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Jack Corbett has now been living full time in Thailand as an expat. This category encompasses a wide range of thoughts and subjects from the perspective of being in a strange land thousands of miles from the United States where the culture oftentimes seems to be 180 degrees apart from the values and beliefs of the West.

This Koh Chang Kacha Video Proves that online travel agencies aren’t telling the truth about the resorts they represent

Last night my girlfriend and I went out to dinner with our new friends, an Austrian who just moved into our building a few months ago and his girlfriend. The man is a beach lover, just as I am so we started to compare different beach resorts here in Thailand such as Koh Samet, Koh Chang, Koh Larn Island, and Krabi. It turns out he’s had the same awful experience with Koh Chang Kacha my girlfriend and I had. Just as I had he had stayed before at Koh Chang Kacha next to the ocean but the next time the resort put him in their new building across the main road. Turns out he got an inexcusably small room just as I had. We also traded comments on what had happened to our reviews on different resorts and like me his extremely negative reviews at and other online travel agencies were not posted. Only his good reviews made the grade with the agodas of the Internet world.

What I don’t get is how this video which I consider to be excellent while telling the real truth about the two Koh Chang Resorts has still not managed to generate as much as 400 views and yet anything I put up with sexy Thai women dancing gets thousands of hits in no time. Goes to show that for most people sex is the be all and end all and the attention spans for most men only extends as long as the length of their penises. As for this video it shows our room at Koh Chang Kacha as being hardly larger than a casket. Agoda lists it as 18 square meters. We had prison type bars across out windows and a really crappy view. It generates a 7.9 rating with Agoda, but if you ask me when negative reviews are culled by online travel agencies such as agoda I don’t see why resorts can’t generate averages of 9 out of 10 no matter how badly rundown they are and how bad the service is.

Discussions with Hitler about Digital Photography

Jack Corbett and Adara Michaels
Hitler told me the night of 9/11/2001 my digital camera was a toy, and although Hitler was right about a lot of things, he was dead wrong about the future of digital photography. That was the evening after the World Trade Center had gone down. I was on assignment for Xtreme Magazine. My mission was to cover Adara Michaels and Scandalous. Besides the interview of Adara I was to get pictures of her with the other half of the blonde duo that called itself Scandalous. But Hitler would have none of it. The only pictures that would ever be taken of Adara had to be taken by him, and as Adara told me during the interview, Hitler had to be obeyed.

What really made Scandalous the most riveting feature act of its day, was Eddie Marshall’s expertise with lighting and special affects every bit as much as Adara’s superlative dancing skills. But with Eddie, it all had to be his way or the highway. It had been his idea to have the blonde twin sister act in the first place, and now that I think back twelve years after that interview I realize that Hitler was right about most things. For one thing I have learned that most women are absolutely unable to differentiate their best pictures from their worse. So Eddie’s insistence of having complete control over the picture taking process was right on target. I’m sure that Eddie also insisted that the two blondes comprising the Scandalous duo should totally respect his way of doing things. There could be no room for that petty jealousy that often arises between two entertainers. But from what I could glean from Adara while interviewing her, she could respect that. So when I asked her what the key to her success was, she just laughed and said, “Hitler.”

Back in September of 2001, I was using a Kodak DC-3 digital camera, which was a big step up from the Kodak DC-40 I had started off with in January of 1997, but it was still not up to the best Nikon film cameras most of the adult professional photographers were using. Less than a year later I spent the big bucks for the Nikon D-1 X. The following year I once again ran into Hitler– this time at Nudes-A-Poppin. When I saw him carrying a Nikon D-1 X just like mine I couldn’t help myself. I even addressed him as Hitler, with no malice intended, “Hitler, I thought you said that digital cameras weren’t any good?”

“Times have changed,” Hitler smiled back at me and replied.

Living Dolls part owner injured in motorbike-tour bus collision near Tiger Zoo

I got the word in the Lost Angels Chat room from Big Daddy about Marty after he heard the bad news from Joe who heads the Man Tour

The story was that Marty, who is a part owner of the Living Dolls Go Go Bar on Walking Street, was unable to avoid rear ending the tour bus after it cut in front of his motorcycle. He had his son sitting on the motorcycle seat behind him and the two were on their way to the Sriracha Tiger Zoo.

Both Joe and Marty took Big Daddy, Big John Hawkeye and me on the Man Tour. Big Daddy tells me Marty’s got at best two months to live after suffering massive brain damage when a tour bus pulled in front of him. Around ten days ago I had a tour bus pull in front of my HOnda Civic on Sukamvit as it weaved in and out of traffic. A few days before that on my way back from Pattaya Immigration I came within five feet of having a tour bus run my motorbike down from behind. I then poured the coals to my motorbike driving faster than I normally would have because I wanted to stay far in front of the tour bus. Then, seeing a slight congestion of traffic at the light where I wanted to make a left turn to Praternmak Hill, I slowed down considerably almost coming to a dead stop. The tour bus roared up from behind me, passed me on my right then cut ahead of me and turned abruptly in front of me cutting me off so I could not make my left turn until it had turned first. Unbelievable. And then the SOB driver gave me his horn.

