Last New Year’s Eve for Nikky Bar.

Because they will be closing all Naklua Bars between Soi 33 and Dolphin circle this will be that last New Year’s Eve here.

This marks what will be close to the final departure of the Naklua bar scene as we know it. To be replaced by Little Korea, Chinatown 2 for Thailand, or High So Dom for wealthy Thai people. Expect new high rise hotels in this area and condos in the coming years.

Mali, Phang, and Nikky at Last New Year's Eve for Nikky Bar
Mali on the left. Mimi in the middle and Nikky to the far right.

For Nikky this Last New Year’s Eve for this area’s Naklua bars brings both uncertainty and new opportunities. For the rest of us, at the end of January we will have to go elsewhere.

I came up with these four videos at this last New Year’s Eve party. Hopefully they are some of my best yet. I used my Nikon X7ii camera with the 17-28 wide angle Z lens. And my always on light which I mounted on top of the camera. So, I didn’t use my normal Nikon flash all that much. But the always on light gives me the best focusing for video I can get. While eliminating the effects of the flashing lights in many bar settings.

Mali on the left, Mimi in the middle and Phang on the right. Thanks to Mali and Mimi there’s a lot of great dancing in these four videos and music to go with it, both Thai music and Falang.

I brought two of my favorite ladies Mali and Phang, both of them calendar girls on the 2024 Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy Calendar you can buy at

Mali’s the small cute blonde in these four videos. You can see a lot more of her by visiting

Fortunately, there will be at least one party left here at Nikky Bar. Gethas heads back to London tomorrow. You will see him dancing a lot in these videos. But this has been the Last New Year’s Eve party here at Nikky Bar. Unless she starts up another Nikky Bar somewhere else in Pattaya.

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