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This is your essential guide for dealing with Pattaya Bar Girls

Walking Street or Soi Six, which is more satisfying?

When it comes to giving men what they really want does Walking Street or Soi Six do the best job? Most expats who actually live in Pattaya will choose Soi Six. In fact, most expats will choose beer bars, massage establishments, discos, Beach Road or just about any place freelancers like to hang out over the Walking Street Go Go bars for getting a pretty Thai girl to do the dirty deed with them. And if you ask them why, they will tell you, the go go bars are for tourists who don’t know any better. Luckily you came to to find out exactly what it is about the Walking Street go go bars that turns off so many expats. So let me tell you about last night.

Keeping in mind that I had agreed to meet several of my pals down on Walking Street later on I started off on Soi Six where I chose Goodfellas to start off my evening. There were half a dozen bar girls hanging out in front of the place trolling for customers. Inside the place were another half dozen girls giving me a selection of a dozen girls or so. Several of them were very nice looking, anyone of which I could do in a heart beat. I chose one of them whose tight little ass and friendly smile rang the right bells for me.

I knew she’d go for my price–700 baht, but I didn’t want to take her upstairs right away. Later on, I knew I’d become pretty bored in the go go bars where I’d find most of the dancers to be a complete turnoff. So I wanted to savor every precious moment I had in Goodfellas, both the comradery that permeated the place and the pretty girl I now had on my lap. When her hand started to prowl between my legs I knew it was tequila time. So I ordered us both one. And when she finished with hers I ordered for myself my second beer along with a second tequila for her. I wanted to spend the next few hours with her, and would have except for my having promised my friends I’d meet them in the go go bars. Or, maybe I would have just spent an hour or two with this pretty girl and then left to find my next adventure down the street in another Soi Six Bar.  I took her upstairs after paying for our drinks and the 300 baht charge for the room which is typical of all Soi Six Bars. The girl immediately turned on the air conditioner as I took off my shirt, shorts and underwear which I draped over a hook behind the bed. I saw that she had put two clean towels on the bed so I took one while she took the other, and then I followed her down the hall to the shower room. In my experience most Soi Six bars had at least one special room for the girls and their customers to take showers before having sex. But it all depended on the bar and the room because some the rooms on Soi Six were just like your typical three star hotel room with their own private restrooms inside. Others had simple shower stalls inside the room without a toilet or washbasin. For me, it made no difference whatsoever so long as both the girl and I took a shower together. That’s the key. One wants to be sure that the girl washes herself completely since there’s no telling how many men she has’s had sex with before me.

So now let me give you a little advice. Just accept the fact that at least one man might have gotten there before you. I have one friend who finds night time on Soi Six to be appalling. So he will go to Soi Six in the afternoon hoping to find a girl who’s not yet been with anyone else. The problem with that is there’s an awful lot of really ugly women on Soi Six in the afternoons. I’ve found from a lot of experience that the best looking girls will typically not show up until after 5 p.m., and if you hang out in one of Soi Six’s open air bars for a couple of hours in the early evening you will see a lot of pretty girls just starting to show up. The difference is literally like between night and day.

In the shower my girl starts to lather my groin up. She uses a lot of soap. She spends at least one minute on my dick alone which gets good and hard. Then she starts to wash herself off. A lot of times I’ll fill get my hand full of soap and use it to get her thoroughly lathered up between her legs so there is no doubt in my mind that any possible residuals from the man who came before me are completely gone.

By the time we get back to the bedroom the air conditioner has gotten the air just too cold for my comfort so I tell her to shut it off. Then I just relax on my back and wait for her to do what I’m paying her for. Almost always the girls start off performing oral sex, which most of them do so well that a man comes right then and there. This girl is no exception. But when I’m about to lose it, I immediately pull myself away and tell her to lie down on her back. That’s when I start performing oral sex on her. The Trick here is I’m turning the tables on her. While she was performing oral sex on me she was my master. She knew she was in control and could get me to spout off whenever she chose. But now I’m no top of her. I stop her from putting my genitals in her mouth and start focusing my thoughts entirely on that promised land between her legs.

I remember one night in particular when I got so aroused doing the girl that I came all over the sheets. But I didn’t do that this time. Oh she was beautiful enough to put me completely at her beck and call. I started to love her tight little body and would have kept performing oral sex on her for another twenty minutes so I turned her sideways so that she could once again put my dick in her mouth. So what to do now? I was once again about to come and I knew she would have sucked me dry like a vacuum cleaner. Instead, I asked her to get a condom out. And then I banged her. She was exquisite.

We took another shower together, and after she washed my body and face off she told me to go back downstairs into the bar and wait for her. I still had half a bottle of beer left so I took it with me and sat down at a small table. She stayed in the room another five minutes changing the sheets for the next customer. Not all the girls will do that, but she does, and she also leaves a tip of twenty baht on the bed for someone to clean the sheets that we had just soiled.

I hadn’t really been paying attention but Goodfellas was having a small party and there was a small buffet table in the back of the bar. When my girl came back downstairs she asked me if I’d like a little food. “I certainly would”, I told her. I wouldn’t be able to get down to Walking Street until 9:30. It would be too late to have dinner and my friends would have already started doing their go go bar crawl. That would have meant, “No food for me.” Unless I took a five minute break from all the bar crawling to go into a Seven Eleven for a candy bar or other snack.

But this was really choice. My girl was coming back to me with a plate full of food. It was primarily friend chicken with potato salad, but it would suffice for a full dinner, and I once again had some of the best company in the world sitting next to me. I wanted to order another beer but the clock was ticking. Then I started to remember another night not long ago that I had gone to Soi Six.

Another girl from the same bar had come over and sat next to me so I had bought her a drink. But I had to go meet a friend at another Soi Six bar so I told her that I’d probably come back. Well, let me tell you, she was pretty damn good looking and tall for a Thai girl. I nearly hated myself for leaving her. But I went to the other bar where I had a beer with my friend and then I came back to Good Fellas. That night there was an entire stable of good looking girls all around me. But I didn’t see the tall girl and another girl approached me instead. So I bought her a drink and by the time she finished groping me between my legs I decided that I wanted her. She was about average in height for a Thai girl and I’d say she weighed around 40 kilos which is around 90 pounds. She was slender and she was flat as a board, but no matter. It was that cute little ass and shapely legs that I was after, and she was quite an attractive little piece. I’d put her at about thirty or so. I like them about that age because by then most of them no longer have many delusions of grandeur because they know the clock is ticking and that their shelf life is starting to dwindle. Most of them are much better performers than the younger girls.

