“Money Number One and its author, Neil Hutchison, censored in Thailand

It has been said that Neil Hutchison needs to be considered The Bible when it comes to dealing with Thailand’s bar girls and that no Westerner should deal with the Thai women he is likely to meet here without reading either “Money Number One” or one of Neil’s similar masterpieces such as “A Fool In Paradise”. The fact is Neil is telling the truth although many naive Westerners fail to realize it. Today I went to the Central Pattaya Mall to get a copy for a very good friend of mine who I just visited in Japan, thinking he’d get a big kick out of the book and who I could later have some good conversations with concerning the cultural differences between Japan and the West, Japan and China, and Thailand compared to his own country and other countries he’s visited. To my dismay I could find no copies of either “Money Number One” or any of Neil’s other books at Asia books. So I asked the bookstore attendant if she had “Money Number One”, and when she told me the bookstore had discontinued all of Neil’s books, I asked her why. She replied: “Because Thais have been complaining about the books because it shows Thais in a bad light.”

I then went to a second bookstore in the mall. Once again I asked where I could find, “Money Number One”? The woman in charge of the section where the book normally should have appeared told me, “We don’t have it” and when I asked her why, she told me, “We have problems with the publisher (Neil Hutchison). I then asked her, “Is the reason the same that Asia Books has” that certain Thais have complained?” She said yes.

A Fool in Paradise book coverThis required further investigation so I emailed Neil Hutchison for the answer. A few hours later a close associate of his emailed me that “Certain do-gooders had complained about the cartoon front cover image for “A Fool in Paradise”, because it depicted Thai bar girls in a sexy, provocative light and that this detracted from Thailand’s image. So the authorities removed them from Thailand’s bookstores.

Well that’s complete rubbish. Truth is when we are talking about the bar scene and most women associated with it, that’s the way it is, and money is number one. Neil exposes a major element of Thai society for what it really is and many Thais simply do not like the truth to be told.

Thankfully one can still occasionally buy one of Neil’s books in the shadows of Thailand’s mainline book stores where the more obscure shops can still be found or get a copy online from Neil’s web site Money Number One. I strongly urge anyone who comes to Thailand to get a copy, and to heed Neil’s advice. And if you are male and contemplate any form of relationship with a Thai woman whether it’s for five minutes or a lifetime, consider it the Bible.  Just remember that there are no exceptions to Neil’s unencouraging words of advice.    This includes you.

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