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Pattaya Bar Girls focuses upon all types of bar girls. Including beer bar girls, go go dancers, and Soi Six girls.

Video of a Pattaya Tragedy–Edie’s birthday at the Malai Bar

The date is 2006, and it’s Edie’s birthday party at the Naklua Malai Bar.  Edie, will become a Pattaya tragedy.  But only a few years ago, Edie had the best band in Naklua.

Edie will become a Pattaya tragedy
At her birthday back in 2006 Edie pulled out all the stops. Love her or hate her (most of us loved her) Edie was unforgettable. I hardly remember a single expat living in Naklua who didn’t hang out at the Malai Bar at one time or the other.

And unlike most beer bars today, Eddie had some really cute girls working for her.

Let me take you back in time–to the good ole days

It’s Eddie’s birthday, and  she’s gone balls out to bring in a few pretty girls from Sattahip decked out in special uniforms.   These girls are not Edie’s bar girls.  But  Edie’s birthday party, as sensational as it was,  would be the harbinger of  a Pattaya tragedy.

Cope during a photo shoot at my Naklua condo
Cope during a photo shoot at my Naklua condo. She was about twenty back then. She would later mature to be even more beautiful with a far better command of English than she had in the old Malai Bar days.

Cope, one of the prettiest girls dancing is now living in Germany after marrying a German.  Which is probably good for her, but bad for the rest of us.  She was very pretty, and even prettier the last time I saw her.

There’s a beautiful lady in the video dancing next to Cope.  You wouldn’t believe she’s a lady boy though.  Like Cope, we haven’t seen her in Pattaya for years.

Today (it’s August 2017) , the band is nowhere to be found.  The Malai Bar is barely open.  It sits there devoid of customers while its owners wait in Bangkok for a buyer.  A single woman looks after the place as caretaker.  But I can still buy a drink there, and sometimes I go over to talk with her.

But back to the Golden Years of Malai Bar

Edie being a very special kind of bar owner always paid her band a lot of money.  She also had A LOT more customers than any other bar around.  If all this sounds like a Pattaya tragedy, it gets much worse.

My tilac, the tilac in this video, is no longer in my life.  She was Edie’s niece, and it was because of her that I used to come to the Malai Bar quite often.  So did most of my friends.

Edie was a very special kind of bar owner, the likes of whom we will probably never see again.  But in spite of her brilliance at running a bar,  she somehow lost a lot of money and had to sell the bar.

The Malai Bar would never be the same again.  Not even close.  But the real Pattaya tragedy here is there is not single bar in Naklua, Thailand since the Girl Beer Bar that is even 10 percent of what the Malai Bar once was.  The Malai Bar no longer has any customers except for an occasional man or woman who wants to have a drink with the bar’s solitary caretaker.   It sits there next to the Pen Bar, vacant, in mute testimony to all the great times we all used to have there.  When any man or woman who wanted to put on a show could come up and sing or dance in front of the crowd.

Which you will see in this video.  There’s a beautiful incredibly sexy Thai woman dancing as Edie’s band plays “Suzie Q”.  Then there’s a muscular handsome German playing the guitar as he sings, “Welcome to the Free World.”  The video ends with Edie getting practically everyone, her bar girls and customers, dancing.

But the final Pattaya tragedy is Edie was murdered

several years ago while driving her car back to Sattahip from a Soi 7 or 8 she had been managing.    This video’s for her.


Picking the most unforgettable Thai girl of the night

The most unforgettable Thai girl  from either Walking Street or Soi Six would be my Holy Grail tonight.

buffordnakluaI was in a rotten mood. I’ve just been working too hard, and I had just seen the Bangkok Post main headline that read “Thailand would be distancing itself from Western countries while seeking much closer ties to Russian and China. Such stupidity was beyond belief. The country had gotten completely hopeless. Even worse, was the lot of my fellow Americans who actually believe men like Ted Cruze or a DeRubio were worthy of being head of anything, let alone winning the presidency.

And like an uncontrollable cancer, the Chinese were everywhere

in Pattaya, with their tour buses clogging up the streets like an incurable case of hardening of the arteries. I set out to get drunk. But while I was at it, I’d review a few Walking Street go-go bars.  With luck, I just might meet a truly unforgettable Thai girl tonight.

Unforgettable Thai girlI hadn’t been in a Walking Street go-go bar for at least three months.

Not since bar fining the tall girl from Crazy House only to find her three weeks later working at the new Soi Six go-go bar where I could have banged her for half the Walking Street price. Good looking as she was, she just didn’t measure up to the best Soi Six girls. So I never banged her again. But I also had not seen my unladyboy favorite for nearly two weeks and had figured she had gone long time with a customer. She’d be a difficult one to equal, anywhere, at any time no matter what the price I might be willing to pay. I’d meet Billy Bob on Walking Street at 8:30 but tonight I had a little time to kill so I went to Soi Six around 7.

I really didn’t have enough time to be banging someone from Soi Six.

That would take me around an hour in a short time room. So I made a point of choosing a place that I normally didn’t frequent. Seeing four or five decent looking babes outside the go-go bar looking for customers, I decided to go in for a beer. Even if the price was too damn high. Deliberately avoiding eye contact with any of the girls standing in front of the go-go, I made a beeline straight for the bar inside. Without even as much as a glance at the bar girls inside the club, I immediately snapped up a bar stool and ordered a beer from the waitress, while hoping that none of the girls who had been looking for customers outside the bar had followed me inside.

None of them had. But another girl had appeared out of nowhere. Suddenly she was standing right up next to me.

I had been with her before, but only once.

That was two months ago when I had banged three different girls in rapid succession. She had been number two. It had been the first night I had gone to Dolls, the only go go on Soi Six. The place was charging five hundred baht for the short time room upstairs. Since all the other Soi Six bars were charging just three hundred baht for the rooms, I had decided that paying two hundred baht extra was simply against my morals.

The girl had wanted 1000 baht for short time, so when I explained to her that her bar was the only place that charged 500 baht for a room she agreed to lower her price to 800 baht. So I had taken her upstairs with my pride still intact from not being taken advantage of. She had been nice.

And she still was nice. She was exactly what I needed to restore a semblance of faith in Thailand. She had a nice look in her eyes without that hint of treachery so many girls have. I held her close to me while buying her a drink. She was slender, and a bit on the tall side.  But there was a certain resonance emanating from her body that is difficult to explain. I suppose it can be called a comfort zone of femininity. Or more likely it was the certainty in my own mind that if I took her upstairs that she would stay with me for as long as I wanted her. She’d have no time limit on her clock.

I really wanted to short time her, but my clock was running

and since I had not been drinking with Billy Bob for several months, I simply had to be down on Walking Street on time. And starting up my Uncle Bufford go-go bar reviews again was extremely important to me. I had stapled several small pieces of paper together which I had inserted into my top pocket along with a ball point pen. Then I reached into my bar bin to look at my bill and saw that my beer had cost me 120 baht. I then wrote down the name of the go go bar and the price of the beer and showed the girl what I was doing.

“Honey. I love you too much, but I must go down to Walking Street to meet a friend. I then repeated “friend” to her, this time in Thai so that I was sure she understood. Then I wrote number one down on the slip of paper. Showing this to her, I explained, “You number one tonight. (Yenee in Thai I repeated to her). I go now Walking Street. Me no like Walking Street. Friend I like go go too much.  Maybe I come see you later.

“You see me later?”

“Maybe. Fifty-fifty. “Pom my go hoak.” Which means “I do not lie.”

“I hope so. I wait for you,” the girl replied.

But once again I repeat to her, “Fifty-fifty. Maybe yes. Maybe no. But I think you number one lady tonight. Lady at #1  go go be number two lady. Lady at number three go-go be number three lady but you be most unforgettable Thai girl.  I’m almost sure of this,” I tell her.

And truthfully, I really meant what I had said. She was just the shot in the arm I needed. And she had felt so good on my arm.


I was in the baht taxi only two hundred meters from Walking Street when Billy Bob called me to explain that he could meet me in ten minutes.

“Where shall we meet though? I’m up to just about anywhere you’d like to go to first,” I said.

“Let’s meet at Super Girls.

Since you made a point earlier that you wanted to spend a little quality time there.”


I arrived a few minutes before Billy Bob. The waitress wanted to seat me back somewhere at a table far from the stage, but I didn’t care what she wanted to do. So I took a seat right in the center of the row of bar stools in front of the stage. There were a number of girls behind my bar stool waiting for their turn to dance, and here I could also get the best view of all the girls on the stage. I ordered a beer. Five minutes later, Billy Bob entered the bar.

There must have been around a dozen girls dancing in front of us, if you could really call what they were doing dancing. They were just going through the motions. Each girl had a number, so if a customer wanted to buy a girl a drink he could identify the girl to the waitress or mamasan by her number. Or, he could simply make contact directly with the girl and motion to her that he wanted her to come down off the stage for a drink.

But of the dozen girls on the stage not one of them was up to my requirements.

I noted also that Super Girls was now charging 140 baht for a bottle of beer whereas several months ago the go-go had been charging 130 baht.

It used to be that Super Girls had been charging 120 baht. Unlike some of the other go-go bars there were no early bird or happy hour specials or glasses of draft for fifty baht or so. Beer cost 120 baht a bottle and that was that.

But to Super Girls credit whereas it used to be one of the highest priced places on Walking Street for beers, it had continued the same pricing policy for years. Other go go bars had started up to replace those that had gone out of business, and

most of these go go bars were charging 140 to 150 baht a bottle.

Relatively speaking Super Girls had gotten to be a good deal. For Walking Street that is. Most Soi Six bars were charging just 85 to 95 baht a bottle with the new go-go bar being one of the few exceptions.

I remarked to Billy Bob. “They are now charging 140 baht a beer here. I suppose this place has woken up to the fact that now that it’s having far fewer customers that it must charge more to each customer. Thai logic. Everywhere else in the world if the demand for customers goes down the price must go down also in order to get them to come back. But not here in Thailand, where the thinking is 180 degrees opposite to what Westerners think on almost everything.

