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WordPress search engine for jack corbett alpha Productions is terrific

The WordPress search engine for my Jack Corbett Productions web site is even more outstanding than my Google search engine for

WordPress search engine
This is the WordPress search engine for my blog, the Fun House expats forum. Which is a state of the art tour deforce which is hugely entertaining. It’s so easy to use that you will want to play with it just for fun. And it’s so good that it eclipses the Google search engine I’m using for my entire Alpha Productions web site.

So why do I need two totally different search engines for my Alpha Productions Web Site 1. A WordPress creation and 2. My very own Google Search Engine?

My Jack Corbett Alpha Productions Web Site is huge. And it’s been here for twenty-five years.

I’m a writer who’s published six books and a photographer who covered the American adult entertainment scene this Alpha Productions web site has become so vast that I can hardly find what I’m looking for myself.

So I put in for my very own custom Google Search engine for my sprawling web site.

This is the google search engine for alphapro, not the wordPress search engine

So what is the difference between the Fun House Expat’s forum search engine and the google search engine for my website

The difference is the google search engine searches my total website. All of it. Including my Funhouse Expats blog. Whereas the WordPress Search Engine searches only the Funhouse blog.

Of the two, the WordPress search engine is the most cool. It’s highly visual with striking pictures and other graphical images.

And the WordPress Search Engine has some very easy to use effective filters. For example you can easily search for only my YouTube videos I have referenced in my blog. Or beer bars, go go bars, American adult entertainment, motorcycles, etc.

And if you want to look up Jack Corbett books using the WordPress Search Engine in the expats forum you’d be better off using this search engine than search the entire internet. But if you do, using Jack Corbett author or Jack Corbett Writer you are going to get a lot of top listings for me.

But so what if I’m the best known Jack Corbett author or Jack Google writer on Google? I want a lot more for my readers and viewers.

I was also a pretty well known adult photographer. And as a photographer I want my readers, (even if they only read my blog) to have the best visual experience that’s out there. As they sift through my many videos, pictures, essays and short stories that are scattered across my web site. So if you want to search my Expat’s blog, choose my exclusive WordPress Search Engine. But if you want to search my expat’s blog AND twenty-five years of Alpha Productions History, choose my Google search engine.

Google Search results from the entire world wide web using Jack Corbett Writer for your keywords.
There’s a lot of Jack Corbetts writing books today across the world. But I’ve got top billing.
You will be able to find a lot of online book stores selling my books if you enter Jack Corbett author
in Google’s search engine. But you can do far better using the “Google exclusively Jack Corbett search engine on
almost all my web pages on Or the WordPress Search Engine here in my expats blog.

If you want to buy one of my six books, there’s something like ten editions including E book, hardback and paperback. That’s a lot to sort out unless you are using the WordPress Search Engine on my Fun House expats blog. So I’m recommending the you peruse the books I’ve published at and my Jack Corbett author page at Amazon. But if you want to find all my books in all their editions an even better place to start is at Jack Corbett books.

Best search engine for using Pattaya Expats Forum

You will find the Best search engine for the Pattaya Expats forum at its Alpha Productions web site.


Best search engine
Best search engine for this blog is the Alpha Productions web site.

The benefits for your going to are huge.

  • There’s hundreds of pages of content at including all content in this blog.  That’s because this blog is within the domain.
  • I’ve been working on the web site for  over 20 years.  Much of its content is adult related.
  • I used to get paid by Xtreme Magazine and other adult magazines but when I could not find a viable adult magazine covering the Midwest Clubs I decided to start my own.  I created The Looking Glass Magazine  as part of my web site.  The search box for this forum will not work for all that Looking Glass Magazine content.
  • After buying a condo in Thailand and moving here full time the content of the Looking Glass took on an Asian Thailand focus as I no longer was visiting the American strip clubs.
  • Most of the adult and Thailand content in the Looking Glass is not part of this blog.  The last articles in the Looking Glass were in December 2013.  From that date on this blog replaced the Looking Glass Magazine.

Let me give you several examples of why this is the Best search engine for the Pattaya Expats Forum

  1.  Go to  Using the Google custom search box type in Thai women.  This search engine privatizes  Alpha Productions content over all other content.  Notice how much of this content takes you to this blog and also to the Looking Glass Magazine articles I did before I even started this blog.

