Mr. Walking Street meets high quality Soi Six beauty

Mr Walking Street loves the Walking Street go go bars. He avoids Pattaya Soi Six. But after meeting a high quality Soi Six beauty, he’s finally seen the light. As his good friend, I can only hope he acts on it. Before I start telling this tale, you all should know a few things about Mr. Walking Street.

Soi Six beauty s
In front of one of the bars on Soi 6. Sorry, but neither woman  Soi Six beauty in this story. However, both are very attractive. On the left is the bar owner. She’s sexy, smart, and extremely nice to her customers.

Mr. Walking Street goes to the Walking Street go go bars at least three times a week.

He’s even bought a condo near Walking Street so he can easily walk to the go go bars. But all is not well, with his love affair with Walking Street go go girls. He despises how so many go go bars are hiring too many coyote bar girls which has forced bar fines up to 1500 baht. It used to be that a man paid a bar fine of 600 baht to the go go club, paid the go go girl 1000 baht for short time, and if he wanted her to spend the night with him he’d typically pay her 1500 baht.

But times changed. Back just a few years ago the highest priced beers on Walking Street were 120 baht per bottle from Super Girls go go  and Super Babes. Now a man typically pays 140-150 baht for the same bottle of beer, but chances are the girls are nowhere near as pretty as the girls who used to work for Super Girls and Super Babes.

But one thing that never changed was the greed of most go-go girls. Even in the old days far too often the go go girl who had agreed to spend the entire night with a man would weasel out of the deal by coming up with excuses on why she had to leave his place early. Classic stand by lines were, “I have to go home to take care of my baby (Thai husband), You snore too much, I am sick, and my friend me, she come visit me early so I must leave you now.”

The Walking Street girls got away with it. After all, why shouldn’t they? In their minds they were super star go go girls. And Walking Street attracts tourists,

and most tourists are naive newcomers who are clueless when it comes to bar girl games.

Then the Japanese started coming to Walking Street.

Already paying outrageous prices for sex back in Japan, the Japanese saw the Walking Street go-go bars as a bargain.

And being Japanese they wanted to avoid the confrontation of having to argue over drink prices or the cost for short time sex. So the price of having sex with go-go girls went sky high.

Soi Six beauty
She’s much prettier than she appears in this picture and her bodies much sexier. This Soi Six beauty is not the girl in the story. So you will just have to leave our heroine to your imagination.

The problem is the go-go bar owners were not able to cash in on the Japanese bonanza, and figured if a bunch of uneducated village girls with dirt under their fingernails could get so much money for so little effort (and education), why shouldn’t we bar owners get our fair share of this Japanese bonanza?

Here’s the way this Coyote thing works.

The Light House Go Go, Mandarin, Sugar Babies, Fahrenheit, Crazy House, the Palace, Tiger, and Shark Club all have the same owners. Deciding to cash in each boom boom, they started hiring entire groups of girls who they put on 10 day contracts. The girl gets a 300 baht salary per day, but she’s told that she can easily make 1000 baht a day. The contract then sets a benchmark of 50 lady drinks per ten day period for which the bar girl receives the full price of each lady drink. So if the price for a lady drink is 140 baht, the bar girl will make an additional 7000 baht per 10 days provided she sells her entire quota of 50 lady drinks.

The reality is it’s very difficult for a coyote go go girl to sell 50 lady drinks each 10 days. Only the most adrenalin charged hustlers can do it,

whereas a more likely outcome might be that the average coyote go go girl can sell just 25 lady drinks.  Which in this example would provide her with an additional 3500 baht of income for a grand total of 6500 baht for each 10 days she works.

Meanwhile the go go club owners get nothing unless a girl gets barfined. Bar fines for the coyote girls are set at 1500 baht until 10, 11, or 12 p.m. when it goes down to 1000 baht. Most girls would prefer to hustle drinks than to be bar fined unless they can get exorbitant prices for their short and long time sex. The result is that the girls become drink hustling machines. And since a lady’s drink is hardly anything more than a watered down coca cola or soft drink the owner’s cost of all the lady drink give ways is close to nothing.

The customer winds up with a drink hustling machine who’s trying to squeeze all that she can get out of him for a bunch of worthless lady drinks.

The girls are used to going short time with their Japanese customers for 3000 baht and 5000 baht long time. In the very words of Mr. Walking Street: “It’s the Japanese and the Coyote go go girl system that’s completely ruined Walking Street.” Yet he continues to go there.

But a few nights ago I was able to convince him into having dinner with me on Soi Six. He wanted to go straight to Walking Street after dinner but I was able to convince him into going with me for a beer or two at the Perry Bar. But on the way to the Perry Bar, we passed the Kalwea Bar which looks a lot like a Soi 7 outdoor beer bar because it’s all open to the street whereas most of the Soi Six bars are air conditioned bars that are walled off from prying eyes from the street. I saw two or three attractive bar girls in the Kalwea Bar.

One of the girls was facing away from me so I got a great view of her rear end. IT was that shapely rear end that captivated me.

