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Pattaya Go Go bar fines reach 2000 baht.

The culprit for Pattaya go go bar fines zooming to 2000 baht is Lady Love Go Go Bar on L.K.  Metro  while Walking Street go go bar fines are almost as bad.

200 baht Pattaya Go Go bar fines at Lady Love

2000 baht Pattaya go go bar fines are unacceptable to any self respecting expat

Not only does this run to $63.00 just to get a girl out of the bar.  It’s also likely to cost you 2000 more as your tip to the girl.  Or more.  That’s $130.00 and you haven’t even bought a single drink yet.

So I did I find out about this 2000 baht Pattaya bar fines travesty?  It went like this.  A few years ago I used to see a Soi Six girl.  She was the prettiest girl on Soi Six.  And before working Soi Six she had been working at the Walking Street go go’s.  Cost me 800 baht to her and 300 baht to take her upstairs.  I hadn’t see her in several years go I messaged her.  And we confirmed that I’d be seeing her at Lady Love go go at 9 p.m.

The Motorbike parking in front of all the Soi Lempke go go bars was full.  Showing me that there’s a lot of idiots going to those places

I couldn’t park anywhere so I drove my bike to Soi Bukeao and parked my Nmax there.  Then I walked back to the Lady Love go go bar.  The place was packed inside.

So I ordered a drink, and waited for Noi to show up.    Ten minutes passed and then she found me.  And I bought her a drink.

Now get this picture of Noi.  She’s got over 1000 friends on facebook.  And now she’s got herself a breast job.  So I’m already expecting she’s going to go for a pretty hefty penny. I’m figuring she’s wanting 3000 baht just for short time.  On a more positive note, I don’t think she’s going to be lying to me when I start asking questions.   Down on Soi Six she was only too happy to drink with me both before and after I took her upstairs.  So back then she was not all about money, the way so many of these girls are.

Noi tells me about Pattaya Go Go bar fines skyrocketing to 2000 baht

I was very surprised when Noi told me the bar fine at Lady Love was 2000 baht.  But Noi also told me that she was now unavailable to customers.   She told me she had a boyfriend.  And that she was only dancing and hawking drinks for Lady Love.

And then the second girl suddenly appeared.

The woman was no better than average looking.  But she sure had a big mouth on her.  Here I was talking to an old friend of mine.  When suddenly this gal shows up and starts interrupting our conversation.  And she’s got this horrid Issan loud obnoxious voice.

Noi of course drops our conversation.  After all, any Thai woman is more important than any falang.  But I don’t mean to put Noi down for this.  Almost all Thai women we are likely to meet in the bars are like this.

Thankfully the other go go dancer leaves, but a few minutes later she shows up again like cancer.

Once again I have to listen to the horrible voice of this idiot.  Apparently this gal has some kind of gig going on.  A private show or whatever and Noi is doing it with her.   So Noi runs off with the other girl, and I’m left finishing my beer alone.

But don’t feel sorry for me.  Feel sorry for yourself because you will soon be paying  2000 baht Pattaya Go Go bar fines.  Down on Walking Street they now have short time bar fines and long time bar fines that are 1500 baht.  I expect these to reach 2000 baht soon.  But I’m not going to be paying them.

When you start paying  2000 baht Pattaya Go Go bar fines you are getting the worse entertainment experience for your money

Because Pattaya go go bars are high pressuring their girls to extract as many drinks from you as possible in the shortest possible time you start to feel more like a victim than a customer.

Meanwhile your drink tab in the beer bars climbs so much more slowly.  And if you head to Soi Six you are likely to have a leg massage or dick massage while you are discussing the world’s problems drinking with a buddy.

In the go go’s it runs like this

  • Buy me drink
  • Buy me another drink…..(that tequila rose went down in just 15 seconds so now I’m ready for another).
  • Buy sister me a drink (which is almost always a blatant lie)
  • Buy friend me drink (she new lady at bar)
  • Buy mamasan drink
  • Then Mamasan asks you to buy her a drink if one of the girls didn’t ask you first.

The go go bars have turned into a totally high pressure environment.  And you are the sheep surrounded by wolves.

To read more about the escalation of drink and bar fine prices click on  Pattaya coyote dancers taking over Walking Street go go bars




Why Extreme Guns and Babes might be the best gun book of its kind

Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World offers compelling gun articles and superior photography of beautiful women.  No other serious firearms publication does.  And as for the other guns and babes sites you can find on the internet.  They’re all a dime a dozen compared to what you will find in Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World.

Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World offers a lot of sexy pictures of beautiful women. Yet it’s not pornographic. For example, here Taylor’s covering her breasts with her hands.

You Can buy Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World here, at Amazon in three versions,  full color, for around $38.00, black and white paperback for around $14, and in Kindle format.

Let me explain the advantages of each.  First, I wanted to offer Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World to all of you at an affordable price.  But just try to find an affordable priced paperback at Amazon?  Look, I love Amazon, but Amazon screws things up about every time.  Chances are you will find a used book there for $80.00 when Amazon should be showcasing my black and white paperback version at $14.00.  Or you will find the full color version at close to forty bucks.  Go for the black and white version of Guns and Babes for an Adult World here.

Unless you are willing to pay the big bucks to see what my professional Nikon D-1 X could really do.  But I only intended to sell only a handful of full color copies at best.

You might want to opt for my Kindle version of Guns and Babes for an Adult World.  If you have a Kindle that is.  With a Kindle Fire or equivalent you will get great pictures in full color at the cheaper than dirt price of around $10.00.

Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World is a serious collection of guns articles that can compete with what you will find in magazines geared to real gun lovers.

Such as Guns and Ammo, the Shooting Times, Gun World, American Handgunner etc.  Okay, I’m bragging.  So you are going to think I’m full of bravado just to hawk my own books.  But I will let you be the judge of that.  Just continue to read on beyond my hype, and decide for yourself.   By reading The Roxy’s Bomb Girl and 007’s PPK.  That’s chapter 5 in Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World.  And it includes all the original pictures I took of Taylor, a young sexy stripper from the Roxy’s strip  club in the St. Louis Metro East.

Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World  is a one of a kind book for all gun lovers.

Even if some of them haven’t the slightest interest in beautiful women.  There’s 26 gun articles in Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World.  All of them about the greatest classical firearms of all time.  In less than 200 pages.  Guns such as the Ak-47, the Colt 45 Single action Army, the M-1 Garand, the Thompson submachinegun, Kentucky Rifle, Springfield Civil War rifle, and the 50 caliber Browning heavy machine gun.

As for superior photography of the gals?  I could choose from over 200 strippers and feature entertainers for my models.  And I found them in well known gentlemen’s clubs such as the 80 million dollar Club Sapphires in Las Vegas, Big Als in Peoria, Illinois, and the Lumberyard in Des Moines Iowa which hosted the Miss Nude World Pageant.  Or shooting Miss Nude Texas and getting paid to do it.

So there’s all the so called guns and babes internet web sites.  But Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World is a serious book for real gun lovers.  That also has a lot of really sexy ladies.

The Roxy’s Bomb Girl and 007’s Walther PPK

Taylor from PT’s Roxy’s, one of the author’s favorite St. Louis area Clubs, as the Roxy’s Bomb Girl.