2.  Go to  Once again use the Google custom search box and type in nude wrestling.  Start clicking on the search engine results.  Choose Spew Wrestling at the Iowa Playhouse 

Okay.  I’m going to put one of the pictures right here for a sneak preview.


You won’t find these pictures in this  Pattaya Expats Forum.  Or anywhere else either.  I might be prejudiced but I think the Spew Wrestling venture that Big Daddy and Big Mike created were the finest nude wrestling spectacles of all time.

3.  Go to again and type into the search box Big Daddy.  Not only was Big Daddy the founder of Spew wrestling.  He’s a lifelong friend of mine and only a couple of weeks ago we were sitting together at ringside at the Pattaya Max Muay Thai stadium as I was shooting video of the fights there.  Big Daddy is truly significant to me, not just because he’s a very dear fiend of mine but also because he brought me to Thailand.    Notice among many of the Big Daddy results the Double Knockout article and you tube video that appears in this blog

4.  Once again go to and type into the search box Krabi.   In my opinion the Krabi area has the most beautiful beaches in Thailand and the world.  You will find a lot of my Krabi articles and pictures this way.

Alpha Productions is still here after 20 years

Nearly all the adult sites and strip clubs in the old days are gone.  Those were great days back then.  And Alpha Productions is no longer doing the adult stuff now that I’ve moved to Thailand.  But I’m still using professional cameras to create the best photography and video I can.  Most of the  strippers and feature entertainers I worked with in the old days are gone too.  Most are doing other things with their lives.  Many have died.  The strip club owners and top managers who were my friends have turned to other pursuits.  For example, Frank, who was the GM of the Platinum Club and  owner of Club 64 is now selling furniture (Frank will be successful whatever he does).  Big Daddy is focusing on mcing or doing voice overs for Professional Wresting.

Corey from Club 64
Yes. I shot a lot of the American girls nude. But I always tried to do my artistic best. The girl in the picture worked at Club 64. Frank who had been the absolute best manager I ever knew at Platinum Club and his wife had me shoot more than half a dozen of their girls. Frank’s wife (who had been assistant manager at Platinum) would work on a girl’s hair with a couple of the other girls, her outfit, makeup, etc for up to 2 hours in order to present the girl at her best. Getting to work with Frank and Sherry made me a much better photographer while enabling me to become much more adept in photo editing. This husband wife team were the most professional strip club managers I’ve ever encountered. I owe a lot to them.

I never shot porn by the way.

My goal has always been to be an artist.  I’ve always tried to present the adult entertainers I knew as beautiful women inside and out.

Aspen Reign Magician in Pursuit of Excellence

Aspen Reign superstar feature entertainer
I think my strength as a photographer (if I have any) is as an action photographer. When Aspen Reign took center stage to perform her shows she was an absolute dynamo. I would often shoot up to 1500 pictures in a single night at the feature entertainer showcases I covered. All the other feature entertainers would stop whatever they were doing to watch Aspen when it came time for her to perform her show. She was the maestro of all maestros

Aspen was absolutely wonderful.

One morning while I was staying at a hotel in Peoria, Illinois shooting a Pure Talent Agency Showcase, I went into Big Als early to have a cup of coffee.  A new girl looked a lot like Aspen.  During the evening performances this new entertainer kept trying to emulate Aspen’s style.  Even her hair style.  So here I am drinking my cup of coffee at Big Al’s and there’s a woman sitting at the bar without much makeup on.  I think it’s the new girl.  After we exchange a few remarks, the girl says to me:

“It’s me.  Aspen.”

We talk a bit more, and then Aspen tells me:

“I have been watching you when you are shooting all the other feature entertainers. ”

“Why are you watching me?” I reply.

“Because I want to see which entertainers interest you the most.  So I watch to see which feature entertainers you shoot the most of.”

That made my day.  Here was the biggest superstar of them all taking a professional interest in my photography.

Aspen Reign was simply incredible.  She truly deserved my calling her Magician in Pursuit of Excellence.

Best search engine to use for this blog
Front cover of Xtreme Magazine showcasing my Aspen Reign article, Aspen Reign Magician in Pursuit of Excellence

I wrote a lot of magazine articles about them.

