End of Naklua Bars last days here at Nikky Bar

I’m calling this the end of Naklua Bars since there’s just 3 days left for Nikkys bar which is being shut down.

But I am trying something different with these two videos and would like to have some feedback on my facebook page which method works better for you.

Click on the picture above to watch act 1 of the Last Days of Nikky Bar
Last Days of Nikkys Bar Act 2

All the bars being closed down between Dolphin Circle and Naklua Soi 33 is part of the ongoing sanitation of Pattaya. But the end of Naklua Bars is nearly completed. With the masses of Chinese tourists arriving, Naklua could well become Little China. While its a haven for wealthy Thais from Bangkok who used to view Pattaya with disdain. But not anymore. Pattaya’ now has just about everything Bangkok has. With an even better Terminal 21. And if it doesn’t at least Pattaya’s Termina 21 has airplanes in it. While Naklua has beaches whereas Bangkok doesn’t.

But the End of Naklua Bars started a long time ago. Gone is the Girl Beer Bar. And Pen and Malai bars. Not to mention Leo blues Bar. And as far as I am concerned there’s not a single exciting Naklua bar out of the few that are left.

So what’s next? Nikkys Bar closes tomorrow. For good. This means Mimi’s relocating to another bar close by. Mali is about the best drinking partner a man can ask for. But Nikky Bar will be missed. We’ve had three Dancing Queen competitions there. The music’s nearly always good here. Which I can’t say the same for most bars here in Pattaya.

I’ve done over 100 videos here at Nikky bar. FIguring roughly 250 videos on the Jack Corbett Video Channel this comprises a good portion of the total videos I’ve done. And considering all the Muay Thai videos I’ve done, bladed weapons video and other non-bar girl videos the Nikky Bar videos probably amount to close to 50 % of all my Pattaya Bar videos.

But stay tuned. The Jack Corbett video channel is not going away.

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