I told her I’d take her upstairs for 700 baht, which was fine with her. And so up we went. So to keep this part of my story short, let me just say that we had a great time in the sack. She had kept telling me she was coming, and whether it was true or not, I started to believe it. Like I said, she was probably over thirty and when a lot of Thai girls get to be around that age they start to really excel at empowering a man’s manhood.

We went back downstairs where I bought her another drink as we sat at the bar together. Before five minutes had gone by, the other girl came up to us, the tall girl who I had passed on before. The girl I had just banged then spoke up and said, “I don’t mind if you want to boom boom her too.  She same same sister me”  So upstairs we went. And as I said, she was good looking and tall for a Thai girl with lush nicely formed breasts.

Oh, the memories and here I was about to leave the place where I already was in the best of company. So down to Walking Street I went.

My friends were just coming out of the Lighthouse go go bar when I joined up with them. One of them said, “We just saw Lek. She’s back at Misty Go Go Bar again. We saw her walking inside.”

I really didn’t want to go back to Misty’s again.  But Lek was a different story. She was a waitress and not a go go dancer. And we had spent several nice times together when she was working her shift. Unfortunately she only showed up for work about half the time. But the last time I had gone into Mistys I had sat in front of the stage. One of the girls came straight up and took a seat next to me. Then she asked me to buy her a drink. I hesitated at first, because to tell you the truth she wasn’t all that attractive. But she had sat next to me several times before and one time she had actually sucked my dick. But so had another girl, and I had liked the second girl much better who had for one thing, a body to die for. The second girl was back in the restroom, and when she didn’t come out for ten minutes I finally told the first girl I’d buy her a beer.

“But I don’t like beer,” she told me.

“You can drink a beer,”I replied. “That’s what I’m drinking.”

“I want a tequila,” she insisted.

“Okay. I buy you a tequila I told her, but only one.”

Here we were sitting at the stage with the whole place looking on when that girl started to feel my dick. And when she started in on me, the waitress came over and sat in my lap. The difference between the two was staggering because Lek was a really fine looking woman with a very firm nicely put together body. I don’t know what really happened next but suddenly Lek had jumped off my lap and started kneeling down on the floor. Sticking her hand up my shorts she started to rub my balls and my dick, intermittently and she seemed to really be starting to enjoy herself. I think it was about then that the girl I really wanted came out of the toilet and then if I remember correctly she started to feel my dick too. But I do remember the first girl, the one I had bought the tequila for, coming up behind me and putting me in a headlock which pinned me onto the bar stool so I could hardly move. And here I had Lek really getting into the hand job she was giving me while at least one other girl started to grope me.  Suddenly I started to wake up to reality. Someone was ordering two more drinks on my account. And my bar bill had already exceeded 500 baht. The whole situation had gotten out of control and before I’d know it my bar tab would reach 2000 baht before another twenty minutes would go by.

One of my pals was sitting next to me and we already had this contingency covered. We both cried out in unison, “Check Bin.” Which called an immediate halt to all the game playing. There would be no more drinks in this bar tonight.

Lek took care of my bill for her as I paid her a thousand baht and she went back to the cashier to get my change.

Jim who had joined me that night and I then went outside where we smoked a cigarette and started to discuss what go go club we’d head to next. And then I felt a woman’s arms around me.

It was Lek. I asked her then what her bar fine was. And when she told me it was 800 baht I said to her, “perhaps some other time we go short time together.”

Then I said to her, “No other girl, Lek. No other girl except for you. Next time I only buy drink for you. I don’t like this game they play of everyone thinking I buy drink for them.”

Lek nodded and said that she understood. Then we left. But that was two months ago and here she was working at Misty’s again. So my friends and I went inside the bar where they fully expected me to bar fine Lek. We took bar stools next to the stage and I told the other waitress that I was waiting for Lek.

But wouldn’t you know it, before we even managed to get anywhere near the stage that first girl had gotten to me and she had taken me by my hand over to the stage. So when she asked me straight off to buy her a drink, I told her, “I wait for Lek. She girl for me tonight.” But Lek was in the toilet.

And she didn’t come out for ten minutes. Then she sat next to me and I bought her a drink. I don’t think we were together for more than ten minutes when my friends told me that they had already check binned and that they were going to Super Girls next. I stayed on with Lek for another five minutes and then I told her I had to leave to join my friends at Super Girl. I would have just stayed there with Lek except for the fact that I really liked Super Girl and that although my friends didn’t, they were after all going there next.

I went to Super Girl but my friends were not there. Then I walked across the street to Super Baby which was Super Girls sister club thinking they had gone there instead. But they weren’t there either. I went back to Super Girls and ordered a bottle of San Miguel Light. It was only then that I got the text message telling me they had gone to Dream Girls and that this club was next to Super Girls.

The waitresses were super friendly to me at Super Girls which his widely known along with its sister club Super Baby to cater especially to the Japanese. Saying that these two clubs cater to the Japanese is the understatement of the year. There’s a Jacuzzi in both clubs. Normally two completely naked girls will cavort around in the Jacuzzi. Nearly all Thai bar girls shave their vaginas. But not at Super Girl and Super Babys. When you watch Japanese porn movies you will immediately discover that the female porn stars have kept their pubic hair. A lot of the girls will have special hairdos at Super Girl and Super Baby, the find that are favored by Japanese men. And the girls will normally do
very little dancing on the stage. Instead they will gyrate around slowly like zombies. I’ve heard that most Japanese men do not like aggressive women. That’s why I think the girls make a special effort not to show off their dancing skills. They want to appear submissive, the way many Japanese men prefer to have their women.

The bar fine’s still six hundred baht at both Super Girl and Super Baby. And beer at both the clubs is still 120 baht a bottle. Used to be there were no drink specials at either clubs. Well, there still aren’t any drink specials but most of the other clubs on Walking Street are now charging 135 to 145 baht for a bottle of beer. Meanwhile the coyote girls have started to take over. Coyote girls are not really employees of the go go bar the way other dancers are. Instead they work for a company. The go go bar deals direct with the company which it pays so much to for every girl the go go bar contracts for. The price tag is very high so in order to recoup the huge amounts of money it is being charged for each coyote dancer, the go go bar will typically charge 1500 baht bar fines. That’s the normal bar fine until midnight after which goes down to 1000 baht. So at a club like Misty’s the bar fine’s likely to be between 1000 and 1500 baht and even a service girl like Lek is going to require an 800 baht bar fine. Both Super Girl and Super Baby charge only a 600 baht bar fine unless the customer wants to bar fine one of the Jacuzzi girls. The bar fine is then 700 baht. But the two girls who are in the Jacuzzi one night are not likely to be in the Jacuzzi the next night. They will be up on stage and as “normal dancers” their bar fine will go down to 600 baht. As for coyote dancers, once a club starts relying on them the entire ball game changes since the goal is to extort as many drinks from a club’s customers in the shortest time frame.  Supplying sexual services becomes secondary.

