know her from?”

Now how much do I like Big Tits Anyway? Are they really worth 3000 baht short time with them for me?

Suddenly it comes back to me. She’s the one I met down at that Soi Six go go bar. I even took her upstairs once. That stupid owner was a chargin 120 baht for a beer and 500 baht for his short time rooms. Poor girl. And she was really nice. But I had told her every other Soi Six Bar was only a chargin 300 baht for its rooms and I really couldn’t bring myself to payin 500 baht just because a stupid Australian thought customers were stupid enough to pay him 500 baht just because he had a Soi Six Go Go Bar.  I was going to pay this girl 1000 baht. But I told her since her big boss was so greedy, I was a willin to give her 800 baht. She agreed so I took her upstairs, and guess what? That short time room was just as bad as the worse short time rooms on Soi Six. And then–just a few weeks ago, I was a drinkin with that same girl down on Soi Six. I had come into that place in a rotten mood, but she remembered me, came up to me as I sat alone at the bar. So I bought her a drink and pretty soon we were huggin each other and I just felt good all over. She just felt so right. And she wasn’t pushy and she never ever asked me for a drink in the first place. I had even showed her my Uncle Bufford go go bar review notes and said that she would probably be my most memorable girl of the night. She would have been to except later on I met the girl with the hypnotic eyes in Crazy House, had bar fined her, and that had been that. And here once again, I’d be passin on that Soi Six girl for that seductress from Crazy House.

I tell Billy Bob about the Soi Six girl. Then I make him a bet.

“I bet that within the next two months that I’ll be short timing one of these go go girls for 1000 baht.  It might be the ”Soi Six Go Go Bar girl but it could easily be anyone of these girls we are lookin at right now.”

Billy Bob says nothing. He knows I can do it.

Then I smile at the girl with the big tits and motion to her like I’m drinking and point to her. Then I tell Billy Bob, “I’m buying her a drink, and then the next time we comes in here, I’m buying another girl a drink so that each time I’m getting a girl a drink. This way I can meet a lot of girls and get a good idea of what this place is all about. Then I’ll wait until low season hits and most of these girls aren’t makin any money. That’s when I git them for a thousand baht.  The easiest way is for me to bang the Soi Six Go Go Bar girl for a thousand baht.  I already short timed her for 800 baht at the  Soi Six Go Go Bar.  When the other girls know I’m doing her for 1000 baht, I’ll have it made in that new go go bar.”

In five minutes the girl with the big tits is sittin beside me. I ask her how old she is, but I can’t remember that now, but I seems to recall she was only twenty-one. My next question is, “Where did you buy those big tits?” From Bangkok?”

She says yes.

I thought of Bangkok first because I remembers how this old girlfriend of mine had taken me to a big clinic where they make tits and vaginas for lady boys who want to replace their dicks with pussies. My girlfriend had been shopping for a new nose. She bought one too. But she got her new nose later courtesy of her new boyfriend who was a fat German who had to get special shocks on his motorcycle because he was too gargantuous for its little frame.

“Want to feel them?” the girl asks me as she cups a small hand around one of her nipples.

I feel one of them gently. But I feel it just a little bit because I don’t want her or the other girls to think I’m a dirty old man.

After I ask her a few more questions I tell her “Not tonight, but later someday”, in my horrible Thai (My Shy Yenee. Tilang Kap). “How much boom boom you?”

I’ve got my Uncle Bufford notepad in front of us on the bar. My pen too, so she takes my pen and writes down 800 baht as she explains “that’s for the bar fine.” She asks, “For short time?”

I tell her, “Yes.  Short time.”

I like that girl from the Soi Six Go Go Bar
Now, how much do I really like Big Tits? Are they really worth 3000 baht to have a short time with them?

Then she writes down 3000 baht.

The girl with the golden tits. That’s what I’m calling her from this point on. Needless to say, I’ve got 1000 baht on my mind. I’ve already promised the girl with the hypnotic eyes and I sure as hell am going to be back a lookin for that ex Soi Six go-go girl before I even get back to Crazy House.

The girl with the big tits goes back to the stage, Billy Bob and I check bin, and then we walk out of the place.

“I gotta go home now,” says Billy Bob. “I am sure you are going to get well taken care of down at Infinity Go Go.”

