Jack Corbett Youtube channel is best watched going full blast

Going full blast watching the Jack Corbett Youtube channel, means setting your Jack Corbett youtube viewer to full screen and turning the speakers up.  With the new video camera I’m setting the output on my you tube videos to full HD video whenever possible.  This results in video output files as large as 1 gigabyte and sometimes even more.  So what does this mean to my viewers?  It means that they can oftentimes get excellent video on a 55 inch television, especially if they download the video.   And for speakers I definitely recommend  using headphones or a home theater sound system.

Jack Corbett youtube audio screen system
Viewing my you tube videos on a smart phone simply doesn’t do justice to what I am trying to create. I am using professional cameras to do the big screen justice. Here’s is one of my boxing videos. I’m watching it full screen on my computer’s 22 inch monitor, but I’m also duplicating my screen to my Samson 55 inch t.v. And I’m enjoying big sound on my 8 speaker surround sound system. I shot this boxing video with a Nikon professional SLR–a 750 Nikon. And used a 24-70 Nikon 2.8 lens. This lens is about as good as it gets and has a price that hits the stratosphere. But I shoot for the moon doing these videos.

On my Jack Corbett Youtube Channel music plays a vital role.  That’s because I want to bring the entire Pattaya bar experience home to the viewer whether he’s watching the video on his computer or television.  So, I will usually leave the bars’ background music in my videos. I will also spend a lot of time on supplementary music to introduce, end, or add to a particular mood I wish to create in one of my videos.

For example, in my Platinum Club video I inserted an audio segment or two from the 1962 hit, “Sealed with a Kiss”  to inject a little humor into the portion of the slide show when the customer is getting his private dance in the Platinum Club VIP room.  I remember those days while I was a teenager.  A complete babe in the woods.  And so is the customer who’s getting the private dancer.  And so many naive Westerners who find themselves under the spell of Pattaya bar girls.  Here’s still another example of how much of a vital role music has for me while I’m creating these videos.

Note the music that’s playing when you get 50 seconds into this video.  The piece comes from Garry Owen which was the actual marching song for General Armstong Custer‘s Seventh Cavalry.  In this video I’m drawing a comparison between General Custer and the protagonist for “Dick Fitswell, the man in Quest of the Perfect Fit“, who is of course, Dick Fitswell.

I have also injected cartoons into this video to represent my character Dick Fitswell.  I will admit to being not much of a cartoonist.  And there is no way that I can claim to have much talent as an artist.  Nevertheless I have hoped to inject a lot of humor into this video by bringing in my amateurish attempt at drawing a cartoon.

I think the main point of my Dick Fitswell character is lost on many readers. Dick Fitswell is nothing more than a  cartoon character brought into fictionalized form.  The entire book is a satire.    But although many of my readers don’t get it, I think when they view this video they will truly understand what Dick Fitswell represents.  In many movies the vainglorious General Armstrong Custer marches over 225 of his men into over 3000 Indian warriors to certain death as the bagpipers play “Garry Owen”.  The Custer of the movies is a fool.  Dick Fitswell makes the Custer of the movies look sane by comparison.

And then I think of all these guys doing still pictures and video with their cell phones.  Sorry, but that just won’t get it for me.  I want to use the best equipment I can within reason (of my finances).

In the videos you can view on the Jack Corbett YouTube channel the earliest ones were taken with a Sony vid cam.

But in those days most internet connections were dial up so I had to make sure my files were small.  So those videos in particular are of extremely low quality when you compare them to my most recent ones.  After that I started using a Canon Elf camera which shot decent video,  I shot a lot of my videos you can now view on you tube with that camera.  They are okay, but they are no match for what came later.

My next camera was a Panasonic LX-5, which was the finest camera in its class for shooting video.  You will find that the videos I shot  are a big improvement from those I shot with the Canon.  But when I found out that Panasonic had replaced the LX-5 with the LX-7 with its incredibly fast German Leica lens, I immediately upgraded to the  LX-7.

But one thing I had learned while shooting digital stills of American feature entertainers and topless dancers was to get close to the action.

So if I was shooting two naked topless dancers wrestling in a vat of hot oil, if I could get eight feet away instead of fifteen I did. I found out as a professional adult photographer that getting close puts the viewer right into the heart of the action.

And that’s exactly what I am doing on the Jack Corbett YouTube Channel.  I try to get as close as I can to the action.  I also don’t want to be just a detached observer of the action.  I’m oftentimes drinking with the Pattaya bar girls I’m shooting.  I’m usually doing a lot of Tequila with them.  So when you see my videos you are going to get exactly what you see.  It will be the real thing, and when I’m doing it, I will hopefully be doing the best job that I can without making any compromises because the way I see it, I plan on doing the next best thing to having you in the bar matching us drink for drink.

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