We Repent Gee’s birthday here at Soi Six Repent Bar

But do we repent Gee’s birthday? Absolutely not because we got gloriously drunk while doing great video at Mj Kitty bar and Repent

We Repent Gee's birthday picture of Gee, Phang, Koy and Mali

Mali and Phang are meeting me at Lust Bar on Soi Six and so is Gee or that’s the plan.

But Gee is always late, so I expect her to be at another time in outer space. As for Mali and Phang, I’ve known Mali for 3 years and Phang for seven. Both women have taken the time to buy Gee presents. And both women arrive at Lust Bar before I can get there.

At 8:15 I pay for our drinks and Lust and then we head down to the Spot. Where Gee joins us on Gee time. Soon it’s time that we Repent Gee’s birthday at Repent bar because there’s no way we will be leaving Koy out on all the fun.

We find both Koys at Repent. That’s Koy who’s competed in two of our Pattaya Dancing Queen competitions at Nikky Bar. Then there’s cashier Koy who relishes bringing our gang more tequila than any reasonable person can expect to handle.

In this video Koy, Mali and Gee start off dancing to Body Slam. Towards the end of the video Mali gives the bar her signature pushup exhibition. Mali’s very slender, but when she’s doing pushups like no other girl I’ve seen can, she shows off her marvelous body control. Mew has the same level of body control which makes her a terrific dancer. And so is Mali although hers and Mew’s dancing styles are very different.
In this video we present Gee with a birthday cake. Then Mali, Koy and Gee get into the dancing groove. By this time there’s no doubt that the real party action is here, at Repent, in our little corner of the world.

We Repent Gee’s birthday down on Soi Six Repent and if you believe that you truly belong in Buffalo Land.

Calling a spade a spade I will always refer to most Pattaya Bars as Buffalo Land. Which has inspired one of my favorite Thai songs, Kwai Kwai Kwai.

The girls who are with me understand exactly what I mean, and why I enjoy watching them dance to Kwai Kwai Kwai. Especially on Soi Six t’s because of all the falang buffalo who keep ringing the bell buying drinks for all the girls in the bar. And especially most Koreans who believe a real man is the guy who spends the most money on the bar girls. The bar girls expect this kind treatment from all the foreigner buffalo. Who I recommend your reading Neil Hutchison’s Fool In Paradise or Money Number one to understand bar girls and foreign buffalo.

There can be no doubt that our table is center stage here.

Because four of the 2024 Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy Calendar girls are at our table. Mali, Phang, Gee and Koy.

But of the four calendar girls, Phang’s doing very little dancing whereas Koy, Gee and Mali are dancing machines.

I love playing Kwai Kwai Kwai in Pattaya’s bars. While the main girls I hang out with understand exactly where I’m coming from. Especially Mali and Phang. Because when the bar girls watch a man buying drinks for all the girls in the bar, they are laughing behind the man’s back. What most bar girls don’t realize is the Joke’s on them even more than it’s on the fools in paradise. Because over 90 percent of Soi Six bar girls have Thai boyfriends for example. Not that I dislike most THai men. Because if I did, I would be a racist. I just despise all men who live off women. Who I call leeches while other men think of them as vermin.

But I am getting way off the subject which is a bad habit I have.

I need to be writing about why we repent Gee’s birthday. So I am asking you to study these five videos to understand why. It is Gee’s birthday that is the catalyst that brings us all together tonight. While Repent bar’s the perfect place to do it.

Gee kicks act 3 off dancing to Boogie Oggie Oggie’s Taste of Honey which is a song I lost track of for the past thirty years. Boogie Oggie Oggie is the name of the disco group that created Taste of Honey. Which I will never forget my jogging to it on the Springfield Illinois’s YMCA indoor track. It took 21 laps to do one mile and back then I was typically running 4 miles or 84 laps on this track. The YMCA was playing great music back then. But then that song started playing on the loudspeakers I kept lapping everyone on the track. I was so pumped up that I think no one could have beat me on that track that night.
Gee’s birthday Act 4 features Phang for the first time seen dancing. Until now, neither Jack nor Mali have been able to get Phang to dance with them. But Gee’s able to get it done. And probably because years ago Phang and Gee worked together. Halfway through this video Jack’s dancing with Gee. While at the end of the video Mali’s dancing with Gee at MJ Kitty Bar. However, the lighting at Kitty’s is very challenging which is why it’s best to fasten an auxiliary always on light onto the Nikon to mitigate the effects of all the flashing lights at MJ Kitty Bar.
By Act 5, Gee’s left the party, and so has Phang. This leaves Jack and Mali who head back to Repent Bar where Mali and Koy dance to Kwai Kwai, the buffalo song. Koy, our favorite cashier joins in with Mali and Koy to dance to celebrate the upcoming return of the buffalo.

If you liked some of the music in the videos you might want to watch the original artist’s live performances on YouTube.

Kwai Kwai Kwai.

Body Slam Feat

Rocket Festival

The Musketeers

Hua Lai Tood

Taste of Honey by Boogie Oogie Oogie

Maroon Five Moves like Jagger

Maroon Five Moves like Jagger (official version)

Bruno Mars 2-4-K Magic

This is the Way We do it Montel Jordan

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