I am especially attracted to one of the waitresses at Super Girl , but she disappears on me about the time I’m thinking about buying her a drink. Meanwhile one of the dancers is looking me over now and then. She’s tall and very slender. Since I’ve already decided to buy one of the Super Girl or Super Babys dancers a drink each time I came into one of these two clubs, I decide to get the girl a drink to size her up.

I get the girl’s eye and motion downwards to my beer bottle to signal her that I want to buy her a drink. But she doesn’t seem to catch on. Five minutes pass without her making a move. Finally she gets the hint and calls over a waitress to get her drink order.

Normally a girl at Super Baby or Super Girl will then come off the stage to drink the drink a customer has just bought her. Usually the pair will discuss what price the customer is willing to pay for her services. But this girl remains on the stage. Even after the waitress brings her drink up to her. Instead of joining me on the bar stool next to mine she edges up to me on the stage and proceeds to drink her cocktail while asking me a couple of inane questions such as “Where do you come from?” And “How long are you staying in Pattaya?”

I should have bought the waitress a drink because this girl is a complete waste of time and money. I finish my beer as quickly as I can and then I head over to Super Baby where my friends wind up joining me.

Instead of going to Super Girl they had gone to Dream Girls, the new go go bar next door to Super Baby. There they had been pounced on by a squadron of dancers who kept asking for drinks. One of my friends wound up going through 2,000 baht in the first twenty minutes.

That kind of thing doesn’t happen at either Super Girls or Super Baby. Well, maybe it does, once in awhile provided the customer is really asking to be taken. But normally the girls and the bosses behave themselves in a far less aggressive manner. Which I really appreciate because who needs girls that one doesn’t really want throwing themselves all over their customers while pressuring them to keep buying them drinks. But my friends don’t especially like Super Baby so after having only one beer there we run off to the next go go bar. But on the way, we must pass Misty’s. As we walk past Misty’s I feel a girl putting her arms around me. It’s Lek. I decide to hell with going with my friends to the next place or two. I’m going to spend the next two or three hours with Lek.

I wind up sitting at the end of the stage on the other side of where I had been sitting before. Once again, Lek is all over me. She sits on my lap facing away from me. Then she takes my hand and sticks it up between her legs. My fingers are rubbing her privates and she wants me to keep rubbing her there. Unlike the girls at Super Girl and Super Babys, Lek’s shaved her vagina and probably today because it’s very smooth down there and my fingers just glide around. There’s not a trace of stubs of pubic hair left behind by the razor. I’m getting as hard as a racehorse and Lek knows it.

I’m getting ready to make a move. I sure don’t want to be paying her any 2000 baht short time price the way most of these Walking Street go god dancers are charging these days. So I’m thinking just what I’m going to ask her and how much when suddenly she blows it.

We are joined by a second girl.

“This is my sister, Nam,” Lek tells me.

How many times have I heard that line before?” I ask myself. Girls working in the bars keep telling men they have a sister so that the men will buy two drinks instead of one. After all, it’s the girl’s sister. But nine times out of ten it’s a complete lie.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” And look at her boobs. Aren’t they beautiful and large,” Lek continues as she takes my hand and places it on the other girl’s breasts.”

It’s the classic double teaming approach I tell myself and it’s intended to extract as much possible over a very short time period. And sure enough to prove that I am 100 percent correct Lek comes out with the next line, a line that I know isn’t going to wait more than five minutes.

“Will you buy my sister a drink?” Lek asks.

I politely decline. But she’s done exactly what I’ve told her not to do, and I’ve asked her many times already not to fleece me for drinks. I immediately spout out, “Check Bin Kap (Give me my bill please.) Visibly very surprised Lek gets up to get my bill squared away with the cashier. Then she returns with the bill and tells me, “Thank you for buying my sister a drink.”

I never saw it and I never was even asked to buy that first drink for Lek’s so called sister. How those two girls slipped that one by me I’ll never know. I must have had a couple too many to have let them get away with that one. Lek had already gotten one drink out of me for the bar girl and I might have very easily gotten two drinks for her while thinking to myself. One drink won’t hurt any and surely Lek won’t try to keep milking me for drinks for the other girls. But she did.

My blood was boiling yet I remained calm and paid my bill. And that concludes this little story of mine. So I once again ask the question: Walking Street or Soi Six which is more satisfying? I think you know how I feel. As for yourselves, that is your call. Just keep in mind, you have been warned.


For a lot more information about go go dancers check out Stephen Leather’s “Private Dancer”  This is one of the best books about Thai bar girls and Bangkok go go dancers I’ve ever read.  Private Dancer here as a pdf file is free from Stephen Leather’s web site.  I urge you to read “Private Dancer” before getting involved with a Bangkok or Pattaya bar girl.


Billy Bob

Pattaya Soapy Massage

Everyone has their list. Those places not yet visited, foods yet to be tasted, people we would wish to meet, experiences to be indulged. Whether you call it a bucket list or a collection of passing fantasies, it is that accumulation of things we have heard of or read about or viewed other people enjoy that we determine to add to our life’s journey if ever the opportunity presents itself. The Pattaya Soapy Massage occupied a place on my list. I don’t remember when it was added but I’m sure it was some time ago. However, unlike other items which have disappeared without a trace when I looked for them, that one never went away. Someday, if time and location and inclination lined up, I knew I had to try a Pattaya Soapy Massage

There are two Sabai massage places on 2nd road in Pattaya between Central and North Road. I didn’t choose one over the other. The Sabai Room happened to be on the side of the street I was walking. I don’t remember the name of the one across the street but with Sabai in its name the ownership may have been the same. The door man came out as I was approaching on that afternoon and I could see the fish bowl from the street. It was then that I decided today was the day. When I entered I was surprised at how large the area was with a tall ceiling. The concierge offered me a seat at a table and summoned a waiter for a drink if I liked. He then sat down and gave me a recommendation which looked like a fine choice from where I was sitting. The lineup was impressive, 20 plus girls all dressed for the evening gown competition and not a clinker in the bunch. Some looked like they may have been in their early 30s but the average was probably 5 years younger than that. Since I was the only customer in this spacious establishment I was the center of attention. As my gaze crossed the room their smiles came on like Christmas lights blinking on down a string. I can only speculate on the reasons for his recommendation. Perhaps her English was better than most, certainly better than his at any rate, or possibly she had a preference and I fell into the right category. Making bad recommendations in that position wouldn’t serve any long term interest but people can be surprisingly short sighted and maybe there was a tip involved. Money number one after all. Despite his suggestion, not in defiance of it I chose another. She was equally attractive and although many included a beckoning wave with their smiles she seemed particularly enthusiastic or persistent or possibly just financially ambitious. Later I would conclude her command of the English language was certainly a factor. I was amazed with how clean and glare free the glass was. After I made the choice the concierge called the girl by name from my table and I realized there was no glass. She was short and stacked, spoke surprisingly good English and definitely worth 2,000 Baht which was the flat rate price for any girl there. The whole operation had a very nice feel to it. I felt like I was standing at a crap table rolling the dice where 7 happened to be a fairly common number. I do wonder what the difference would have been if I had gone with the concierges suggestion instead of the one I chose. The same, better? I will never know.

