Final Naklua Nikky birthday acts 3-5 will leave unforgotten memories.

To recreate this final Naklua Nikky birthday party calls out to the Jack Corbett Video Channel to create unforgettable moments.

To the left is one of Nikky’s most devoted customers, here from Germany. WHile Rod, my pal from London is posing with Au. Au does not work here at Nikky Bar. A good friend of Nikky’s she’s here to wish Nikky a happy birthday. As is Mimi, Mew, Koy (my little drinknig buddy from Repent Bar, Aom and many other ladies.

Act 3 of Nikkys Last Naklua Birthday party

But I can’t do it on YouTube. In Nikky birthday party act 3, children have come into the party not once. But twice.

Which is 100 percent acceptable here in Thailand. While showing just one second on YouTube would cost me one strike minimum and might get me banned from YouTube forever. But never mind, I kept the children in the video because this is the Jack Corbett video channel.

Not to mention the sexy dancing you are going to find in all five acts of Nikky’s last Naklua birthday party. Or Mew and other ladies playfully giving their viewers the finger.

Here at this Naklua Nikky birthday party practically everyone’s having so much fun that is amazes me why YouTube would totally delete my YouTube channel and all 200 videos in it.

Call it a progression or a regression depending on how you look at things. But this series of five Final Naklua Nikky birthday videos keeps getting better and better as we move from act 1 to act 5. Or worse. For one thing, Nikky’s getting awfully drunk far too early. All of us are, to one degree or another. The band Nikky’s hired keeps getting better as the clock approaches Midnight and beyond. While the music becomes far more absorbing. If you like Thai music that is. I think a lot of it is great. Although I am no great fan of much of the first two hours they are playing here.

But hey, talk about crappy music selections. How about Hotel California?

That song’s been with us for over fifty years now. They play it everywhere. Egypt, Russia, Mexico, Thailand, you name it.

That and so many songs like it are what I call Toilet Bowl music. Yep, you got that right. It’s the kind of music that can put you to sleep while you are sitting on the toilet having a BM.

Now, it’s pure tourist crap. The play if safe music a lot of big hotels play to assure their tourists. “We got you in mind. We are playing it safe so you will feel like you are safe in America. Even though you are in China or Russia. Unfortunately, this band tonight played Hotel California and at least one other American toilet bowl selection.

This is a party for the ages. And if you don’t believe me now, just wait a year or two. I think a lot of people who are going all out to make this an unforgettable party who I’ve captured in these videos are only too aware of how much Pattaya is changing. Especially Naklua.

The final act of Nikkys Last Naklua Birthday party

From left to right, from the colonial restaurant across the street from me, is my favorite waitress there. To her left in the back is Aom and to Aom’s left is Mew. To Mew’s left is Koy out of Repent Bar and to Koy’s left is Bruno my favorite waiter.

The Final Act of Nikky’s Last Birthday is a whopping 12 minutes long.

Why? Because it’s that good. In my opinion. In this final episode the girls, the band leader and his number one girl go at it 150 %. There is no tomorrow for this group. So, it might as well all end here. The music, if you like good Thai music is out of this world. Thanks to Dong, the owner of Dong music Nikky’s hired for her live entertainment. Then there’s two women in particular. One is much heavier than the other but she’s wonderful. While the other lady does most of the dancing. While Dong is all over the place. His voice soft then it’s loud and harsh as his facial expressions contort. This man is terrific.

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