American Medical Association claims that Obesity is an acceptable disease

Put bluntly, the AMA is endorsing fatness as a way of life and what Americans should settle for. But I will strongly suggest that in most cases obesity is a result of laziness, stupidity, and lack of self respect. If the AMA is really serious about calling itself anything better than a tribal association of witch doctors, then my name is Dr. Corbett. Let me guide you then out of your fatness and all of this bacterial or virus nonsense that the AMA wants to blame for your looking like a buffalo. Come exercise with me, watch what you eat, and see who’s really right on this one–the AMA or Dr. Corbett. Get on the elliptical machine for six days a week for an hour, or if you are slow, two hours a day until you exercise off 750 calories. Do it for a few months while getting a good grasp of how many unnecessary calories you eat and come back and tell me who’s right.

Think I’m off base? Consider that the February 21st, 2014 Sunday Review in the New York Times stated: “In June 2013, millions of Americans contracted a disease. They developed it not because of some pathogen or illness, but thanks to the American Medical Association’s decision to label obesity a “multi-metabolic and hormonal disease state.” Which means the AMA was telling fat Americans: “Accept your being an overgrown hippopotamus because there is nothing you can do about it.” There’s a lot to the article, which is well worth reading. Where the editorial falls short is it doesn’t provide any answers, only the dilemma that it is difficult to make a choice between making people feel good about their obesity and inspiring them to actually do something about it.

Let me assure you, the fact that Americans today weigh 25 pounds more than they did in the 1960’s is unnatural. Pizzas and McDonalds, a sedentary lifestyle and unwillingness to exercise did it–certainly not an incurable disease called obesity. I am currently visiting Japan and I can guarantee you that neither the bacterial form of obesity or virus carried mutation has made any serious inroads here. For the most part I’m not seeing many fat people here in Japan.

A few days ago I asked my Japanese friend, Takoi, why the women here weren’t fat like American women. He replied: “Because Japanese women see thinness as the best way to be.” That was in Tokyo, but now that I’m in Kyoto and have been here a few days longer, I must say that obviously the Japanese must be doing a lot of things right when it comes to being slender as opposed to the American approach advocated by the American Medical Association of “Don’t rock the boat. Feel good that you look like Jabba the Hut.”

The situation has gotten so bad that a good friend of mine who lives near me in Thailand told me, “I never want to bang another white woman ever again.” My friend is 71.

The truth is that most people can do something about their elephantine figures, and that using their brains and having the willpower to do what must be done is the only alternative to being ugly and fat for the rest of their lives. Viewing themselves as victims of an incurable disease called Obesity as recommended by the AMA only serves to create an acceptance that being grotesquely fat and ugly is unavoidable.

Once again, I’m not the AMA, and I’m not about to tell you to feel good about yourself. So let’s face the facts. Americans are not the same race of people they once were. Just keep in mind that the average American soldier during World War II weighed just 152 pounds and that today the average American male comes off the scale at 194.7 pounds according to Wikipedia. Even worse is the figure for American females of 74.7 kilograms or 164.7 pounds. Good God, I’m 66 years old, I am five foot eleven, and still weigh only 75 kilograms, which is the same that I weighed in college. This is inexcusable. I’m ashamed for my fellow Americans. The United States has become a hog farm for humans, and I’m not afraid to say what the American Medical Association is either too gutless or too much into the profit motive to admit.

Did I say profit motive? Damn right I did. It’s either that or dim witted. It all boils down to this. Fat people have a lot more health problems than thin people do. To begin with the typical American male’s heart was designed to support a body weight of 152 pounds, the typical body weight of a World War II soldier. It was not designed to pump for a body of 195 pounds, thus supporting all those extra arteries,veins and tissue for nearly one third more body mass. So to begin with Americans can expect a lot more circulatory problems and that means more profits for the doctors. On the other hand, perhaps doctors are not really that greedy so it’s gross stupidity that causes the AMA to lull Americans into acceptance of their corpulent bodies. And if it’s not stupidity then it’s simply that they are too gutless to tell the truth.

The truth is if you are American, chances are you are grossly overweight so you have two choices. Either accept the fact that you are destined to being a fatso for the rest of your life or that you are going to conquer what the AMA chooses to cause a practically incurable disease called Obesity, no matter what it takes. This means that you must quantify how many calories you are putting into your body each day and make certain that you burn off more calories than you consume. For example, one bottle of lite beer contains around 110 calories. To burn that off I need to run one mile or do eight minutes on the elliptical machine until the machine’s digital readout gets to 110 calories. I exercise very hard for one hour a day six days a week. In that hour if I’m on the elliptical machine I will burn off 750 calories which is good enough for 7 lite beers. But if I’m drinking a non lite beer, that’ll come out to 160 calories so in that same hour I will burn off approximately 5 beers. Since I am undergoing so much pain during that hour, I favor drinking the lite beer over the higher caloried regular beer because I am getting so much more out of my one hour’s exercise. So what about one large piece of cheesecake? I’m not sure on that one, but I’ve read that an average size serving is 257 calories. This means 2.6 miles of running, fast walking, or over 20 minutes on the elliptical machine just for that single slice.

So what about those 14 beers I had last night? Yeah, I know, I know. I’m quite the derelict. 14 beers if they are lite beers comes out to around 1400 calories. So if I am burning off 750 calories during one hour’s exercise session, it’s going to take two days in a row to burn all that beer off, which comes out to 1500 calories, but only if these are lite beers. But I do not drink in the afternoons so a martini lunch is not in the cards. I’ll usually have one big night out a week. But suppose I have two big nights out when I get sloshed to the gills? Comes out to 3000 calories. So I must keep in mind that 3600 calories equals one pound. If I keep that pace up for a month I’ll be gaining 3000 times 4 or 12,000 calories in that month. That means I am apt to gain about 3.5 pounds a month on account of the beer alone. However, I am hitting the exercise hard six days a week so that must be put into the equation. Six times 750 calories is 4500 calories that I’ve burned off and that has to be balanced off against the 2800 calorie gain from that two nights beer drinking.

What all this boils down to are two words, Quantify and brain. That is one must use that brain to constantly quantify exactly what one is doing to one’s body in terms of how many calories are being consumed versus how many you are being burned off. So what does it really take?

A lot more than you think, and certainly a lot more than the doctors are telling you, who are probably recommending three days a week of exercise. And that is complete bull. When I work out on the elliptical machine I maintain a pace that most 30 year olds are unwilling or unable to attain. Perhaps I’m lucky and have been blessed with much better than average genes. But if that’s the case, there’s still hope for you even if you think you have been victimized unfairly into suffering a lifetime of being fat and unsightly. A big man often exercises next to me at the health club. Once I’ve done one hour’s torment and pain he’s just starting to hit his stride. The man will do another hour. He’s British and I suppose he weighs over 300 pounds. He travels incessantly all over Southeast Asia, but when he does, he chooses hotels that have exercise rooms, which he consistently uses. I’ve heard he’s lost at least 20 kilograms or over 50 pounds. And he’s still losing weight. But he’s got a long way to go still. His business keeps him working over 60 hours a week, yet he still manages to do two hour exercise programs. The man’s got a ready smile and an undefeated attitude about him. He’s an inspiration to me because I can tell you this….he’s undergoing a lot more physical pain and challenge than I’m having to overcome at just 75 kilograms. Compared to him I’m just another wimp.

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