By this time a pretty girl had joined Billy Bob. He had known her from Crazy House. Three months ago, she had been the only girl to join our little group. She was also just about the best looking girl in the go-go bar. She still was.

“It looks like I will have to buy a girl a drink just so that I can ask her what she charges for short time and what the bar fine is,” I told Billy Bob.

“Well here,

they charge you 800 baht to rent the girl and you can rent her for two hours. But there’s also 1500 baht you must pay.

But they really don’t call it a bar fine.”

“So it costs a total of 2300 baht to bang the girl,” I replied.

“Yes. That’s it. I don’t like it because Super Girls limits you to just 2 hours with the girl. There’s an additional charge if you want to take the girl long time.”

“I don’t like it either. Because I can probably if I try hard enough, get the price lower than that. And I don’t like a bar trying to force me to pay whatever price it decides I must pay. That should be between me and the girl.”

“Yes. Exactly.”

I used to pay Super Girls a 600 baht bar fine, and I got six different girls to go with me back to my condo for 1000 baht.

“I’ll bet the Japanese customers were paying double what I had been paying. But what the hell. They don’t know what they are doing, and I do.”

Suddenly the bar called all the girls who had been sitting behind us  up to the stage along with several girls who had been sitting with customers.  Then they dimmed the lights.  Moments later they   turned the lights up again.  After several minutes all the girls stepped off the stage and started circling the room so that all the customers could get a good look at all the girls in the place. None of them as much as looked at Billy Bob or me.

Then the new shift took over.

The girls were much prettier in this shift

. I nearly called one of them down to have a drink with me. But I never got eye contact with her. But the prettiest girl of them all had her face pointed ninety degrees away from me. So I couldn’t get a good look at her face. But her body looked almost exactly like my unladyboy girlfriend’s down on Soi Six. For a moment I thought it was really her.

“See that girl up there in the back row in black, Billy Bob. She looks just like my friend down on Soi Six. She’s got the same shape, but I think she’s a little shorter. She’s the best one out there.”

“That’s my friend, Noi,” Billy Bob replied.  “She was just sitting with us.”

“No shit. I couldn’t tell because she’s got her face turned off to the side. You should bang her, Billy Bob.  If you haven’t already.”

A few minutes later, Noi was down off the stage with Billy Bob. Suddenly she looked over at me and started gesturing towards the girls on the stage. “You want lady?” she asked me.

“No thanks,” I replied. You are the prettiest girl in the bar. So I don’t want any of those girls up there.  You are the only one who ever could be the most unforgettable Thai girl of the night.

Truth is, I didn’t feel like any of those girls deserved a chance with me.

Or a drink for that matter. There were seven girls sitting behind us, all without customers. And all of them were too lazy to even give us a glance.

The girls up on the stage were no better. I started scribbling notes onto the slip of paper I had in my shirt pocket. But now that I think about it, the girls really didn’t have much choice in the matter.

In general Thai girls are pretty friendly.

But at Super Girls, I knew that the girls were trained to cater to Japanese and Korean customers

who did not like aggressive women. So they would typically avoid eye contact or making any efforts to come onto the customers, unlike a lot of the girls in so many other go-go bars. I could easily get a lot of the girls to come out of their little shells but tonight I just didn’t feel like making the effort.

The place was getting to be pretty boring so it didn’t take much to get Billy Bob to agree to leaving–at once.

“Where to next?” Billy Bob asked me.

“I don’t know. You are the man who likes go go bars so much so I’ll go wherever you suggest.”

“We could go to the Lighthouse.”

The girls there are the best looking, but it’s not hands on. Crazy House is hands on.”

“I’ve never done anything with any of the Light House girls,” I replied, other than one time that I remember a very hot number sitting with me and trying to fleece me out of a lot of drinks. But Crazy House…I’ve bar fined a couple from there before, and usually have a pretty good time.”

So, Crazy House it was.

A waitress seated us.  Ten minutes later I noticed an attractive girl’s eyes boring down on me from the stage. They were hungry eyes. Hungry for my money.  And those hungry eyes were relentless. Only if I looked away from her did I notice their absence.

“I know how this one is going to go,” I told myself. “I’ve been targeted.

Every time I glanced back in her direction, I saw those eyes just drinking me in. Every time a new song was played the girls would shift positions. While the girl at the far end of the stage came off the stage she was replaced by the girl to her immediate right.

In short order the girl with the hungry eyes was dancing directly in front of me. It was nearly impossible to look away from her now. There was no way out of this one. Within ten minutes it would be her turn to walk down off the stage and then she’d be right over at my table asking me if she could sit with me. But she was good looking and I had to face up to the fact that she couldn’t take her eyes off me. And who could blame her?  I was after all, Uncle Bufford.

And by this time I had enough to drink to have really gotten full of myself.

So I faced up to the inevitable and motioned  her to come right off the stage to have a drink with me. After all, why wait? If you gotta do something, just do it and don’t waste any time.

Obviously, this girl didn’t have many inhibitions, but I decided not to take any chances. So I strongly suggested to her, “You want tequila don’t you?”

For a moment she seemed plunged in thought, most likely thinking of some sort of weak lady drink she could order instead. So I decided to press my advantage. “You really like Tequila don’t you. I buy you Tequila, okay.”

It worked. She was probably a coyote girl with a 10 day shift 

and a fifty lady’s drink quota to fill. I figured that I had her where I wanted her instead of the other way around. It would turn out that I’d be right. This time I’d be in control, not her.

Her eyes kept sucking me in. And not one to argue, I looked right back into them, and then I lowered my head and kissed her right on the lips. She responded avidly and I pressed onward. “This was no time to be shy. I’m going full bore. And I’m not about to let up.”

I kissed her on the corners of her mouth. Then I gently kissed her ear with my tongue. The nipple on her left breast came next. Then it was time for another tequila only this time I had one with her.

It didn’t matter what we were doing or how often we were doing it.

Her eyes–her eyes simply did not let up.

They kept telling me, “Don’t stop now. Don’t’ let up. Give me the best that you’ve got.” That’s when I decided to give her my wallet.

“What’s your barfine?” I ask her.

“800 baht.”

So, she’s not a coyote. It’s not even ten o’clock yet so if she’s a coyote her bar fine is likely to be 1500 baht. The least it could be would be 1000 baht. She’s a house dancer then. I had met several house dancers at Crazy House before and all of them had 800 baht bar fines. Twice I had barfined coyote girls but since I had taken them for short time out of the bar after 11, the bar fine had dropped to 1000 baht, which is far too much. I was on roll tonight and decided to go for it.

“Tell you what, I’ll give you 1500 baht for short time. I give bar 800 baht bar fine. You get from me neune pan ha roy baht.”

To this she immediately agreed.

Then she told me. “You no tell anyone you pay to me 1500 baht. Okay?”

It was the face thing. Truth is most of the girls down in the Walking Street go go bars are not getting bar fined. For them 1500 baht in the pocket for one hour in a short time room is an incredibly good deal. But take it from me, for most Thais money is really not number one. Face is number one, So a girl working in a go go bar must never admit to the other girls that she’s actually boom booming for 1500 baht, or even worse 1000 baht. And now that I look back on it, I think I could have gotten this girl to go with me for 1000 baht.

Right across the street’s the short time rooms. It now costs 400 baht to rent a room for short time. As I paid out 400 baht the girl asked me, “Do you have a condom?”

“Of course not. Just ask the cashier for a condom. She will give us one.” (But most likely charge us fifty or a hundred baht). At this point I didn’t care. Obviously though, the fact that I already knew I could easily get a condom from one of the employees and the girl apparently didn’t, meant that she was just as she claimed she was, new to the Walking Street go go bars.

We were in the short time room for well over one hour.

I took my own sweet time in coming. And when I finished I still remained deep inside her. And then I fucked her again. I’m sure she would have stayed in that room with me two hours if I had asked her to.

I took her back to the Crazy House where I bought her one or  two more drinks while relaxing with a beer or two .

As deserving as she was the slender Soi Six girl would not get my most “unforgettable  bar girl” of the night award.

But I still had several hours of time on my hands. It was time to move on and try to continue the excitement somewhere else. I could still get down to Soi Six and manage another hour there before its bars would close. Instead I decided to go to Mistys Go Go  to look for War, the waitress I liked who I had not seen for a year.

My friends had told me War was no longer working at Mistys but I’ve often found that a girl will leave the bar for a few months, and then she will suddenly return to the bar she had started at.

War had always appeared a little frumpy in the unsexy waitress’s outfit

she had been forced to wear while working for the go-go. She had even appeared to be short–about five foot two or so. Until the first time I short timed her and I saw her undressing in the short time room. She was tall for a Thai woman, around five foot five and her body was as nearly as perfect as it gets.

War had always liked me also and once had asked me to go out with her during Songkran when there would be no bar fine to pay. But she wasn’t there tonight so I took a seat in front of the stage next to a girl who was sitting there just relaxing watching the other girls dance. I soon learned that War had stopped working at the bar and that she was not coming back.

Higher than a kite from the terrific time I had just had in the Walking Street short time room, I was ready for about anything. But this did not include getting fleeced at Misty’s.

I had once spent 5000 baht at one of the booths in the back of the room while two coyote girls blew me

But after that, the club had my number, especially the mamasan. The name of the game had become getting me into one of the back booths with preferably more than one girl. It had happened to me several times with at least one girl pulling my dick out of my shorts. The girl would then invite other girls to feel my “big dick”. Sometimes as many as four or five girls would be getting a cheap feel off me.

One time the girl on my left had been chewing gum. The girl on my right, who I infinitely preferred, was giving me a great blow job,

but the other girl kept wanting to get equal time on my penis. The equal time stopped when the second girl suddenly started choking on a wad of chewing gum that had gotten stuck in her mouth. What happened was the girl on my left had gotten chewing gum all over my pubic hair matting it in a sticky mass.  The chewing gum had then gotten stuck in the second girl’s mouth while she was sucking my dick.

What to do? Luckily I had my Swiss Army knife in my pocket.

