Pattaya Go Go bar fines reach 2000 baht.

The culprit for Pattaya go go bar fines zooming to 2000 baht is Lady Love Go Go Bar on L.K.  Metro  while Walking Street go go bar fines are almost as bad.

200 baht Pattaya Go Go bar fines at Lady Love

2000 baht Pattaya go go bar fines are unacceptable to any self respecting expat

Not only does this run to $63.00 just to get a girl out of the bar.  It’s also likely to cost you 2000 more as your tip to the girl.  Or more.  That’s $130.00 and you haven’t even bought a single drink yet.

So I did I find out about this 2000 baht Pattaya bar fines travesty?  It went like this.  A few years ago I used to see a Soi Six girl.  She was the prettiest girl on Soi Six.  And before working Soi Six she had been working at the Walking Street go go’s.  Cost me 800 baht to her and 300 baht to take her upstairs.  I hadn’t see her in several years go I messaged her.  And we confirmed that I’d be seeing her at Lady Love go go at 9 p.m.

The Motorbike parking in front of all the Soi Lempke go go bars was full.  Showing me that there’s a lot of idiots going to those places

I couldn’t park anywhere so I drove my bike to Soi Bukeao and parked my Nmax there.  Then I walked back to the Lady Love go go bar.  The place was packed inside.

So I ordered a drink, and waited for Noi to show up.    Ten minutes passed and then she found me.  And I bought her a drink.

Now get this picture of Noi.  She’s got over 1000 friends on facebook.  And now she’s got herself a breast job.  So I’m already expecting she’s going to go for a pretty hefty penny. I’m figuring she’s wanting 3000 baht just for short time.  On a more positive note, I don’t think she’s going to be lying to me when I start asking questions.   Down on Soi Six she was only too happy to drink with me both before and after I took her upstairs.  So back then she was not all about money, the way so many of these girls are.

Noi tells me about Pattaya Go Go bar fines skyrocketing to 2000 baht

I was very surprised when Noi told me the bar fine at Lady Love was 2000 baht.  But Noi also told me that she was now unavailable to customers.   She told me she had a boyfriend.  And that she was only dancing and hawking drinks for Lady Love.

And then the second girl suddenly appeared.

The woman was no better than average looking.  But she sure had a big mouth on her.  Here I was talking to an old friend of mine.  When suddenly this gal shows up and starts interrupting our conversation.  And she’s got this horrid Issan loud obnoxious voice.

Noi of course drops our conversation.  After all, any Thai woman is more important than any falang.  But I don’t mean to put Noi down for this.  Almost all Thai women we are likely to meet in the bars are like this.

Thankfully the other go go dancer leaves, but a few minutes later she shows up again like cancer.

Once again I have to listen to the horrible voice of this idiot.  Apparently this gal has some kind of gig going on.  A private show or whatever and Noi is doing it with her.   So Noi runs off with the other girl, and I’m left finishing my beer alone.

But don’t feel sorry for me.  Feel sorry for yourself because you will soon be paying  2000 baht Pattaya Go Go bar fines.  Down on Walking Street they now have short time bar fines and long time bar fines that are 1500 baht.  I expect these to reach 2000 baht soon.  But I’m not going to be paying them.

When you start paying  2000 baht Pattaya Go Go bar fines you are getting the worse entertainment experience for your money

Because Pattaya go go bars are high pressuring their girls to extract as many drinks from you as possible in the shortest possible time you start to feel more like a victim than a customer.

Meanwhile your drink tab in the beer bars climbs so much more slowly.  And if you head to Soi Six you are likely to have a leg massage or dick massage while you are discussing the world’s problems drinking with a buddy.

In the go go’s it runs like this

  • Buy me drink
  • Buy me another drink…..(that tequila rose went down in just 15 seconds so now I’m ready for another).
  • Buy sister me a drink (which is almost always a blatant lie)
  • Buy friend me drink (she new lady at bar)
  • Buy mamasan drink
  • Then Mamasan asks you to buy her a drink if one of the girls didn’t ask you first.

The go go bars have turned into a totally high pressure environment.  And you are the sheep surrounded by wolves.

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