Get Down Saturday Night dancing contest Ideas for 7/7/2024

These two videos show how we would do at Get Down Saturday Night dancing contest to be held July 7 on Soi Six

Gene got this picture of us after Mali and I danced to Get Down Saturday Night

When I first saw Oliver Cheatham’s Get Down Saturday Night being performed on Netflix’s “Ex Machina” I was so impressed that I looked up the credentials of Sonoya Mizuno and Oscar Issac. Then I kept asking myself, can Mew dance so well as Sonoya? Mew had won all three dance contests Nikky and I held at Nikky’s bar. So, if any of my Thai lady friends could do it, she’d be the one.

But Mew’s been out of the loop for a spell, and we have no idea of when she’s to return to Pattaya. While lately I’ve reacquainted myself with Mali. Who I’ve found loves to dance and hit the Tequila with me.

And Get Down Saturday Night has captivated Mali as much as it has captivated me.

Now that Nikkys bar no longer exists, I have had nowhere to go to hold my dance contests. While my birthday is coming up way too soon.

Tonight, out of all the nights I’ve watched Mali dance to Get Down Saturday Night pulled some of our ideas together. While ironically the bar partied at was not on Soi Six. But on Soi Chaiyapoon. Nevertheless, we still had a strong Soi Six connection there. Anna, the mamasan of the Crazy Fox had been the long time mamasan at Smoke and Kisses on Soi Six. While Gene who has for years been one of my favorite drinking partners used to live on Soi Six.

But there were four of us meeting together at the Crazy Fox. Mali, Gene, Chris and myself. And I had met Chris at my birthday party when Mew had won 20000 baht for her third Pattaya Dancing Queen win in a row. Since Chris had been one of the five judges, our night out at the Crazy Fox got me thinking again about dance contests.

Mali and ____ at Soi Chaiyapoon’s Crazy Fox.

After my two friends left and I put Mali on a motorbike taxi to take her home, I truly felt I had not drunk nearly enough alcohol. While knowing deep in my heart that Soi Six would be the panacea I needed. Soi Six was waiting for me and I didn’t want to go home until at least 3 a.m.

I found Koy over at Soi Six Repent bar. Then I headed across the street to Hot Shots. To have enough Thai whiskey’s, Tequilas and Yaegar Meisters to get me to do some solid thinking.

Gene shot the following video of Mali and I dancing to Get Down Saturday Night.

picture of Gene who was a great help videoing Mali and I dancing to Get Down Saturday Night
My pal Gene with Mali and ____. Gene was a godsend learning to shoot some great video with my Nikon Z7ii camera.

And this is what I’ve come up with so far. If we hold this contest there will be two competitions. One for the lady who can dance the best to Get Down Saturday Night. While the other would-be a sexy lady pushup contest. Now don’t get me wrong. I have no interest in any Thai lady who has huge muscles and can do the most pushups. I am looking for slender gals with great dancing moves who can put a real sexy show on. And I am willing to pay the girl who wins 5000 baht. And another 5000 baht for the girl who is the best at performing “Get Down Saturday Night”.

Chris playing pool.,

You might also want to watch Mew winning 1st place and 20000 baht at the third Pattaya Dancing Queen contest.

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