Centara Grand Mirage Fireworks showcase was a class act

Driving my new 900 Triumph Speed Twin to Centara, eating Japanese cuisine, to shooting the Centara Grand Mirage fireworks was top shelf.

Centara Grand Mirage Fireworks starts with my new Triumph 900 Speed Twin motorcycle

And not for everyone. Not everyone’s going to shell out 400000 baht for a Triumph motorcycle. This one, I got in black, is even more stunning than the red 2017 Triump Street Twin I drove for five years. While Triumph’s attention to detail and paint now surpasses Yamaha, Honda and Kawasaki.

I have been parking my Triumph 900 Speed Twin between a Ducati Multistrada and a 900 c.c. Kawasaki. Both develop over 100 horsepower. The Ducati’s a monster that has to be living hell to thread through Pattaya’s busy streets. While the big Kawasaki with its sport riding position, hard narrow set and narrow handle bars is probably not much better. Both motorcycles belong on multi lane interstates.

Whereas my Triumph 900 Speed twin sits low and streamlined between the Ducati and Kawasaki.

It appears to be much smaller than either one of them. Yet, it can do it all. The Triumph is supremely comfortable, unlike the Kawasaki. But it’s far slimmer and agile than the Ducati which enables it to slice and dice through city traffic.

My Triumph 900 Street Twin to my inkling is close to perfection for this part of the world. And exquisite in almost every department starting with its engine sound that proclaims it’s a Triumph.

Centara Grand Mirage Fireworks
With the Ducati Multistrata on its left and Kawasaki 900 on its right my Triumph 900 Speed Twin looks small and compact. Paints a lot better too.

So what does my new Triumph 900 Speed Twin have to do with the Centara Grand Mirage Fireworks?

I have been a member of Centara Grand Mirage’s Fitness center for eight years now. And will remain so because I believe there’s no equal to it in Pattaya. While I also believe there’s not a single hotel or resort in Pattaya that can compare to Centara Grand Mirage with its opulent gardens. There’s even a 360 meter long swimming pool Centara calls the Lazy River. Which was engineered to look straight out of an Amazon River Tropical rainforest.

I figure I deserve the best that my pocketbook can afford. I have the finest big motorcycle for handling Pattaya’s busy traffic conditions. Which is very highway capable should I ever do any touring. And my Triumph’s far more beautiful and practical than the Ducati or Kawasaki flanking it. While Centara’s the creme de la creme of all Pattaya’s high end hotels and resorts. So if I am going to shoot fireworks I’m going first class all the way. Which is why I’m calling this video the Centara Grand Mirage Fireworks show.

So I start off on my new Triumph Speed Twin, which is as close to perfection as a motorcycle can get. With its unique Triumph engine sound.

The Centara Grand Mirage Resort is only 800 meters away. So it takes just a couple minutes to get there.

I sit down alone for dinner at one of Centara’s restaurants. And this one’s Japanese. I was going to take one of my girlfriends here to night but at the last minute she changed her mind. Telling me she wanted to go to her sister’s birthday party at a bar in Soi Bukoi. But nothing lost there. I will see her again. But not tonight. I can’t explain how happy I was go be sitting there alone in that Japanese restaurant. After all, the girlfriend had already told me she doesn’t like Japanese food. And how she only likes Thai food.

Which gets to the core of why I’ve decided to do shoot the Centara Grand Mirage Fireworks here at the Centara Grand Mirage Resort.

I have a lot of friends who have little or no interest in Japanese food. Whereas I hardly eat American food anymore. Preferring Thai, Japanese, Lebanese, or Indian food to what most Westerners live and die for.

Click on the picture above to get the video.

Most guys I know do not exercise at all. While I will exercise four or five times each week. And I exercise hard. So as long as I am going to put all that effort out, I deserve to have the best facilities I can get to work out in. Centara Grand Mirage Resort’s got between a quarter of a million and half a million worth of exercise equipment in its fitness center.

My Japanese meal starts with (to the left) a seaweed salad. Karioke Chicken. And a unique Japanese soft drink. My salmon sushi has not arrived yet or the Miso soup.

I will soon head up to the 19th floor which is open to the sky where I will be shooting the Centara Grand Mirage Fireworks. This is going to cost me another 1000 baht just to have several appetizers and two Singha beers. But I will be living it up in style and comfort. While only one other resident in my condo building has a Centara Physical fitness membership, and this person just happens to be my American neighbor. The rest of the residents won’t part with the cash to buy a Centara physical fitness’ membership. Even if they exercise at all.

The view of the city is spectacular up on Centara’s 19th floor.
The small appetizers I am getting with two beers for my 1000 baht.

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