Japanese politeness is ruining Pattaya Walking Street

Ironically it is Japanese politeness that is ruining the Pattaya Walking Street go go bars caused by Japanese men agreeing to outrageous pricing.

With the word getting out  how much cheaper it is to buy sex in Pattaya than in Japan,  Japanese tour groups have recently gone overboard in targeting Pattaya as a premiere hunting ground for beautiful available women.   Although not long ago certain go go bars such as Super Girls, Super Babes and Baccharat had been promoting themselves especially for the Japanese, the incursion of Japanese men that had been for the most part limited only to a few clubs has recently become an invasion that has taken over most of the Walking Street Go Go bars.   The result has been the ruination of the Walking Street go go bars for both those who are unwilling to pay the outrageously high prices Japanese men are willing to pay, and the Japanese themselves who will ultimately go to cheaper countries once they’ve decided that their Pattaya go bar playground’s pricing has reached unaffordable levels.

There are currently seven go go bars that have the same owners, and these include the Lighthouse, Crazy Girls, Baccharat, and the Shark Club.  Back in 2006, most of Pattaya’s Go Go bars including the Shark Club typically charged bar fines of 600 baht while the girls typically charged 1000 baht for a short time and 1500 baht for a long time.  With the American dollar at 40 baht in those days this meant that a man could bar fine a go go girl for $15.00 and take her home  for $25.00 for a total cost of $40.00.

Fast forward to the present now that hordes of Japanese tourists have descended on Pattaya’s go go bars.  The typical bar fine is currently 1000 to 1500 baht now that the coyote way of doing business has come to dominate the Walking Street go go bars.  Meanwhile short time prices have escalated to  2000 baht to 2500 baht.  At today’s exchange rate of 32 baht to the American dollar this represents $100 to $125.00 for just one short time and that’s not even including all the high priced drinks one’s likely to consume beforehand.

It’s not going to be very long before we will be approaching $200.00 for a single short time with a Pattaya go go girl, and one of the primary reasons for this is because of Japanese politeness when Japanese men  too readily agree to whatever outrageous demands are being pushed on them.

Take the practice of convincing a go go bar’s customers into buying all those ridiculously priced ping pong balls which customers throw at the go go girls scurrying about on their hands and knees trying to gather up as many of them up as they can turn which they will then turn in  for cash.  You’ve seen the signs on the walls of the go go bars, especially on the bathroom walls:  “Be a nice guy, a real king among men and buy fifty ping pong falls for a measly 3000 baht?”  Good God, that’s a hundred American dollars and for what?  If you ever see an Englishman or an American falling for this ruse, you are looking at one real stupid sad sack of a man.  I mean really!  What does a man gain by spending a hundred dollars just to watch a bunch of money hungry women groveling around a floor to prove once and for all that here in Thailand  money is indeed  number one and that a woman is willing to do anything  to get it?   Does a man get the sexual experience of a lifetime from buying all those stupid ping pong balls? He should, at those insane price levels.   No self respecting Englishman or American would ever do that.  And if you ever see an American, Englishman or even a German doing so, you can be sure that the man deserves treatment in a mental institution.

With the Japanese I think it is different.  Japanese men are typically polite people who build damn good cars, motorcycles, television sets and wonderful optical  instruments such as cameras and binoculars.   They are making great advances in global climate change.   To my notion they are the most admirable people in Asia.  They are obvioiusly far from stupid, but they do like to avoid conflict and are not as a race given to haggling over prices, especially when it comes to a group of men who have set out on an evening enjoying themselves.   Especially in Pattaya where a man can easily get beaten up or even killed for protesting against being overcharged for things.

I can’t ever forget that old friend of mine who just happens to be Irish who got the hell beaten out of him by Thais because he refused to buy a drink for a Soi 7 bar girl due when he told the bar he wasn’t going to buy her a drink simply because she had asked him to.  This didn’t matter to the Englishman who owned the bar,  When my Irish friend finally asked for his bill he noticed he had been charged not only for his drink but also for the bar girl so when he offered only to pay for the drink that he had ordered the English bar owner insisted that he pay the entire bill.  When my Irish friend continued to protest the Englishman moved towards him in a threatening manner so that he backed into s a Thai man who promptly punched my friends lights out while he was focusing on the menacing English bar owner.   When my friend finally came to the police were already there waiting for him, and then he pointed the English bar owner who was by then trying his utmost to hide from the police, the police simply ignored him, and then they put him in jail.  By that time the Thai man had already disappeared.

This story is not something I had just read about or what someone told me about in a bar.  I was the one who got the phone call from the Irishman and it was I who went down to the police station at 5:30 in the morning and bailed him out.  My friend’s face looked like hamburger.  His eyes were two solid red colored orbs minus both the retina and pupil.  I was the one who had to take him home on my motorcycle.  I saw for myself how the Thai criminal justice system works.

How many times have I been overcharged for drinks in the Walking Street go go bars?  And how many times have I had to put up with a go go girl calling a second girl over to my table to that the two could both demand drinks from me on the excuse that the second girl was the first girl’s sister?  Sister my ass!  I learned that trick over 8 years ago, so don’t try to pull it on me.    Most Pattaya go go bars treat their customers despicably.

The truth is I really like most Japanese men, but hey guys, it’s us against them, and it’s time that you start to recognize who the real enemy is and that’s high prices.  Those high prices are already getting to be so high that soon you won’t want to be coming here anymore.   You are a very intelligent, high minded race of people.  It’s high time that everyone cooperate together to keep Pattaya Walking Street from becoming a place you will never want to go back to.  As to Japanese politeness, hey I love it, especially when I was visiting Japan last February, but when it comes to Walking Street go go bars, it’s going to be far better to question the prices of everything from what you are charged for your drinks, to bar fines and the tips you pay the girls, with or without the sex and as for all those ping pong balls please deposit them in the nearest toilet where they belong.

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