Hottest Pattaya girls dancing for fun

Hottest Pattaya girls dancing for fun video tops 648,000 views because it realistically captures the ambiance of the beer bar experience.  Yet so far no one has explained why this videos was so successful.

Hottest Pattaya girls

The video took place at the Skytop Guesthouse and Internet cafe on 2nd Road just one block from Pattaya’s famous Soi Six.  My best friend, an Australian named Pete had owned the place.  Unfortunately Pete died leaving the business to his widow, Wan.  But I had lived for 11 months across the guest house’s hallway from Pete and Wan.  I had watched two key employers and the condo’s cleaning woman quit in the same week and Pete could barely turn a computer on.

And Pete was in and out of hospitals due to severe health problems that would later kill him.

It was all up to Wan.  I Watched her clean the entire place single-highhandedly while she picked up the computer skills that are essential to running an internet cafe.  Because of  Wan’s skilled management and hard work the business prospered.  She made two partitions out of the internet cafe on the 1st floor.  Then she rented  one of them  out to Geogio, a Burmese tailor of unprecedented talent.  While she left the other partition as an internet cafe.  Then she started up a beer bar in front of the internet cafe which she ran with the help of her younger sister.

Being great friends of both Pete and Wan I could run riot with mycameras.

Hottest Pattaya girls

After Pete died, I took Wan and my girlfriend over to a Soi 8 bar that had the hottest Pattaya girls on the soi dancing non stop.

I had always found this bar to be jam packed with customers so he said to Wan:  “Wan, you really should consider having a dancing marathon at your Skytop bar.  You could have try outs on a weekly basis, say every Wednesday night and then once a month you could have a special contest with a cash reward.  Say 3000 or 4000 baht for the best dancer of the month. If you got the word out you’d have some of the hottest Pattaya girls competing against each other.  Meanwhile you could limit the contestants to only those who had made it through your weekly tryouts.”

Hottest Pattaya girls

Wan replied, “Jack, the hottest Pattaya girls are not worth anything.  All their lives they’ve been told how pretty they are, so they become lazy knowing they can have anything without working.

They do what they want, they show up for work only when they feel like it.  I don’t want them working in my bar.”

No truer words have been spoken.  I had thought the same way back in the U.S. while taking pictures of hundreds of strippers and feature entertainers.  But now Wan’s words had really sunk in.  From then on, I looked at the hottest Pattaya girls differently.  I had thought the same way before, but Wan’s words kept nagging at me whenever I went into a go go bar.

I’d keep asking myself while observing a go go dancer gyrating around the stage:  “Can she cook?  Can she get out of bed in the morning?  Can she give a good massage?  Just how money hungry is she?

Is she a real bitch once you get to know her?  Can she read a book or do things by herself while I’m busy writing my next book.  Or editing a video, or will she always want to go out at night spending a lot of money and doing things behind my back that I don’t want her to be doing?  Can she hold onto her money?  Is she a spendthrift who throws away all the money she could makes?”

Hottest Pattaya girls

Going to the go go bars never was the same again.

But when it comes to the hottest Pattaya girls, Wan had actually been a bar girl and that’s where Pete had met her, at a beer bar.  And yet, she had turned out to be an incredibly hard working woman.  She also became an excellent long term thinker and planner.  Even though it’s commonly known that most Pattaya girls only think short term.  And that bar girls are short on education with a 6th grade education being all too typical.

Hottest Pattaya girls

Most of the Pattaya girls in this video worked for Wan’s beer bar for years.  She had scarcely any turnover at all, which is perhaps the most solid evidence of  Wan’s management competence.  This video captures the true spirit and sense of fun in a well managed beer bar.

You can see Wan hamming it up throughout the video with the girls.  While her customers urge everyone on, which is one of the main reasons for this video’s success.  For a two week period it had been averaging over 6000  views a day

until you tube decided to put age restrictions on it for whatever reason its moderation team had come up to keep it out of sight of under aged viewers.


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