Pattaya Bar girls Super Sexy Dancing

Pattaya Bar girls Super Sexy Dancing takes place on Drinking Street. Cartoons add to the fun even if Jack can’t draw.

Do cartoons belong in the same video with Super Sexy Dancing as performed by Kwan and other Sexy Thai temptresses?  Jack can’t draw.  That’s a proven fact ever since his editor at Xtreme Magazine asked him to do a cartoon to dramatize his latest Dick Fitswell short story he had sent the editor.  The author told Jeremy, “I can shoot pictures and I can write, but I sure can’t draw, but I’ll given it my best shot.  So he sent Jeremy a cartoon he had drawn up of Dick Fitswell porking a Sun Valley Snow Bunny in a snow drift. Jeremy shot an e-mail back at Jack that read:  “You are right.  You really can’t draw”.

And here he’s at it again.  “Mr. Corbett.  Mr. Corbett, didn’t you learn your lesson years ago from your editor at Xtreme?”


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