Ko Tao Thailand police monkey business

Let us make no mistake here.  The arrest of the Burmese migrant workers who confessed to the murder of Hannah Witheridge and David Miller is all about saving face and the usual Thailand Police Monkey business that utterly transcends the slightest resemblance of serving and protecting anyone but themselves.

Thailand police monkey business in Ko Tao
Hannah Witheridge was raped and murdered on Ko Tao. Most of the world believes the real culprits went free. This is what I call the Ko Tao Solution for covering up Thailand police monkey business

Has anyone reading this ever seen a Thai policeman ever give a ticket to a Thai motorbike driver who was 1.  driving recklessly, 2.  Driving through a red light, 3.  Driving the wrong way against the flow of traffic.  I haven’t and I’ve been living here for over 10 years.   The reason Thailand is not a civilized country.   Where citizens require their police to serve and protect them.

Thailand police monkey business makes Thailand’s roads the 2nd most lethal in the world out of over 200 countries

Monkey Business is the business of Thailand’s police.   And it’s their monkey business that makes Thailand the second most dangerous country in the world to drive in.   So when it comes to investigating any sort of mysterious death that might smack of murder, one can expect to see the same monkey business prevail.   Let’s go back a few years to the mysterious deaths of three Russian women for two examples of such Thailand police monkey business.

Liubov Svirkova and Tatiana Tsimbar

 Liubov Svirkova and Tatiana Tsimbar  were murdered on a Jomtien beach in 2007.

The horrific pictures of the two murdered Russian women were all over the Internet back then, and to those who know anything about the Thai emphasis on saving face, someone just had to be found to confess to the crime.  A suitable culprit was found in Anuchit Lamlert, a 24 year old Thai male, and the whole scene was re-enacted in the same manner as the murder of the two British tourists in Ko Tao.  But just take a look at the pictures of the crime scene.

Pattaya Thailand police monkey business exhibit 2

Note that someone has neatly lined up  the coca cola can, one glass and a bottle of whiskey on the corner of the table. I call this a nice setup and not by the murdered Russian women.  Also notice that one of the women has her head pointing up.


Pattaya Thailand police monkey business exhibit 2

Notice that in this picture—-has her face pointing at the sand.  Looking like a lot of careless staging to me.

Pattaya Thailand police monkey business exhibit 3

Where is the 2nd glass? Are we to believe that the two Russian women shared the same glass. Also….it looks like Thai whiskey to me. I’m good friends with a few Russians and we sure as hell don’t drink Thai whiskey together.

Pattaya Thailand police monkey business exhibit 4

Notice the lack of blood on the table cloth, chairs, sand, etc

Now look at this you tube video  that shows the killer, Anuchit Lamlert, reenacting how he shot the two Russian women.

He shoots  his victims from behind yet not one of them is shown slumping over the table.  Which has no blood on it either.  Furthermore there’s no sign of blood that might have spurted from one of the victims onto the other.  I don’t know about the rest of you viewing these pictures, but the whole thing looks pretty fake to me.

How Hanna Ramnivova didn’t drown in a 5 foot deep swimming pool

I bring you now to the unmysterious death of Hanna Ramnivova  Everywhere you look on the internet Hanna drowned in the swimming pool.  In a swimming pool that is less than five feet deep.   The police closed the case.  The newspapers and internet media published that Hanna drowned.

As for Hanna’s neighbors in the 61 condo units near hers, practically everyone believed she had drowned (in water that only reached her chin).

I didn’t see a single shred of evidence for murder.  Couldn’t even find as much as an axe stuck in the deceased to even hint at foul play.  She drowned.  Case closed.  But I knew better.  Hanna was my friend.  I’ve watched her swimming laps like a fish in a ferocious rain storm.

“Police suspect she may have suffered cramp or a sudden acute illness which caused her to drown.”

 There are a number of problems with such a theory however.  I for one suffer from numerous physical cramps and sometimes these occur while swimming.  But I have never had a cramp immobilize me  to the extent that I drowned.  But I’m a pretty good swimmer, and Hanna was too.  In fact, I once watched Hanna swimming laps in the same swimming pool she drowned in during a driving rain storm.  The second problem is that no water came out of Hanna once she was pulled out of the pool.  I know because I asked the man who pulled her dead body out of the pool.  When people drown they ingest water into their lungs.  People in the know told me Hanna didn’t drown.  Such as the man who pulled her body out of the pool.

 Close members of Hanna’s family told me they believed someone murdered Hanna and that she certainly did not drown.

Personally I don’t believe that foul play took place here considering that Hanna’s death occurred mid morning in broad daylight at a place where there could easily have been witnesses in their rooms in the Long Beach hotel overlooking the swimming pool along.   Of course it’s possible that Hanna might have had a brain embolism that could have killed her instantly and shut her whole body down which could be the reason why she never swallowed any water and therefore did not drown.

 But whatever the real cause of Hanna’s death might have been, I do not see that drowning could have killed her.  But drowning was good enough for the police and the media.  After all, there are much more important matters to spend their time on.  Thailand police monkey business is a serious undertaking that takes a lot of time to do properly.

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