With James Bond now well past his prime it might be wise
for him to turn to younger women such as Taylor dancing at
PT’s Roxys in Brooklyn, Illinois, who not only has got what
it takes to waken James up from the many deep fogs ever
since he turned sixty, but is also gravely concerned that his
choice of weaponry is too antiquated for him to measure up
to his better armed 21st century opponents. The guns of our
Roxys Topless Club Bond girl, the subject of this review, are
the Walther PPK, the Kahr P 9 and the Seecamp 32 A.C.P.

In Ian Flemming’s early Bond novels, 007 is woefully under
equipped with a 25-caliber Beretta automatic, a small semi
auto which is useful if it is at all, at only point blank range,
and even at that offers very poor stopping power against
anything larger than a baby rabbit. Q, Flemming’s chief
armorer for the British Secret Service, insists that Bond
replace his pathetic .25 Beretta with the much more powerful
PPK in 7.65 mm. For the rest of his career in Flemming’s
novels, Bond goes about his daily business of shooting the
bad guys with his PPK. The reader and later the audience in
the 007 movies is assured that Bond is adequately armed for
whatever awaits him.

The PPK is a svelte lightweight pocket pistol engineered by the German Walther Arms Company in the 1930’s

, which  started as the model PP, but was shortened to a handier sized version, the PPK. It broke new ground in modern pistol
design because it was double action-that is, a bullet could be
chambered into the breech, after which one could push a
lever that set the trigger in a position so that the gun could
not be fired without undertaking a long hard trigger squeeze.

Double action refers to a single squeeze of the trigger that
both cocks and fires the pistol although later pistol designs
such as the Kahr would replace the external hammer with
internal striker mechanisms. With the PPK one could also
elect to pull the hammer back and fire the piece with an easy
pull in single action mode which one accomplishes by
pulling the trigger, thus tripping the hammer, which has
already been cocked by the shooter, upon the cartridge’s
primer. The gun’s inherent design is very safe since it cannot
possibly go off unless the shooter pulls the trigger.

During and after World War II, the German military chose
the much more powerful 9mm Parabellum for its service
pistols for the most part. The much smaller and lighter PP
and PPK models were sometimes used by officers but were
more commonly used by the German police, particularly by
the Gestapo and other undercover policemen.

A few years ago there were two designs of the PPK on the
commercial market.

There was the original PPK from Germany in calibers .22, 7.65 mm, and .380 auto and the slightly larger American PPK/S.

PPK’s are no longer manufactured in Germany. Recently Smith and Wesson became the sole manufacturer and distributor of the PPK/S
in the U.S. through a licensing agreement with Walther.
Smith and Wesson does not produce the more compact PPK
and its PPK/S is currently available in 380 auto only. Prior to
Smith and Wesson’s involvement, a company called
Interarms imported German made Walthers and
subcontracted their manufacture here in the U.S. through a
company in Alabama. But quality was not up to German
standards and Interarms wound up going belly up. Luckily
mine is a pristine German-made PPK in .380 auto, which has
a lustrous aftermarket black chrome finish, considered to be
more durable than the pistol’s original bluing.

The opinion of “gun experts” on the 380 auto’s man-stopping
ability is divided into two camps. Some consider the .380
auto to be the absolute minimum as a reliable stopper for
self-defense whereas many consider it to be inadequate. But
nearly everyone who has even a modicum of knowledge
about guns deems Bond’s first pistol, his beloved .25 Beretta,
to be worse than a .22 as a stopper. Keep in mind though that
Bond’s PPK was chambered in 7.65 mm or what is also
known as .32 A.C.P., not 380 auto, a bullet that develops
roughly 30 percent more muzzle energy than the .32.

In spite of its deficiencies as a reliable man stopper, the PPK
made quite a name for itself for many years.

Its lines are trim and seductive, which is probably why Flemming chose the PPK for his suave James Bond character. Its sleek lines
combined with relatively low weight made it ideal for
concealed carry. Quality of manufacture ensured a reliable
weapon that its owner could be proud to carry. And if mine
is any indication of most PPK’s, its trigger in single action
mode is smooth and light compared to most double action
semi autos regardless of caliber.

It’s a beautiful gun, but the question is, can James Bond do
better as he tackles the 21st century?

Two likely contenders for Bond’s weapon of choice are the Seecamp .32 and the Kahr P-9.

The Kahr P-9 is virtually the same size as the PPK, yet its
Polymer frame allows it to weigh in at just 17.7 ounces to
the PPK’s 21. Of supreme importance is the P-9’s
chambering in 9 mm which depending on ammo develops
anywhere from 350 to 450 foot-pounds of muzzle energy to
the .380 Walther’s 200. But Bond didn’t use a PPK in .380,
using instead the even less powerful .32 A.C.P., which
develops around 150 foot-pounds at the muzzle.

Which brings up the Seecamp in .32 A.C.P. Seecamp is a
small family run operation that has decided not to crank up
its production to meet public demand for its excellent little
weapon. One can easily wait up to one and a half years for a
Seecamp in .32 caliber. I’ve seen them only once at gun
shows and I immediately snapped one up. I’ve encountered
them much more often in .25 auto, which would leave one as
poorly armed as James Bond at the start of his career, who
should have been called James Bum for carrying the .25
Beretta in the first place. Only 4 and 1/8th inches long and
weighing just 10.5 ounces, the Seecamp is virtually the same

Taylor wearing the ultra concealable 32 Seecamp

size and weight as Bond’s hapless Beretta.

Hailed as the absolute finest small last-ditch close defense pistol ever produced, the principle behind the Seecamp design is that even the most powerful handgun is useless

unless its owner has it available when the moment of truth arrives.
The Seecamp is so small and unobtrusive, one could
carry it to the beach in his swim trunks, hardly noticing it or
being noticed carrying it. It doesn’t have sights, which can
snag in a pocket. It fires in double action mode only, which
means a hard long trigger pull, which makes it very safe to
carry. There are no external safeties to complicate things or
snag in a jacket or pants pocket. And although the .32 A.C.P.
is not a .45 or a .357 magnum it’s still the same cartridge that
Flemming arms Bond with his PPK. The Seecamp is
designed around a single hollow point bullet, the 60 grain
Winchester Silvertip, which the company guarantees as the
only cartridge the Seecamp can fire reliably and this bullet
hits more than twice as hard as any .22 or .25 automatic.

The 32 Seecamp was so highly regarded that there was a 2 year wait for delivery.

Due to its short sighting radius and absence of sights the
Seecamp cannot begin to shoot with either the PPK or the Kahr
P-9. Its strong suit is it’s the utmost in conceivability, a fact dramatized when two police officers once searched my pickup truck for weapons. I had my Seecamp rolled up in my pajamas lying on the floor of the truck. The police officers never found the Seecamp.

The Seecamp is therefore a specialized weapon one has no
excuse for not carrying along when one is uncomfortable
with carrying larger handguns. So how does the 9-mm Kahr
stack up against the PPK?

The PPK at first appears to be a much more finely machined pistol than the much more powerful Kahr P-9. Moreover, its sexy lines are prettier than the blocky

My Kahr has a parkerized slide riding on a polymer
(plastic) frame whereas the Walther’s black chrome finish is
impeccable. Worse, the Kahr fires in double action only
which would seem to favor the Walther with its smooth light
single action option at the range. But the Kahr shoots the
piss out of the PPK. One would think the PPK shoots well
for a pocket pistol until one shoots the Kahr. Although the
Kahr is double action only, Kahr’s double action pistols are
the smoothest around. The Kahr also benefits from excellent
white high contrast sights that line up quickly and efficiently.
In fact, the Kahr is so good, it’s competitive with many big
name full sized pistols, guns considered far easier to shoot
accurately because of their heft and longer sight radius. It’s
the kind of pistol a shooter can shoot well at twenty-five
yards, a distance considered to be outside the range of nearly
all pocket pistols.

