Platinum strip club video from St. Louis Metro East

This Platinum strip club video from the St. Louis Metro East shows off the topless dancers and lap dance action from this PT’s favorite. Before moving to Thailand,

 Beautiful Skie from Platinum strip club
Platinum Strip Club dancer Skie.

I was doing the web site for the Platinum Strip club which offered me an unparalleled opportunity to take pictures of this night clubs house dancers and visiting feature entertainers. The Platinum strip club was the finest gentlemen’s club in the St. Louis Metro East back then in my opinion.  And when it came to adult entertainment, the St. Louis East side was where the best action took place. On the Missouri side of the river the bars closed down at 1:00 a.m.  So St. Louisans who wanted to part on crossed the river into Illinois where the night clubs oftentimes stayed open as late 8 in the morning.

Well, let me tell you just how good the clubs in the St. Louis Metro East were. Chicago didn’t even come close.

And forget New York. Forget Los Angeles. When it came to having a terrific time the St. Louis Metro East clubs were tops in the United States. And now that I think about it, you can forget about the San Francisco clubs and even Las Vegas. In the California clubs you couldn’t smoke and you couldn’t drink, but over in on the St. Louis East side you could drink yourself blind with the topless dancers. And if they got to know you well enough you could even take them to other night clubs when their bar closed.

Platinum strip club dancer Skie
Skie would become one of my favorite dancers of them all. I met her in a Collinsville Restaurant where we found out we lived near each other. So every so often she would drop into my apartment where we often did some pictures. Later on she accompanied me all the way to Providence Rhode Island where I was shooting a Pure Talent Showcase. At the Showcase Skie was my photography assistant. She’d run my laptop and take all my pictures from my Nikon memory card and copy them to my hard drive. When she finished she’d take my memory card to me where I was shooting the Pure Talent Feature entertainers. Then she’d take my memory card from my camera which was now full of pictures and take it back to my laptop.

To my way of thinking, the best managed operation was PT’s. PT’s had four clubs back then in the St. Louis Metro East: Diamond Cabaret (now moved to Denver), PT’s Sports, PT’s West in Centreville and Roxys in Brooklyn. Across the street from Roxy’s in Brooklyn was the Platinum Club.

The Platinum strip Club was a gorgeous place with a 360 degree 2nd floor balcony overlooking the club’s stages below.

And the VIP room upstairs? Now that place was sinsational. And it’s in the club’s vip room that the action in this video takes place.

Platinum strip club vip room
Cassandra in the Platinum strip club rip room

The Platinum strip club was so good that Pt’s, seeing a great thing next door to its Roxy’s club decided to buy it from its Kansas City owner. And that ended my career as Platinum Club’s web site creator. Pt’s already had a great web site for its 13 clubs that were scattered throughout the U.S. so my services were unneeded. IT was time to move on. Time to move on to Big Daddy’s Cabaret in Missouri and get involved shooting pictures of nude wrestling for S.P.E.W. (Sexy Professional Exotic Wrestling) and other projects. Ultimately my pal, Big Daddy, sold his Missouri club and moved up to Iowa to manage the Iowa Playhouse. A year later Big Daddy took me to the promised land of Thailand where I found Pattaya. And that ended my career as an adult photographer in the U.S.

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