Once I settled the bill May grabbed my hand and took me to the elevator. There were several floors which I didn’t stop to count with probably a dozen rooms on each around an atrium which went to the roof. She led me into a room that was clearly designed with one thought in mind………fun. I set down my coke, turned and hung my shirt on the hook. When I turned back May was naked. She had a stacked hourglass figure that was just what I had in mind. Her nipples were hard and her breasts although real and substantial showed a youthful defiance to gravity. I asked her if she was cold. She replied that her nipples always extended in greeting like that. She suggested I sit back and enjoy a cigarette with my coke while she got ready. While the Jacuzzi was filling with water she took a large tub and filled it part way adding a liquid soap as she went. When it was half full she started whipping it into frothy foam which she scooped onto the air mattress on the tile floor. All the while we chatted. She was 26 years old and had spent several years in North America, Vancouver I believe, which explained her skills with the English language.

She was finished about the same time as my cigarette and she summoned me onto the tile floor which she correctly warned me was very slippery. She had a big Russian customer the previous day under the influence of several too many vodkas who had fallen hard on that tile floor and she didn’t want a repeat. I laid down on the air mattress in about six inches of foam. She took the remaining foam and lathered herself with it managing to keep her long hair which she had tied up completely dry. She then lay down on top of me and began to slide, first on my back and then when I turned over on my front. She scissored her legs with mine and rubbed her pussy on my balls. Then turning to face me she ran her hands up my thighs all the way to my shoulders which positioned my slippery cock in the center of her magnificent cleavage. Sensing she had pushed the magic button she worked her hard nipples up and down my pelvis and then teased my hard on with each.

Satisfied that I was enjoying the ride she helped me up and we both got in the Jacuzzi. She started with her back to me while I admired her nipples with my fingers. Then she leaned forward and slid my cock between her cheeks. Finally she turned and gave me a repeat performance with her cleavage. I’m hardly a newcomer when it comes to titty fucking. At first it was just foreplay. Some girl friends seemed to enjoy it as much as I did, probably because my hands were very busy at the same time. One girlfriend, due to surgery wasn’t able to have sex for several weeks and the pearl necklace became the go to substitute. None of those experiences compares to a soapy air mattress or a warm sudsy Jacuzzi with the company of shapely little Asian spinner. Lubricity and body to body contact are a winning combination and you can’t effectively duplicate it in a shower much less achieve the positions available on an air mattress or in a tub.

Having garnered my full attention we got out of the tub dried off and moved off the tile floor and back to the carpet where there was a queen size bed. Like I said this room was spacious, nicely laid out and furnished and designed for fun. I laid face down and she gave me a short but pleasant massage of my back and legs and then I turned over. She did the same to the front. She pulled a condom from her purse and put it on with her lips making sure she still had my full attention.

I should mention there was no bareback anything. There was an attention to and discipline regarding hygiene that would have made an Army surgeon proud right down to the way she brushed her teeth before we left the room. I can’t say that it had any negative effect on the quality of the experience, it probably enhanced it.

Once she had positioned the condom to her satisfaction she climbed on. She rode with enthusiasm first forward then backward Asian cowgirl style. After all that had preceded this I wasn’t going to last much longer. She hopped off sensing I was ready, removed the condom and produced a bottle of lubricant from her purse which she slathered on my hard cock. She then worked it with her hands alternating between a slow and then fast rhythm. That was all it took. It didn’t hit my chin but it felt like It might. It was an impressive load.

We cleaned up using the water that was still in the tub and dried off. She hosed down the area to get it ready for the next session while I dressed and enjoyed a cigarette. Then as quickly as it came off her evening gown was back on and we were headed back to the entrance. A quick hug and off I went, too distracted to even think about giving her a well deserved tip.

Pattaya has a variety of venues all designed around the same result. Soi 6 short time bars, Walking Street GoGos, Beer Bars, and massage options abound. Each comes with its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Price, atmosphere and ambiance, in or out, short time long time, the variety of combinations is substantial. Some providers are like hotels offering hourly daily and weekly rates. The only way to compare the plethora of possibilities in a concise fashion is to choose one parameter, say price and rank them based on that aspect. Doing so, I would put this soapie somewhat above the median but nowhere near the top.

I have to admit Walking Street go gos have a great business model. It’s like public foreplay in a titty bar with a raft of beauties followed by private entertainment with the entertainer(s) of your choice. There is no titty bar appeal to the Pattaya Soapy Massage and perusing the talent isn’t an all night proposition. The problem with Walking Street GoGos isn’t with the business model. The problem is with the execution, price relative to other options and the pervasiveness of scamming. Seasoned expats will tell you Walking Street experiences are plagued by overpricing and under performance.

Then there is Soi 6, which has none of the “frills” of a Pattaya soapy massage but all of the sex in an atmosphere that isn’t overflowing with ambiance which of course makes it cheaper by perhaps a third. You can probably find an equally attractive companion but you won’t find 20 of them in one establishment and sorting through the selection can be time consuming.

Beer bars are another option which offers a vast selection from stunning to unimpressive. Here you have an open air GoGo minus the titty show. You can stop in for one cold one and leave with your choice or polish off a 12 pack while mulling over your options. Once again the range of appearance combined with the lack of overhead associated with all the frill and ambiance of a Pattaya soapy massage drives the price down below the soapie and closer to Soi 6 cost. On the other hand you’re more likely to negotiate a long time arrangement at the place of your choosing so the time / baht ratio can be considerably different.

