Best Service for Pattaya Computer Repair

For me, there’s only one place to go for Pattaya Computer Repair and that’s Pattaya 2 U.  I’ve known the Thai couple who run the place for nine years.  And I feel their professionalism is second to none.

Pattaya 2 U used to be on the third floor of Tuk com over on Pattaya Tai.  But recently Pattaya 2 U  has moved to a much larger facility 2 blocks from the Tuk com building.  This is  next to  the Tuk Coms main parking building.

One thing that has always distinguished Pattaya 2 U from the competition is that it specializes in computer repair far more than it does in sales.

There’s always six or seven technicians there who are working on computers.   If you go practically anywhere else and try to get anything done on a computer, even if you bought your computer there in the first place, you will be told, “We will have to send it to Bangkok.  You can have it back in three to five weeks.”   Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but when one of my main computers is down I want it up and running again today, and if not today, tomorrow.  That’s the kind of service you can expect to get at Pattaya 2 U.

The extreme importance for a Pattaya Computer Repair Service  providing incomparable customer service to customers is obvious the first time you walk in the front door.

Pattaya 2 U gives you a coca cola  even if you don’t spend one baht there.   And did I say that Pattaya 2 u focuses more on Pattaya Computer repair than it does on sales?  That’s exactly why I went in today to buy a new desktop, built exactly to my specifications.

Jack Corbett


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