Although it’s only been in existence for a few years, Kahr
Arms sales have made it one of the forerunners in modern
pistol design. Its P-9 9 mm pistol is roughly the same size as
a PPK, yet weighs significantly less. Kahr technology has
ensured that it’s stone reliable and if the P-9 isn’t small
enough for an over the hill Bond, who might be tempted to
go back to his pitiful 25 caliber Beretta, Kahr has recently
introduced an even smaller and lighter version of its P-9.
But face it, Bond’s getting old, and rumor has it that he’s
going for even younger and more beautiful women. With
girls as attractive as our Roxys Bomb girl around, it is likely
that we will find Bond going around more scantily clad than
ever. If James Bond ever clamors for that .25 Beretta again,
there’s the Seecamp, at the same size and weight, which is
much safer to carry, and just as powerful as his old PPK.

To read more about Xtreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World click here. 


YouTube bans cockfighting video

YouTube bans cockfighting video so you aren’t going to see this short action packed video there but you can see it now thanks to Alpha Productions.

YouTube bans cockfighting video
Shooting as close as three feet from the fighting cocks I was able to get some outstanding action that most people never get to see. Some do gooders might call my video to be glorification of animal cruelty. But I assure you that it’s not. No more than the boxing I did in college. I reveled in it. It’s a male thing. To have an opponent puncture my ear drum during a street fight when I wasn’t looking. And taking him down. This is the kind of thing a lot of us males love doing. So the roosters are no different from many of us.

Now I’m not about to knock most of these these animal rights activists.  But I will call the cretins who reported me to YouTube complete imbeciles.

The original YouTube video I produced was utterly fantastic.  And for the following reasons.  1.  I got up real close to the fighting cocks, oftentimes just 2 or 3 feet away.  2.  This video is totally authentic.  I took it in a northern Thailand village.  And this is what some of these people do.  They pit their prized roosters against a neighbor’s.  They do this for fun.  And sometimes they gamble on the outcome.

3.  No animal was seriously hurt while I was shooting this video.  A few bruises.  A few missing feathers being strewn about.  And a few minor cuts, but that’s it.  The villagers did not put spurs on the roosters in this video.  And if the roosters started really hurting each other the villagers would separate them.

My headline reads YouTube bans cockfighting video

And the reason is I wanted to call attention to how really stupid many people are.  I also want to drive home the point that the YouTube censors usually side with such idiots.

So YouTube bans cockfighting video of mine?  So what.  I just put it on my Alpha Productions web site and it will stream just as well as it does on YouTube.

In another article I described how the music companies were completely destroying the ambiance around us by forcing night clubs and bars to eliminate all background music that’s been copyrighted.  Unless they pay extortionist fees to these greedy music companies.  In Thailand we end up having to listen to Da Da music.  We must listen to this horrid noise in most of the go go bars we visit.  In the beer bars also.  And I even have to listen to this crap while exercising at the expensive fitness center I pay over $1500 a year to.

Thankfully I bring my own usb with my own music on it.  Which I insert into the elliptical machine and exercise like hell in my own musical paradise of copyrighted music.  Here at Alpha Productions we are now free to publish whatever we want.  Regardless of how goodie two shoes censors feel about it.  This includes the finest streaming video we can produce.

The Beautiful Beach Road Freelancer who disappeared out of my life forever

Nine years ago the sexiest most beautiful Beach Road Freelancer disappears from Pattaya. And she’s been off my radar ever since. The last night I saw her she was absolutely terrified of her violent Thai boyfriend. Who had to have been tied into the Thai mafia. I am certain she would have contacted me after that fabulous last night we had together in the Girl Beer Bar. Then later on in my condo when I found out that she was really in some deep shit. So why am I thinking of her now? Nine years have passed.

My favorite viking friend, Per, from Norway at the Girl Beer Bar

I am an old fart now. But I was an old fart even back then. Yet even now I oftentimes have this overwhelming desire to show off. Like last week when I performed a pole dance in a Naklua Soi 18 bar.  And put it on you tube.

So why do I want to talk about this Beautiful Beach Road Freelancer now? For one thing we did this incredible pole dance together nine years ago.

Or at least I thought so. Perhaps it was all the tequila we had together.

But no. It wasn’t just the tequila I had. The German bar manager was so impressed by us that he came over and bought us both drinks.

Later he took me and my girlfriend up to show us his living quarters in the Girl Beer Bar. But I didn’t have a girlfriend on that last night I was with the Beautiful Beach Road Freelancer. The girl and I were so whacked out that he never forgot us. We were having so much fun together. And then, the next morning, I got her a taxi. And never saw her again.

Several of the bar girls in the Girl Beer Bar.

A lot has happened since we did that pole dance nine years ago

The Girl Beer Bar owner and manager died. In Germany. The German’s partner who was celebrating his 80th birthday at that big party at the German Girl Beer Bar just died 2 weeks ago. The Thai mafia murdered Edie. She had owned the Malai Bar. They shot her in the head on Sukamvit Road because she owed the wrong people money. After that a restaurant owner friend of mine also got mixed up with the Thai Mafia. But I’m not going to talk about that here.

So now I feel compelled to tell the story about the Beautiful Beach Road Freelancer and how she disappeared on me

Part I 12 years ago

I spotted her on Beach Road, across the street from Mike’s shopping mall, leaning against a tree. The freelancer was slender, with a firm belly, and very full breasts. They weren’t large. Or bulbous, and I found out later there was no silicon either. They were just bursting out of her slender frame. But now that I think about it from hindsight, I think she must have been lactating with her breasts full of milk.

God, did I want to take them into my mouth. So I took her back to my room and paid her for short time. I think it was only 500 baht back then. But it was the best 500 baht I ever paid. And it was the worse. It just depends on how you look at it.

She stayed in my room for just 20 minutes. It took only that long for me to come. And she wouldn’t let me as much as touch those glorious breasts of hers. She wouldn’t let me eat her either. And the bitch couldn’t wait to get away from me and get on with her next customer down by Mike’s shopping mall.

I took her back to my room two or three times. But it was always the same. “Don’t touch. And Keep your tongue inside your own mouth.”

That girl had total control of me. She was a complete bitch. But she was the sexiest girl I ever saw free lancing down on Beach Road. By a factor of ten.

Four years I meet the beautiful Beach Road Freelancer again

I had promised my pals that I’d meet them at the Beer Garden for beers at 8:30, and then we’d hit a few Walking Street go go bars together. Three years earlier I had bought a condo down on the beach in Naklua. So I tried to get a ten baht taxi on Naklua Road. But seven or eight Songtaews passed me. Their drivers totally not interested in picking me up. This pissed me off completely.

“Fuck it. I’m not getting any taxi tonight,” I told myself. I’m walking all the way even though it’s over two miles to the Beer Garden. Not one of these lazy songtaew drivers is making one dime off me tonight.”

With nasty thoughts in mind about all the terrible things I wanted to befall all Pattaya taxi drivers, I set out to the Beer Garden, running most of those two miles. While walking part of the way. And then I jogged up to the platform across from Mike’s shopping mall where a lot of free lancers hang out looking for customers. Then I heard one of the prostitutes calling out my name.

