Drinking Street Bars have 2 terrific Pattaya girls dancing

Whether they are really sisters or not, the Drinking Street bars have 2 terrific Pattaya girls dancing at a heart stopping pace.  Kwan and Mam are just two examples of why we can’t think of a better all around place to hang out than the Pattaya Drinking Street bars, which in our estimation has eclipsed Soi 7 and 8 which had been our favorite stomping ground for years.

Drinking Street Bars so not have anyone like Mam
So far no Pattaya Drinking Street has been able to match either Mam or Kwann. This is Mam

There is a single sound system and D.J. for all of all the Drinking Street bars for starters.  That means you are not going to have  noise coming at you from all directions.  Which is generated by multiple music sources.   Drinking Street is compact as there are two rows of bars with 10 to 15 bars in each row.  But for us, another huge plus for the Drinking Street bars is Greg’s Kitchen, which is in its own way a wolf posing in a sheep’s clothing.

Greg’s Kitchen is an English restaurant that specializes not only in English food, but also in Thai and continental cuisine.  Greg’s got the best meat pies in Pattaya starting with his superb Cornish pasties at 240 baht.  A second favorite of mine is his beef goulash.  But whatever you are getting the portions are more than ample. While  the food is absolutely first rate.  But the real icing on the cake is that you can order your food at Greg’s.  And then have him deliver your food to whichever one of the Drinking Street bars you prefer.  You will be the envy of nearly everyone at your bar when your huge plate of food arrives, but oh well, you read this post and they didn’t, so it’s McDonalds for them.

Drinking Street Bars have no one to match Kwan anymore
Photographed together is Jack Corbett’s Yamaha SR 400 motorcycle and the author’s favorite Pattaya star of the stage, Kwann, from Drinking Street

The best thing about the Drinking Street Bars are the women because if you can’t find a Pattaya bar girl on Drinking Street who appeals to you, then it’s time you either join a monastery or start chasing lady boys on Soi Six.  On that final note, I’m going to ask all of you who have viewed this you tube video. “Have you ever found girls in the Walking Street Go Go bars who can deliver better performances than Mam and Kwan?” Bar fines are typically 300 baht here and after that it’s between you and the girl.  Compare that to the new wave of Drinking Street Coyote dancers.


  1.  Kwan is sometimes still working in the Drinking Street Bars while Mam has moved to Hong Kong

2.   Greg’s Kitchen is no longer operating on Drinking Street

3.  The music is now piss poor at Drinking Street as it now caters to Arabs and Indians.  Expect a lot of Da Da music (Noise) here for instance

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