Pulling it out I whipped out the smaller of the two cutting blades and started to cut my pubic hair and all the chewing gum that had gotten stuck to it off. Since the blade was razor sharp, the Swiss Army knife had made swift work out of what would have otherwise been an impossible task. “Let the blow jobs continue,” I told the girl on my right. War had seen this, and so had the mamasan, and several other girls. I’m sure that I developed an unequaled reputation at Misty’s that night.

The go go dancer on my right had finished me off.  She had a great body.  She was fun.  But she was also a coyote. That meant her barfine would be 1500 baht unless I barfined her very late at night when it would be 1000.  So she was out of the question.   But War’s barfine was just 800 baht. She was only the waitress after all.

So I started implementing my new policy–the policy of War.

First off I made it my cardinal rule to never go back to the booths to the rear of the room where the coyotes could gang me. I’d ask as soon as I came into Misty’s, “Is War working tonight?” If she was, I’d stay. And if she wasn’t, I’d immediately leave and go to another go-go bar.

When War was working, I’d immediately seek her out and tell her I was buying her a drink. But I made is clear that I was buying drinks for her and no one else. I’d also take a seat at the stage where the coyote girls couldn’t ravish my wallet in a booth. Once in awhile a girl I had met before would ask me to buy her a drink, and I’d politely refuse, “having eyes only for War” I’d tell anyone trying to leech a drink off me. As for War, she was utterly shameless. She’d get right down on her knees in the middle of the room and start playing with my dick in front of everyone.

It didn’t take very long after the infamous chewing gum incident that I started bar fining War.

But that all happened over a year ago, and she hadn’t been back. So I just settled in at the stage sitting next to the girl who had been sitting there alone. After buying us both a drink, I made my first mistake. When the girl asked me if I wanted to accompany her to a booth well to the rear of the stage, I accepted. There was a group of Englishmen sitting to my left at the same booth. The booth had a dancer’s pole in the center of a table facing it. There were two go go girls with the Englishmen who were fondling their asses as they performed on top of the table.

I started really noticing the little waitress who kept bringing my new bar girl friend and I our drinks.

In the face she reminded me of Skie, who I had met in the Saint Louis Metro East when she was twenty dancing at the Platinum Club.   A pretty blonde, Skie had been one of the prettiest strippers at the Platinum Club in Brooklyn, Illinois.  But my waitress here at Misty’s was Thai whereas Skie was Caucasian whose ancestors had emigrated to the U.S. from Russia. But their attitudes were very similar.

The waitress was spending as much time around me as she could. Like Skie, she was personality plus. And cute. I had to go to the toilet, which meant I had to go upstairs. When I finally came back to the booth I had to wait for a moment or two for my new girl to get up to allow me to come over to the other side of her. This meant my having to stand next to the booth.

Immediately I felt a woman’s arms around me, then I felt her hands stroking my cock.

Such things often happened at Misty’s. To me in any case, because it always seemed that at least one woman or another was always feeling my dick.

The girl was right behind me where I couldn’t see her unless I turned around, and since she was holding onto me pretty tightly, turning around in that confined area was not all that easy. Reaching behind me, I grabbed the woman around her waist, trying to get her measure. I expected to find a large heavy set Thai woman in my grasp. I could feel her although I couldn’t see her. That’s the way these fat ones work, I told myself. They come up behind a man unseen. Then they start to give him a massage or start feeling his dick. Either way his defenses start melting away which even gives the fat girls a bit of a chance. As my hands moved up and down the woman’s body, I hoped that the girl was my waitress.

It was.

And from then on, it seemed that about every time she got up anywhere close to me, she’d be feeling my dick.

By now I was starting to lose a lot of control. First, the waitress asked me to buy her a drink. Then the girl who was sitting with me asked me for another glass of whatever weak drink she was having. She was coyote, and that meant she’d be trying to get as many drinks out of me as possible. But she was starting to feel my dick also.

“It must be that mamasan telling these wimmen what I was all about,” I concluded. It was the same mamasan who had worked there before and she knew that my real brain was not between my ears. But things were starting to go a little too fast for me. I knew that from then on it would be my buying one drink after the other. I was having a super time but it was time to leave.

But there will be a next time and it’s not all that far off.

My game plan’s to go straight for the little waitress. If she’s there the next time I come into the club, I’m going to make a beeline right for her. I’ll buy her a drink and have her seat me on the stage. And then, as soon as the first opportunity arises, I’m barfining her.  Give you fifty-fifty that she’s the most unforgettable bar girl next week who I’m  going to be meetin.

Bang ladyboy or not. That is number one Soi Six Question

I didn’t know if I wanted to bang ladyboy  or not.  I love having sex on Soi Six, but tonight.

Should I bang ladyboy or not?
Should I bang ladyboy or not?

Meeting the Soi Six ladyboy was unplanned.

I had two favorite girls at Goodfellows on Pattaya Soi Six.  Neither were there.  I might have gone straight to Walking Street to meet my friends, and hopefully one of the sexiest Pattaya bar girls I had seen all year.  I had promised my friends I’d meet them at 9 on Walking Street.  As for the girl, I had met her last week at the Crazy House go go bar.  She was a tall twenty-four year old.  172 centimeters tall without heels. That’s five foot eight which is VERY TALL for a Thai woman.

God knows, I had enough Tequila that night and I had bought enough Tequilas for her to nearly denude my wallet. She had spotted me from the stage, and when my eyes had met hers, I knew I was dead meat. She’d be over to my table as soon as she was let off the stage. I dimly remember that her body was close to being perfect, which is unusual for tall girls. And she had snuggled next to me for more than two hours, as we kissed each other, and drank our drinks, But that was last week. I figured only fifty fifty odds she’d be there tonight.

When the girls at Goodfellows told me my two favorites weren’t there,

I did an immediate about face and started down Soi Six towards Beach Road.

But I got only two bars down when I saw a pretty girl with a willowy body standing just outside her bar. The good thing was, I had never encountered the girl before, which means she was a clean slate that I knew nothing about. She could be my next adventure. But also a complete write. It could go either way. With just one hour before I had to meet my friends at Crazy House, there was no time to waste. It took all of two seconds for the words, “Want me to buy you drink?” came out of my mouth.

Ladyboy with silicon enhanced breasts
Would you do her, not not? Big Tom and I did a topless photo shoot of the ladyboy a few years ago. If you are honest with yourselves you would probably say, “Yes”

Two minutes later, she was fetching our drinks after she asked me for a vodka tonic, which is something a man would order and not likely to be a favorite of the ladies. Since the last time I had been in this bar, I had been drinking with a ladyboy, so the omens were not good. By the time I had finished half my second beer we were holding hands. That’s when she told me, “I’m a ladyboy.” Strangely enough, that didn’t bother me. I had been with several lady boys before, including that last one at the bar we were in. That lady boy had told me that she had been cut, and an artificial vagina had been installed to replace her severed penis.

Since I had never been with anyone who had a man made vagina

before I had taken her upstairs after having far too many drinks. She had lied. But I did her anyway. I just can’t remember what I did. And that’s good. I”m gettin to be kindof old and that’s the great thing about losing a few memory cells along the way to Alzheimer Land.

This girls hands were small for a ladyboy’s

and there was nothing in her voice giving off the tell tale signs of her being a ladyboy. There was also an indescribable feel about her hands, perhaps it was a certain lack of clamminess, that made me feel a certain comfort zone with her.

I asked her how tall she was, and she replied, “165 centimeters”, which is about five feet four. I then asked, “How many kilos are you?” “43,” she replied, I thought this to be pretty light for a five foot four ladyboy. But by the time my third beer arrived, time had started to run out on me. It was time to either shit or get off the pot. Either I’d have to leave soon if I was to still meet my friends, or I’d need to call them to tell them I wasn’t coming because I had decided to stay on Soi Six instead.

The question was, “Did I really want to bang ladyboy or not?”

2nd nude picture of ladyboy with the silicon breasts
“She” put all the other “girls” from her bar to shame–in looks and personality

Click here for the slideshow of the ladyboy with the enhanced mammary glands.

“How much for short time?” I asked her, figuring that if she was what she said she was, at least she was a good looking ladyboy.

“1000 baht,” she replied.

“I give every girl 800 baht I told her. You go with me, 800 baht?”  I  bang ladyboy for 800 baht also.

“No. I not same same every girl. You want me. You must pay 1000 baht.”

“Okay, so it was 300 baht for the room upstairs and 1000 baht for her.

That’s still just $36.00 now that the exchange rate is going up.”

A few minutes later we were in the room together. It was a small room but at least it had a shower inside, unlike many Soi Six short time rooms where you have to go down the hallway to a communal shower. What really mattered was what I found out as soon as she took her clothes off. She didn’t have a dick. Not only was she a lady through and through, but she was a damn good looking woman at that. Her body was simply glorious. I started to love that body as soon as I saw it, being that it was so exquisitely slender. She had a thin waist and nice slender legs. Small breasts, but they were very nice. At least she wasn’t flatter than a board.

“Why did you tell me you are a ladyboy?” I asked.

“Because I am tall and some guy he said to me, “You ladyboy.”

Some ladyboy. She completely turned me on.

From now on as far as I am concerned,  it’s okay to bang ladyman, so long as I’m not sure, one way or the other.  I don’t know exactly what this girl had.   Was it the fact that if she had really had a dick I still would have had sex with her and enjoyed it?  Or because I knew I much preferred good Soi Six whores to lady boys because I really like women and a good Soi Six whore in my experience can give a better blow job, and perform better sexually than any of the ladyboys I had been with before? Was it a sense of relief that I’d be doing a woman, and that this was more natural to me and much more easy to explain to people? Or was it because the girl actually looked so sexually enticing?

The sex was terrific even if it didn’t last all that long. After all, I had an appointment with my friends and perhaps with the tall go-go girl.  Whatever should happen, next week I’d be asking myself,  whether I really wanted to bang ladyboy or not?  I’m godawful with names so from this point on I’m calling that cute little Soi Six girl, “ladyboy”.  Or should I call her the Unladyboy?

Walking Street

Two of my friendswere waiting for me already at the Crazy House. But I only had a couple minutes between ordering my drink from the waitress and exchanging a few words with my buddies. I spotted my girl right off, towering over all the other girls as she danced on the stage. So I went straight over to her and promised to buy her a drink. After a couple of minutes she was sitting next to me. One drink later, she was on my lap.