I stopped right in my tracks. Suddenly a trim attractive free lancer stood directly in front of my path.

“Jack. Do you remember me?” the girl asked.

I couldn’t believe it. Here she was, looking almost the same as she did four years ago.

And she remembered my name. And here I had been thinking that she despised me. Me and all her other customers. She looked pretty much the same except that her breasts looked a lot smaller now.

I told her I had bought a condo in Naklua since last seeing her. She acted surprised and pleased. I suppose she never expected me to put my roots down in Pattaya. Thinking I was just another tourist four years ago while I was renting a modest room near Soi 6.

I wanted her again. But I had promised my friends Id be meeting them for sure. And did. Was only ten minutes late too. In spite of walking and running the entire way. I mean “Who in the hell needs taxis anyway? Lazy motherfuckers.

But I managed to give the girl my phone number. And I told her I’d be finishing the go go bars around 11 when she promised to call me.

Good to her word she called me a little after 11 while I was taking a piss in a go go bar toilet.

Forty-five minutes later she was waiting for me just one block from my condo in front of the 7-11.

I had no live in girlfriend then and was paying go go girls 1000 baht to visit me at my condo

Back then I had six different girls from Super Girls Go Go stay with me in my condo for short times. But oftentimes they’d stay for several hours. I was also seeing a Soi Six girl who I was paying 800 baht to visit me. But like most Thai sex workers she turned out to be pretty much of a liar. But no matter. I had them coming and going back in those days.

She is not the beautiful Beach Road Freelancer
My favorite girl from Super Girls at my condo.

I finally settled on a favorite go go dancer from Super Girls who eventually wound up getting big tits from silicon and company. Sometimes I’d have her meet me for a drink or two at the Girl Beer Bar before taking her back to the condo.

But my favorite Girl of them all turned out to be the Beautiful Beach Road Freelancer

Yeah, I know. She was a complete bitch. But times had been a changing. I had my own condo now. So the girl knew I was for real. Staying in Pattaya all year long. Year after year.

She started staying with me for an hour at a time. This went on for a couple of weeks and then we’d start spending more time together out on my deck. Drinking and smoking cigarettes together. I’d be seeing her a couple of times a week. While paying her 800 baht.

She spoke much better English than most of the other girls. And she liked smoking cigarettes and so did I. So it was all so natural for us to just sit out there in the night smoking, and drinking whatever I had handy. But the more comfortable she got hanging around with me at my condo, the less comfortable she was getting with her situation.

She had a Thai boyfriend. Who oftentimes beat her, and who was taking most of her money she was getting off her customers.

She started telling me that he had started following her. And that he knew exactly where I lived. As for me, I had long ago figured out that most of those Beach Road freelancers have really nasty Thai Mafia boyfriends.

She liked me a lot. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be spending all that time with me. So I was figuring that we would last for a very long time together. Perhaps forever. But it would not last.

Our last night together

We had just had sex together in the master bedroom in my condo when I suddenly got the bright idea of taking her to the Girl Beer Bar.

Several of the ladies from Girl Beer Bar

A group of Germans ran the Girl Beer Bar. It was our absolute favorite bar in the entire world. The Girl Beer Bar had a good handful of pretty girls who used to dance out on the sidewalk in front of the place. Gus and I used to buy one or two bottles of Thai whiskey and then we’d sit out in front of the bar with several of the girls who we’d ply with alcohol.

Girl Beer Bar ladies drinking Thai whiskey at a table right on the sidewalk. Gus and I used to buy bottles of Thai whiskey from a nearby 7-11, and then we’d give it to the girls to loosen up.

The mamasan didn’t mind that we were getting all those bottles of Thai whisky on the cheap at a nearby 7-11. And neither did the German owners.

I used to bring girls into the Girl Beer Bar from the outside and ask my favorite girls what they thought of the girls I was taking home with me. But this night I really didn’t care what anyone thought of the Beautiful Beach Road Freelancer. She was the epitome of cool. And I was so happy to have her with me.

Pole Dancing at the Girl Beer Bar with the Beautiful Beach Road Freelancer

Nine years later, this is me, doing a pole dance at a Naklua Bar.  I can still do it, but that last night with the Beautiful Beach Road Freelancer, I was much better


The Beautiful Beach Road Freelancer was scared to death of her Thai boyfriend. Which was nothing new. But now she was certain that he had her under surveillance every time she visited me. Tonight she was in no hurry to leave me, so I asked her to spend the whole night at my condo.

Then I took her to the Girl Beer Bar. She struck it off extremely well with my bar girl friends there. So it didn’t take long before one or two of the bar girls started drinking with us. And the music was very good that night. Which was nothing unusual. It was a mix of Golden Oldies and contemporary music with a good beat.

Pai of Girl Beer Bar Fame. Pai was my leading confidant as she would always tell me what she thought of the girls I brought in from outside the Girl Beer Bar

I couldn’t believe it, but before long the Beautiful Beach Road Freelancer and I were dancing together. While I started pulling out some dancing moves that I never knew I had.

She was a great dancer. And she was so self assured. I knew right then that she must have once been a go go dancer.

And not the run of the mill go go girls but one of the top girls wherever she worked.

By now we were drinking a lot. Beer and hard liquor. And certainly several shots of tequila. The other girls were really taking to her. Then suddenly I got the idea to try a little pole dancing.

Before the Germans got the Girl Beer Bar it had been a go go bar. There had been one of two tables with dancing poles in their centers. But the owners had removed the tables and poles to offer more space to their customers. But the center stage still remained with its pole.

It didn’t take much for me to get the beautiful beach road freelancer to join me on that center stage. By this time I was half drunk and 100 percent full of myself.

I had the number one girl in the entire bar with me. And this number one girl was enjoying herself immensely. As inebriated as I was, I knew I could still acquit myself well on a dancing pole. I had done it so many times before back in the United States. Most of the American strippers I knew couldn’t do it at all. But some could. And many of those far better than I’d ever be able to do it. Yet a lot of the good pole dancers had a lot of fun watching me do the pole. And showing me their best pole dancing techniques.

So here I was at the Girl Beer Bar. In Thailand no less. And I did it. Pulling myself up high on the pole I hung there by the pressure of my feet and one arm. And then I started twirling around the pole in a circle. Making several revolutions before I gravity finally put me on the platform.

Several of the Germans sitting close to the stage went wild. And so did my companion, the Beautiful Beach Road Freelancer.

Oh we were great together that night. But it was now her turn to strut her stuff. To show what she was really made of.

Since I had already figured that she had once been a top go go dancer, it didn’t surprise me to see her doing so well on the pole. And then up on that pole we climbed. Together. The rest is a blur. It was so long ago, and we both had a lot to drink that night. But when we finished our antics on the dancing pole, one of the Germans stood up and started clapping. The man then bought us both shots of tequila.

“That was wonderful,” the German told us. “You both were terrific.”

The German never told me who he was, other than his name. But it turned out he was the manager. I think the old German who owned all those restaurants and the go go in Bangkok owned 50 % of the Girl Beer Bar. Then there was Arno, who owned a piece of the Heidelburg Restaurant. And one or two others. But Walter was the general manager, and although he probably owned just a small piece of the bar, his fellow co-owners gave him several rooms upstairs that he made into an apartment. The rooms had been short time rooms when the bar had been a go go bar. Later on Walther would proudly show off his apartment rooms to my girlfriend and I.