In the final analysis what you want and for how long and at what location and how leisurely you want to be in making your choice and how much skin you want to see while you are making that choice must be weighed against all the costs which tend to add up and the value you place on the money which will cover those costs. There is no such thing as the best choice. That’s why the variety of options exists. If one were a clear winner to the majority of patrons lesser options would fall by the wayside.
Everyone has a list. For some it is an impossible collection of highly improbable fantasies. Like planning the details of cashing a winning lottery ticket it is an accumulation of things that could just as well be discarded because they will never be of any use. The Pattaya Soapy massage was on my list. At just 2000 baht total for a complete titillating experience that would last 1.5 hours, it wasn’t beyond reach. It waited there patiently for its opportunity to arrive and one day opportunity came knocking. It’s still on my list. You see some experiences are so satisfying they deserve an encore. One day if time and inclination and location line up I will do it again.

Pattaya Go Go Bar Websites, a list

Pattaya Go Go Bar Websites, a list is a focused gallery of go go bars you can visit later but check out online before you get here.

Alcatraz Go Go Bar

Angelwitch Pattaya

Baby Dolls Pattaya

Bacchara Go Go Bar

Beach Club Go Go bar

Beavers Go Go

Dollhouse Go Go

Heaven Above Go Go Bar

Kitten Club and the Penthouse Hotel

The Lighthouse Go Go bar

Living Dolls Showcase Go Go Bar

Mistys Go Go Bar

Naughty Girls Pattaya Go Go

Pattaya Dream Girls Go Go

Peppermint Go Go Bar

Sapphire Club Pattaya

Secrets Night Club, Hotel and Forum

Tahitian Queen Go Go

The Sea Go Go Bar

Super Baby’s A Go Go

Super Girl and Superbaby Go Go

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When Bangkok Soi Cowboy go go girls met the best Pattaya beer bar girls

It was a night to remember when Bangkok Soi Cowboy go go girls met the best Pattaya beer bar girls.

Soi Cowboy girls at the Girl Beer Bar in Pattaya
Most of the dancers in this picture came from a Bangkok Soi Cowboy go go bar. The German owners of the Girl Beer Bar sent them back to Bangkok the same night

It happened several years ago at the Naklua Girl Beer Bar.  Several Germans owned the Naklua Beer Bar in those days, and as you’d expect from Germany, they did just about everything right. But this was a very special night.  One of the German owners would be celebrating his 80th birthday.  So the owners pulled out all the stops.  On that night the Girl Beer Bar’s customers could only get in by special written invitation.   And after that everything was free.  There was nothing cheap about the food buffet.  And the invited guests could drink all the beer they wanted.  Or all the Tequila, whiskey, vodka, or mixed drinks they could handle.  Now that was a very special night, but it cost the German bar owners thousands of American dollars to put the extravagant birthday party on.

In those days the Pattaya Girl Bar Bar  had the best beer bar girls.  The bar’s charismatic mamasan had made it her business to recruit them.  The German bar owners also had a special German friend who put himself in charge of the beer bar’s music for free.  He put it all on a computer and he made sure that the Girl Beer Bar didn’t play any Thai music.  There wasn’t any da da music either.  That’s the kind of noise passing itself off as music that comprises just two beats:  “Da Da, Da, Da, that is usually played in rapid succession that is differentiated only by tone.  Now, this kind of noise might be favored by certain English hooligan types who have arrived here in Pattaya in too great a number. Unfortunately  too many stupid Pattaya bar owners cater to them.

But these were Germans putting this whole show on, and one thing a lot of people don’t know is that many Germans love the old American and English songs a lot more than their American and English counterparts do.  So this particular group of German bar owners got their music just right, and they let their Thai mamasan make sure that their bar got a truly exceptional group of Pattaya bar girls together.  And then they added the final touch to their fellow bar owner’s 80th birthday.

The German bar owners brought in a special troupe of Soi Cowboy go go dancers from Bangkok.  Now I must admit to being not altogether certain of my facts, but I believe that at least one of the German bar owners owned a Soi Cowboy go go bar in Bangkok.  Whether this is true or not, I do know that the bar owners brought in a handful of very hot Bangkok go go dancers into Pattaya just for this one special night to entertain the customers they had invited for their fellow bar owner’s birthday party.

The Naklua Girl Beer Bar already had perhaps the best group of bar girls in Pattaya so when you add to the mix an exception group of Soi Cowboy go go dancers what you get is quite possibly the very finest group of Pattaya bar girls that has ever been assembled before in a Pattaya beer bar. This video is its result.



Pattaya bar owner shot to death

Looking Glass Magazine August 2006 Pattaya Bar owner of the month shot to death

I just heard about it last night. But when this appears in Google the story will read Pattaya Bar owner shot to death. But this wasn’t just any bar owner. The woman who was killed was ED, former owner of the Malai Bar in Naklua which I had awarded the Looking Glass Magazine Bar of the month in August 2006. My girlfriend at that time was Ed’s niece and Ed’s niece lived with me for a year and seven months. So it should have been no surprise that we went to the Malai Bar quite often back then. In those days in my opinion, the Malai Bar was the best managed bar in the area. It had the best music. It had a good crowd. And very seldom was it boring.

I remember the first time I came into the Malai Bar. I had been drinking with a Scot at T.J. Bar across the parking lot from the Malai Bar, and I noticed that this bar I had never set foot in before had a big crowd, so I said to the Scot, “Let’s check that place out.” As soon as we came into the bar, Ed came up to me and said, “Thank you so much for coming into my bar. Can I buy you a drink?”

The second thing that happened to me was a pretty Thai lady came up to me, took me by my hand and escorted me to a bar stool. Then she sat next to me. The shapely Thai woman would become my girlfriend.

Ed was never boring. Sometimes she’d buy me a drink. Other times she’d ask for one. She’d get up and dance on the bar. Oftentimes she appeared to be drunk and totally out of control. I think she usually pretended to be drunk. Outstanding showmanship on many levels earmarked her bar as something very special in those days and I think a “drunken ED” was part of her master plan.

I used to shoot a lot of pictures and video at the Malai Bar. But the best night of them all was when Ed put on her birthday party. She already had a good looking group of girls working for her. But that was not good enough for ED. One just had to know ED to really appreciate how outstanding she was at running a bar. For her birthday she brought in a group of girls from Sattahip and had them dancing with her bar girls. That night ED had an exceptional group of very attractive Thai bar girls performing for her, and at the end ED got up on the pole herself.

After a year and seven months my girlfriend and I split up and I stopped going to the Malai Bar. Something like a year and a half later I met my present girlfriend and I took her to a heavily advertised Pattaya Bar that had been touting itself as the number one nightclub for music.

The drinks were expensive there and the band sucked rotten eggs. The distaste in my mouth was so bad that I decided I had to take my girlfriend to a place where I knew the music would be good. And the bar I had in mind was Ed’s place. So I took my girlfriend into the Malai Bar and we kept going there for many months. The band was still as good as always and Ed had not lost her considerable charm.