Infinity Go Go is a pretty weird place. There’s a long stage running down the entire room which is long and kindof narrow. On both sides of that stage there’s a long row of small tables and padded bench style couch. There’s very few customers here but most of them are sittin on the left side of the stage while most of the girls are all sittin together all along the right side. All of these people are facing each other across the stage like it’s some kindof dating game where the men are too afraid to approach the wimmen and the wimmin are equally scared to be coming up to the men.

My girl is sitting on the right side about half way down. I notice her straight off because she’s smiling at me. A waitress sandwiches me between the girl and two other girls who have been sitting with her. The other two girls end up sitting to my immediate left.

Once again, they’ve got that awful DA DA music going again. Must be a sign of the times. Times in which the people are more stupid than they’ve ever been before and in which hardly anyone ever reads a book. It’s a time when most people have to find their own little worlds in Face book and practically everyone’s got these little smart phones. It is a time when people don’t have cameras anymore. They are all using smart phones and Ipads because they are too lazy to be a learning how to use anything else. It is a time for mediocrity and a time for morons.

I make it very clear to the girl that I cannot bar fine her tonight. She keeps asking me where I am going, and I tell her I’m going somewhere else down the street. Then she asks me, “When you go back to America.” I tell her in a few months, and then she starts to pretend to cry.

I’m drinking beer as usual. She’s having something with whisky in it. Unlike most lady drinks, it’s got a lot of real alcohol in it. She takes her time with it, and I don’t buy her another until she’s already been nursing it for a half an hour. Obviously she’s no coyote. She’s a lot of fun too.

She has me hold her hands so that I can read her fortune. I vaguely remember doing this with her down at the Soi Six Go Go Bar. From time to time she puts her hand on my crotch, furtively, shyly, and not at all like the girl with the hungry eyes. She massages my arms and plays with my hands. We are having a good time.

I ask her, “Why you finish that Soi Six Go Go Bar?”

“I have problem with Big Boss,” she tells me.

“That Soi Six Go Go Bar you worked at will not last long.  Every other bar on Soi Six charges 85 to 90 baht a beer.  But he charges 120 baht.  Every other Soi Six Bar charges 300 baht for a short time room.  He charges 500 baht for a shitty room.  He does not know how to manage a bar.”

I can’t be sure, but I think she’s one of those kind of people who are “What you see is what you get”.

The beer costs 135 baht here, which is a little cheaper than most of the other Walking Street go go bars. When I ask her what her bar fine is she tells me, “I don’t know. The place is new.”

Meanwhile I’m also talking to the two girls sitting to my left. My girl has to get up on the stage to dance. So I ask them what the bar fine is. They don’t know either. So they motion another girl over to us. She doesn’t even know but she goes to the other end of the stage to find someone who does. She comes back. For a while she sits next to me as one of the girls I had been talking with has to take her turn on the stage. “1100 baht,” she tells me.

I’m making it clear to all the girls around me that my girl and I are good friends, and that we have known each other for a long time. But I never mention Soi Six to any of them. That’s up to the girl and if she wants to keep that a secret, I will honor her wanting to be quiet about her past employment down on Soi Six.

“Hym. 1100 baht bar fine? Those greedy bastard bar owners.” I’ll be making her a deal for 1000 baht.  Just not sure when.  One thing’s almost for sure.  She’s not going to be playing a lot of those stupid Walking Street Go Go bar girl games most of them play. I stay here far too long.  It’s gettin kind of late and I need to be back a collectin that girl with the hypnotic eyes.  In the meantime for all of you readin these pearls of wisdom, there really is a Soi Six Go Go Bar connection.  I distinctly remember the go go dancer from Heaven Above working down on Soi Six later on where the price no doubt went immediately down from 2000 baht short time to 1000 baht or even lower.  Then there were the two pretty girls Billy Bob and I met in a Soi Six bar who had been working the Walking Street go go bars but were unable to make much money there.  One of my old time favorites had tried working at Baccarat, but had gone back to her old Soi Six bar after not making enough money at Baccharat. And to top it off, there was that really tall girl from Crazy House I had once paid too much for, and then I wound up buying her a drink at that Soi Six Go Go Bar a few weeks later.   I thought she was pretty hot, but I never bar fined her again even if her price no doubt went way down.  That other girl with the golden pussy from another Soi Six Bar was simply too much competition.   My point is these were all the same girls. The only things that had changed was the price and the packaging.

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