Nikon 17-28 Z lens review that Amazon refused to publish.

Because “my content did not comply with our guidelines” Amazon refused to publish my Nikon 17-28 Z lens review. Which in my opinion is complete rubbish. But I will get to that later. Because I know that everyone who has a real interest in lenses will want me to get to the nitty gritty. Which is how good is the Nikon 17-28 Z lens. And how well does it stack up against Nikon’s 20 mm 1.8 Z prime lens. Or its stable mate the fabled Nikon 24-70 2.8 Z.

From left to right is what I call an always on light. Next to it is my 20 mm 1.8 Nikon Z lens. While mounted on my Nikon Z7ii camera is the Nikon 17-28 Z lens I am reviewing here.
Left to right, the Nikon 17-28 2,8 Z lens, the Nikon 20 mm 1.8 Z prime lens, and Nikon 24-70 2.8 Z lens.
Going from left to right the Nikon 17-28 2.8 z, 20 mm 1.8 Z prime, and Nikon 24-70 2.8 Z lens. Notice how small the diameter is of the 17-28 2.8 Z compared to the 20 mm 1.8 Nikon Prime lens and 24-70 2.8 Z. Although not nearly as heavy as the 24-70 lens, the 20 mm 1.8 has a lot of glass in it despite its short length compared to the 24-70 2.8 lens.

Most of you are probably wondering why I would buy the Nikon 17-28 Z lens when I already have Nikon’s 20 mm Z prime lens.

Both lenses essentially serve the same purpose. Both lenses being wide angle lenses that focus fast in low light.

I bought both lenses to complement my 24-70 2.8 z lens I’m using on my Nikon Z7ii camera.

Because I reside in Thailand, I could not get quick delivery of the Nikon 17-28 z lens. Unless I paid substantial tax and shipping costs. The 20 mm prime lens was available from my dealer here in Pattaya. So, I got it long before I could get the 17-28 zoom lens out of Bangkok. B and H photo out of New York City promised me it could get this lens to me in 5 days. Whereas my Pattaya Dealer, Best Camera, told me this lens was unavailable in Thailand.

I wanted the 17-28 2.8 Z lens due to its light weight and very wide-angle capabilities combined with its 2.8 aperture.

that promised fast focusing in low light situations–specifically in small bars where I shoot a lot of video and pictures.

I shot this first video in a small bar on Pattaya Soi Six.

The video features two Thai women I personally gave 5000 baht and 20000 baht to for finishing third and 1st in a dance contest I sponsored during my birthday on 4-2-2023.

I shot this second video in very challenging lighting conditions at the MJ Kittys nightclub. However, I used the always on light to counteract the ill effects of all the flashing lights here. l

But I used an always on light (shown in the first picture) to counteract t t club’s strobe lights. The two Thai women doing most of the dancing are Mew and Gee. Neither of them work for this nightclub. I do want to mention that Mew won 20000 baht in the April 2, 2023 competition. Which is roughly $600 US. Mew also won both previous competitions. While Gee placed third in our April 2022 contest and 2nd in the July 31, 2022 competition.

The MJ kitty video exemplifies where the 17-28 mm 2.8 Z lens excels. And even has it over the Nikon 20 mm 1.8 Prime Z lens.

You will notice how close Mew and Gee dance from me where I am sitting only a few feet from the stage. In this type of situation even 20 mm is not wide enough. If I am in a more side open area shooting with my 20 mm lens, I can always back up a little. But when I was shooting this video, I literally have my back against the wall. In closing I want to mention that I love both these lenses, and that I will be reviewing the fast Nikon 1.8 Prime lens next. As to the picture taking ability of this lens, it’s terrific as you would expect out of a Nikon lens costing roughly $1000.

