Get Down Saturday Night, Ex Machina Thailand Style.

In Ex Machina Sonoya Mizuno and Oscar Isaac’s dancing scene to “Get Down Saturday Night” is just over the top.

Nikky Mimi and Mali before dancing to Get Down Saturday Night

This is great music. I exercise to it at the fitness center at the Centara Grand Mirage Resort. And will often change the music in whatever Pattaya bars I’m visiting. Where I am normally taking a girl with me.

I hate all that electro crap they are playing in too many bars in Pattaya. Especially in Soi Six which just happens to be my favorite street here. They play it because the managers and owners let the most brain- dead Thai women play whatever they want on YouTube.

Ironically, it’s the falang managed and owned bars that the guiltiest of this.

And I think it’s because too many foreigners who own or manage bars here either cannot or are not willing to control their bar girls. You won’t ever hear that electro garage over at Nikky Bar for example. And you will hardly ever hear it in any of the Smoke and Kissses bars such as Smoke and Kisses, Smoke and Mirrors, Lollytop bar or Crazy Fox on Soi Chayapoon. All four having single Thai lady owner.

Click on the picture above to get the second video from Christmas at Nikky Bar

Mimi and Mali dancing to Get down Saturday Night is far better than I ever expected. This is great music. Mimi must think so because as soon as Nikky starts playing it on her bar’s sound system, Mimi’s eight on it. But Mimi danced with me to it a few days ago. We were both pretty three sheets to the wind but I felt we looked great together. While Mali had often accompanied me to bars where I had Get Down Saturday Night playing.

Speaking of Mali, in this video she’s singing one of her favorite songs. While Mimi’s dancing right next to her. The difference between the two ladies was and is remarkable. But I will just let all of you see if you can detect their totally different personalities in this video.

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