As far as shooting their naked bodies?  Yes.  I did a lot of that.  Hopefully I have captured the beauty of the female form in my endeavors.  And I got paid for doing it.  Here in Thailand I never shoot nude pictures of Thai women.  In  the U.S. my photography and magazine articles helped the adult entertainers in their careers by increasing their marketability and earnings.

The number one reason why the  Best search engine is the google custom search engine on the main Alpha Productions web site

This is the Best search engine to use because it fuses all of the content in the Looking Glass online magazine with this blog and all that great adult content I used to do back in the United States.

Non voting Americans are not true Americans

Non voting Americans are not true Americans.  If you are eligible to vote, and don’t, then you’d better be quiet.

The right to vote is not just a privilege.  It is a duty all American citizens need to perform.   The way I see it, Non voting Americans are not true Americans.   Let me be painfully blunt.  If you are American and eligible to vote in this next election, but fail to do so for any reason short of death or extreme disability, you are not worth a  tinkers damn.

cartoon about Non voting Americans believing anything
I created this cartoon before the 2012 election. Although Donald Trump kicked off the myth that Obama was not born in the U.S. the Republican Party embraced it along with other fables such as Obama is a secret Muslim and he’s the wrong kind of Christian.  Now I must ask, how in the hell can anyone be the wrong kind of Christian and a Muslim at the same time?  The Republican Party believes that Americans are so stupid that they will actually believe such tales. And as far as Falso News (Fox News) it is nothing other than a Nazi party type of propaganda machine pretending to be a legitimate news channel. You can do your homework about Fox News and if you do you will have to conclude that it is a Republican tool used to elect republican candidates. Or you can simply watch it for a few days and then ask yourself, “What percent of the time is Fox News relentlessly hammering away at its audience the following message..”Obama bad. Democrats are bad”?

I am living in Thailand full time as an American expat.  But I’m just blown away by the fact that four out of four of my American friends are not voting in this upcoming November election.  Their excuses run from “I’m no longer registered in the correct state” to “the lobbyists have so much power that my vote won’t count anyway” to “I don’t like the two choices the Democrats and Republicans are giving me.”

Well, I’ve already voted and I’m damn proud of it.  Sure, I had to make the effort of downloading the right application from the internet for my absentee ballot.  I even had to make sure that my printer’s ink cartridge had ink in it so I could print out the application.   Then I had to actually spend a horrific fifteen more minutes of my life filling the application out. I had to find an envelope that was buried deep in a desk drawer.  Then I had to drive my motorcycle to a postal outlet a mile up the street so I could mail in my request for an absentee  ballot.  I  had to wait two weeks for my absentee ballot to arrive by email.   Finally I had to  fill in the ballot, and drive my motorbike to the post office to send my ballot in.

But I don’t figure all that effort is too much of a hardship.  Not when I think of what our founding fathers had to go through to win American Independence from England.  Or the 600,000 Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the American Civil War fighting for what they believed in.  Or our fellow black citizens who used to have to sit in the back of the bus more than seventy-five years after the abolishment of slavery.

Okay, so you don’t like either Trump or Clinton.  Suppose you believe that Clinton is a very corrupt human being.   You think that Clinton is untrustworthy.  So you decide not to vote for her.  This leaves you with three choices.  1.  You vote for Trump, 2.  You vote for a third party, or 3.  Or you don’t vote at all.   If you choose 3, you are failing to exercise your right to vote.  By failing to do your duty, you have proven to be unworthy of all those patriots who sacrificed so much.

By failing to exercise your right to vote, you are truly not worthy of being called an American.   They were American patriots.  You are a wuss.  A wanker.  By failing to perform your civic duty, you deserve being ruled by a Hitler or a king who would deny you all the civil rights you presently enjoy and the respect you think you deserve as a human being.

Those who vote for a third party, will be throwing their votes away.   Either Trump or Clinton is going to win.  No third party candidate has a chance.  Not in this election.  Trump has alienated so many women, blacks and Hispanics , that there is no way that he can win this election.  Unless enough of these people he’s alienated fail to show up.

I’ve chosen to mention two very bad names that will  live forever in infamy.  Hitler and Nazi.  Now we all know that Hitler did a lot of lying to help him rise to the top.  But as a liar Hitler was half as bad as Trump who lies 75 % of the time.  And compared to Trump, Hitler at least appeared to be a pretty reasonable man for the first half of his political career.

