Pattaya Soi Six Bars absolute best street for top bar girls

Many expats living in Pattaya full time regard Pattaya Soi Six  as the absolute best street for sampling Thai girls.

pattaya Soi Six girl

Since this is the first post about Soi Six, allow me to introduce myself.  I’m Billy Bob.  My Uncle is Uncle Bufford.  Uncle Bufford does the Uncle Bufford go go bars, the Naklua Bar Reviews, and the Soi Six bar reviews over at

I’m usually my Uncle Bufford’s wingman on his escapades.  It is my job to make sure that he gets back home alive.  I also help him rate the bars.  It is a dangerous job.  The girls often molest me.  Because of all the danger I will admit that I love the Pattaya Soi Six Bars.

pattaya Soi Six

First off, it takes just 300 baht to take the girl of your choice upstairs to a short time room.  There is no bar fine unless you take the girl out of the bar.

This means the short time room is all you have to pay so long as you stay in the Soi SIx bar.  Compare this to a bar fine of at least 600 baht in the Walking Street Go Go bars.  And you will see there is  no comparison when it comes to value.

But you still must pay the bar girl for her company.  Typically this is going to run anywhere from 500 to 1000 baht depending upon how handsome you are and whether the girl likes you or not.  Bottom line it costs about 1000 baht to get the whole business.  Trust me, Soi Six is the best bargain in Pattaya, and perhaps in the entire world.

There’s over 50 bars on Soi Six.  These bars are concentrated on a single city block running from 2nd Road to Beach Road.  There’s over 300 bar girls to choose from on Pattaya Soi Six.

Some of the bars are open air beer bar affairs but most close their doors to the rest of the street.  This means that once you enter these bars, no one can see that you are in there or view what you are doing inside unless he actually goes inside.  For this reason many married men or guys with steady Thai girlfriends view Pattaya Soi Six as Nirvana.  For most of these men Pattaya Soi Six is the Best so you can forget about the rest.

Pattaya Soi Six sometimes gets a bad rap on two accounts.  Many of its detractors think it’s too seedy.  Or they contend that Pattaya Soi Six does not give them the true Thai girlfriend experience.

Well, take it from me, you really don’t want the real Thai girlfriend experience. But I will get into that in some of my future posts.

As far as the seediness that some complain about, I think that’s because a lot of guys go to Pattaya Soi Six early in the daytime feeling that they can be the first in line to sample the bar girls there.  There is a lot of truth to this, but this comes at the expense of having to settle for leftovers.  From what I see, the worse looking Soi Six bar girls arrive early in the day while much better looking Thai women start arriving at 4 p.m. and oftentimes much later than that.  I think the ugly gals feel there isn’t a lot of competition early in the day.  And there really isn’t.  On the other hand the good looking girls know they are going to get at least one customer.  So they are going to show up whenever they feel like it.

The truth is so long as you arrive on Pattaya Soi Six in the evening, you are going to find much better looking Thai girls than you will find in the beer bars.  And if it can be said that  the best lookers can be found in Pattaya Go Go bars, I have found a number of good looking go go dancers working down Soi Six because they can make a lot more money working in a Soi Six Bar than they ever could in the Walking Street go go bars.

What it comes down to is this, “Would you rather be spending a hundred American dollars for a go go quality girl? Or would you rather be getting the same quality girl for $35.00 down of Pattaya Soi Six?

The choice is yours.  Most expats who live here all the time wouldn’t be caught dead in the Walking Street go go bars.  Unless they are escorting friends around who come as tourists.

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