Great Video for television is my goal

I use the the Nikon Z7ii camera and Nikon’s finest lenses because great video for television is what I want to offer.

Great Video for television and top notch pictures also
Mew with her friend at Soi Six Helicopter Bar

Now I realize that most people on the internet today only spend an average of 1.5 minutes on each YouTube video they watch. But this is not my target audience.

You will notice in the video below that Gee is dancing to my seven speaker surround sound system while watching Mew dance at one of Nikky Bar’s parties. I’m shooting video of Gee with my Nikon Z7ii with my 17-28 2.8 wide angle lens. Gee missed that party, but right now while I am videoing her, she wished she had been there.

I’ve got you covered with great video for television if your equipment is up to what I can show you.

And so would you if you like adventure while having lots of fun. But don’t rely on your puny smart phone to get a taste of the action we are getting Use a real computer hooked up to the largest monitor you have. There’s nothing like being in Pattaya’s bars we go to. But if you can’t come, for whatever reason, get the best sound system and the largest t.v. you can get. If you do, you will almost be able to smell all that tequila we are drinking.

Mew and her young friend at Butterfly Bar
At the Playpen on Soi Six. From left to right, Mew’s friend, Mew and Thomas.

From left to right, Koy, Mark, Mew’s friend, Mew and Gip.
Our last bar’s Nikky Bar. To the left, NIkky. Met to Nikky’s right. Mew’s friend to Mew’s firht. Back row, Nikky’s friend Mimi who competed at the Pattaya Dancing Queen III competition, Nikky bar’s Koy, Nee Nee and Joy behind Nee Nee.

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