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Whereas marathons are for hard core long distance runners, the Soi Six Sexathon is for the hardest of men all who simply cannot get enough.  Deciding to make the best of what little time I have left on earth,  I arrive on Soi Six early.  Around 6:45.

these two did not do a Soi Six Sexathon
Although I took this picture on Soi Six, the two women are not part of this story. They did not participate in the Soi Six Sexathon. The woman in the middle is a bar owner, however. And let me tell you, she’s dynamite. Great personality. Great body and from what I’ve heard a very hard worker. The girl on the right is very sexy also. A lot of fun this girl is. As for the guy, this is Billy Bob. Note that I have cartoonized the faces of all three. Unlike a lot of guys I know who take naked pictures of their “conquests”, I won’t do this here in Thailand. It hurts the girls and jeopardizes their future.

I Didn’t waste time worrying about dinner either or going out with friends because I’m after one thing, and that’s a great time without complications and being around Thai women who aren’t going to piss me off.  I’m in luck. My favorite girl is standing in the doorway of stop number one. Lately she’s been going to work early and leaving around 7 or 8 in the evening.

If I only boom boom her tonight will still wind up being a Soi Six Sexathon

So I bring my little plastic bag into the place and pull out the two slices of microwaved pizza I bought at Seven Eleven. I offer my companion one, but she protests and points at her stomach. She’s just 40 kilos which is perfect for me and this is one of the reasons why–she controls what she eats, and let’s face it, pizza is fattening. I buy her a drink and a beer for myself. Ten minutes later, we’re heading upstairs to the room.

First we go together to the toilet down the hall where she washes me meticulously. I’m hard before I even get close to the room. She’s damn good. The best. We stand next to each other in the room, both of us totally naked looking at ourselves in the mirror. She asks: “What do you want? Do you want to fuck me?”

This is a terrible picture of one of the two women appearing in the previous picture. She’s a pretty girl with a lot of personality. She’s a bit tall for a Thai woman also. And she has nearly a perfect shape. This does not come across in this picture. And……I’ve distorted her face to protect her identity.

“I love fucking you,” I tell her. But then she throws me a curve, blurting out, I want you to come in my mouth.” She could have said, “I want to smoke you” or I want your big cock in my mouth”, but that’s not what she’s telling me. And if there’s one thing I know about this girl, “She always does what she says she’s going to do.”

We lie on the bed together as she goes down on me. And I’m thinking, “This is going to be over practically before we get started, because she’s really that good.

There’s just so many times she’s going down on me, and I’m about to come in 30 seconds. So I start to do everything possible to get away from her. She tries to lock me against her to keep my member inside her mouth while I try to jerk away. Eventually I always succeed before it’s too late. And then she sits there laughing at me, knowing that she’s totally in control. If we try it again, I know I’m not going to last, so I get her lying on her back as I go down on her.

Meanwhile my mind drifts away from the moment of my coming, which had been imminent, but now the subjects her. And she’s exquisite. Her legs are just about perfect. Slender and she’s got a trim belly and fine ass.

I will often have intercourse with her, but not tonight. By a miracle I’m able to sustain the moment, and then I just lie back and enjoy her.

It’s all about me this time. And finally I come, right in her mouth as she keeps sucking away. Finally she pulls her mouth away. I see white stuff all over her mouth and lower face as she tries to kiss me. “Damn”, I tell myself, “there’s just too much stuff all over her face,” which now she’s washing off. “Surely I couldn’t have produced all of that.”

But if I didn’t, “what produced all that goo?” She must have sucked me like a vacuum cleaner.

Afterwards we go downstairs together to finish our drinks. But I’ve promised a friend that I will meet him two bars up the street, and it’s getting about that time. So I pay her 800 baht plus the 300 baht for the room and the price of our drinks. I’d love to spend the whole night with her because I like her a lot, but that’s not going to happen, at least not just yet.