As luck would have it, she was a coyote. I had to have her, but I still had my pride and my pride did not include having to pay a 1500 baht or 1000 baht bar fine. After a few minutes my friends would be going to another bar.

Our normal procedure was to normally have just one drink at each bar. That way we’d get to see between four and six go go bars in one night. But I don’t get over to Walking Street all that much.

If I had all the time in the world, I’d simply give the girl my phone number and wait for her to call me.

I’d see her on her day off or after hours, but I’d never lower myself to paying that huge bar fine. But for the past few years I’ve stopped taking girls back home with me to my condo. This way I’d remain free and single without any girlfriends who’d try to move in with me. If I played the game the way I used to, sooner or later many high dollar Walking Street go go girls would come to me on my terms, and since all the clubs hiring Coyotes had gotten inexcusably greedy, I wouldn’t hesitate to avoid paying their horribly high bar fines and wind up giving the greedy go go bar owners absolutely zilch.

I asked Big John, “What should I do with this girl?”

“I’d say you should fuck the shit out of her,” Big John replied.

“But she just told me her bar fine is 1000 baht and she wants 2000 baht short time.”

“I’d do it,” Big John replied. “You have the money and life is just too short.

What are you going to do with your money when you die anyway? Give it to your sisters? Give it to your nephew or nieces? None of them have worked nearly as hard as you and they don’t deserve your money.”

“Okay, then. I’m not going with you guys to the next bar. I’m taking your advice.”

One half hour later I barfined the girl and took her to the short time rooms down the street. It was 400 baht just for the room whereas the short time place in Naklua was only charging 280 baht. Right off, the girl told me she did not have a condom and neither did I. By this time we had both undressed so I put a towel around me and went outside into the hallway where I found one of the cleaning girls. I gave her a little money for a condom and she just happened to have one on her.

When I asked the girl to smoke me, she refused after saying, “Me no like.”

And by then she was already fooling around with her smart phone so I had to tell her to shut it off. I banged her alright, and it was okay. Just barely okay. Then she asked me as we put our clothes back on, “Do you want to go back with me to bar to have another drink?”

I could have said “No.” But what else was I going to do? I could go to another go go bar, but this girl was pretty good looking after all. Or I could go back to Soi Six and have just barely enough time to do another short time before all its bars closed at 1 a.m. But that wouldn ‘t exactly be relaxing.

Thinking about her, she didn’t even have a condom with her, and she didn’t even know enough to ask an employee for a condom. Needless to say she wasn’t exactly what I’d call a hardened professional.

Speaking of which I know one pretty Soi Six girl who’s a real pro.

She’s less than five foot tall and she dies her hair blondish brown. She’s only around 24 and she’s cute as hell, but she does about five tricks a day which at 1000 baht a pop means she pulls in close to $200 a day. And she’s worth it. She will run off from the room to go get some frilly sexy little outfits which she will put on. Or if she thinks you are into kink she will run off to get her little bag full of sex toys. She will lick your asshole and do about anything you want, even if you don’t ask for it. She’s just too good to be true.

But not this one. Come to think of it, I’ve only been around her twice and been in a room with her just once. Do I really expect her to fall in love with me? Yes. Absolutely yes. She will probably wind up falling in love with me. It’s just a matter of time. But not tonight.

So if she doesn’t want to suck just anybody’s dick the first time she meets them, can you really blame her?

She will wind up sucking mine. Why? Because I’m Uncle Bufford and I’m much more patient than the rest of you guys. I also know how to get to a lot of these babes. Not all of them because a lot of them will hate my guts, but I know this one kind of likes me, so it’s only a matter of time before I get to her heart. That is, if I want to spend all that time.

I’m in the mood for some more tequila. And since I’m not holding anything against this girl, I think I’ll just take her up on it. Actually, I kind of respect her for not wanting to suck my dick.  I decide to make it back to Soi Six on another night and have a few more with Miss No Blow Job.

But by now most of you will be asking yourselves whether it’s alright  “To bang ladyboy or not.   The answer is, “Up to you.”  After all, This Is Thailand (TIT).


SexManniac Dont steal You Tube Video content

SexManniac–Don’t steal You Tube Video content by ripping off my 3 year old Skytop video and Kwan Tequila video.

This  is copyright violation.

do not steal my you tube video content
Kwan the real star of Pattaya Drinking Street

By the time Google circulates this I’m sure the thief will have taken my videos off his You Tube channel.  But if not….here’s the content he’s stolen from me.

And here’s the message I inserted below the video he illegally appropriated from me, edited by putting in his own background music while inserting his words of wisdom into the video itself and then put on his you tube channel.

“Great video….Thanks for the compliment Mark.  95 % of the content is mine, not Sex Maniac’s.  Sexmanniac,  It is a very bad idea to rip off the video content of other producers.   This is called copyright violation.   Here’s the first video of mine that you appropriated for your own, then added your own music and messages of advice into the video….   note 25 seconds into this video.  1;25 in your copy of my video.

The 2nd video, My Skytop video, three years up on You Tube on my channel.  Check out in my video at 6 minutes 15 seconds  and yours 2 minutes 45 seconds.  The pretty girl on the right is the niece of the Skytop Guesthouse owner’s widow.  Probably 16, and perhaps just 15 when I  shot this video in 2012.  I never saw her go with a customer and I can’t recall ever seeing her as much as talking to customers because she was not a bar girl at all.  She or her mother could take you to court for defamation of character.  When you put such videos up  and insert your advice about prostitutes and sponsors into these videos, you are opening yourself up to lawsuits or even worse.”


Pattaya Drinking Street bar girls and the Yamaha SR 400

Pattaya Drinking Street bar girls riding Yamaha SR400
No doubt the Yamaha SR400 is one of the most beautiful motorcycles on can buy in Thailand. It isn’t fast and it sure isn’t cheap at 265,000 baht. But it’s a real attention getter, just like Kwan

Out of all the Pattaya Drinking Street bar girls, we can’t think of anyone more striking and charismatic than Kwan.  So it’s only appropriate that Kwan should pose with my Yamaha SR 400, which could be the most beautiful motorcycle you can buy in Thailand.  Along with the still shots of Kwan posing with my Yamaha 400 SR are several video clips of Drinking  Street sensation Kwan in action, literally on top of the bar showing her stuff.

To access my reviews of motorbikes suitable for Thailand click here


Soi Six Girl exploitation by Thai loan sharks

The girl wanted to borrow 20,000 baht so a helpful Thai man gave her a lifeline she could not refuse.   The Thai man loaned her 20,000 baht at 1000 baht interest.  Her problem was this wasn’t just 1000 baht per year.  It was 1000 baht per day.  This is an extortionist rate of 5 % daily or 1825 percent annual interest which tops the charts when it comes to the utter cruelty of Soi Six girl exploitation.

Soi Six girl exploitation
the girls here are not from Soi Six, but they could be. The truth is, the exploitation of Thailand’s women by usurious loan sharks is very widespread. Those who do not pay off their loans oftentimes get a death sentence.

At 800-1000 baht a trick this means she must bang at least one customer a day and work 30 days a month just to pay that extortionist interest to her Thai mafia friends.

And I do mean “friends”.  Because she truly believes such friendly Thai men really operate in her best interest.  Never mind the fact that I differ, believing that hanging is too good for the scum and that disembowelment is much more just.  The authorities need to stop this Soi Six girl exploitation with an iron fist.

This girl actually has a young son living with her.  Most bar girls don’t so when they tell you they have their children living with them in Pattaya, they are lying.  I know, because I’ve been around.  Most bar girls live two to four girls in a room.  They send their money back to their families in Issan who take care of any children they have so their daughters have maximum freedom to prostitute themselves to the max.  But this girl is different. She’s not Thai.  She’s from Laos and like any other foreigner not on a retirement visa she has to do border runs to Cambodia.

And unlike most Pattaya bar girls she does not have the immediate exploitative support of family.

So how do I know that she really has a young son living with her in her room?  Well for one thing she’s on facebook and like many Thai bar girls she’s constantly putting new pictures up on facebook many of which include pictures of herself with her son.  Which reminds me of just how badly I screwed up this last time I visited her thanks to all the Tequila we were drinking together at the Soi Six bar she works for.

She was showing me her new smart phone which she had just bought from  But before I realized what a mistake I was making she was taking pictures of me which she probably would have been putting on her facebook time line right from the bar.  Thankfully for me, but not for her, the flash didn’t work and the pictures turned out way too dark.

She told me she had bought a copy of a Galaxy smart phone for 5000 baht.    (the original Galaxy would have cost her 20,000 baht).  For the first time in the 2 years I’ve known her, she started to get really pissed off.  And each time she took a new picture of me, the more pissed off she got.  “She’d go back to the next day.  Then she’d tell the Thai guy off who had sold her the phone.

It’s the “friends,  of these girls who are most guilty of Soi Six girl exploitation

We had another Tequila together.  Then she started to tell me about the 20,000 baht loan she had just taken out.  Then I explained to her that the Thai guy who loaned her the money was a total asshole.

She replied,  “Oh no.  He’s a friend.  He look out for me.”

She’s a vivacious girl who’s damned good company, who until now has never lost her temper or acted bitchy.  Unlike me, she speaks good Thai which isn’t unusual for someone from Laos.   It’s often said that Issan girls oftentimes speak a Lao dialect due to the proximity of Laos to Issan.  But somehow, I suspect that she’s not one of them. And that leaves her even more vulnerable than the average bar girl to Soi Six girl exploitation.

You might want to read “Beware of Loan Sharks” for more info

Mr. Walking Street meets high quality Soi Six beauty

Mr Walking Street loves the Walking Street go go bars. He avoids Pattaya Soi Six. But after meeting a high quality Soi Six beauty, he’s finally seen the light. As his good friend, I can only hope he acts on it. Before I start telling this tale, you all should know a few things about Mr. Walking Street.

Soi Six beauty s
In front of one of the bars on Soi 6. Sorry, but neither woman  Soi Six beauty in this story. However, both are very attractive. On the left is the bar owner. She’s sexy, smart, and extremely nice to her customers.