The Beautiful Beach Road Freelancer and I had spent a fabulous night together

But it was our last night. I’d never see her again. Not ever.

The next morning she got me up real early. Then she asked me to get her a taxi. At first I thought she wanted a songthaew. Or motorbike taxi. Then she told me how scared she was. So we went to the hotel next door where I got her a real taxi that had blackened windows. NO one could see who she was in that taxi. Which had been her whole point. It was the first and only time I ever got a Thai sex worker a regular taxi. All of them, were only too happy to have me pay for their motorbike taxi rides home.

She had told me she was leaving her Thai boyfriend. Which she had certainly tried to do. Otherwise she would never have insisted on getting a regular taxi. After that I could never reach her on her telephone. I can’t remember, but I must have tried messaging her once or twice. And she never called me again. Or sent me any text messages.

But we had established a solid connection together. A connection that we solidified when we did that pole dance together. I still think of her a lot. Because she was one helluva cool lady.

A  lot of good things came out of  the Girl Beer Bar.  Here’s a few links you might want to check out

When Bangkok Soi Cowboy Go Go Girls met the Best Pattaya Beer Bar Girls

Best Bar Video Girl Bar on Pattaya Naklua Road



American Cuban rapprochement time to open the door

It is about time for American Cuban rapprochement and Obama was just the right man to do it, with the help of Raol Castro.  As for me, I’m going to Cuba, if not this year, next year or the year after. Be sure of that.  I’m excited to see the American Cuban rapprochement develop.

American Cuban rapprochement initiated by Raol Castro and Obama
Obama and Raol Castro shaking hands on the upcoming

You should get just as excited as I am.  Cuba is right on our doorstep,

93 miles to be exact.  Yet for 50 years it’s been official American policy to consider Cuba to be an outlaw nation.  But we’ve had that all wrong just as we had it all wrong in Vietnam. Where over 60,000 American soldiers died as Americans killed over 1,000,000 Vietnamese.  As their Christian duty to save the world from the Communist scourge.  But what a difference forty years can make.  Communist, Capitalistic, or whatever we choose to call Vietnam today, it is rapidly been emerging as a prime trading partner of the U.S. and staunch political ally in Asia.

The main problem with American Cuban rapprochement is back in 1959 the United States chose the wrong side.

When it ignored Fidel Castro’s pleas for American assistance while he was consolidating his Revolution in Cuba.  The U.S. ignored Casto’s pleas for assistance so Fidel had only one choice.  Which was to turn to the Soviet Union.   Had we stood with Fidel, the entire course of Cuban-American relations would have taken a different course over the past 50 years.

There would have been no Cuban Missile crisis, no bay of Pigs–Cuba would never have been listed as a pariah nation.

Instead, Cuba would have become one of the prime tourist destinations for Americans seeking beautiful scenery and pristine beaches right on our doorstep.  The Cuban economy would have prospered while the whole course of American–Latin American relations would have turned out so much better for all concerned.

The same thing happened in Vietnam. When Ho Chi Minh turned to the United States for the support of a country he deeply admired.

And just as we did with Castro, we turned our back on Ho.  So he turned to the Soviet Union instead.

Once again, the result was a complete travesty of injustice with devastating results for both Vietnam and the United States.   Vietnam is still Communist, at least on paper, but now it’s one of the good guys.  So if you go to Vietnam now, the Vietnamese will consider you to be one of the good guys too.  After all, I’ve traveled to Vietnam four times.    Where I found the Vietnamese to be some of the most helpful friendly people in Asia.

But leave it to Obama to take the lead in the U.S. to get those doors open again.  I expected no less from the man.  Vietnam has finally become one of the good guys. I expect in a few years Cuba will become one of our most steadfast trading partners. Just as I believe Americans will finally recognize Obama as one of America’s greatest presidents.  It just takes a little time for History to sort these things out.

To continue reading more about the recent American Cuban rapprochement you might want to read the following from Wikipedia 


Best search engine for using Pattaya Expats Forum

You will find the Best search engine for the Pattaya Expats forum at its Alpha Productions web site.


Best search engine
Best search engine for this blog is the Alpha Productions web site.

The benefits for your going to are huge.

  • There’s hundreds of pages of content at including all content in this blog.  That’s because this blog is within the domain.
  • I’ve been working on the web site for  over 20 years.  Much of its content is adult related.
  • I used to get paid by Xtreme Magazine and other adult magazines but when I could not find a viable adult magazine covering the Midwest Clubs I decided to start my own.  I created The Looking Glass Magazine  as part of my web site.  The search box for this forum will not work for all that Looking Glass Magazine content.
  • After buying a condo in Thailand and moving here full time the content of the Looking Glass took on an Asian Thailand focus as I no longer was visiting the American strip clubs.
  • Most of the adult and Thailand content in the Looking Glass is not part of this blog.  The last articles in the Looking Glass were in December 2013.  From that date on this blog replaced the Looking Glass Magazine.

Let me give you several examples of why this is the Best search engine for the Pattaya Expats Forum

  1.  Go to  Using the Google custom search box type in Thai women.  This search engine privatizes  Alpha Productions content over all other content.  Notice how much of this content takes you to this blog and also to the Looking Glass Magazine articles I did before I even started this blog.

2.  Go to  Once again use the Google custom search box and type in nude wrestling.  Start clicking on the search engine results.  Choose Spew Wrestling at the Iowa Playhouse 

Okay.  I’m going to put one of the pictures right here for a sneak preview.


You won’t find these pictures in this  Pattaya Expats Forum.  Or anywhere else either.  I might be prejudiced but I think the Spew Wrestling venture that Big Daddy and Big Mike created were the finest nude wrestling spectacles of all time.

3.  Go to again and type into the search box Big Daddy.  Not only was Big Daddy the founder of Spew wrestling.  He’s a lifelong friend of mine and only a couple of weeks ago we were sitting together at ringside at the Pattaya Max Muay Thai stadium as I was shooting video of the fights there.  Big Daddy is truly significant to me, not just because he’s a very dear fiend of mine but also because he brought me to Thailand.    Notice among many of the Big Daddy results the Double Knockout article and you tube video that appears in this blog

4.  Once again go to and type into the search box Krabi.   In my opinion the Krabi area has the most beautiful beaches in Thailand and the world.  You will find a lot of my Krabi articles and pictures this way.

Alpha Productions is still here after 20 years

Nearly all the adult sites and strip clubs in the old days are gone.  Those were great days back then.  And Alpha Productions is no longer doing the adult stuff now that I’ve moved to Thailand.  But I’m still using professional cameras to create the best photography and video I can.  Most of the  strippers and feature entertainers I worked with in the old days are gone too.  Most are doing other things with their lives.  Many have died.  The strip club owners and top managers who were my friends have turned to other pursuits.  For example, Frank, who was the GM of the Platinum Club and  owner of Club 64 is now selling furniture (Frank will be successful whatever he does).  Big Daddy is focusing on mcing or doing voice overs for Professional Wresting.

Corey from Club 64
Yes. I shot a lot of the American girls nude. But I always tried to do my artistic best. The girl in the picture worked at Club 64. Frank who had been the absolute best manager I ever knew at Platinum Club and his wife had me shoot more than half a dozen of their girls. Frank’s wife (who had been assistant manager at Platinum) would work on a girl’s hair with a couple of the other girls, her outfit, makeup, etc for up to 2 hours in order to present the girl at her best. Getting to work with Frank and Sherry made me a much better photographer while enabling me to become much more adept in photo editing. This husband wife team were the most professional strip club managers I’ve ever encountered. I owe a lot to them.