By 1933 and when he became chancellor and a few years afterwards,  Hitler made a lot of sense, even to his future enemies.   He got Germany out of the  Great Depression by the mid 1930’s while it took the United States half way through World War II  to emerge  from the economic abyss.   He was able to reclaim nearly all the territory Germany lost after winding up on the losing side during World War I.   Hitler also created the mightiest military machine in Europe from the paltry 100,000 Army Germany was allowed to keep by the victorious Allied powers under the Treaty of Versailles.  As for the later part of his political career, there’s no question that Hitler lost it.  As for Trump, I don’t think he’s got it in him to achieve a single month’s greatness on any meaningful level.

not exercising your right to vote is a vote for Donald Trump
Admittedly I am no cartoonist. But I was so horrified by the long list of hapless Republican choices for President for the 2012 presidential election that I created the GOP cartoon strip. I’ve had very few people come to this cartoon strip. I wish a lot more would. But I’ve done my best There’s 26 cartoon strips in all, and I had a lot of fun doing each one. I figure I’ve done my patriotic duty as an American and the fact that I have very little skill as an artist does not take away from the fact that I’ve tried.

Trump doesn’t make sense to any thinking rationale person.

He’s a denier of  man made climate change.  This alone makes him an enemy of the entire human race.   And he’s a compulsive liar who cannot be trusted.  About anything.

For years he’s been claiming that our President Obama was not born in the United States.  I’ve seen Trump on television telling the world what a miserable student Obama was.  And yet, Obama graduated from Harvard Law School Magna Cum Laude as the first black president of the Harvard Law Review.  Hitler would never have stooped to making such  outrageous accusations.  Not because Hitler was a scrupulous and truthful man, but because he  knew that such lies were so obviously untrue.  Hitler was smart enough to know that he could never get away with it.

Trump gets away with practically everything.  He hasn’t paid any taxes for how many years now?  And he claims to be a true man of the people.  He promises to use his business acumen to successfully run this great country of ours.   He proudly brags about his successful business career as evidence of his wonderful business ability.

But Trumps declared bankruptcy how many times?

As a businessman he’s lost so much money that he doesn’t have to pay any taxes for twenty years.  There’s a long trail of business partners, employees and customers he’s cheated at every turn.   The Trump pigpen of “business success” is rank and smelly beyond belief.

It is  scary to think of such a scoundrel being given the chance to get us into World War III.

If Americans elect him to be president, and he doesn’t turn the world  into a nuclear wasteland, we can all be sure of one thing.

 Planet Earth will still  no longer be  fit to live on.

This Pathetic denier of man made climate change will do his best to halt all that clean energy that needs to be developed to stop mankind from destroying the planet.

Clinton brings a lot of baggage to this election.  True enough.  But it is equally true that she is a very able person who is  quite qualified to perform well as president.  Her character might seem to be dubious, but she’s obviously very intelligent.  And she’s rational.

So, in spite of of Trump being a totally disgusting, lying scumbag, you’re telling me you will still vote for the him?

At least you are man or woman enough to exercise your right to vote.   I’ll give you that.

By voting for Trump you will be enabling the destruction of our planet.    All those clean energy laws the present Obama administration has passed  would be continued under a Clinton  led government.  Under Trump they would fall by the wayside.  There would be horrific climate change, and the destruction of our environment would become unstoppable.   Just think, you can actually make this happen by failing to exercise your right to vote or voting for the unthinkable one.  Trump the Rump.

So who’s worse?  Non voting Americans or someone who’s so badly misinformed that he actually votes for Trump the Rump?

It’s obvious to anyone who’s got even a modicum of common sense that Trump’s a Rump.  A complete Ass this man certainly is.  But we should overlook the infirmities of the intellectually impaired.  Out of pity.

But to be among the Non voting Americans is to separate oneself from what what it means to be American.  Non voting Americans are rejecting the spirit of 1776 which motivated Americans to separate themselves from England.  Over thirty thousand Americans gave their lives to cast off the tyranny of the English crown.  But this was only a token sacrifice compared to the 600,000 Americans who died during the American Civil War in order to assert their political beliefs.   Those were true Americans who lived back then.