I got the girl on the left drunk on tequila. She’s passed out on her girlfriend’s lap. This girl is very very pretty. She’s tall. In her high heels she seems almost as tall as me. And I’m around 5 foot eleven or 180 cm.

I go inside the bar and take a seat at the first table just inside the door right next to the owner.

By the time I light up a cigarette a chubby bar girl is asking me if she can sit next to me. I have no interest in her whatsoever. The cigarette looks much more inviting.

The owner tells me, “I advise you to stay away from Prawn, tonight. She’s got an American boyfriend and he’s around.” But did he really say that?  I’m not really sure because the music’s pretty loud. As for Prawn, I’ve been with her many times, and I suppose that by now she must be thinking that I am hers. I don’t see her yet.

But another girl comes up to my table and starts to speak animatedly with the chubby girl next to me. I banged her two weeks before. Took her upstairs twice as a matter of fact. She’s slender and she’s got an ass to die for.

I hate to be rude to a girl, but when you are butt ugly, you simply shouldn’t be selling your body in places like this.

It’s time to separate the chiff from the chaff. So I tell the second girl, “Come up to the bar with me. I’ll buy you a drink, but I want to sit at the bar, not here.” Which cuts the first girl out because as soon as the true object of my desires sits with me on the bar stool next to mine, there’s simply nowhere for the chubby girl to sit. Within seconds she’s left sitting alone at the table I had been sitting at, and I’m still not finished smoking that first cigarette.

A few minutes later my friend arrives. He takes the bar stool next to mine. Several beers later, the girl with the nice shapely ass is dancing around the place like a squirrel on steroids. My friend’s rather shy though. That’s the way he’s acting even though I know better. It must be the place. The girl is sitting on my lap one moment. The next she’s dancing with her back towards me as she presses her butt tightly up against my groin.

By now, I’m not caring about much of anything at all. Even when she’s starting to pay attention to what’s between my friend’s legs. It looks to me that she and another girl are examining how big his penis is. But I’m not about to start paying close attention. So whether or not they have their little hands down into his shorts feeling him getting hard is no affair of mine. I’m not marrying either one of them, and as for my favorite girl, well, I had been with her not long ago.

Beats the hell out of Walking Street,” I tell my friend. “Look at this girl’s ass. You are simply not going to find a better looking ass anywhere,

and what a body? No tits but who cares. She’s got nice legs and a firm belly.” My friend agrees with me because we both know that Walking Street is only for tourists and men who don’t know better.

The best part of it is, “I can be with this girl inside of ten minutes upstairs totally naked with zero complications. For that matter, either one of us can be with almost any girl on this street.  Or we can  do a Soi Six Sexathon.  By having two or three for the same price as one go-go girl on Walking Street.”

Suddenly my friend tells me that he has computer work that he needs to get done at his condo. As he starts to pay his bill, I start settling up with the bartender. I’m heading up to the room with the girl and that’s 300 baht. On top of that it’s about fifty dollars for the drinks, but I’ve been already drinking for about three hours here, and I’ve been buying both myself and the girl I’m with shots of tequila. I’ve also bought at least one shot of tequila for the bartender and a beer or two for my friend. It’s a little steep nonetheless, but what the hell, I’m heading upstairs with the girl with the perfect ass.

By the time we come back downstairs we must have spend a good half an hour or forty-five minutes having sex.

Time to move on.  Maybe I can have a Soi Six Sexathon

I find myself in still another Soi Six Bar. And by the time I come out all the doors in the place are locked. It’s well after 1 a.m. which is closing time for Soi Six. I can’t even go back in the bar. The only way out is through the back way through a narrow winding corridor to the back exit of the place. As I walk down Soi Six to find my motorbike, the entire place is practically deserted. Luckily it’s still where I had left it.  There’s still one bar I want to visit, but it’s not on Soi Six.  But starting tomorrow I know that I can hardly wait until my next Soi Six Sexathon.

Billy Bob

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