Soi Chaiyapoon Crazy Fox with Mimi, Mali and the girls

And I’ve got my Nikon Z7 and Nikon 20 mm lense with me to capture some top-notch dancing at the Soi Chaiyapoon Crazy Fox bar.

Click here or on the picture above to watch the video.

Mimi and Mali do not work here at the Soi Chaiyapoon Crazy Fox bar. But Anna does. And Anna was my favorite mamasan on Soi Six at Smoke and Kisses. Which is the bar I’ve had more adventures and misadventures than in any other bar.

Although I’ve known Mali for 2 years now, I never thought she could dance. But over at Naklua’s Nikky Bar, Mimi’s the queen when it comes to putting a great dancing show on. More than any other woman I know Mimi dances like there’s no tomorrow with reckless abandon. While Mali rises to the occasion when she’s around Mimi and then some.

By now you are probably enjoying the video. But do keep in mind that Mali and I are picking out the music the girls will be dancing to.

So here’s my opinion about Pattaya bars and why we are here at Soi Chaiyapoon Crazy Fox tonight.

Most Pattaya bars play shitty music. And most of them that do will not allow my Thai girlfriends and me to change the music. I have at least four friends who will immediately leave any bar that plays that electro crap I call Da Da Music. Most guys who stick around in any bar listening to it are tasteless barbarians in my opinion who I want to stay as far away from as I can.

And any bar owner or manager who allows his bar girls to play such noise is a man with either no balls or the brain of a goldfish.

I cannot begin to count the number of bar owners and bar manages who come up with the same lame excuse—the girls like to dance to it and that’s why I let them play it.

Mimi and Mali have nearly every girl in the bar dancing to the music we selected off of YouTube. Some of it is Thai and some isn’t, but it’s great dancing music. And both Mimi and Mali are excellent dancers.

I will soon be putting up several more videos we did at Nikkys Bar. Which once again shows off Mimi and Mali’s dancing skills.

But we will all be accompanied by a newcomer, this time a man, who gets into the music as much as Mali and Mimi.

Until the next series of video’s, the real reason we are here at the Soi Chaiyapoon Crazy Fox is it’s one of four bars owned by the same Thai lady. Who also owns Smoke and Kisses, Smoke and Mirrors and Lollytop bars on Soi Six. In all four bars my friends and I are allowed to play DJ as much as we like. While just recently I’ve had two managers of Soi Six bars tell me I can’t. One even after I bought both Mali and Mimi into the bar and my superlative Nikon camera. And to add insult to injury I had just about the manager a drink. The two men are not Thai. And you can be sure I won’t be spending much time at their bars.

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