Songkran assault and battery viewed as good clean fun

This criminal act of Songkran assault and battery was inflicted by a Russian upon my friend at 2:00 a.m. last night while my friend was coming home on his motorbike from Walking Street. T. was driving past the Lisa Beer Bar on 2nd Road 1/4th of a mile South of the Dolphin Circle when the Russian dirt bag threw water in his face and body while he was driving 30 km an hour. My friend lost control of his motorbike, resulting in personal injury and damages to the motorbike when the bike went down. The Russian hooligan who had committed this Criminal act of Songkran assault and battery didn’t even apologize for his crime while denying he was the culprit or that he had caused the accident. As the accident occurred near the Lisa Bar there were a lot of witnesses around. No one wanted to get involved and the bar girls all denied seeing any wrong doing saying, “So what. It’s Songkran.”

This was a criminal act that was officially sanctioned by the police and the powers that be. Even worse, Songkran is not even supposed to start in Pattaya until April 13th. It is also illegal for people to throw or squirt water on people after 6 p.m.

The incident reminds me of a Songkran I participated in several years ago. But only on the very last day. My attitude back then was, “well okay. I’ll avoid the first few days of it and then I’ll just wear my swim trunks on the final day and enjoy the festivities.” It was around 8 p.m. when our small group left the bar we had been hanging out in while drinking beer and getting soaking wet. So, Songkran was over and had been over since 6 p.m. But as we walked towards a restaurant on 2nd Road, I encountered a couple of Indian men brandishing large squirt guns. Clearly Songkran was not over for them. So I looked one of them sternly in the eye and I told the man, “Don’t even try it. Songkran is over.” But we all know how it is. Some people are just unteachable. One of the Indians squirted me and I lit out after him. Then out of the bar several of the intellectually challenged inmates converged on me as they squirted me with their squirt guns. They were very angry with me for even daring to stop all the fun. But as I said, some people are simply unteachable. I vowed right then and there to travel outside of Pattaya the next year.

I have read that 103 lives have been already lost in the first 2 days of Songkran as a result of such water throwing although I personally think the death toll is higher than is being reported. My friend could quite easily have been among the dead and the people in the nearby bar would have never admitted to seeing anything. What had been a Mai Pen Rai justified Songkran assault and battery would have then been either 2nd degree murder or manslaughter as recognized by the American judicial system. But here it’s just good clean Songkran fun.

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