And then the bar was sold to someone else. One man in the band quit and not long after that the drummer quit as well. The rumor was that Ed lost the bar because she had a gambling problem. We stopped going there.

I learned just last night that ED was shot to death somewhere near Nong Nooch Botanical Garden. The other bar owner told me that ED owed too many people too much money, could not repay her debts and that was that.

ED might have not been able to manage her money but she sure was one helluva bar owner. She had three men playing at the Malai Bar and from what Ed’s niece told me she paid each man a lot of money. Perhaps far too much money and more than nearly any other bar owner would have been willing to part with. Her bar centered around music and it brought in a lively crowd. Those were the days.

There’s several videos I did at the Malai Bar that you can get to through my links above. And no, they are not on my you tube channel. For one thing the little Canon I used in those days to shoot video was nowhere close to what my Panasonic LX 7 can do. You will notice that there is an extreme qualitative difference between my earlier You Tube videos and those I have done recently. Part of the reason is that in recent years we have been experiencing much faster internet speeds here in Pattaya than previously. So I’ve been able to shoot and upload huge video files and put those on the You tube server which can handle such large video files far better than anything I’ve worked with before. And of course, that new camera is simply outstanding.

I finally met Dick Fitswell on Soi Six in Pattaya

Big Dick's Soi Six Bar
You need to buy the book to enjoy the last chapters including Dick
Fitwell’s latest adventures at Big Dicks on Pattaya Soi Six

I finally met Dick Fitswell on Soi Six. In Pattaya. Not the real Dick Fitswell, the man in the book with the 18 inch dick but someone just like him, except in the end he came up a bit short, but if you’ve ever followed the Dick Fitswell, the man in quest for the Perfect Fit saga you will have learned that this is what usually happens to all the Dick Fitswell wanna bees of the world.

I’d already had my first woman of the night and planned on getting me another, but wanting to take an intermission from my nocturnal activities I went into the Perry Bar to have a couple beers.  So I sat alone at the bar where I got my first bottle in record time.  I didn’t know it right off, but my bartender was Perry the owner.  For years the bar was the Bull Ring.  Nothing’s really changed here except for the sign.  In fact, the place still has the same ole mamasan as before.

Did I say old mamasan?  Well I tell you she was looking delectable tonight.  This mamasan’s in her prime but tonight she was really wired on all the drinks she had been having.  A slender fireball of energy wearing a baseball cap backwards she was really full of herself.  There was a man with her and a couple of bar girls had joined them as they all danced together in the center of the room.  There was a second man in the place, lying on his side on one of the couches, comatose and completely oblivious to everything around him.

A third man came into the bar ringing the bell as he came in without a moment’s hesitation.  This meant a second bottle of beer for me.  I thought he was German and almost said to the man, “Danke Schoen”, but thanked him in English instead.  But before I wound up trying to offer him a beer, the first man came up to me and introduced himself.

“Hi.  I’m Dick (pretending that I’m Fitswell),” he said to me.

“And I”m Billy Bob,” I replied.  “I’am American. Where do you come from?”

“I am from Sweden.”

“Well that’s good.  At least you are not English.  I thought you were.”

“Oh no.  I come from Sweden.  Here on holiday.”

The Swede walked over to the mamasan for a moment and said to her, “I fuck you already.  I want to fuck you a second time.”

Mamasan smirked at him and said, “Oh you think you can really?”

The Swede came back to me and said, “I have already fucked her upstairs.  They have a mirror up there above the bed and I could watch myself fucking her.  It was very good.   She have very good pussy.  I love her pussy.”

Mamasan overheard what the Swede was telling me.  Everyone did except the comatose man still lying on the couch.

“Oh, I didn’t know she is the mamasan,” I replied.  She sure is good looking though.”

“Fuck you Billy Bob,” the mamasan said to me.  But she said it softly in good humor because we both knew the truth.  I had banged her four times before.  But that would be our little secret we’d keep from the Swede.

“You know what I did yesterday,” the Swede continued.  “I fucked nine ladies next door in the same afternoon.”  The bar girls there couldn’t believe it, but they kept score for me.”

“Man.  I didn’t know that was possible,” I told him.  “You ought to be in porn movies.”

“I did, and right now I’m going to eat mamasan’s pussy.  Then he looked over at mamasan who was standing only a few feet away and called out to her.  “Let’s get on the floor together, right now.  I want to eat your pussy right here.”

Well, mamasan wasn’t buying it.  All the time she had been darting back and forth in the bar and going outside to check on the girls calling out to possible customers.  She was wearing very little for her bottom, perhaps just a g string, but much of the time it was drawn up so that her ass and privates were partly exposed.  But I knew her, and I knew she was way too cool to let the Swede eat her on the floor.  But she did edge over closer to us.

The Swede started to unzip his pants.  Then he pulled out his dick.  I must confess to looking down at it but only for a moment. I thought he might measure up to something close to being like Dick Fitswell.  But I was disappointed.  He seemed quite ordinary to me.

“Do you remember this?” the man said to Mamasan as he wiggled his cock in front of her.

“How do you want me to remember your dick, when I have 10,000 of them in me already?” the mamasan replied.

I then remembered a past conversion I once had with Mamasan when I asked her how many times she boom boomed a day.  She had told me it varied, but that she usually had sex with between 60 and 80 men each month.  And I believed her.  I believed her because the first time I had actually sat down with her and bought her a drink she was having her birthday party in the bar and she had more money stapled to her clothing than I had ever seen on a bar girl in my life.  A few days after that I had asked her just how much money the bar’s customers and bar girls had given her on her birthday and she had told me she had stapled 20,000 baht to her.

Such is the true measure of this woman.  She is so likeable that people had given her 20,000 baht in the bar on her birthday.  She spoke excellent English and unlike most bar girls or mamasans I had met before, she always spoke the truth to me.  Besides, she was damn good looking and had this trim nicely put together little body that weighed just 40 kilograms.  She was one of those gems that you loved just sitting down with for a few drinks.

A few minutes later the Swede said to me, “Excuse me.  I have to go to the toilet.”

Fifteen minutes later, he still hadn’t come out of the rest room.  By this time the comatose man on the couch had started to wake up and Mamasan had sat next to him to help him regain his senses.  His brain still wasn’t working, however, but his hands were as he kept trying to grope Mamasan’s trim little figure.

Then she disappeared outside again.   A man came in who looked to be about thirty-five or so.

“This place is really incredible he said to me.  “I’ve never seen a place this crazy.  It’s just off the scale.”

“Where are you from?”  I asked the man.


Several minutes later he walked past the rest room with Mamasan who accompanied him upstairs.

