Jack’s Birthday on steroids

Dinners at Pattaya’s Surf and Turf but when the girls join him at the Crazy Fox they put Jack’s birthday on steroids.

Crazy Fox might be on Soi Chaiyapoon but it’s run by Anna who many of you might remember as the mamasan at Smoke and Kisses down on Soi Six. But Jack’s birthday party doesn’t start out at Crazy Fox. Because dinner’s for 14 at the Long Beach Garden Surf and Turf restaurant. Bruno, Jack’s favorite waiter is there with his wife and eight-year-old daughter. And so is Lenny and John. But they are not drinkers and they prefer the somnambulant atmosphere of Pattaya’s go- go bars to beer and Soi Six bars.

Mali’s nearly totally addicted to Long Island teas. It takes six shots of six different alcohols to create a Long Island tea. Which is a real thirst quencher being not too sweet with a tropical flavor that seems benign in spite of Whiskey, Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila, Triple sec and sweet and sour mix. filling up a single glass. Just take my word for it. It’s potent and way too potent for the slender Mali to manage. But somehow, she does as she runs around the table convincing as many people as she can to try one.

Jack’s paying a lot of money for dinner and all the bar drinks we will be drinking afterwards. So, there’s no holding back. This party’s heading into the stratosphere. Nikky bar’s finished thanks to all the Thai hi so’s shutting down all the bars and other businesses between Dolphin Roundabout and Naklua Soi 33. So, there’s not going to be any Pattaya Dancing Queen competitions for 2024. But I won’t let anything stop me from putting Jack’s birthday on steroids.

I’ve got the most vivacious girls coming with me.

There’s pretty. And there’s vivacious. And the girls with me are real livewires. Such as the Mischievous Phang who I’ve known for seven years now. And Koy who I figured out two years ago is the top girl at Soi Six’s Repent bar. And slender little Mali who’s turned into a real showoff who can easily take over a bar like Mew or Pon. All three of them are on the Pattaya Beaches 2024 Eye Candy Calendar.

And then there’s Nikky, who’s hosted three Pattaya Dancing Queen contests with me. But the newest girl of them all is Lyn Lyn who works at the Crazy Fox who keeps wanting to play pool with me so she can kick my ass.

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Pretty Thai girls puts Jack's Birthday on steroids
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