Nikky’s last Naklua birthday Act 1 &2 Naklua Nikky Bar

Comprising five sensational acts Nikky’s last Naklua birthday party is destined to become an unforgettable Pattaya icon for the ages.

picture of how crowded Nikky's last Naklua birthday was
Act 1 of Nikky’s last birthday video

Nikky’s last Naklua birthday is just getting started in these first two acts.

Because it takes two or three hours for the Karioke band to reach its zenith. And for many of the guests to arrive. But I think you will agree that this is Nikky’s best birthday party ever.

There are pretty Thai ladies everywhere here at Nikky’s last Naklua birthday party.

With Mew and Koy yet to arrive and many others joining us later, this party’s going to get more and more exciting. And I think my videos that come after this page will show why one should never leave a Nikky bar party early.

Act 2 of Nikkys last Nakua birthday

Click here to get acts 3-5 of Nikky’s last Birthday Party.

Click here for Nikky’s Bar’s facebook page.

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