Three Soi Six Bars welcome Koy, Lin Jang and Mali

Repent Bar, Hot Shots and Sweet bars are the three soi six bars that Lin Jang Mali and I visited on July 8.

So, they must be three of my favorite Soi Six bars. Which is not 100 percent true. One night another bar might even be better. Or a favorite lady, mamasan or manager leaves and goes elsewhere. But right now, I visit these three Soi Six Bars more than I visit the others.

Mali keeps telling me, Soi Six is number one. And so does Phang who used to work at Smoke and Kisses and knows about everything there is to know about Pattaya.

HOt Shots is the first of the three Soi Six Bars we visit
Jin Jang, Marc and Mali at Hot Shots.

But I’m not getting to the point of why I took Mali and Yin Yang to three Soi Six bars.

I take Mali to Soi Six pretty often. Because she’s just about the perfect drinking partner and enjoys the bars so much. We will be having a special birthday party at Hot Shots on July 7. And if we have it our way it will be right in the middle of Soi Six in front of Slice Pizza.

We will be having a sexy pushup dancing contest. I’m not sure how much prize money we will be giving away for that one yet. But we will also be giving prize money to the best team of two dancers who will dance to “Get Down Saturday Night” by Oliver Cheatham.

Mali and I both think Lin Jang’s pretty hot. While Lin Jang seemed to really enjoy dancing with us on my birthday. Another reason we wanted to take Lin Jang to Soi Six is she’s a new face with a body that’s not been viewed much on my video channel. We also thought she stood a good chance of doing well at the upcoming contests at Hot Shots. And that she might help bring new contestants to the competition from the Soi Bukoi area.

Watch Get down Saturday Night on YouTube

Watch Mimi and Mali dancing to Get Down Saturday Night at Nikky Bar. (Notice how Mali and Mimi are watching Oscar Issac and Sonoya Mizuno dancing to Get Down Saturday Night on YouTube.

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