Mr. Walking Street goes to the Walking Street go go bars at least three times a week.

He’s even bought a condo near Walking Street so he can easily walk to the go go bars. But all is not well, with his love affair with Walking Street go go girls. He despises how so many go go bars are hiring too many coyote bar girls which has forced bar fines up to 1500 baht. It used to be that a man paid a bar fine of 600 baht to the go go club, paid the go go girl 1000 baht for short time, and if he wanted her to spend the night with him he’d typically pay her 1500 baht.

But times changed. Back just a few years ago the highest priced beers on Walking Street were 120 baht per bottle from Super Girls go go  and Super Babes. Now a man typically pays 140-150 baht for the same bottle of beer, but chances are the girls are nowhere near as pretty as the girls who used to work for Super Girls and Super Babes.

But one thing that never changed was the greed of most go-go girls. Even in the old days far too often the go go girl who had agreed to spend the entire night with a man would weasel out of the deal by coming up with excuses on why she had to leave his place early. Classic stand by lines were, “I have to go home to take care of my baby (Thai husband), You snore too much, I am sick, and my friend me, she come visit me early so I must leave you now.”

The Walking Street girls got away with it. After all, why shouldn’t they? In their minds they were super star go go girls. And Walking Street attracts tourists,

and most tourists are naive newcomers who are clueless when it comes to bar girl games.

Then the Japanese started coming to Walking Street.

Already paying outrageous prices for sex back in Japan, the Japanese saw the Walking Street go-go bars as a bargain.

And being Japanese they wanted to avoid the confrontation of having to argue over drink prices or the cost for short time sex. So the price of having sex with go-go girls went sky high.

Soi Six beauty
She’s much prettier than she appears in this picture and her bodies much sexier. This Soi Six beauty is not the girl in the story. So you will just have to leave our heroine to your imagination.

The problem is the go-go bar owners were not able to cash in on the Japanese bonanza, and figured if a bunch of uneducated village girls with dirt under their fingernails could get so much money for so little effort (and education), why shouldn’t we bar owners get our fair share of this Japanese bonanza?

Here’s the way this Coyote thing works.

The Light House Go Go, Mandarin, Sugar Babies, Fahrenheit, Crazy House, the Palace, Tiger, and Shark Club all have the same owners. Deciding to cash in each boom boom, they started hiring entire groups of girls who they put on 10 day contracts. The girl gets a 300 baht salary per day, but she’s told that she can easily make 1000 baht a day. The contract then sets a benchmark of 50 lady drinks per ten day period for which the bar girl receives the full price of each lady drink. So if the price for a lady drink is 140 baht, the bar girl will make an additional 7000 baht per 10 days provided she sells her entire quota of 50 lady drinks.

The reality is it’s very difficult for a coyote go go girl to sell 50 lady drinks each 10 days. Only the most adrenalin charged hustlers can do it,

whereas a more likely outcome might be that the average coyote go go girl can sell just 25 lady drinks.  Which in this example would provide her with an additional 3500 baht of income for a grand total of 6500 baht for each 10 days she works.

Meanwhile the go go club owners get nothing unless a girl gets barfined. Bar fines for the coyote girls are set at 1500 baht until 10, 11, or 12 p.m. when it goes down to 1000 baht. Most girls would prefer to hustle drinks than to be bar fined unless they can get exorbitant prices for their short and long time sex. The result is that the girls become drink hustling machines. And since a lady’s drink is hardly anything more than a watered down coca cola or soft drink the owner’s cost of all the lady drink give ways is close to nothing.

The customer winds up with a drink hustling machine who’s trying to squeeze all that she can get out of him for a bunch of worthless lady drinks.

The girls are used to going short time with their Japanese customers for 3000 baht and 5000 baht long time. In the very words of Mr. Walking Street: “It’s the Japanese and the Coyote go go girl system that’s completely ruined Walking Street.” Yet he continues to go there.

But a few nights ago I was able to convince him into having dinner with me on Soi Six. He wanted to go straight to Walking Street after dinner but I was able to convince him into going with me for a beer or two at the Perry Bar. But on the way to the Perry Bar, we passed the Kalwea Bar which looks a lot like a Soi 7 outdoor beer bar because it’s all open to the street whereas most of the Soi Six bars are air conditioned bars that are walled off from prying eyes from the street. I saw two or three attractive bar girls in the Kalwea Bar.

One of the girls was facing away from me so I got a great view of her rear end. IT was that shapely rear end that captivated me.

I said to my friend, “Look at that girl’s ass. Let’s go in there instead of the Perry Bar.”

He agreed, and as we went in, the girl turned around to look at me and I looked straight into her eyes with that “I want you, look,” that meant I wanted to be with her and no other.

It worked because within a minute this Soi Six beauty was sitting next to me while one of the other girls started to ask Mr. Walking Street and I what we wanted to drink.

Several minutes later our beers arrived. I wanted her and I would have her provided she met my price, which was about eighty percent guaranteed. She was certainly one of the best looking girls on the street that night. I never waited for her to ask for a drink and she probably would have waited for me to down half my beer. At ninety baht per beer, this certainly wasn’t Walking Street so if I wound up buying her three or four drinks, I could well afford it. And right off we started hitting it off.

But I wanted my friend to enjoy himself and would have even gone with him to another bar or two and risked losing her to another customer who’d then take my place in her line. She started showing us pictures she had of herself on her smart phone and I could see that she was even more attractive than I thought. Thing was in bar her face was in the shadows and since she was talking a lot with Mr. Walking Street which meant I was viewing the side of her face most of the time.

Mr. Walking Street is not a big drinker, but I think he must have had three beers over the next hour. I got her a couple of whiskeys and we had a shot of tequila together.

She started feelin my stomach and arm muscles, not to mention grabbing me between my legs

But Mr. Walking Street was talking her leg off.  Because his face was a lot more animated than I had seen it for some time. It turned out that she had been a Walking Street Go go girl so the course of their conversation centered around the Walking Street go go bars.

In such places it is difficult to catch all the conversation unless one is one on one with just one person and practically talking in the other person’s ear, so I caught only bits and pieces of their conversation. And then every now and then she girl would go to the bar to get us a new round of drinks or to go to the bathroom, and it was during these moments that I’d be talking to Mr. Walking Street alone.

I heard them talking about 5000 baht long times and the Japanese customers who had started taking over Walking Street.

I heard her say that she had trouble making decent money in the go go bars due to the bar fines being so high. Obviously she hadn’t been able to do very well there just as my friend from the Perry Bar had once worked for Bachara, but had only stayed there for two weeks before returning to Soi Six where she could make some real money.

So I had been right all along even though many of my friends had disagreed with me. Most of the Walking Street go go girls were not getting bar fined or they weren’t getting bar fined nearly enough. But by God if other go go girls were getting 2000 to 3000 baht for short times they certainly wouldn’t be settling for anything less.

But the smart ones would be willing to go short time for 1000 baht because 1000 baht was a lot better than getting nothing, and nothing is what most of the girls were getting even if they refused to admit it.

This girl was admitting the truth to Mr. Walking Street.

The truth was that as personable as  this Soi Six beauty is.  And even her great looks that put her towards the top tier of the go go girls.  Even she had found it difficult to do well on Walking Street.

And she hated working in the go gos in the first place.

But Mr. Walking Street? He was loving this girl. His face was radiant. And here she was telling him the truth about how bad things really were on Walking Street. I even came close to telling him, “I won’t bar fine this girl if you want her.” When she went to the toilet, Mr Walking Street asked me, “Are you planning on boom booming her upstairs?”

“I plan on it but only after you and I separate on Soi Six. So if you want to go to another bar or two I can tell her to wait for me and I will come back for her.”

“But someone else might take her upstairs then.”

“I can take that chance, because even if that happens I can fix it so that I will see her again.”

“So if I left, you will boom boom her then?”

“Yes. If she agrees to my normal price.”

“Which is?”

“800 baht.”

“You gotta be kidding me.”

“It’s the price I give all of them.”

“But this is real quality. You must pay for great quality.”

“Not me. I always pay my normal price. And if a girl wants more money, no matter what, I go get someone else.

I’ve even had girls ask me to pay them 1000 baht. To which I refuse.

e finish our drinks together and one or two weeks later I come back, buy the girl another drink and this time she agrees to go with me for 800 baht.”

“Come on. Don’t tell me that you are going to be so cheap that you are going to only give her 800 baht?’

“Yep. And I’m going to bet you right now that I will get this girl to go with me for 800 baht and actually enjoy it.”

By this time, it’s likely that even Mr. Walking Street was reconsidering his relationship with Soi Six. I don’t think he ever had sex with a Soi Six girl before due to fear and trepidation over the unsavory nature of the place.

I’m sure he had envisioned himself being the tenth man in a row to have sex with a Soi Six prostitute, and that he could visualize himself fondling the wet cum covered naked body of the unwashed.

As for myself, as I write this very sentence I’m getting completely turned on by this vision of an unwashed whore who is so sexy and so much in demand that twenty men would plant themselves into her in a single afternoon. But when it comes to Soi Six I know better. But back to our conversation at the Kalaua Bar.

“So how are the rooms at your bar upstairs, Mr. Walking Street asked the girl?”

“They are terrible. They are small and not very good.”

“How big are they?”

“I’ve been upstairs a few times already in this bar,” I replied. And Ning is right. There’s far better rooms here on Soi Six. Such as the Red Point which has rooms similar to what you will find in a good three star hotel, but I’ve never liked the girls at the Red Point too much.”

“Then you don’t like the rooms here?” my friend asked Ning. “No. I no like.”

“Well I don’t care. I am in love with Ning here and I want to have sex with her. As long as the bed is at least six feet long, I’m happy.”

“That is right,” Ning replied. “You aren’t having sex with the room.”

I replied, “I met a girl in this bar and I still am having sex with her. I’ve known her for two years now and when she was working here, she’d either change the sheets herself for the next customer or she’d tip 20 baht for a maid to do it for her.”

“Do most of the girls make their customers use a condom?” Mr. Walking Street asked.

