Stop the Koch Brothers from stealing America. Vote Democrat

The two Koch Brothers
illustration: Victor Juhasz


From Inside the Koch Brothers’ Toxic Empire comes this picture of the two Koch Brothers who are injecting close to 1 billion dollars into Republican Party campaign coffers to  elect GOP  right wing radicals of their choosing.  Thanks to Citizens United, the Supreme Court Decision that has allowed unlimited campaign contributions from corporations, labor unions and similar organizations what we are facing is no less than the buying of America by the super rich and turning it into a toxic wasteland that will operate for the sole benefit of men like the Koch brothers.  It is important to stop this from happening, for nothing less than the future of the Democratic process is at stake here.

It is not just that the Republican Party has done nothing noteworthy other than to obstruct everything our president has tried to accomplish, and that the United States is rapidly becoming a mere shadow of its former greatness because of such deliberate obstructionism.  What is at stake here is the GOP is being given a greater than 50 % chance of capturing the U.S. Senate.  Among other things this would mean that if a U.S. Supreme Court position becomes vacant during the remainder of Obama’s tenure, is is unlikely that a Republican controlled Senate would approve any progressive appointee Obama might choose thus leaving him no choice other than to appoint a Conservative the GOP would approve.

Make no mistake, the Republican Party is no longer what it used to be.  Thanks to men like the Koch brothers it’s  been kidnapped by the Right Wing and forced to cave into its wishes.  This is not what most Americans want.  It is not what they voted for.  But this is what we are about to get–a toxic wasteland created by and for the super wealthy that will continue to sell out the rest of us.



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