A night out with Gee and Mew. We start out at Terminal 21 at Shabushi and then it’s onto Helicopter Bar and the Playpen on Soi Six.
Testing the 17-28 2.8 Nikon Z lens at the Playpen with Mew. Here we are joined by Mimi who finished third in the April 2, 2023 Pattaya Dancing Queen Competition.
Mew, Gee are with me at the Playpen where I’m still testing my 17-28 2.8 Nikon Z lens but we will be at the Butterfly Bar next.

Now let’s compare it to the Nikon 20 mm 1.8 Z Prime lens.

These are my latest videos I’ve taken with my Nikon 20 mm prime.

Gee and I at the Playpen on 5-14-2023 the night before Gee’s birthday.
Gee and I at the Playpen and Butterfly Bar
Gee at the Playpen on Soi Six
It’s Gee’s birthday and we are at the Playpen 5-15-2023
Mew and I accompany Thomas at the Playpen.
Gee plays DJ at the Butterfly Bar
Mew and I hit Butterfly, Playpen and MJ Kitty Bars
Gee and I are at the Butterfly Bar but we end up at Lust Bar
Ning’s first time on Soi Six. And we are at MJ Kitty Bar

Nikon 24-70 2.8 Z lens

Costs $2300. I always felt the images out of this lens were unearthly. Its strong suit over the 20 mm 2.8 Z Nikon Prime and the Nikon 17-28 2.8 ultra-wide angle lenses is its versatility. And that’s the reason why Tom, owner of Best Photography recommended that I use it to shoot video and pictures at the April 2, 2023 Pattaya Dancing Queen competition at Nikky Bar. At the 70 mm focal length it’s got enough reach to allow me to stand back aways and zoom in on all the action on the stage.

While shooting 7 videos of the contestants’ shows in the April 2023 Pattaya Dancing Queen competition plus a couple more such as my handing out the prize money top the winners, I nearly always used the always on light to counteract all the flashing lights.

However, in one of my latest videos I used my Nikon 20 mm prime lens to shoot all the action in spite of the detrimental effects of all the flashing lights. And the 20 mm prime did extremely well considering the extreme effects on my Nikon Z7ii’s focusing and metering systems. So as good as the Nikon Z 24-70 2.8 lens is, I don’t think it’s quite up to what the Nikon 20 prime is capable of doing.

In any case, be your own judge from the following videos I took with the Nikon 24-70 2.8 Z lens.

Mimi (from the Playpen) the first contestant’s show
Queen competition and tied Koy for second place in the July 31, 2022 competition.
Koy who tied Gee for second place last July 31 competing here as contestant number 3.
Nee Nee competing as the fourth contestant. Nee Nee finished third in the July 31st, 2022 competition for a cool 4000 baht. This time she will finish second and win 15000 baht.
Pang from MJ Kitty Bar on Soi Six competes as the fifth contestant.
And here we have another Mimi competing for 20000 baht. But this time it’s Mimi, a friend of Nikky representing Nikky Bar.
This is Mew. Who wins the Pattaya Dancing Queen title a third time in a row. She will get 20000 baht from my hand, and I will be very happy giving it to her. Because she deserves it.

And here’s still more videos from the Pattaya Dancing Queen Competition on April 2, 2023

Because Nee Nee and Playpen’s Mimi have tied for second place, Nikky has the contestants all dance together as the judges decide what to do about the tie. They decide to have a dance off between Mimi and Nee Nee. The difference being the winner gets 15000 baht while the loser gets 5000 baht. Nee Nee will beat Mimi by the narrowest of margins.
In this video I hand out the prize money to the three winners. 20000 baht to Mew, 15000 baht to Nee Nee and 5000 baht to Mimi.
In this video I am dancing with Mew and thanks to Mark we got a video of it. I couldn’t dance this well if it took me a year. Which just goes to show how good Mew is. A great female dancer will make her partner look good because she will follow his every mood. Only two women can make me look good. Mew and Pon.

The final wrap-up. Why did Amazon refuse to publish my review of the 17-28 2.8 Nikon Z lens?