“I’m not sure,” said Ning. “I only know what I do. I not ask other ladies what she do.”

“Do Soi Six ladies ever go long time?”


“Well sure they do,” I replied. I’ve had a number of them come over to my condo. I’ve had them stay the entire night, and I’m sure if you want a girl for two weeks, a month, you can arrange that too. There’s no difference between the Soi Six girls and the girls in the beer bars except the Soi Six girls are usually better.”

It was getting to be that time. Time to do the down and dirty.

We are all hitting it off and she’s had enough alcohol to be feeling real relaxed. I’m going to pop the big one on her.”

“Ning. I want to take you upstairs now. 800 baht okay with you?”

“I want 1000.”

“I pay everyone 800. Ning, 800 good for you, good for me. Some girls I now know for two years and I pay them 800 but I boom boom them many times so they make really good money from me.”

I got her thinking. She’s not replying. This one’s in the bag.”

“This is what I want, Ning, and I know this is what you want. We are going to be very good together and we will want each other many times after tonight.”

At this point I”m making head motions towards the rooms upstairs. Our eyes are meeting. And I say it three times: “upstairs 800 good for you good for me.”

It works. The girl agrees, and Mr. Walking Street and I start paying our bins. Most of the Soi Six bars are charging 300 baht for their rooms although I’ve occasionally had a bar charge me 350. But Ning tells me her bar charges 400 baht for the room. Well, maybe.

Ning might also be trying to get another 100 baht out of me, especially since I’ve knocked her down from the 1000 baht she had been asking. But at this point, Who cares? The sex is going to be excellent. I just know it and once we’ve done it once, all the options are open.

In the room upstairs Ning looks even better than she had down in the bar because now I’m viewing her straight on.

She’s only 24. I ask her how tall she is and she tells me she’s 165 centimeters tall which puts her at five foot five so she’s taller even than the average American woman who’s just shy of being five foot four. She’s 48 kilos.  Although normally I like my girls to be 40 to 42 kilos, this is just six kilos or 13.2 pounds heavier.  But the other girls are just five foot one or two.

I remember my dad telling me a woman can afford to gain just five pounds for every inch increase in height. So if a girl is 42 kilos and five foot two this equates to 92 pounds. Ning at five foot five is 105.6 pounds.  This is roughly 13 pounds heavier.  So given the five pounds per one inch increase in height formula this puts her at roughly the same body build as my two favorite Soi Six girls.  Who each weigh 40 kilos.

My Dad always said the ideal American woman is five foot six and weighs only 110 pounds.

That means Ning is just about perfect according to my Dad’s calculations. And of course my Dad was completely right. Most people used to disagree with him on the weight thing and told him that women who weighed just 110 pounds were sickly and frail and that he was completely insane. Well, they were, and he wasn’t.

I don’t know how long Ning and I spent having sex with each other. But I’d put it at a minimum of 45 minutes and more likely one hour. I went down on her. Many times and in many different positions. And although every now and then she’d be smoking me, most of the time she was very happy just letting me do my thing to her. The fact that I had paid her just 800 baht didn’t make her want to hurry me along any faster.

My mouth is starting to water right now as I write all of this down. I like to eat and apparently she enjoys being eatin just as much as I enjoy doing the eatin.

Finally I have her start to really get down on me and I nearly lose my control right there.

When we finish she tells me she doesn’t often come to the bar to work.  So I get her phone number. We agree that I will text message her when I want her and that she will then meet me on an agreed day and time. Then we go downstairs to the bar where I buy her another tequila and a bottle of beer for myself. It’s now midnight and I plan on staying out another two hours before going home.

I go up the street to the Perry bar where I have two or three more beers.  And  having a great conversation with an Australian.  The man  lives in Bangkok but travels to Pattaya every two weeks because Pattaya is such a great place.

As for Ning, the Soi Six beauty, I think I can only hold out another three days. Then I’m messaging her.

One thing’s fer sure though.  I’m not putting the Soi Six beauty in this story up.  I do this to protect these gals from some of you predators who come here.  Soon, there will be another Soi Six beauty who I will be writing about.  She is so exquisite.  So beautiful.  That I’m not about to share her with any of you guys.

It is with Heavy Heart that I offer you mongers this link.  Welcome to Pattaya Addicts where all of you can show and tell, and get what you think is the lowdown on many of these girls.  Happy Predatoring.

Japanese wanting cheaper go-go girls on Pattaya Walking Street

Tired of go-go dancers wanting 1000-1500 baht bar fines and 2000 short time sex?  Japanese wanting cheaper go-go girls read on.

Japanese wanting cheaper go-go girls
Japanese wanting cheaper go-go girls need to continue reading this article in its entirety. They might be getting respect from their colleagues. But the rest of us have zero respect for a man who throws his money around.

In fact, I would be very angry about the way I’m being treated in the Walking Street go-go bars and the kinds of things the girls might be saying about me.

So here’s what I’d do if I were Japanese.

Or anyone with the slightest degree of self respect who wants to have the best possible time at reasonable prices.  But if you are Japanese and you are reading this, you will want to know what people are saying about you.  So that you can change the negative perceptions that  Thais have of Japanese men who frequent go-go bars.  I can say with utmost certainty that Japanese wanting cheaper go-go girls are going to get a lot more respect from Thai go go dancers than the Japanese who cave into their outrageous demands for more and more money.

First off there’s the old three point saying Europeans keep repeating to each other that goes around about Japanese tourists here in Pattaya:  “(1)  2 inches, (2) 5000 baht, (3) thirty seconds.” Let me first of all comment on the subject of 2 inch dicks.

Personally I don’t care if the average Japanese man, Thai man, Australian or whoever has a 2 inch or even a 12 inch dick. But I’d suggest that most men regardless of race have approximately the same size of penis as most other men regardless of nationality or race and that any variances are due to individual differences that have absolutely nothing to do with what country a man’s from.

Such comments are scornful.  But there it is.   People are still making these comments.  And it’s all because Japanese  behavior in  Pattaya’s go-go bar that breeds disrespect.

I know a Soi Six girl quite well who used to work at Bacchara, a go go bar on Walking Street.  When I asked her her much Japanese men typically paid for sex with go-go dancers,  she made the following comments. “They pay 1000 to 5000 baht for short time and THEY HAVE SMALL DICKS.

The only problem with this is months ago she had told me that she had only worked for two weeks at Club Bacchara.  And that she hadn’t really gone with any customers in that time period.  And although I consider her as one of Soi Six’s most desirable women  while she was working at Club Bacchara there must have been nearly one-hundred girls working there.  So she can hardly have ever been considered the queen of the ball at Bachara considering the huge amount of competition she found there.

Her first statement months ago might have been an accurate one.  That she might never have had a single Japanese customer in her entire two weeks on Walking Street.

But even if  she had a Japanese customer or two bar fine her, such a small number hardly gave her a large enough data base from which she could formulate a well-considered opinion on  Japanese dick size.

Back then the bar fines were 1000 baht.  Considering that she was 32 years old and most girls were at least ten years younger it is very likely that she didn’t do very well in her two weeks at Bacchara.  So it’s likely that she and other older girls were gossiping about the Japanese customers in a very negative way.

Now don’t get me wrong, I find this 32 year old woman to be extremely attractive. She has a beautiful body and a very cool way about her. She’s very pleasant to look at.  She has a very appealing sense of humor (to me).  And her sexual skills are awesome. But she looks–well–32.  For me if a woman is taking good care of herself, this puts her at her prime.  But that’s not the way a lot of other men see it. Bottom line is she didn’t do well at Bacchara.  So it’s plausible that she hung around with a lot of  girls who didn’t have a lot of good to say about the club’s very substantial  customer base of Japanese men frequenting the place.

And certainly many Japanese were making complete idiots of themselves in Bachara.

by paying exorbitant amounts of money so that they could hurl ping pong balls onto the stage.  While they watched the girls trample  all over each other for  ping pong balls that they could exchange for baht.

And how many times did we watch three or four go-go girls swarm around a single Japanese customer.  So that they could milk him out of thousands of baht for drinks.  and as for 5000 baht,

 the truth is many Japanese customers do pay 5000 baht for short time sex

while thinking they are getting a great deal for their money compared to what they’d be getting in Japan.

Sorry guys, such foolishness equates to 2 inch dicks to the Thais who have to service men who are so foolish as to pay large amounts of money for so little.  My take is that the men of Nippon deserve more respect.

Then again, like many tourists from the West, it can be said that intelligent tourists  who do quite well in their home countries, leave their brains at the airport and do the most incredibly irresponsible things once they get around the bar girls of Pattaya.

But if you want to know what is really galling to me, it’s that

over 80 percent of these Pattaya Walking Street go go girls have Thai boyfriends living off of them.  It is these men who have the 2 inch dicks; not the Japanese who actually work hard for a living, who are smart and very capable executives, doctors, factory owners, etc

Unfortunately that’s not the way most go-go girls perceive their Thai boyfriends and the much more capable and manly Japanese who frequent their go go bars.

Personally I want to see a lot of such attitudes change so let me start off by telling you how I handled a go go bar girl just a few days ago.

First off, the go-go girl is not one of the dancers. She’s a waitress or service girl. Most of the girls working at her bar are coyote girls commanding a 1000 to 1500 bar fine depending upon whether a customer bar fines the girl before or after midnight. Her bar fine was 800 baht which is more than I’m used to paying.  But still more acceptable than 1000 or 1500 baht.

So once I determined that her bar fine was a lot less than most of the dancers in her bar, I asked her how much she wanted for short time sex. Straight off she tells me she wants 2000 baht for short time so I ask her how much would she charge me if I boom boom her in the toilet.  I suppose she must have found my question to be very funny because she told me she’d have sex with me for 3000 baht in the toilet. I then told her I’d give her 1000 baht to bang her in a short time room.

So was this a good deal for her or wasn’t it?  First off when she gets a 800 baht bar fine, she’s going to split that with her bar so she’s getting 400 baht in her pocket.

She’s also gotten a couple free drinks off me.  And she’s going to get a commission off each drink she’s getting from me. So let’s say she makes a 100 baht commission on the two drinks plus 400 baht from the bar fine plus the 1000 baht I’m giving her for short time. This is 1500 baht to her which amounts to almost $50.00 U.S. money.

