Soi Six Girl exploitation by Thai loan sharks

The girl wanted to borrow 20,000 baht so a helpful Thai man gave her a lifeline she could not refuse.   The Thai man loaned her 20,000 baht at 1000 baht interest.  Her problem was this wasn’t just 1000 baht per year.  It was 1000 baht per day.  This is an extortionist rate of 5 % daily or 1825 percent annual interest which tops the charts when it comes to the utter cruelty of Soi Six girl exploitation.

Soi Six girl exploitation
the girls here are not from Soi Six, but they could be. The truth is, the exploitation of Thailand’s women by usurious loan sharks is very widespread. Those who do not pay off their loans oftentimes get a death sentence.

At 800-1000 baht a trick this means she must bang at least one customer a day and work 30 days a month just to pay that extortionist interest to her Thai mafia friends.

And I do mean “friends”.  Because she truly believes such friendly Thai men really operate in her best interest.  Never mind the fact that I differ, believing that hanging is too good for the scum and that disembowelment is much more just.  The authorities need to stop this Soi Six girl exploitation with an iron fist.

This girl actually has a young son living with her.  Most bar girls don’t so when they tell you they have their children living with them in Pattaya, they are lying.  I know, because I’ve been around.  Most bar girls live two to four girls in a room.  They send their money back to their families in Issan who take care of any children they have so their daughters have maximum freedom to prostitute themselves to the max.  But this girl is different. She’s not Thai.  She’s from Laos and like any other foreigner not on a retirement visa she has to do border runs to Cambodia.

And unlike most Pattaya bar girls she does not have the immediate exploitative support of family.

So how do I know that she really has a young son living with her in her room?  Well for one thing she’s on facebook and like many Thai bar girls she’s constantly putting new pictures up on facebook many of which include pictures of herself with her son.  Which reminds me of just how badly I screwed up this last time I visited her thanks to all the Tequila we were drinking together at the Soi Six bar she works for.

She was showing me her new smart phone which she had just bought from  But before I realized what a mistake I was making she was taking pictures of me which she probably would have been putting on her facebook time line right from the bar.  Thankfully for me, but not for her, the flash didn’t work and the pictures turned out way too dark.

She told me she had bought a copy of a Galaxy smart phone for 5000 baht.    (the original Galaxy would have cost her 20,000 baht).  For the first time in the 2 years I’ve known her, she started to get really pissed off.  And each time she took a new picture of me, the more pissed off she got.  “She’d go back to the next day.  Then she’d tell the Thai guy off who had sold her the phone.

It’s the “friends,  of these girls who are most guilty of Soi Six girl exploitation

We had another Tequila together.  Then she started to tell me about the 20,000 baht loan she had just taken out.  Then I explained to her that the Thai guy who loaned her the money was a total asshole.

She replied,  “Oh no.  He’s a friend.  He look out for me.”

She’s a vivacious girl who’s damned good company, who until now has never lost her temper or acted bitchy.  Unlike me, she speaks good Thai which isn’t unusual for someone from Laos.   It’s often said that Issan girls oftentimes speak a Lao dialect due to the proximity of Laos to Issan.  But somehow, I suspect that she’s not one of them. And that leaves her even more vulnerable than the average bar girl to Soi Six girl exploitation.

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