I never shot porn by the way.

My goal has always been to be an artist.  I’ve always tried to present the adult entertainers I knew as beautiful women inside and out.

Aspen Reign Magician in Pursuit of Excellence

Aspen Reign superstar feature entertainer
I think my strength as a photographer (if I have any) is as an action photographer. When Aspen Reign took center stage to perform her shows she was an absolute dynamo. I would often shoot up to 1500 pictures in a single night at the feature entertainer showcases I covered. All the other feature entertainers would stop whatever they were doing to watch Aspen when it came time for her to perform her show. She was the maestro of all maestros

Aspen was absolutely wonderful.

One morning while I was staying at a hotel in Peoria, Illinois shooting a Pure Talent Agency Showcase, I went into Big Als early to have a cup of coffee.  A new girl looked a lot like Aspen.  During the evening performances this new entertainer kept trying to emulate Aspen’s style.  Even her hair style.  So here I am drinking my cup of coffee at Big Al’s and there’s a woman sitting at the bar without much makeup on.  I think it’s the new girl.  After we exchange a few remarks, the girl says to me:

“It’s me.  Aspen.”

We talk a bit more, and then Aspen tells me:

“I have been watching you when you are shooting all the other feature entertainers. ”

“Why are you watching me?” I reply.

“Because I want to see which entertainers interest you the most.  So I watch to see which feature entertainers you shoot the most of.”

That made my day.  Here was the biggest superstar of them all taking a professional interest in my photography.

Aspen Reign was simply incredible.  She truly deserved my calling her Magician in Pursuit of Excellence.

Best search engine to use for this blog
Front cover of Xtreme Magazine showcasing my Aspen Reign article, Aspen Reign Magician in Pursuit of Excellence

I wrote a lot of magazine articles about them.

As far as shooting their naked bodies?  Yes.  I did a lot of that.  Hopefully I have captured the beauty of the female form in my endeavors.  And I got paid for doing it.  Here in Thailand I never shoot nude pictures of Thai women.  In  the U.S. my photography and magazine articles helped the adult entertainers in their careers by increasing their marketability and earnings.

The number one reason why the  Best search engine is the google custom search engine on the main Alpha Productions web site

This is the Best search engine to use because it fuses all of the content in the Looking Glass online magazine with this blog and all that great adult content I used to do back in the United States.

Jack Corbett Asia Travelogue

The Jack Corbett Asia Travelogue is not a comprehensive travel site.  But it is completely objective due to my making no money whatsoever by sharing my travel experiences.

My purpose for integrating the Looking Glass Magazine with the Jack Corbett Funhouse blog is two fold.  First, my last issue of the Looking Glass Magazine was the Macau Hong Kong December 2013 issue.     The reason I stopped writing articles in the Looking Glass Magazine was 1.  I wanted to replace it with the Funhouse blog and 2.  My focus had completely changed from the American adult entertainment industry to becoming a Thailand Expat.

But there’s a lot of Asian travel  content in the Looking Glass Magazine.  And as the old saying goes, why reinvent the wheel?  I took hundreds of pictures in my Asian travels.  Most of them are in the Looking Glass.  And I spent a lot of time writing travel articles in the Looking Glass.

There are over 50 issues of the Looking Glass Magazine.  The Jack Corbett Funhouse blog is the Looking Glass Magazine’s replacement.  But there’s still one more reason for integrating the Looking Glass with the Jack Corbett Fun House blog.   Although I no longer have much interest in American strip clubs, many issues of the Looking Glass were all about American strippers, topless clubs, and major adult entertainment events I participated in as a professional photographer and writer.  For those who would like to enjoy all that adult content of the Looking Glass and my web site, this travel section of the Funhouse blog is perhaps the bridge that many of you have been waiting for.

Thailand section Jack Corbett Asia Travelogue

Poda Island Krabi
Krabi is my favorite beach destination in Thailand

The Man Tour of Thailand

Plumeria Serviced apartments on Wongamat Beach

Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens

Movie Time at Pattaya Long Beach Hotel

Beachs of  Krabi and  the Phi Phi Islands

North Pattaya’s Garden Cliff Resort

Dirt bike riding on Koh Samet’s rutted trails

Jack Corbett’s Twelve Wonders of Pattaya

Thailand’s best beaches, Krabi, Phi Phi Islands, and Railey

Driving motorbikes on Pattaya Koh Larn Island

Koh Chang Resorts 1 gets an A, the other an F–

Koh Chang’s  hidden jewel–Resolution Resort 

In Search of Thailand’s Perfect Beach

Koh Larn Island Motorbike Video


Vietnam section Jack Corbett Asia Travelogue

Halong Bay in the Jack Corbett Asia Travelogue
On a Vietnamese Junk on Ha Long Bay

Late Date in Vietnam

Return to Hanoi

Places in  Ho Chi Minh City you must Experience

Malaysia  section

Mysterious disappearance of Jim Thompson
I spent 2 days looking for the place Jim Thompson was last seen

1967 disappearance of Jim Thompson, Thailand’s Silk King

Hong Kong Macau section

The Casinos of Macau

Five Days in Hong Kong Macau



Recommended travel sites





Reintroducing the American Republican Party Cartoon Strip

I’m reintroducing the American Republican Party Cartoon Strip.  Why?  Because  of Trump the Rump, Vice President Mike (No Common Sense) Pence and other imbeciles ruling the U.S.

Meet the King Makers. These two Congressmen might have been elected by the people. But they are owned by Big Money

As the 2012 presidential election approached, I was so disgusted with the Republican Party’s sorry ass cast of candidates, I just had to do it.  It was my patriotic duty, even if I had virtually no talent as an artist.  So I created 25 cartoon strips ridiculing the Republican Party.

But now that we have Trump the Rump as President and Mike (No common sense) Pence as Vice President, it’s time to pull out that 2012 Republican party cartoon strip again.  But the last election was in 2016.  So—the past repeats itself.  Different Faces.  But it’s the same kind of nitwits all over again.

In the Republican Party Cartoon Strip you will be meeting

Fox News puppets Glen Beck and Sean Hannity
Roger the Dodge Ailes of False News, and his puppets, Glenny and Hanny
Is Fox News a propaganda arm of the Republican Party.  Hell yes. That’s why we call it Falso News
Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limblenuts
Sarah Palin cheerleader
Sarah Palin, who was McCain’s choice for vice president in 2012
John McCain
And meet Migrain
Grinchy who’s trying to make a come back in American politics

Herman Cain
Do not forget Pizza Man.  After all the Water Fountain  and Office Closet Girls haven’t.

Rick Perry
Perry looks all business. Resembles a movie star playing U.S. President
But his knowledge of the world is as limited as Trump the Rump’s
Milt Romney
Then there is Plastic Man Melt Romney whose vision for America is all over the place.
Let us not forget Sanitation Man Rick who will call upon religion to save us from ourselves
Born in a manger. He’s got God on his side





Trump’s medieval climate change Mindset

Trump is an American disaster and international embarrassment represented at its worse by Trump’s medieval climate change mindset.  Imagine China leading the world at fighting man made climate change.  This is like calling upon the fox to guard the hen house.   This is a huge strategic mistake of epic proportions as the New York Times warned in its June 1, 2017 editorial Trump Hands the Chinese a Gift:  The Chance for Global Leadership.

