Pattaya Soi Six girl speaks of Thailand Korean Brothels

Noi,  a Pattaya Soi Six girl just spilled her guts to me about Thailand Korean Brothels  where she earned 200000 baht a month.

Thailand Korean Brothels
I figures it’s my job to give all you horny guys the real scoop about all dem Thailand Korean Brothels you keep hearing about. So now we are abouts to give you the whole truth from Noi who just spent 7 months in a Korean hell hole where she fucked over 1500 Koreans in 7 months.

Now you guys gotsa picture this.  I’ve known Noi for 4 years now.  She’s one of my best pals on Pattaya Soi Six.  Damn good looking too, but a great set of tits on her.  We’s good friends but you can be damn sure we’s never been Platonic.  Well Noi here, she warns me all about what’s happening in your life.  And tells me the truth too.  So what’s we gotsa say about dem Thailand Korean brothels is the real gospel.

Intro to Thailand Korean brothels

Well I hadn’t seen Noi in 10 months.  So I gets me a haircut on Soi Six in the mornin and I suddenly see Noi back at her old Soi Six bar.  She’s waving at me.  Friendly gal this Noi even if she’s a hardened professional prostitute.

She’s so excited when she sees me.  I can’t wait to tell you all about Korea.  Can you see me tonight?

A few hours later she tells me about how these agents recruit Thai prostitutes to work for Thailand Korean brothels.  The girls then disappears from the civilized world for three months.  And in Noi’s case 7 months.   But all dem stories is basically true.  Dem Thai prostitutes makes lots of money, but they becomes prisoners in dem Thailand Korean brothels.  I call these Thailand Korean brothels because most of the inmates are oftentimes Thai ladies.  Whereas the prisons themselves are Korean.  Made by Korean labor.  Out of steel and concrete from Korea.

Life in dem Thailand Korean brothels is like being in combat during war time if you are in the Army

That means living in dem Thailand Korean brothels is terrible and disgusting.  So maybe I should have called these Thailand Korean brothels Thai Korean whorehouses.  On account of brothel being a nice word whereas whorehouse has a low life ring to it.

So here’s how life in these Thailand Korean brothels goes.   Noi gets assigned to a room on level one of a building.  She’s on a 24 hour shift.  This means she must be available to a customer at all times.  Perhaps she sleeps for one hour.  Then a bell rings and she must be ready, looking beautiful.  She wakes up.

Thailand Korean Brothels

He pays 3600 baht.  Noi gets 1200 baht.  The agent gets 400 baht (for each fuck that she does).  This leaves 2000 baht to the owner of the establishment.  But he has several buildings.  And there’s a lot of girls doing the tricks for him.  He’s rich.

When the forty minutes are over, a bell rings and the customer must leave

But if he wants more time, there’s a phone, and he gets to call for more minutes.  At a hefty price of course.  And not a hellula lot more time.

Thailand Korean brothels are prisons

The girls can never leave their building.  Noi never gets to come out of her prison for seven months.   She can never go outside the building for dinner.  Or lunch.   Or breakfast.  The establishment delivers chickens, rice, fruit and vegetables to her building.  And the girls have to cook their own food.

On average Noi boom booms 8-10 customers each day.  Which is between 200 and 300 Koreans per month.   Or 1400-2100 dicks in 7 months.  But she’s getting 200, 000 baht a month.  And when she comes back to Thailand she starts having a house built for her.

But it’s a very tough job.  She never gets to go to sleep for very long.

Does Noi like any of her Korean customers?

She can’t speak Korean.  And her Korean customers cannot speak English.  And she never gets a sense of what her customers are like as human beings.    She can’t even meet  them outside the building.  Or converse with them on the telephone.  In the Thailand Korean brothels it’s just one dick after the other.

A lot of her customers are drunk.  Because there’s a Karioke bar next door.  One of the customers is so drunk that he falls asleep.  And Noi cannot wake him up.  So before the bell rings she puts a lot of goop all over his dick.  And when the bell rings he finally wakes up thinking he’s had one good fuck.

I met Noi at the Red Point Bar on Soi Six.   Three of four years ago.  She was one of the prettiest girls there too.  Then she told me that an old guy from the U.S. was offering her 100000 baht if she left the bar.  And stayed with him.  Later she showed up again on Soi Six.  And had a lot of great times together until she told me she was leaving for Korea.  I would not see her again for 10 months until several days ago.  So stay tuned because I’ve got a lot of great stories that Noi’s related to me.

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