Finally the Swede came out of the toilet.  He had been in there for too long to be just getting rid of his bodily wastes.  But he came out only for a few seconds and then he went back into the commode.  When he finally came out, he staggered over to me.

“I suppose you just had a true love affair with the toilet bowel,” I told him.

“Yes”, he replied as he made motions with his hand signifying that he had thrown up.  “I drink too much so I throw it all out of my mouth.”

I still wonder how he had ever managed to bang nine different bar girls in the same afternoon.  So I started to imagine him lining the girls up on the floor while he knelt over each one in turn and slipped himself into each girl for a few seconds before moving onto the next.

Pattaya Coyote dancers taking over Walking Street Go Go Bars

Pattaya Coyote dancers are taking over, and Walking Street is starting to resemble Singapore with huge price increases.

Ten years ago, the rule of thumb was you paid a 500 to 600 baht bar fine, and 1000 baht for short time with a go go girl and 1500 baht for long time. That meant all night. Now Walking Street go go girls are asking 2000 to 2500 baht short time. One of the main reasons for such price gouging is the invasion of Walking Street go go bars by Pattaya coyote dancers.

The reason Pattaya coyote dancers have recently come into fashion is the difficulty so many night club owners have been having in hiring and keeping quality dancers. To overcome this difficulty more and more go go bar owners have been getting many of their dancers from an outside company that might charge an owner 15,000 to 20,000 baht per girl per month. So if a go go bar acquires as few as ten Pattaya coyote dancers through an outside firm this might cost the club 200,000 baht per month, in addition to which the go go bar owner must pay a salary to his remaining girls that is already much pricier than what nearly all beer bar owners pay. That’s a lot of cash for the owner to have to part with so he will attempt to recoup it by requiring hefty drink quotas from each one of his Pattaya coyote dancers. Whereas years ago most go go dancers used to try hard to get bar fined so they could get their 1000 to 1500 baht tips for shacking up with customers, today’s equation has changed. High pressure sales tactics to get customers to buy them high priced drinks has become the name of the game, and if a man wants to take a coyote dancer home with him, he’s looking at a 1500 baht bar fine just to take the girl out of the bar. After midnight, the bar fine will go down to 1000 baht. Such punitive bar fines are imposed as compensation to the go go bar owner for losing the services of his high pressure drink saleswomen.

So here’s what a customer is looking at. With the bar fine at 1500 baht, he still has to bargain with the girl for how much tip he has to pay her. So even if an agreement is reached for a 2000 baht short time tip, he’s up to 3500 baht and that doesn’t even include the price of a single drink. So supposing he’s lucky and gets off with just a 500 baht bar tab, he’s now up to 4000 baht or $125.00 just to get laid. For that kind of money he could have had three Soi Six girls and had a lot more fun drinking with them than he’d ever have with the high pressure Walking Street go go dancers.

If you ask me the choice is a no brainer. However, if a man must have a Walking Street go go dancer, it is best to stay way clear of the coyote scourge that is infesting the entire area. For example, the bar fine is still 600 baht at Super Girls over on Soi Diamond just off of Walking Street and it’s the same price across the soi at its sister club, Super Babes. The exceptions are the two or three go go dancers in the club’s Jacuzzi who will command the slightly higher bar fine of 700 baht. But if one has his heart set on one of the bathing beauties, he should bare in mind that the girl who is in the Jazzuzi tonight will be replaced by another girl the following night while she will be on the stage as just one more of the go go bar’s regular dancers. Meanwhile the price for a bottle of beer at the two sister clubs is 120 baht, which like the bar fine is identical to what the clubs charged eight years ago. Meanwhile nearby clubs are now asking 135 to 160 baht for a bottle of beer and most of these are becoming more and more seriously afflicted by the coyote pestilence.

For some unfathomable reason known only to them several of my friends are still addicted by the Walking Street Go Go bars. But it’s been well over a year now that I’ve seen even one of them ever bar fine one of the go go girls. I suppose they feel that being gouged for drinks is a lesser evils than having to pay ridiculous prices for sex with Pattaya Coyote dancers.

The Song Pattaya Pattaya in video at the Naklua Pen Bar

The song Pattaya Pattaya in video at the Naklua Pen Bar captures the essence of the most fun city on the planet.

Meet Pie, Tree and Pudcha. They will do most of the dancing for you. These three were Jack’s favorite Pattaya bar girls at the Girl Beer Bar until it changed hands, then closed. But Pen, one of Jack Corbett’s favorite bar owners, is still going strong in Naklua, and Pen’s having a knock down blow out party. Jack and his girlfriend decide to invite Pie and give her an offer she cannot refuse, “The drinks are on us. Join us.” But Jack knows that once Pie starts drinking, she becomes a non stop dancing machine. He’s got his video camera ready. The real icing on the cake becomes apparent when Tree comes to the Pen Bar party with Pie. Tree’s as cute as they come. Neither of them are bar girls working for Pen. But Pudcha is and Pudcha used to work with Tree and Pie at the Girl Beer Bar.

The video starts off early with one of the Pen Bar Girls dancing on a table top out in the middle of the rain. Oblivious to how wet she gets drenched she dances to the rain drops. There’s a good crowd here tonight. And the band is playing the song Pattaya Pattaya.

Pie is her abby-normal whacked out self, and Pudcha’s shaking a tail feather like never before. The tequila’s flowing. And Tree starts to find her real elemental self. Now I don’t know why this video’s been red flagged by you tube. Something about content inappropriate for minors but for the life of me I don’t understand why. Is it because of Pudcha’s shaking her little derriere and this is considered to be overly sexy? Or is it Tree who’s at fault? Tree, giving the inky night sky the bird. Tree is irreverent as all get out as she pokes fun at the world. Pretty little Tree, she’s the girl in the white t shirt, so full of fun so full of life.

You must be an adult to see this video. Over on you tube viewers must sign in with their email address or so it seems. Personally I think it should be on the family channel. Also….in the main published video on You Tube the aspect is all wrong so the girls seem a lot fatter than they are in real life. And that’s the main reason why I’m republishing it.


Pattaya girls dancing for fun

Pattaya girls dancing for fun video tops 648,000 views because it realistically captures the ambiance of the beer bar experience.  Yet so far the irony of this videos success has never been told.