I said to my friend, “Look at that girl’s ass. Let’s go in there instead of the Perry Bar.”

He agreed, and as we went in, the girl turned around to look at me and I looked straight into her eyes with that “I want you, look,” that meant I wanted to be with her and no other.

It worked because within a minute this Soi Six beauty was sitting next to me while one of the other girls started to ask Mr. Walking Street and I what we wanted to drink.

Several minutes later our beers arrived. I wanted her and I would have her provided she met my price, which was about eighty percent guaranteed. She was certainly one of the best looking girls on the street that night. I never waited for her to ask for a drink and she probably would have waited for me to down half my beer. At ninety baht per beer, this certainly wasn’t Walking Street so if I wound up buying her three or four drinks, I could well afford it. And right off we started hitting it off.

But I wanted my friend to enjoy himself and would have even gone with him to another bar or two and risked losing her to another customer who’d then take my place in her line. She started showing us pictures she had of herself on her smart phone and I could see that she was even more attractive than I thought. Thing was in bar her face was in the shadows and since she was talking a lot with Mr. Walking Street which meant I was viewing the side of her face most of the time.

Mr. Walking Street is not a big drinker, but I think he must have had three beers over the next hour. I got her a couple of whiskeys and we had a shot of tequila together.

She started feelin my stomach and arm muscles, not to mention grabbing me between my legs

But Mr. Walking Street was talking her leg off.  Because his face was a lot more animated than I had seen it for some time. It turned out that she had been a Walking Street Go go girl so the course of their conversation centered around the Walking Street go go bars.

In such places it is difficult to catch all the conversation unless one is one on one with just one person and practically talking in the other person’s ear, so I caught only bits and pieces of their conversation. And then every now and then she girl would go to the bar to get us a new round of drinks or to go to the bathroom, and it was during these moments that I’d be talking to Mr. Walking Street alone.

I heard them talking about 5000 baht long times and the Japanese customers who had started taking over Walking Street.

I heard her say that she had trouble making decent money in the go go bars due to the bar fines being so high. Obviously she hadn’t been able to do very well there just as my friend from the Perry Bar had once worked for Bachara, but had only stayed there for two weeks before returning to Soi Six where she could make some real money.

So I had been right all along even though many of my friends had disagreed with me. Most of the Walking Street go go girls were not getting bar fined or they weren’t getting bar fined nearly enough. But by God if other go go girls were getting 2000 to 3000 baht for short times they certainly wouldn’t be settling for anything less.

But the smart ones would be willing to go short time for 1000 baht because 1000 baht was a lot better than getting nothing, and nothing is what most of the girls were getting even if they refused to admit it.

This girl was admitting the truth to Mr. Walking Street.

The truth was that as personable as  this Soi Six beauty is.  And even her great looks that put her towards the top tier of the go go girls.  Even she had found it difficult to do well on Walking Street.

And she hated working in the go gos in the first place.

But Mr. Walking Street? He was loving this girl. His face was radiant. And here she was telling him the truth about how bad things really were on Walking Street. I even came close to telling him, “I won’t bar fine this girl if you want her.” When she went to the toilet, Mr Walking Street asked me, “Are you planning on boom booming her upstairs?”

“I plan on it but only after you and I separate on Soi Six. So if you want to go to another bar or two I can tell her to wait for me and I will come back for her.”

“But someone else might take her upstairs then.”

“I can take that chance, because even if that happens I can fix it so that I will see her again.”

“So if I left, you will boom boom her then?”

“Yes. If she agrees to my normal price.”

“Which is?”

“800 baht.”

“You gotta be kidding me.”

“It’s the price I give all of them.”

“But this is real quality. You must pay for great quality.”

“Not me. I always pay my normal price. And if a girl wants more money, no matter what, I go get someone else.

I’ve even had girls ask me to pay them 1000 baht. To which I refuse.

e finish our drinks together and one or two weeks later I come back, buy the girl another drink and this time she agrees to go with me for 800 baht.”

“Come on. Don’t tell me that you are going to be so cheap that you are going to only give her 800 baht?’

“Yep. And I’m going to bet you right now that I will get this girl to go with me for 800 baht and actually enjoy it.”

By this time, it’s likely that even Mr. Walking Street was reconsidering his relationship with Soi Six. I don’t think he ever had sex with a Soi Six girl before due to fear and trepidation over the unsavory nature of the place.

I’m sure he had envisioned himself being the tenth man in a row to have sex with a Soi Six prostitute, and that he could visualize himself fondling the wet cum covered naked body of the unwashed.

As for myself, as I write this very sentence I’m getting completely turned on by this vision of an unwashed whore who is so sexy and so much in demand that twenty men would plant themselves into her in a single afternoon. But when it comes to Soi Six I know better. But back to our conversation at the Kalaua Bar.

“So how are the rooms at your bar upstairs, Mr. Walking Street asked the girl?”

“They are terrible. They are small and not very good.”

“How big are they?”

