Pattaya bar owner shot to death

When this appears in Google the story reads Pattaya Bar owner shot to death. But this wasn’t just any bar owner. The woman who was killed was ED, former owner of the Malai Bar in Naklua which I had awarded the Looking Glass Magazine Bar of the month in August 2006. My girlfriend at that time was Ed’s niece.  She lived with me for a year and seven months. So it should have been no surprise that we went to the Malai Bar quite often back then. In those days in my opinion, the Malai Bar had the best management in the area. It had the best music. It had a good crowd. And very seldom was it boring.

Looking Glass Magazine August 2006 Pattaya Bar owner of the month shot to death

I remember the first time I came into the Malai Bar.

I had been drinking with a Scot at T.J. Bar across the parking lot from the Malai Bar, and I noticed that this bar I had never set foot in before had a big crowd, so I said to the Scot, “Let’s check that place out.” As soon as we came into the bar, Ed came up to me and said, “Thank you so much for coming into my bar. Can I buy you a drink?”

Pattaya bar owner shot
Pattaya bar owner shot. This is the way the papers read it. Notice the “mug shot” transposed into this image. The newspaper also blurred out Edie’s dead body . It is horrible to know I knew Edie so well and she came to such a bad end. I still had her phone number on my cell even though her niece was no longer my live in girlfriend.

The second thing that happened to me was a pretty Thai lady came up to me, took me by my hand and escorted me to a bar stool. Then she sat next to me. The shapely Thai woman would become my girlfriend.

Ed was never boring. Sometimes she’d buy me a drink. Other times she’d ask for one. She’d get up and dance on the bar. Oftentimes she appeared to be drunk and totally out of control.

I think she usually pretended to be drunk. Outstanding showmanship on many levels earmarked her bar as something very special in those days and I think a “drunken ED” was part of her master plan.

I used to shoot a lot of pictures and video at the Malai Bar. But the best night of them all was when Ed put on her birthday party.

She already had a good looking group of girls working for her. But that was not good enough for ED. One just had to know ED to really appreciate how outstanding she was at running a bar. For her birthday she brought in a group of girls from Sattahip and had them dancing with her bar girls. That night ED had an exceptional group of very attractive Thai bar girls performing for her, and at the end ED got up on the pole herself.

After a year and seven months my girlfriend and I split up and I stopped going to the Malai Bar. Something like a year and a half later I met my present girlfriend and I took her to a heavily advertised Pattaya Bar that had been touting itself as the number one nightclub for music.

The nightclub served godawfully expensive drinks.   And the band sucked rotten eggs. The distaste in my mouth was so bad that I decided I had to take my girlfriend to a place where I knew the music would be good. And the bar I had in mind was Ed’s place. So I took my girlfriend into the Malai Bar and we kept going there for many months.

The band Played as good as always and Ed had not lost her considerable charm.

And then the bar was sold to someone else. One man in the band quit and not long after that the drummer quit as well. The rumor was that Ed lost the bar because she had a gambling problem. We stopped going there.

Another bar owner told me last night that her fellow Pattaya bar owner shot was shot to death somewhere near Nong Nooch Botanical Garden.

The other bar owner told me that ED owed too many people too much money, could not repay her debts and that was that.

ED might have not been able to manage her money but she sure was one helluva bar owner.

She had three men playing at the Malai Bar and from what Ed’s niece told me she paid each man a lot of money. Perhaps far too much money and more than nearly any other bar owner would have been willing to part with. Her bar centered around music and it brought in a lively crowd. Those were the days.

There’s several videos I did at the Malai Bar that you can get to through my links above. And no, they are not on my you tube channel.

For one thing the little Canon I used in those days to shoot video was nowhere close to what my Panasonic LX 7 can do. You will notice an extreme qualitative difference in my videos.

Part of the reason is that in recent years we have been experiencing much faster internet speeds here in Pattaya than previously. So I’ve been able to shoot and upload huge video files and put those on the You tube server which can handle such large video files far better than anything I’ve worked with before. And of course, that new camera is simply outstanding.  But even more recently I have been shooting video with the latest and greatest Panasonic Lx10 and the incomparable Nikon D-750 SLR.

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