The video took place at the Skytop Guesthouse and Internet cafe on 2nd Road just one block from Pattaya’s famous Soi Six.  Jack Corbett’s best friend, an Australian named Pete had owned the place.  Unfortunately Pete died leaving the business to his widow, Wan.  But Jack had lived for 11 months across the guest house’s hallway from Pete and Wan.  He had watched two key employers and the condo’s cleaning woman quit in the same week and Pete could barely turn a computer on.  And Pete was in and out of hospitals due to severe health problems that would later kill him.  It was all up to Wan.  Jack Watched her clean the entire place single-highhandedly while she picked up the computer skills that are essential to running an internet cafe.  Because of  Wan’s skilled management and hard work the business prospered.  She made two partitions out of the internet cafe on the 1st floor and rented out one of them to Geogio, a Burmese tailor of unprecedented talent while leaving the other partition as the internet cafe.  Then she started up a beer bar in front of the internet cafe which she ran with the help of her younger sister.

Being great friends of both Pete and Wan Jack could run riot with his cameras.  After Pete died, he took Wan and his girlfriend over to a Soi 8 bar that had the hottest beer bar girls on the soi dancing non stop.  Jack had always found this bar to be jam packed with customers so he said to Wan:  “Wan, you really should consider having a dancing marathon at your Skytop bar.  You could have try outs on a weekly basis, say every Wednesday night and then once a month you could have a special contest with a cash reward.  Say 3000 or 4000 baht for the best dancer of the month. If you got the word out you’d have some of the hottest Pattaya girls competing against each other.  Meanwhile you could limit the contestants to only those who had made it through your weekly tryouts.”

Wan replied, “Jack, the hottest Pattaya girls are not worth anything.  All their lives they’ve been told how pretty they are, so they become lazy knowing they can have anything without working.  They do what they want, they show up for work only when they feel like it.  I don’t want them working in my bar.”

No truer words have been spoken.  Jack had thought the same way back in the U.S. while taking pictures of hundreds of strippers and feature entertainers.  But now Wan’s words had really sunk in.  From then on, he looked at Pattaya girls in a way that was not new.  He had thought the same way before, but Wan’s words kept nagging at him whenever he went into a go go bar.  He’d keep asking himself while observing them gyrating around the stage:  “Can she cook?  Can she get out of bed in the morning?  Can she give a good massage?  Just how money hungry is she?   Is she a real bitch once you get to know her?  Can she read a book or do things by herself while I’m busy writing my next book or editing a video, or will she always want to go out at night spending a lot of money and doing things behind my back that I don’t want her to be doing?  Can she hold onto her money?  Is she a spendthrift who’s throw away all the money she could ever make or that was given to her?”

Going to the go go bars never was the same again.

But when it comes to Pattaya girls, Wan had actually been a bar girl and that’s where Pete had met her, at a beer bar.  And yet, she had turned out to be an incredibly hard working woman.  She had also become an excellent long term thinker and planner even though it’s commonly known that most Pattaya girls only think short term and that bar girls are short on education with a 6th grade education being all too typical.

Most of the Pattaya girls in this video worked for Wan’s beer bar for years.  She had scarcely any turnover at all, which is perhaps the most solid evidence of  Wan’s management competence.  This video captures the true spirit and sense of fun that can be had by all in a well managed beer bar.   You can see Wan hamming it up throughout the video with the girls and her customers urging everyone on, which is one of the main reasons for this video’s success.  For a two week period it had been averaging over 6000  views a day until you tube decided to put age restrictions on it for whatever reason its moderation team had come up to keep it out of sight of under aged viewers.


Pattaya Soi Six Bars absolute best street

Many expats who live in Pattaya full time regard Pattaya Soi Six  as the absolute best street for sampling Thai girls.

Since this is the first post about Soi Six, allow me to introduce myself.  I’m Billy Bob.  My Uncle is Uncle Bufford.  Uncle Bufford does the Uncle Bufford go go bars, the Naklua Bar Reviews, and the Soi Six bar reviews over at  I’m usually my Uncle Bufford’s wingman on his escapades.  It is my job to make sure that he gets back home alive.  I also help him rate the bars.  It is a dangerous job.  I often get molested by the girls.  Because of all the danger I will admit that I love the Pattaya Soi Six Bars.


First off, it takes just 300 baht to take the girl of your choice upstairs to a short time room.  There is no bar fine unless you take the girl out of the bar so the short time room is all you have to pay so long as you stay in the bar.  Compare this to a bar fine of at least 600 baht in the Walking Street Go Go bars and you will see that already there is simply no comparison when it comes to value.   But you still must pay the bar girl for her company.  Typically this is going to run anywhere from 500 to 1000 baht depending upon how handsome you are and whether the girl likes you or not.  Bottom line it costs about 1000 baht to get the whole business.  Trust me, Soi Six is the best bargain in Pattaya, and perhaps in the entire world.

There’s over 50 bars on Soi Six.  These bars are concentrated on a single city block running from 2nd Road to Beach Road.  There’s over 300 bar girls to choose from on Pattaya Soi Six.  Some of the bars are open air beer bar affairs but most keep their doors closed to the rest of the street.  This means that once you enter these bars, no one can see that you are in there or view what you are doing inside unless he actually goes inside.  For this reason many married men or guys with steady Thai girlfriends view Pattaya Soi Six as Nirvana.  For most of these men it’s a case of Pattaya Soi Six is the Best so you can forget about the rest.

Pattaya Soi Six sometimes gets a bad rap on two accounts.  Many of its detractors think it’s too seedy for their tastes or they will contend that Pattaya Soi Six does not give them the true Thai girlfriend experience. Well, take it from me, you really don’t want the real Thai girlfriend experience, but I will get into that in some of my future posts.  As far as the seediness that some complain about, I think that’s because a lot of guys go to Pattaya Soi Six early in the daytime feeling that they can be the first in line to sample the bar girls there.  There is a lot of truth to this, but this comes at the expense of having to settle for leftovers.  From what I see, the worse looking Soi Six bar girls arrive early in the day while much better looking Thai women start arriving at 4 p.m. and oftentimes much later than that.  I think the ugly gals feel there isn’t a lot of competition early in the day.  And there really isn’t.  On the other hand the good looking girls know they are going to get at least one customer so she’s going to tend to show up whenever she feels like it.

The truth is so long as you arrive on Pattaya Soi Six in the evening, you are going to find a much better looking group of Thai girls to choose from than you are going to find in the beer bars.  And if it can be said that on the whole the best lookers can be found in Pattaya Go Go bars, I have found a number of good looking go go dancers working down on Soi Six because they found they can make a lot more money working in a Soi Six Bar than they ever could down on Walking Street in the go go bars.  What it comes down to is this, “Would you rather be spending a hundred American dollars for a go go quality girl or would you rather be getting the same quality girl for $35.00 down of Pattaya Soi Six.  The choice is yours.  Most expats who live here all the time wouldn’t be caught dead in the Walking Street go go bars unless they are escorting friends of theirs around who come just to visit as tourists.