“I’ve been upstairs a few times already in this bar,” I replied. And Ning is right. There’s far better rooms here on Soi Six. Such as the Red Point which has rooms similar to what you will find in a good three star hotel, but I’ve never liked the girls at the Red Point too much.”

“Then you don’t like the rooms here?” my friend asked Ning. “No. I no like.”

“Well I don’t care. I am in love with Ning here and I want to have sex with her. As long as the bed is at least six feet long, I’m happy.”

“That is right,” Ning replied. “You aren’t having sex with the room.”

I replied, “I met a girl in this bar and I still am having sex with her. I’ve known her for two years now and when she was working here, she’d either change the sheets herself for the next customer or she’d tip 20 baht for a maid to do it for her.”

“Do most of the girls make their customers use a condom?” Mr. Walking Street asked.

“I’m not sure,” said Ning. “I only know what I do. I not ask other ladies what she do.”

“Do Soi Six ladies ever go long time?”


“Well sure they do,” I replied. I’ve had a number of them come over to my condo. I’ve had them stay the entire night, and I’m sure if you want a girl for two weeks, a month, you can arrange that too. There’s no difference between the Soi Six girls and the girls in the beer bars except the Soi Six girls are usually better.”

It was getting to be that time. Time to do the down and dirty.

We are all hitting it off and she’s had enough alcohol to be feeling real relaxed. I’m going to pop the big one on her.”

“Ning. I want to take you upstairs now. 800 baht okay with you?”

“I want 1000.”

“I pay everyone 800. Ning, 800 good for you, good for me. Some girls I now know for two years and I pay them 800 but I boom boom them many times so they make really good money from me.”

I got her thinking. She’s not replying. This one’s in the bag.”

“This is what I want, Ning, and I know this is what you want. We are going to be very good together and we will want each other many times after tonight.”

At this point I”m making head motions towards the rooms upstairs. Our eyes are meeting. And I say it three times: “upstairs 800 good for you good for me.”

It works. The girl agrees, and Mr. Walking Street and I start paying our bins. Most of the Soi Six bars are charging 300 baht for their rooms although I’ve occasionally had a bar charge me 350. But Ning tells me her bar charges 400 baht for the room. Well, maybe.

Ning might also be trying to get another 100 baht out of me, especially since I’ve knocked her down from the 1000 baht she had been asking. But at this point, Who cares? The sex is going to be excellent. I just know it and once we’ve done it once, all the options are open.

In the room upstairs Ning looks even better than she had down in the bar because now I’m viewing her straight on.

She’s only 24. I ask her how tall she is and she tells me she’s 165 centimeters tall which puts her at five foot five so she’s taller even than the average American woman who’s just shy of being five foot four. She’s 48 kilos.  Although normally I like my girls to be 40 to 42 kilos, this is just six kilos or 13.2 pounds heavier.  But the other girls are just five foot one or two.

I remember my dad telling me a woman can afford to gain just five pounds for every inch increase in height. So if a girl is 42 kilos and five foot two this equates to 92 pounds. Ning at five foot five is 105.6 pounds.  This is roughly 13 pounds heavier.  So given the five pounds per one inch increase in height formula this puts her at roughly the same body build as my two favorite Soi Six girls.  Who each weigh 40 kilos.

My Dad always said the ideal American woman is five foot six and weighs only 110 pounds.

That means Ning is just about perfect according to my Dad’s calculations. And of course my Dad was completely right. Most people used to disagree with him on the weight thing and told him that women who weighed just 110 pounds were sickly and frail and that he was completely insane. Well, they were, and he wasn’t.

I don’t know how long Ning and I spent having sex with each other. But I’d put it at a minimum of 45 minutes and more likely one hour. I went down on her. Many times and in many different positions. And although every now and then she’d be smoking me, most of the time she was very happy just letting me do my thing to her. The fact that I had paid her just 800 baht didn’t make her want to hurry me along any faster.

My mouth is starting to water right now as I write all of this down. I like to eat and apparently she enjoys being eatin just as much as I enjoy doing the eatin.

Finally I have her start to really get down on me and I nearly lose my control right there.

When we finish she tells me she doesn’t often come to the bar to work.  So I get her phone number. We agree that I will text message her when I want her and that she will then meet me on an agreed day and time. Then we go downstairs to the bar where I buy her another tequila and a bottle of beer for myself. It’s now midnight and I plan on staying out another two hours before going home.

I go up the street to the Perry bar where I have two or three more beers.  And  having a great conversation with an Australian.  The man  lives in Bangkok but travels to Pattaya every two weeks because Pattaya is such a great place.

As for Ning, the Soi Six beauty, I think I can only hold out another three days. Then I’m messaging her.

One thing’s fer sure though.  I’m not putting the Soi Six beauty in this story up.  I do this to protect these gals from some of you predators who come here.  Soon, there will be another Soi Six beauty who I will be writing about.  She is so exquisite.  So beautiful.  That I’m not about to share her with any of you guys.

It is with Heavy Heart that I offer you mongers this link.  Welcome to Pattaya Addicts where all of you can show and tell, and get what you think is the lowdown on many of these girls.  Happy Predatoring.

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