As of today, Amazon has not published a single review of this lens. It’s new to the market. And I’ve shot absolutely terrific video with it. Some sensational looking women are in these videos. And they’re some of the best dancers in the world. Women like Mew and Gee live for their dancing, dancing every chance they can get. In some of my videos the lighting is extremely challenging. So, the conditions are very difficult for any camera or lens to contend with. The action’s fast and furious.

One would think that serious videographers who are trying to choose a lens that can make the most out of low-light conditions could benefit from my videos and comments about the lenses I’m using.

And they most certainly can. And my videos are far from being dull. Pattaya is perhaps the most exciting stimulating place to be in on Planet earth. And Thailand is certainly an exotic land that is vastly different from good ole U.S.A. And here I’m bringing the action up close and personal in some very exciting bars and night clubs. There isn’t one hint of nudity in my videos and in most cases the Thai ladies I’m videoing are exceptionally well dressed. And I can guarantee you that I’m having more fun than practically any man alive with the likes of Mew or Koy. Or Gee. So, what’s the problem Amazon

Well I’ll tell you what it is. I can sum it all up in two phrases that I hope many of you can repeat and keep repeating for the rest of your lives. The first one is the Gunny Sack Modeling philosophy.

The Gunny Sack Modeling Philosophy.

There are exceptions to everything of course. But far too many American women today want to be like men. They dress like men. And the average American woman weight 76 kilos or 166 pounds. And while the average American woman stands hardly more than five foot three or around 162 centimeters, I’m still over five feet ten. Which is 180 centimeters.

Since so many American women are either obese or are borderline obese they do not wear clothes that make them appear slim and attractive. So to cover up their bulky figures they wear loose fitting clothing that masks their corpulent shapes. Hence my inventing the phrase “The gunny sack modeling philosophy.”

Most American men are stuck with their gunny sack clad wives and girlfriends. But don’t feel sorry for them for even one second. Consider that the greatest generation in our History has oftentimes been called the World War II generation. The average weight of the American soldier during World War II was between 155 and 165 pounds. Whereas, today the average American male weights over 195 pounds.

My second phrase I am asking you to memorize is “The Mothers For a More Boring Nation”.

But don’t think for one minute that the Mothers for a More Boring Nation are only women. Because I can guarantee you that there are more men than women who fit this concept.

These are the hypocrites who wanted to close down all the strip clubs in America while they were busy screwing their neighbor’s wife. Or the woman who’s cheating on her husband.

I would venture to say that more than half the men in the U.S. belong to the Mothers for a More Boring Nation. Or MMBN. And many of these men work for Amazon. They are insanely jealous of older men like me who get to go out with all these beautiful young Thai women. While their women pretend to despise younger women who are more beautiful than they are.

They are, however, insanely jealous of slender women who can dress well in form fitting clothing.

So I don’t care if it’s men or women who refuse to publish my video reviews of Nikon’s new lenses. Because it all comes down to these people being miserable and full of hate for those who have fun, enjoy life, and especially those who can be with beautiful young women, such as a Mew or Koy.

Whereas the Thai women I hang around are very conscious about their personal appearance. Women like Gee and Mew take great pains to buy the most beautiful dresses they can find. And I’m talking about dresses that make the most out of their slender little bodies without being too revealing. They shower often. And spend a lot of time picking out the right perfumes.

And it’s not just the Thais. Although I personally feel that Thai women are the most beautiful women in the world. It’s also the Russians.

Or many Russian women today. I’ve seen Russian women spend two hours a day exercising in the gym. Many of them have trim slender figures they augment with some really classy clothing that most American women would never wear or be able to and look good wearing And if you don’t believe me, the average Russian male today weighs 165 pounds versus the average American coming in at 195. Here on the street I live on in Pattaya if the man or woman is white, he or she is almost certainly Russian. Whereas the typical young Russian woman weighs considerably less than her American counterpart.

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