Just Remember, the Pattaya Thai Girlfriend never quits working

The Fool is Back Neil Hutchison

A Thai bar owner I’ve known for eight years told us, You think Pattaya Thai girlfriend finishes working? She’s never stops working for family. Even when she lives with you for years or you marry her.

This is a very important concept to grasp and one of the most critical keys to surviving the charms of a Pattaya Thai girlfriend. In the United States and other Western countries, the underlying concept behind long term relationships between members of the opposite sex is to build a future together. Now this might not work in actual practice all the time or even in the majority of cases, but the theory is very sound. It goes like this: the couple establishes a household together. In most cases in today’s world both the man and the woman work. Whether they do or don’t, the idea is to build a better future together while acquiring more money and other material things. The couple sacrifices for each other and their children in order to build a better life for the immediate household. In doing so, both partners share in both the rewards and hard work required.

This is altogether untrue for the Westerner and his Thai girlfriend. In his mind, he might hope that they have joined together to build a better future for each other. But in the Thai girlfriend’s mind, her Thai family is infinitely more important than her Western boyfriend or their relationship together. Make no mistake. Her goal is to get as much money out of her Western boyfriend and into her family’s hands as possible. And if her falang goes bankrupt because he gave too much to her and her family, so be it.

Keep in mind that it is next to impossible for a Thai bar girl to refuse a Thai family member who asks her for money.  She’s been programmed to comply with such financial requests by the society she’s grown up in and nothing that you can do or say is going to change that.  Ever see the 1975 movie “The Stepford Wives” in which husbands transform their wives into robots who obey their every command?    That’s the kind of brainwashing I’m talking about here.  I can assure you that although most Westerners would view such family members as leaches and the girls as the victims of these voracious insects, the Thai girl feels a great deal of satisfaction from having such family members so dependent upon her. Even if her primary mission in life was not to separate you from as much of your hard earned money as possible, it certainly is her family’s goal, so inevitably it becomes hers as well. And by family I mean the entire extended family of parents, the brothers and sisters, the children of her brothers and sisters, and so on.

So where do you fit into all this? As Neil Hutchison wrote in Fool in Paradise, you fit in below money, which is number one, below family, below all Thai people down to the lowest street beggar, below the family buffalo, and even below the fly that’s crawling all over the Thai family’s dog. So your financial welfare is of no real concern of either your Thai girlfriend or her family.

This is what the Thai bar owner meant when she told us, the Thai bar girl never stops working (for family) just because she moves in with you or you marry her.

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