Wongamat Expats at Naklua Bars

Wongamat Expats at Naklua Bars pay 300 baht bar fines and 1000 baht long time, and they get treated far better by Naklua Bar girls than they would by go go girls.

Sexy Tri from Naklua Bars
Tri used to work at the Girl Beer Bar on Naklua Bar which is now the Ryan Bar. Being that this bar was one of our favorites we invited two of our favorite bar girls to join us at a party at the Pen Bar.

This turned out to be a great party.  As if Tri and Pai coming to the Pen Bar from the Girl Beer Bar wasn’t enough, Noi is dancing on a table in the rain.  Years later Noi will steal the show in the  Naklua Bars.  When we visit a much later Pen Beer Bar Party.

But here’s the difference between the Walking Street go go bars and Naklua.  I will use the Pen Bar in the following video as my example of a typical Naklua beer bar experience.  The expat who lives on Wongamat Beach goes to the bar.  More often than not a girl  offers to sit with him.  If he accepts, she will sit with him for an extended period of time.  Oftentimes she’s not even asking him to buy her a drink.  She might give him a short back rub or she will wipe his face down with a moistened towelette that many beer bars keep in sealed packages.

Well, okay.  The following video is not a typical Naklua Bar experience.  And the reason is my Norwegian pal Peter is in it.  And there’s nothing normal about Peter as you will soon find out when you view this video.

She will nurse her drink if he buys her one.  Oftentimes it’s a beer, and it takes a lot longer to drink a beer than say a shot of tequila, B-52, etc.  The bar in this video charges a 300 baht bar fine.  The customer in my example decides he wants to take the girl home with him.   So he takes her back to his condo or hotel room, they do their thing together and eventually both fall asleep.  In the morning he might have another go with her, he might take her to breakfast with him or he might just send her home on a motorbike taxi.  But he pays her 1000 baht.  Until then nothing’s been said about the price.

Your typical girl from  the Naklua Bars assumes the price is 1000 baht for long time.  And she assumes that her customers understand that.  In my personal experience many Naklua beer bar girls will also clean my condo.  Not a thorough job.  But they will pick up the clutter, or run a mop or broom across my living room floor.

But two nights ago at the Pen Bar my friend did not have his motorbike with him.  We had gone drinking together in the beer bars down on Soi 8 and then he took a baht bus taxi to Drinking Street.  I took my motorbike so I did not have to contend with taxis.  I then drove him, to one of  the Naklua Bars.   Then we visited  the Pen Bar in Naklua where we had several beers with a couple of the girls.  He bar fined one of them.  I didn’t because I had my girlfriend back at the condo waiting for me.

Facing more than a 1 kilometer walk back to his condo with the girl he had just bar fined he asked the bar owner to arrange a ride.  A girl who’s worked for this bar owner for years put my friend on the back of her motorbike while the girl he had just bar fined got on my motorbike and the four of us went back to our condo building.  The girl who drove my friend on her motorbike then drove herself back to the bar.  My friend, the girl he had just  bar fined, and I took the elevator to our condos.

Now let’s leave the Naklua Bars and visit the a typical Walking Street go-go bar.

A go go dancer spies her target.  He’s either sitting at the stage or he’s seated at small table or couch close by.  Within five minutes, and oftentimes within seconds upon first contacting her target she’s asking him for a drink.  He offers to buy her a beer.  In most cases she will refuse, asking for a lady drink instead that is usually a small glass of orange juice, or she will ask for a shot of tequila, whiskey, etc.

The reason is it takes too long for her to drink a beer, and since money number one is her entire object, she wants to hit him up for as many drinks as possible in the shortest time possible.

She sits down next to him.  It takes her only a few seconds to gulp her drink down.  Within five minutes she’s asking for another drink.  She knows she must sell a lot of drinks because the go go bar is paying her a big salary, perhaps something like 12,000 baht a month and she must pay him back by meeting a drink quota.  She gets a high percentage of each drink she sells.The customer now feels his libido urging him to take the next step.  Chances are she’s got her hand on his crotch which helps things along.

He agrees to pay her bar fine.  If he’s lucky it might be as low as 600 baht. But it could be as high as 1500 baht.  Meanwhile his beers are costing him 135 to 145 baht each.  If he had gone to a beer bar instead they’d be running him 80 to 90 baht.  He now makes the mistake of asking her how much he has to pay her for sex.  She will probably quote him 2000 baht for short time.  But there’s a good chance it will be 2500 baht.

But this particular customer has got romance in his heart.  He wants a deeper connection to a girl than a short time will give him.  “No sire. Slam bam thank you mam is not for me.

I want the girlfriend experience”.  She quotes him 3000 baht for long time and he accepts.  They go back to his hotel room, have sex together and then she pretends to go to sleep.  An hour later she’s waking him up.  “Tilak.  I must go.  I must take care of my baby.”  Or…”You snore too much.  I cannot go sleep.  Must go to room.”  Or she gets a phone call, and it’s “My friend me.  She have big problem.  She have accident or she sick.  Must go home take care of her.”  But the real classic is the one I put in another post of “Mosquitoes.  I have mosquitoes all over my ass.  Cannot sleep.  Must go room.”  Not that they are Saints but this doesn’t happen too often in the Naklua Bars.

If you want the girlfriend experience the Walking Street Go Go bars are the worse kind of places to find it

It’s always something and these girls constantly rehearse such lines.  The trouble with the “I must take care of baby” line is if she’s got a baby her mamma is taking care of it up in the village in Sakhon No where land.  The reality is she’s sharing a small room with at least one other Thai bar girl or with her Thai boyfriend.   Now, it’s true that even if you frequent Naklua Bar you will still be getting some of the same lines of horseshit.  But you will be paying a lot less for the experience.

You just paid your Walking Street heart throb 3000 baht for long time.  That’s $100.00 American dollars not to mention the bar fine of $20.00 or more, and all those high priced drinks you had together.  So what does she do next?  More often than not she will go to a disco and pick up another falang.  The disco’s stay open very late at night.  A lot of cheap charlies go there to pick up free lancers, which is exactly what that sexy little go go dancer has become.  But chances are he will pay her 1000 baht.  Or she might go out to a Thai karaoke bar where she will cavort with a bunch of Thais drinking what’s left of the night away.

In general tourists go to go go bars because they don’t know any better.  The guys who live here all the time know the score and they avoid them unless they are called upon by their neophyte friends to show them around.  They will choose Naklua Bars instead, or Sois 7 and 8.  Soi Six.  And just about anywhere so long as it’s not Walking Stree


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