Thai girl lady boy can you tell the difference?

The Thai girl lady boy is dancing on the stage.  Can you tell the difference?  Between her and a “girl”?

At Pattaya TG Bar  we are betting you’d call the Thai girl lady boy  a girl.  Her voice was a woman’s.  She danced like a woman without all the extra motions and show most lady boys put on.

Thai girl lady boy
I only wish I had gotten a few digital stills of this Thai girl lady boy. And more video. Unlike a lot of Lady boys, she had all the mannerisms of a woman. She was beautiful. She didn’t last long at TG bar either. I’m betting someone snapped her up. It could even have been a guy who likes women a lot more than lady boys.

Even my Thai girlfriend couldn’t tell if she was a Thai girl or lady boy.  If you took her out in public everyone would take her for a lady.

Thai girl lady boy

The tip off was she was working at TG Bar in Naklua where nearly every good looking lady you see is a lady boy.  She didn’t stay there for long so other than asking her if we could put her in a video, we never even talked to her. Thai girl lady boy?  Sometimes it’s difficult to call.

There was another lady body we got pretty well acquainted with.  She worked at the Leo Blues Bar on Soi 18.

Thai girl lady boy

I wound up eventually doing a photo shoot of her in my condo.  She had silicon breasts which my pictures show off.  She was more fun than any other girl at the Leo Blues Bar.  And in her own way, probably the most attractive.

Thai girl lady boy

I never had sex with her.  And to tell you the truth a good friend was with us while we shot the pictures.  Afterwards he told me he wanted to have sex with her.  But neither of us did.   I gave her a thousand baht for doing the shoot.  She met me in the parking lot of a nearby hotel, and then I took her on my motorbike back to my condo.

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