Now let’s suppose she didn’t accept my offer. Chances are at the end of the night she would have been 1500 baht poorer. Okay..let’s give her this. I leave. Other customers come in and buy drinks from her. Suppose she gets real lucky and makes 250 baht additional tips from her drink orders. She’s still 1250 baht richer with me than without me. So this is a great deal for her.

And what do I get out of this arrangement?  First off I’m saving 1000 baht on the basic short time price most of the dancers are charging . And by getting a waitress instead of a “super star go-go dancer” I’m paying only an 800 baht bar fine instead of 1000 or even 1500.

So how good was the sex compared to what I might have been getting from a high in demand go go dancer? Well, guys, let me tell you.  The sex was absolutely terrific. This Thai woman is tall. At 162 centimeters she’s nearly five foot four which is the height of the average American or European woman.  And her legs, stomach–the entirety of her body was so firm, so delectable.

Why my brother, Billy Bob’ been crowing about this particular waitress as being “Hot, Hot Hot” and having the most perfect body on Walking Street.

Friends, trust me, it doesn’t get any better than this. Plus I didn’t have any of this crappy ass, I’m Walking Street go go dancer super star attitude.  Which I get from too many go go dancers who cannot even begin to compete with my favorite Soi Six Girls.

So what’s my next move? Hopefully I will bar fine her again but she did tell me she’s going home for awhile and soon.  Okay, here’s how I play this one. If she’s in the club the next time I go to Walking Street, I will make a priority of bar fining her.

So I bar fine her and then I tell her, “Let’s just have one or two tequilas at Crazy House Go-go before we go short time.

She will accept, I can almost guarantee that and when I do there’s a good chance she’s going to be talking to at least one of the go go dancers there.  And when she does the first thing that’s going to be discussed is money.  So she will be asking  “How much money is this American paying you for short time?”

There’s a good chance she might actually tell the truth and tell the girl she’s getting just 1000 baht. And even if she doesn’t, I just happen to know one of the service girls at Crazy House so the next time I go there  I will be sure to tell her that I paid 1000 baht to boom boom the service girl from the other go-go bar. Even if I don’t if one of the more attractive dancers sits with me, I’m going to be telling her I pay just 1000 baht short time.  And the girl I brought in the other night got 1000 baht from me and we will be doing it again.

Now let’s suppose the next time I go into the waitresse’s bar and she’s not there? I can about guarantee that one of the other girls will wanting to steal me away from the waitress and when she comes around me trying to feel my older than God penis up, I will be telling her my price is 1000 baht for short time.

So what I have done is I have established my price at 1000 baht, no more or no less.

One thing I’m not going to do and that is to be paying the tourist rate of 2000-2500 baht for a short time. I might even go to Super Babes where there’s one or two good looking waitresses and bar fine one of them. I think even the bar fines for most of the go go dancers is still around 600 baht and once I bar fine someone there and give the girl 1000 baht for short time, I can tell the next girl “my price is 1000 baht.”

So here’s the deal guys. In Thailand money is number one.

One might say that in Japan honor is number one or that it is important to have a great education, to do the best job possible, to tell the truth, and so on. That’s what I admire about Japan, and believe me, in general I like Japanese people very much.

But a lot of Thais do not respect this. They see English, German or American men ringing the bell and buying drinks for an entire bar and they lose respect for the customer for parting with his money so foolishly and for nothing. They see Japanese men buying up a lot of ping pong balls and throwing it at the girls.  And they perceive this as “stupidly throwing money away.” The employees and go-go girls are now perceiving their Japanese customers as the easiest of all to take advantage of.  But the truth is Japanese men do not deserve so little respect. I will now put one last thought in your minds.

When I was bar fining the waitress the mamasan came up to us and asked me, “What are you giving her?” If I were Japanese I might have been polite and said, “one thousand baht.”

If I had been polite, the mamasan would have then said, “Why you can’t do that. You must give her 1500 baht or 2000 baht.” So what happens then? The mamasan would have demanded the higher price and if I wouldn’t pay it she would have told the waitress–“ you can’t go with this customer. You must stay and take care of the customers as a waitress.” If I caved into the mamasan’s demands she would told the waitress later on, “Look, I got you a higher price than you were asking so I want a share of the increased money I got for you.”

Lesson to be learned is this…NEVER, NEVER DEAL WITH THE MAMASAN. I told the mamasan that what I was giving the waitress was up to me and up to the waitress and not up to her. In other words, I was telling her this is none of your business so fuck off.

But I put it a little more nicely than that. So there it is….work it out between yourselves and get that price down—a lot. Even if you can’t speak English or Thai use sign language if you have to or get one of your Japanese buddies to help you out.

Just remember that a lot of these go go girls are going home alone. They need the money. And most of them need a lot of help on how the math works out, that a thousand baht is a lot better than not getting barfined.   If you get that price down (a lot) and stop throwing all those ping pong balls these girls will respect you a lot more.   And even if they don’t, who cares.  Money is, after all, number one.  Just make sure you are not getting the short end of the stick  when it comes to the money. Above all remember that Japanese wanting cheaper go-go girls get a lot more respect than the Japanese customer who simply agrees to whatever the mamasans and go go dancers demand.

If you are Japanese you will especially enjoy reading Japanese Politeness is Ruining Walking Street.  Because it represents the personal views of a lifelong friend of mine who just happens to be Japanese.

Beautiful Walking Street go-go girl wearing glasses

I never sat next to the beautiful Walking Street go-go girl wearing  glasses.  She never sat at our table.  And she never spoke with me. She would have probably tried to  milk me out of  all the drinks she could get.    Figuring I was a tourist who didn’t know better.

Huh, a beautiful Walking Street go-go girl wearing glasses

But Billy Bob and I kept noticing the beautiful Walking Street go-go girl wearing  glasses whether she was dancing on the stage or sitting across the room from us with her latest customer.  But it was the glasses that made this girl stand out from all the other girls. Sure, she had a beautiful trim little body.  But many other go go dancers at the Light House were equally attractive. Thing is, not many Thai women wear glasses, or at least not here in Pattaya where reading is totally unimportant.

Many customers coming into the Light House no doubt felt that she was sharper than the rest.  Therefore she was worth   getting to know for her brain as much as her looks.

But tonight we never bothered to go into the Light House.  Even though it has great eye candy and is good for a happy hour priced drink or two.   Bottom line is nothing eventful ever happened to me there , and at 150 baht for a beer, I at least expect the girl I’m sitting with to do her best to titillate me.

Take the last time I was at Crazy House for example. It was that Jacuzzi girl who got to me.  As she showed off her beautiful naked body while giving me the eye from across the room.  Our eyes met, she smiled at me.  Fifteen minutes later she came over to me and sat in my lap. Then she started touching my stomach.  Then she took my nipples into her mouth and started biting down on them.

Now that got my attention real fast. But the Light House? “Nada. Nothing. Zilch. No action.  So screw it,

I’m taking a pass on it tonight.” So we went to Crazy House where the Jacuzzi girl wasn’t.  Then we went to the Palace A Go Go where  the Beautiful Walking Street go-go girl wearing glasses joined us.

I hadn’t realized that Billy Bob already knew her.  But Billy Bob likes the go-go bars a lot more than I do, so here she was sitting across from me. She was friendly enough. She was even polite to me, but I knew she was one of those high dollar girls.

Billy Bob told me once that she had told a man that she would quit working in the go go club if he paid her family 50,000 baht a month. Which didn’t even count what he’d have to pay her.  But but you gotta figure it’s going to be 75 ,000 to 100,000 baht altogether. So we are talking about $2500 to $3000 a month now, which is one helluva lot for a girl who probably doesn’t have more than a sixth grade education.  But…who knows? Perhaps she’s worth it if a man’s got a lot of money to blow.  And she’s got a brain and some good conversation ability.

Most of the girls in the Palace Go go were up on the stage were looking across at themselves in the mirror

while hardly noticing the customers. Which didn’t bother me in the least. I was with Billy Bob and whenever we are together we are going to have a great time no matter what happens. Straight off, Billy Bob buys the girl wearing the glasses a drink.  Which surprises the hell out of me because Billy Bob is cheap when it comes to the wimmen.

But this one,  this beautiful Walking Street go-go girl wearing glasses got an attitude.

It’s not that she’s talking too much or talking trash. And it’s not that the beautiful Walking Street go-go girl wearing glasses is pushy. It’s just too obvious to me that she has a very high opinion of herself. I look at her, studying her intently.

And oh yes, she’s got a great body. But she’s very pretty also. I imagine her not wearing her glasses and decide that she’s going to look a lot better with them than without. Suddenly I come up with a mischievous thought. I take the bill for my drink out of the bin, hold it up in front of her, and ask: “Can you read this bin without your glasses?” But then Billy Bob, he pulls her glasses straight off her face so he must be thinking the same thing I’m thinking. After laying the bill down on the table, he suddenly blurts out: “This is just plain glass. These glasses are non-proscription.”

We’ve caught the girl with the fake glasses out.  Billy Bob says, “Last week you were telling me you were wearing contacts so you were not wearing your. Are they made of non-prescriptive glass too?” Without hesitating the girl replies: “I need to wear glasses because of the light in here.”

To which I might reply, “This is not LOS” (the land of smiles)–it is LOL (the Land of Lies). But no matter. We’d hit a couple of more go go bars afterwards where I’d find a new conquest.  Perhaps a waitress with a perfect body.  And trust me, there will be none of that coyote go go high dollar pricing to go with the terrific time I’ll be having with the service girl.

The beautiful Walking Street toilet girl of Pattaya

“I must have 30,000 baht a month to leave Pattaya Go Go Bar,  I have 2 children. Pretty cheap,” the pretty toilet girl of Pattaya said as she lay next to me.

girl of Pattaya
I do not take pictures in the go go bars. This was the exception. At first I wanted to show off how my friends and I drink. Happy Hour goes from 8:30 to 10:30 in this go go. I usually get gin and tonics and get the two for one special, which costs me 75 baht each. (about $2.00). But like my pal in this picture, I might line up as many as six gin and tonics. I asked the manager’s permission if I could take a shot just of my pal and his drinks and the manager came over and watched me take the pictures. Then he said, “What the hell. Go ahead and take the pictures of the girls with your friend.  Lesson to be learned here, there’s only one thing better than having one  girl of Pattaya and that’s having two girls of Pattaya.