Trump's medieval climate change Mindset came later
I created this Trump cartoon in 2012 when we had the choice of not just one but 8 Republican Imbeciles to take us back to the Dark Ages.

Donald Trump is an imbecile.  And we Americans cannot say we haven’t been warned.

Trump's medieval climate change mindset
Thomas Friedman is a A three time Pulitzer Prize winning Journalist, Thomas Friedman writes a monthly editorial for the New York Times.

The U.S. should be taking Thomas Friedman’s advice on Climate Change

Three time Pulitzer prize winner Thomas Friedman is my favorite journalist.  He’s the main reason I subscribed to the New York Times instead of the Washington Post.  In his No 1 International best seller, Hot, Flat and Crowded,  Friedman lays out an entire blueprint that would  not just lead the U.S. to energy independence.   It would also enable the United States to become the world leader in green energy.  This would have enabled the U.S. to develop the technology, production and distribution to a huge industry that would enable the world to become a much greener planet.  This would create millions of jobs here in the United States.  But sadly, the United States has fallen way behind the rest of the developed world.

Our leaders are morally bankrupt with a crippled mentality of me first.  To hell with the rest of the country.

Trump’s medieval climate change mindset is a gift of world leadership to the Chinese

Today I am reading the Bangkok Post while drinking coffee in condo here in Thailand.  I am reading about how the Chinese will soon be building a high speed train system  here .  So what about our American engineers and business leaders, who are probably the best in the world?   Unfortunately the U.S. is not even a contender for showing the Thais how to build a high speed train system.  Now, the French have been quite good at developing some of the highest speed trains in the world.  And so are the Japanese.  Then there’s little countries like Denmark which will be 100 percent self sufficient in a few years.  High speed trains are a significant step in the green revolution’s combating man-made climate change.

But we got Donald Trump, who is on target for buying still more billions of dollars of nuclear weapons that we never needed in the first place.  And that hopefully we will never even contemplate using.  I guess that’s what Trump means when he says, “America First.”

The rest of the world is starting to view the U.S. with contempt

“What an idiot.” Hell, I was in a bar the other night.  Suddenly a drunken Englishman came in.  The man told me he was drunk, and then he started in on me about Trump.

So I told him, “I probably hate Trump even more than you do.    I don’t even want to talk about him.  Let’s talk about something else like beer, music and women.”

But the man never let up on me.  The wanker kept on winging about the American and English governments and how bad he thought Hillary Clinton was.  I kept telling him to shut up, but on and on he went until my Cambodian waitress gently took me over to another table, to keep me from punching the guy’s lights out.

Trump’s medieval climate change mentality will not only put the United States far behind many much more enlightened nations when it comes to combating man made climate change.  It also puts the United States at the back of the pack when it comes to meaningful world leadership.  Just as sad is the fact that most Americans view Trump’s medieval climate change mentality with disdain.  Unfortunately there is no way out of this abyss.

Vice President Mike Pence is every bit as much of a moron as Donald Trump.

June 3 on Fox News Mike Pence called the issue of climate change “a paramount issue for the left” as he sought to defend Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the US from the Paris agreement on climate change.

“It is “so refreshing to have a President who stands without apology … For America first”, Mr Pence said on Fox News’ Fox & Friends programme, saying he didn’t understand why climate change had become such a big issue for the Democrats and the left.”

The Republican Party’s defense of Trump’s medieval climate change mindset is indefensible

Anyone who defends Trump’s medieval climate change mindset is a regressive retard.  We can put Mike Pence at the top of the list.   This means impeachment of Trump is not an option, even if his Republican minions who hold majorities in both the House and Senate wanted to.

I would like to ask all the misinformed Americans who voted for the Republican Party to become better informed before they vote in the next election.  Unfortunately when it comes to U.S. world leadership and curbing the catastrophic effects of man-made climate change,  it is far too late for that.  But oh well, we will at least be able to exhaust our nation’s resources by  increasing the power of our nuclear arsenal. By allowing  Trump’s medieval climate change mentality to overcome their better judgement,  Americans now face two choices for self destruction.  Death by nuclear annihilation or man made climate change.







Playground ass whipping in Sergei Kovalev Andre Ward II

What happens in a playground ass whipping is simple.  In Kovalev Andre Ward II  the outcome was just as decisive. On the playground one kid beats hell out of the other. The victor dominates with the loser knowing he just isn’t as tough as his opponent.

Kovalev gets playground ass whipping
This was not a low blow. Andre Ward proved he could hurt Kovalev to the head, then finish him with crushing body punches that left Kovalev defenseless. Andre Ward inflicted an indisputable playground ass whipping to a terrific fighter, leaving no doubt as to which man is king of the ring. I contend that at 75 kilos, Ward, would take apart any prize fighter, regardless of his size

Which one is the Alpha Male?

Playground fighting is the same thing that occurs in the animal kingdom. Two male wolves fight for dominance over the pack, and once the issue is decided, there’s no question which wolf is the meanest, strongest animal. Or two bull moose lock horns to determine which male moose is going to be subservient over the other. Whether it’s in the animal kingdom or the playground, there’s no tabulation of points or 6 month rematches. Or penalties imposed for low blows. One male wins, while the other loses.

Which fighter will impose his will on the other?

And so it was in this epic rematch between the two finest boxers in the world.  One could already see it during the weigh in. With Kovalev and Andre Ward doing the obligatory stare down. But if you caught the tail end of the stare down, you would have caught Ward shrugging indifferently. Not once, but twice.   The body language spoke volumes as if Ward were saying, “okay, lets cut the crap. I’m winning this fight. Kovalev’s mine.”  (the subtle shrugs start at 3:31 in the weigh in video below).  Ward’s supremely confident here.  Now I knew who would win this fight.  If you caught it during the weigh in, there would be no room for doubt of  the playground ass whipping to come.

The fight started just as Kovalev–Ward 1 had, with Kovalev,  the aggressor, throwing out a lot more punches than his opponent. Trouble was, most of them didn’t land, and those that did failed to land with the same authority they did in Kovalev-Ward 1. Early on, Ward,  demonstrated a dazzling arsenal of defensive boxing skills of slipping and ducking punches.  This display of awesome talent no doubt convinced Kovalev that Ward was 100 percent certain  that there was no way the Russian could hurt him.

A playground ass whipping means total physical and mental domination over one’s opponent

Next came step II in Ward’s game plan of psychological dominance. Which was, “I ‘m now going to show you something that you totally never suspected”. Although he didn’t throw many, the punches to Kovalev’s head showed a snappiness and force that Kovalev had never seen before. And that he never suspected to exist. With only a 50 % knockout percentage, Ward’s never been known to have a knockout punch. Until now. The replays on you tube show Ward snapping Kovalev’s head back as the surprise registered in his Kovalev’s eyes and the Russian  could feel the pain.

I never knew that Ward can really punch

For the first time, Kovalev must have suddenly realized, “This man can really punch. I can easily be knocked out by this man.  I need to be very careful from now on.”

Kovalev already knew about step III in Ward’s game plan expecting Ward to impose his inside game of clinching, holding and body punching.   But Kovalev was ready for that.   He had learned Ward’s inside tactics well  from Kovalev Andre Ward I.  What he did not expect this time was for Ward to be able to deliver so many hard effective body punches. He expected Ward to be intimidated by his own powerful offense which he would continually slow down by holding and clinching to nullify the Russian’s powerful punches. Instead the American turned an inside game that had been mostly defensive into a very dangerous offensive weapon.

