Vote Republicans and Microsoft Office out

Secret Republican campaign money
Don’t let them buy the election and steal our country from us.


The Republican Party and Microsoft Office have two things in common. 1. Both are accepted by those who don’t know better and 2. Big money buys the propaganda that sells both. I urge everyone to throw both out as inexcusably bad. But although Microsoft Office is a terrific waste of time to its users who have been lulled into actually believing it’s a good product, the consequences of voting Republican are devastating to our democratic form of government when you consider the awful consequences of Citizens United, a recent Supreme Court Decision that allows big money to dominate our entire system of government. In a few days Americans will vote in the midterm elections. But this time, not only are Republicans expected to retain control of the Do Nothing House of Representatives, they also have a better than fifty-fifty chance of gaining control of the Senate. Two more years of complete obstructionism is too much to bear from the party of No. Even worse, in two more years a Republican president could very well be the death knell of the democratic process Americans have fought hard for since gaining its independence from Britain. Before describing how this tragedy might destroy the entire democratic process, it is necessary to compare Microsoft Office to the Republican Party so that the urgency for putting the Republicans and Microsoft Office out to  pasture is clear.

I have Microsoft Office 2010, and I absolutely despise it. (For my review on how Wordperfect and Microsoft Office compare click here).  But I’ve had to have it on my computers because if I don’t, there’s no way that I can send and receive correctly formatted documents from those who are using Microsoft. This is critical now that I’m chairman of the committee running our condo here in Thailand. In the past several years I’ve also written and produced four books. Unfortunately if I am to receive reports from Amazon on how many paperback books and Kindle books I”ve sold I need to have Microsoft Excel on my computer. I also need Excel if I want to export Quickbooks accounting files to a spreadsheet. Other than my hating Microsoft Word, the word processing module of Microsoft Office, I now find myself in the position of not being even able to use Microsoft Office even though I purchased a licensed copy in 2010. I’ve simply had too many computer problems recently and had to reinstall Microsoft Office too many times for Microsoft’s liking. I now have one day left to use Excel because whenever I try to activate Office 2010 online since installing a new system board on my desktop I keep getting an error message that I can no longer activate Office online now that Microsoft has determined that I have exceeded the permitted number of reinstalls. But I am given the choice of activating Office by phone. The problem is that the 54 digit installation code Microsoft is supplying me simply does not work. The first time I tried it I entered the first 36 numbers correctly, only to have Microsoft disconnect me after I tried the next series of six numbers, which I did enter correctly by the way.  Do I sense that “Money is Number One” is at play here?

My problem is that no matter how much I detest Microsoft, I have to have it simply because everyone else has it. I infinitely prefer Wordperfect Office X-7 which is vastly superior to Microsoft Office. I must admit, however, that Excel, the spreadsheet component of Microsoft Office is quite good. However, Quattro Pro, which is Wordperfect Office’s spreadsheet module is equally good. As for Microsoft Word, Microsoft’s wordprocessor, it’s so bad, especially when you compare it to Wordperfect, that it should not even be allowed to be sold in the market place. It is terrible. I’ve written four books and I’ve had to use Word just so that I could get my book files uploaded in acceptable format to get them published on the amazon servers. And believe me, I’ve had to spend three times as much work trying to format each book in Word as I’ve had to in Wordperfect. And even then I couldn’t get such things as my book captions done right in Word because of its unacceptable limitations.

Well perhaps you won’t believe me. But will you believe over 300 independent reviews from the people who have actually bought Wordperfect and Microsoft Office from Amazon? Now granted, when you read the reviews of Wordperfect Office versus Microsoft Office in computer magazines such as Computer World and P.C. Magazine you will always find that Microsoft Office comes out on top. But who do you think is spending more money advertising their products with these magazines, Corel, which is Wordperfect’s parent company or Microsoft? You better believe that Microsoft with its market dominance and huge advertising treasure chest is spending a lot more advertising dollars as Corel. With “trusted magazines” such as these money is number one and whoever spends the most advertising dollars with them is going to get the best reviews. What I am saying is completely true, and a proven fact when you consider that the customers who are actually buying Corel’s Wordperfect Office and Microsoft Office from Amazon are giving Wordperfect’s Office X-7 4 ½ stars while only giving Microsoft’s Office 3 stars. Such numbers do not lie when you consider there are something like 300 customer user reviews at Amazon and that the customers are not getting paid anything for their unbiased ratings.