I had just paid her 1000 baht bar fine, plus another 350 baht for the short time room, and I was going to pay her 2000 baht more just for the short time. But I just had to have her.

She was the girl I had met in the toilet at a go go bar that was charging me 140 baht for a bottle of beer.

I’m smart enough not to be paying so much money just for sex, but I just knew that tonight the sex would be otherworldly. But to all of you who are reading my lines of wisdom, don’t do what I’m doing. I just got that itch that must be satisfied and since I’m playing Clark Kent and Superman, I’m taking the expensive option out.

In my 20th floor ocean front condo, I’m Clark Kent. The entire Thai staff knows me. During the last several years I haven’t brought many girls back to my condo. Here, on my home turf I play it pretty professional and straight and narrow with hardly anyone knowing my true identity.

This is my true self, as Uncle Bufford–as superman whose main goal is to sample as many women as possible so that I can get to the bottom of this sex thing that makes the world go round and round.

But my condo is my home, and I don’t need to have all these bar girls clamoring at my door wanting to get a piece of me. Here I am shy retiring Clark Kent, the nice guy who spends a lot of time reading books and concentrating on computers and the internet.

Here in this short time room, I don’t have any alcohol and I don’t have any music either. I wish I had this beautiful girl of Pattaya  lying next to me back at my condo so that we can have all the time in the world together, relaxing over drinks out on my balcony with the superlative view of the Gulf of Thailand before us. But she’d probably like that too much and then she’d try to keep coming back for more. But that’s a future problem that will never exist because I’m just not going to be letting it happen.

This girl of Pattaya and I haven’t had sex yet. We are just lying together in each other arms doing a little kissing and talking. She’s only 23.

For a lot of guys she’s probably just too skinny. Why she has hardly any tits at all and she has a narrow ass I can just about cover with one hand. But her face, her eyes, her smile is just so ungodly sexy. She’s all personality which is just how I found her the first night we met in the toilet.

That first night I came into the go go bar there were a lot of very sexy girls dancing on the club’s long stage, but most of them were watching themselves in the mirror, hardly paying attention to the customers in the club. Except for the fact that I had to go to the toilet in the worse way I was getting pretty bored with everything. That’s when I said to Billy Bob sitting next to me,

“I’ve gotta take a piss, Billy Bob. Maybe tonight I’ll get lucky in the toilet here and a lady boy will start grabbing onto my dick trying to help me out.”

Well, there waszn’t a single lady boy in the place. And since this was my first time in this here go-go bar I had no idea what the toilet was like anyways. But when I first come into that toilet I sure got surprised because there must have been about three ladies in there with me. One of them had just gone into the stall to take a dump, and with the other stall taken also I had no choice other than to stand up against a urinal like a man and try to piss while people were watching me.

Soon as I started trying to take that piss this cute looking girl of Pattaya comes up to me and asks, “Can I watch?”

“Sure you can,” I replied. “Just don’t look at my dick.”

“Why not look at dick. Dick you no good?”

“Maybe too small,” I answered back. “Girl of Pattaya,  Can you help me pee pee?” I added. I cannot. Not when people look at me.”

“I help you,” the girl of Pattaya said to me as she started to massage my shoulders.”

There was still another girl of Pattaya in the toilet behind us watching and another girl was looking inside the toilets open door watching the girl massaging my shoulders.

“I think I’ll be here for a long time,” I called out to them all. I always have problems when I go pee pee.”

Then the girl reached down and started to fondle my dick, which started to get a little hard. I’ll never be able to piss now, I told myself. Which of course I couldn’t. Ten minutes passed before I finally gave up and took the girl back to my table. I bought her a Tequila, and then when she finished it I bought her a second Tequila.

By this time she was sprawled out all over me, kissing me.

“Boy is she hot”, said Billy Bob who was still sitting next to us. He felt her stomach and asked her, “Do you have any kids?”

“I have two children,” she replied.

“You have no fat on your stomach whatsoever,” Billy Bob commented. “I can’t believe that you actually have two children.” Then he felt her ass and exclaimed, “What a beautiful ass. It is so narrow and so firm that I can only get one hand across it.”

By the time this girl of Pattaya was finishing her third tequila I really wanted her. I could feel her skin start crawling into mine.

She had long hair billowing around my face as she unbuttoned my shirt and slid her hands across my chest. “I want another Tequila,” she demanded.

Which is all I needed, I told myself. Too many times I had girls get sick by the time the fourth tequila arrived and I doubt if this girl weighed even ninety pounds. It was also getting late and I wanted to go home.

“I gotta go,” I told her.


“Back to my condo.”

“Can you give me tip first?” she asked.

“Let’s go back into the toilet together one more time,” I insisted, “and in the toilet we can discuss your tip.”

She didn’t hesitate one second and followed me into the toilet as I opened the door to a stall. She followed me in and then I locked the door behind us. I whipped out my dick, and then she took it into her hands. I really wanted to piss. But I waited for her next move instead.

“Do you have a condom?” she asked.

“No. Do you have a condom?”


“Just keep feeling my dick,” I replied. You will think of something.”

And then I waited for her to start giving me a blowjob.

But she didn’t. I could have insisted. O pulled her face down on top of my dick, but I am too much of a gentleman for that. I gave her two hundred baht instead, for all the personal attention she had been giving me for the past couple of hours. We went back to our table where I settled my bill and then I left. But for the next several days I couldn’t keep her out of my mind.

So I went back. And I didn’t even call my friends first to find out which Walking Street Go Go bar they were in.

I had one thing in mind, and that was this girl of Pattaya, and certainly not my friends.

That could wait until later. I’d just call them while I was waiting for the waitress to bring me my first beer. But as soon as I went into the place and started to walk past the go go girls dancing along that stage, I saw her sitting next to a Japanese staring right at me. She smiled, waved, and then she pointed further down the bar where I found Billy Bob drinking with two other friends. There was no place to sit near them as a fourth man sat off to their immediate right and just to this man’s right was a hot tub that was occupied by a very naked attractive woman throwing soap suds against her breasts. The waitresses quickly found a small stool and placed it in front of the fourth man and the hot tub girl.

The man sitting directly in front of me, introduced himself, and after a few words of conversation I turned my back to everyone and started watching the naked woman in the hot tub.

From this position I could also watch my “ favorite toilet girl” who was still sitting next to the Japanese.

Surprisingly she kept looking my way scarcely paying any attention to her customer. Then she started to rub her eyes in a pantomime of crying her eyes out.

“Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,” I said to my friends as I turned around to look them all in their faces. “They all do that, as if none of us have never seen it before. She is acting as if she’d really rather be with me, but then he will pay her bar fine and off she will go with him hoping that I will come back to claim her on some other night.”

Fifteen more minutes passed while I alternated between looking directly at my friends and turning around to watch the girl in the hot tub and the girls dancing on the stage. “I will take another girl in this club,” I reasoned with myself. “There are a lot of good lookers in here.”

But my girl, my toilet girl queen, kept on focusing on me, watching me, then she’d turn around to face her customer, and then a few seconds she would turn around once again to look at me.

Suddenly the Japanese stood up and started settling his bill with one of the waitresses. I still thought he was barfining the girl, but after a few moments he walked out of the club, alone.

As soon as he was out the door she was standing next to me, but there was no place for her to sit. Then I noticed two empty seats across the stage from where my friends were all sitting so I took the cup containing my bar bill to the little table and sat down with her a good twenty feet away from my pals.

Before our first drink even arrived she was already feeling my dick. From the time she sat down with me I don’t think she left it alone for more than several minutes.

A few minutes later Billy Bob and our other two friends came over to announce that they were going over to another go go bar. I told them I was not moving one inch.

A few minutes later I barfined her and then we went to the short time room together. But once we were in the room she told me those words I never wanted to hear. “I have no condom.” And neither did I. So it was oral sex all the way. Which leads us to tonight.

Once again I found her in the bar, or shall I say, she found me. The little service girl has a fixation on me for some reason. She comes over to me as soon as the hostess seats me. In moments she’s standing just a foot away from me. She will remain in this basic position for 60 percent of the time I’m in the place.  It takes only  three minutes for my favorite girl of Pattaya to find me at my table.

She takes a seat close to me within an area that cannot begin to seat a fat assed Western woman.

Within the next five minutes I have three  pretty ladies around me. The third girl is a woman my toilet lady claims is her sister, which is probably not true at all. I get myself a beer from the waitress and a tequila and coke for my girl. From that point on all three of them are relentless in their attempts to suck me out of as many drinks as possible.

“The two sisters” are coyote dancers who are typically hired for ten day shifts. They work for a company rather than a club. Bar fines for such coyote girls are way too high, typically between 1000 and 1500 baht. Each girl gets a high salary from the company. But the go go bar owner doesn’t have to work very hard at all to get a stable of good looking Thai women working as go go dancers for him. The company does all the work for him.

Because their salaries are so high, the company employing the coyote dancers must reclaim a lot of that expense in the form of drink sales and bar fines which used to run 600 baht on the average but which are now running about double that. The three women have no choice. They each have a quota on how many drinks each girl must sell a month. But I’m onto their game and I have a pat answer for all three of them.

“I only buy drinks for the girl I’m fucking,” I tell them all, and tonight I’m only fucking our toilet queen here because I’m not enough man to be fucking all three of you.”

It works. Both the waitress and the “sister” keep hanging around me, drinks or no drinks.  It isn’t long before I’m heading to the short time room with the sole object of my lust.

The sex is great. I feel every inch of her from three different sexual positions. Nearly two hours will go by before we leave the short time room. I swear I get a lot better penetration from very slender women. They just melt into my body. And this girl of Pattaya is just as much into me as I’m into her. Which is about as deep as it gets.  This Walking Street toilet girl of Pattaya just might amount to one of my greatest finds.