Fighting Dirty????  Nope.  I am only fighting to win

Throughout the fight, Ward would deliver one excruciating blow after the other into Kovalev’s midsection.. In my opinion,  Kovalev already expected a lot of effective body punching from Ward so he decided to impose his own mind game upon Ward.  I thought Kovalev was wearing his shorts substantially higher than they normally would have been worn.  In my opinion Kovalev had been hoping that the Ward would be thinking that he was delivering below the belt low blows and that the referee would severely penalize Ward for being a dirty fighter.  I think that at the very least Kovalev was hoping that this would discourage Ward from relying on his excellent body punching skills. And if the referee should disqualify Ward, so much the better.

The Russian’s strategy backfires

Unfortunately for Kovalev this did not work. To me, it seemed obvious that Ward was onto this trick, and that he decided to turn it against the Russian. Instead of tentatively punching Kovalev to the body out of fear of what the ref might do to him, Ward, went at Kovalev with reckless abandon. Throughout the fight Kovalev kept looking back at the referee to get him to do something about all those illegal dirty punches to the groin. And the referee, who was equally aware as Ward, to Kovalev’s strategy, kept ignoring the body blows, some of which might actually be considered as questionable.

But as the fight continued into the later rounds, Ward started to exhibit an ever increasing display of dazzling boxing skills that must have convinced Kovalev, I’m very fast, I have a great jab, I’m a terrific puncher and I have great boxing skills, but all of this, I cannot begin to match.” Ward continued to duck punches and to slip those that he didn’t duck. But when Kovalev did connect, Ward would hardly flinch at all, as if to say, “Is that all you got?” And then he’d snap Kovalev’s head back or deliver a punishing “low blow’ that might seem to cause Kovalev to crumple up in pain. But was Kovalev really only acting while trying to get the attention of the referee?

Kovalev finally faces the Inevitable

But it really didn’t matter. Either way, Kovalev was getting hurt. And if some of Ward’s body punches actually were illegal low blows, by then Ward had convinced Kovalev that there was nothing he could do about it. And by this time I could see that the Russian was becoming very frustrated by his own powerlessness.

Let’s recap all that I and others have said here.  Here’s the entire fight.

The playground ass whipping is sealed and delivered in the 8th round.  And to ANYONE who’s suggesting that Ward won because he’s a dirty fighter, I say, bullshit.

But to be certain, I downloaded the full fight from You tube.  Then I imported it into my video editing program, and ran key portions of it at 10 percent of the normal speed.   Especially the 7th and 8th rounds.

How Ward  dominated Kovalev

  • At 6:24 in the video, Ward clinches while picking Kovalev up off his feet, demonstrating, “I am stronger than you.”
  • 8:00 into the video, it is evident to the crowd that Ward is giving Kovalev a boxing lesson  which starts the crowd crowd chanting, “SOG, SOG, SOG (Son of God which Ward has embroidered into his shorts)
  • At 10:51 Ward delivers a body punch above Kovalev’s beltline.  Kovalev goes into a big song and dance protest hoping the referee will penalize Ward.   The crowd boos.
  • At 13:30 the crowd is enchanted with Ward’s incredible display of boxing talent as it cries out “Ali, Ali, Ali”.
  • At 14 minutes into the fight (on the you tube video) I’ve linked to, Kovalev is strong, but Ward’s snapping his punches with a force and speed Kovalev’s not seen before.  This has to be a nasty surprise from a man Kovalev believed lacked punching power.
  • At 17:00 Ward motions to the referee that Kovalev has been rabbit punching him to the head.  The video shows 3 rabbit punches inside one minute.  So much for all the protesting from Kovalev partisans and camp about “Ward’s Illegal low blows”.
  • By 19 minutes into this video, it’s pretty evident that Kovalev is not t going to be able to put Ward away unless he gets extremely lucky.

Ward takes control

At this point the scorecard is pretty even.  Kovalev is throwing more punches but Ward is displaying an awesome tool kit that’s thwarting Kovalev’s offense at every turn. Ward is also throwing the stronger blows.  It is evident to me that Ward will soon take complete control of this fight.

  • At 26:30 Kovalev turns his back on Ward.  (a complete no no in boxing)
  • At 28:21 Ward goes to Kovalev’s body twice.  Then he rabbit hits the Russian to the back of the head.
  • At 30 minutes into the video Ward clinches and pulls Kovalev around.  Disorientated, Kovalev turns his back on Ward while shielding his head from further attack.  His body language is of man who’s temporarily frightened and cowed.
  • By 30:30 Kovalev is looking tired, dizzy, and rattled from Ward’s offense.
  • By 30:52 into the 8th round Ward’s delivering a series of body punches (not to the testicles from my vantage point).  None of the punches appear all that hard yet Kovalev’s cowering down.   A look of pure disgust registers in Ward’s face.  In my opinion Kovalev’s  trying to get the referee to judge against Ward.

Andre Ward proves he’s a terrific finisher

  •  31 minutes into the video, Andre Ward’s eyes become those of a killer predator.  At 10 percent speed, the video shows that Ward is 100 percent focused on utterly destroying his opponent.
  • At 31:30, the American pummels Kovalev with body shots.  There is no fight left in Kovalev
  • At 31:45 Ward’s hitting Kovalev at will.
  • At 30:55 Ward punches Kovalev solidly to the midsection.  Then he rabbit punches him and follows up with another left to the midsection
  • At 31:32 Ward hits Kovalev with a devastating punch to the head.
  • By 31:35 Ward’s taken total control of the fight.  At this point Kovalev can do virtually nothing against the American.
  • By 32:02 Ward’s hitting Kovalev with three devastating body punches.  Kovalev’s almost on his knees now.  He won’t, or can’t defend himself.  The referee calls the fight a TKO for Ward.

Back to my playground ass whipping Analogy

In my own memory as a 12 year old, a much stronger boy who was 2 years older than I  is pummeling me to the ground.  There was no way I can beat this other kid.  I end up going home with two black eyes.  But most of the time I won, from the time I was six until I was fifty.  There was none of this, “Let’s fight again so I have a chance to beat you up when we meet again.” You either had the other guy or he had you.

Sergei Kovalev finally gets his playground ass whipping

And so it was with Kovalev vs Ward.  Kovalev was the bull, being larger and stronger. While Ward was the matador being completely aware of his total superiority over his opponent. With fifty seconds left in the 8th round, Kovalev knew that by then he had no chance whatsoever. The matador had his sword that amounted to a fantastic repertoire of both defensive and offensive weapons. By then, Ward had imposed both psychological and physical dominance over Kovalev. Ward would knock him out, if not this round, certainly the next.

Two magnificent fighters but only 1 is to be the best of the best

Kovalev is clearly a magnificent fighter.  Unfortunately, Andre Ward is an incredibly talented fighter without weaknesses.   Andre Ward Kovalev II proves to be a virtuoso performance from a man who doesn’t make mistakes.  By the time  Ward finally brings him to his knees , there is no longer any fight in Kovalev.   The final scene reminds me of a fighting bull waiting for the final thrust of the sword. Kovalev, is facing the finality of  ignominious defeat.   Like the kid being pummeled to the ground on the playground, there is no escaping the final outcome. One of these two great fighters had to lose.  While Andre Ward had finally emerged to become the undisputed champion of champions, and the el primo alpha of all alphas.