And so it is with the Republican Party

The Jack Corbett Gop cartoon strip
I must admit that I really can’t draw, but I just had to do this during the last presidential election
Jack Corbett

As I’ve just said, when it comes to politics, money is number one. That is if one candidate can outspend his opponent by a large amount, he will probably win the election. The Republican Party is the Microsoft of the American political arena. It’s the party of the rich, and certainly not the party of the poor. Poor people simply do not have the money to spend to influence elections the way the rich have, and with the huge amounts of money the oil companies and billionaires like the Koch brothers have who are dumping millions into GOP election coffers, the poor and the middle class face a dim future if such spending is allowed to go unrestrained. Fortunately limits were placed on campaign contributions–until January of 2010 when the U.S. Supreme Court decided in Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission that corporations, labor unions and other entities could contribute unlimited funs to whichever political candidates and causes they favored.

So here’s what happened. Nine men, just nine supreme court justices were able to completely take over the entire political process of the United States by allowing big money to buy elections from now on. Actually it was five men because the vote in the Supreme Court was five votes for allowing big money to control elections versus the four supreme court justices who disagreed with the majority decision. Here’s the breakdown:

1. Chief Justice John Roberts–appointed by President George Bush (Republican) in 2005. “In Wikipedia Roberts has been portrayed as a consistent advocate for conservative principles by analysts such as Jeffrey Toobin”

2. Samuel Alite–appointed by President–appointed by President George Bush (Republican) in 2005. “Alito is considered “one of the most conservative justices on the Court”

3. Antonin Scalia–appointed by President Ronald Reagan (Republican) in 1986. “Writing in The Forward, J.J. Goldberg described Scalia as “the intellectual anchor of the court’s conservative majority”.

4. Clarence Thomas–appointed by George H.W. Bush (Republican) 1991. “He is generally viewed as the most conservative member of the Court”

5. Anthony Kennedy–appointed by President Ronald Reagan (Republican) 1988. ‘Kennedy has reliably issued conservative rulings during most of his tenure”

So there you have it, five out of nine Supreme Court justices, all five of them conservative Republicans appointed by Republican presidents decide in Citizens United to hand over unlimited campaign funding to the rich, to the Oil companies and politics will never be the same again. Just as Microsoft has successfully inflicted a grotesquely inferior Word Processor on an unsuspecting public by its massive advertising war chest and unscrupulous marketing tactics the Republican Party will be able to buy elections with the unlimited campaign funds just five Conservative Supreme Court justices delivered to the wealthy special interests. This is the same party that came so close to bringing to the world a depression of a magnitude that would have greatly exceeded the Great Depression of the 1930’s that put 25 % of the American workforce out of work. This is the party that took the United States into two completely unnecessary wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is the party that would deny basic health care to millions of Americans while making American health care the most expensive in the world. This is the party that denies climate change as being man made despite overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary, that nearly gave us Sarah Palin as Vice President and stooges like Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, and Milt Romney for president. Make no mistake, the GOP has caved in to its Neanderthal right wing. This is the party that has constantly lied while blaming Obama for its own misdeeds. The GOP does not deserve to win, not now and not two years from now when Americans will once again choose a new president. Citizens United can be overturned, but not if the Republicans gain control of the Senate which would certainly overturn any supreme court nominations President Obama might make if a seat suddenly becomes available. Then in two years we must all make certain that a Democrat is elected president so that the right kind of Supreme Court justices are nominated and agreed upon by a Democratic Senate in the event that a position becomes available.

Choose Wordperfect Office, the Democratic Party and Vote Republicans and Microsoft Office out

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