Thailand Sexy Dancing at Pattaya Drinking Street

Thailand Sexy Dancing takes place on  Pattaya Drinking Street. Cartoons add to the fun even if I can’t draw.

Do cartoons belong in the same video in which exhibitionist Kwan and Mam  excel in Thailand Sexy Dancing ?

I can’t draw.  That’s a proven fact ever since Jeremy at Xtreme Magazine asked me to do a cartoon to dramatize my latest Dick Fitswell short story.  I told Jeremy, “I can shoot pictures and I can write, but I sure can’t draw.  But I’ll give it my best shot.  So I sent Jeremy a cartoon I had drawn up of Dick Fitswell porking a Sun Valley Snow Bunny in a snow drift. My editor shot an e-mail back that read:  “You are right, Jack.  You really can’t draw”.

Thailand Sexy Dancing on Soi Six?
Come on guys. Wouldn’t you love to find a place like this on Pattaya Soi Six?In the Fitswell saga, Dick Fitswell ends up starting his own bar on Soi Six. And he has Angry Pussy as his manager-mamasan. To be a special customer here you get to have a cast made of your dick. Then the cast is put on the wall behind the bar with your name on it.

So why have I put my cartoons in this video,  Thailand Sexy Dancing?

And here I’m  at it again.   My eardrums keep resonating with dire warning.  “Mr. Corbett.  Mr. Corbett, didn’t you learn your lesson years ago from your editor at Xtreme Magazine?”

I didn’t.  My cartoons are god awful.  But here’s what’s good about them.

How many cartoons have you seen in  the you tube videos you’ve watched?

Not many.  So I wanted to offer all of you something different.  To break up the boredom of so many videos you have watched.  And I want to show off something you have never seen before.

And that’s Dick Fitswell, the man in search of the perfect fit.  So let’s face the facts.  Most of you reading this either live in Pattaya or you really want to come here.  No pun intended.


In this video from Pattaya Drink Street, Dick Fitswell appears as a cartoon character

The reality is this.  Most men who visit Pattaya to have sex with the bar girls, are wanna bee Dick Fitswell’s.  So when you read the misadventures of DIck  Fitwell, you are looking at yourselves in a mirror.

But do you really have an 18 inch cock?  I doubt it.  But that’s what you really wish you had.  And when you are ramming it down some tiny little Thai girl, face it guys.  You are imagining yourselves to be Dick Fitswell, except you have never heard of him yet.  But take enough Kiamagra and you might come close to the mighty battering ram of Fitswell.

But is he real?  Dick I mean.  Yes he is, in most of you.  But you really won’t know what the hell I’ve talking about until you have read all 24 Dick Fitswell’s misadventures with the opposite sex.  And reach the end of the book when Fitswell buys a bar on Pattaya Soi Six which he calls “BIg Dicks”.

Out of my four books Dick Fitswell is my best writing yet.

You can buy Dick Fitswell, the Man in Quest of the Perfect Fit here at Amazon.  In either paperback or Kindle.

But back to my video on you tube.  Sizzling  Kwan is dazzling.  And trust me, she can really put the tequila down.  While Mam, Kwann’s older sister is absolutely sensational.


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