That evening I drove my motorbike to Greg’s Kitchen, a favorite restaurant of mine. I approached from the South driving up Second Road to Drinking Street which is where Greg’s is located. BUt when I got within forty meters of making my right turn into Drinking Street, the traffic suddenly turned impossible. There must have been a knot of three tour buses at a standstill and cars and motorbikes were unable to get around them. I was pissed. Here I had just learned that a friend will likely die in the hospital due to a collision with a tour bus and I’ve had too much experience with the imbecile drivers. I had even watched as I stood just outside the entrance of the Leo Bar on Soi 18 a tour bus squeeze between a parked pickup truck and a temporary small group of vehicles on his left. The overly anxious tour bus driver scraped the entire left side of the parked pickup truck as he squeezed through, and after damaging the pickup, simply continued on. Right on the spot was a security guard for the small hotel next to Leo Bar. The guard simply watched. Didn’t do squat. So here I am completely unable to even find a 30 inch gap between the tour buses and other vehicles and I’m just 40 meters from where I need to make my turn. So I simply lifted the front end of my motorbike over the curb and onto the sidewalk. Then I lifted the rear of my bike so that it also cleared the curb. I then simply walked my motorbike down the sidewalk. If I were a Thai I would have driven it, but even driving forty meters down a sidewalk was too much for my pride. Once I walked my bike to the Drinking Street turn in I started its engine and drove the remaining fifty meters to Greg’s Kitchen.

The projection is for a 20 % increase in Chinese tourists into Thailand for the coming year over this year. Whenever I look at the passengers in these tour buses It seems that they are nearly always Chinese. Pattaya’s streets were not designed for these behemoths so the traffic is getting to be pretty horrendous at times due to the tour buses alone. As for Marty….I think I have a pretty good idea of how his accident went down regardless of what anyone else might think.


Tie Guys–Sexy Thai Drinking Street bar girl Video

The video’s from a bar we picked at Random on Drinking Street two nights ago. It all started when I gathered a small group of my friends together for dinner at Greg’s Kitchen on Drinking Street. Greg’s been a friend of mine for years. The friendship started while I was staying at the Skytop Guesthouse several times totaling 11 months while waiting for my condo to be finished. Greg’s Kitchen was just two doors from my lodging. Pete, an Australian, owned Skytop, and Pete loved to play pool. And so did Greg and Pete had a pool table just outside the Skytop front entrance so I saw a lot of Greg, and of course I often ate at his restaurant. But when Greg realized I had a very impressive professional camera, a Nikon D-1 X he wanted me to shoot all his food dishes for his menu. So every few days Greg would come over to Skytop to ask me to take pictures of several new dishes for his menu until I had taken pictures of every single dish he offered. I wound up eating a lot of Greg’s dishes for payment since Greg wanted to offer me at least something for all that work I was doing for him. The result was this large menu just outside his restaurant that passers by could read. Later when I started doing a web site for Skytop, Greg asked me to do a web site for him even though he already had a web site. And I’m still doing Greg’s web site. Then a couple of years ago, Pete died, and last January, his widow, Wan, closed Skytop down when the landlord jacked the rent up too much on her. Meanwhile Greg moved his restaurant to Drinking Street when his landlord started charging too much also. So now, Greg’s my only friend left from the “old days”.

If it had not been for Pete and Greg I would never have moved to Thailand so there’s a lot of nostalgia associated with Skytop and Greg’s, but Skytops no longer there. So two nights ago there must have been about ten of us altogether, eating at Greg’s and afterwards most of us hit the bars next door at Drinking Street. Our two German dinner companions were the first to leave as Ludwig was not feeling well, and Wolfgang wanted to look after him. And Lenny’s friend, “the Doctor” didn’t stick with us for long. The doctor found a young hottie right away and it must have been less than a half hour later that he bar fined her 1500 baht for a short time and we watched him disappear on his motorbike rental with the girl seated behind him. Big John had to do some work on his computer for his company so he left us early on. That left Billy Bob, Lenny, my girlfriend May May, and I over in the Drinking Street bars.

There wasn’t a lot going on at our second bar. But we saw a couple pretty girls dancing on the stage at another bar close by. Luckily I had brought my Panasonic LX-5 camera with me and I resolved to shoot some good video, and it sure wasn’t happening at the bar we were already at. So Billy Bob, Lenny and I went to next bar so I could get some good dancing video. And, what you see here is what we came up with. It’s not a good a quality as my camera can get but the lighting here at Drinking Street is horrendous and both the pictures and video wound up with a very pronounced red cast so I had to edit all that red out in my video editing program.

So who are the Tie Guys and why am I introducing them in the first place? It all started when Big Tom and Billy Bob wanted to differentiate our group of friends from all the other guys who are now flooding Walking Street, most of them, tourists. So Big Tom and Billy Bob started buying all these colorful ties which they’d then hand out to the members of our small group. Or maybe it was Big John who played a huge part in our all wearing these very noticeable ties as we caroused our way from one Walking Street go go to the next. Anyway I had nothing to do with the Ties, and when the guys would give me a tie to wear, the next time I joined them on Walking Street, I’d forget to wear my tie so one of the guys would simply offer me another Tie. I now have three ties that I got from the other Tie guys in my small bedroom.

Big John now lives in Pattaya something like 8 months out of 12 whereas Big Tom visits Pattaya for periods of two to three weeks several times a year. Billy Bob and I live here full time. Both of us are retired and both of us have been professional photographers back in the U.S. As for Big John, although he’s never been a professional photographer, he’s been a fan of digital cameras ever since they first came onto the market . That was over fifteen years ago. He’s the computer guru of the group, he’s a top notch computer programmer, and he even has a PHD in Computer Science. When it comes to computers, just call him God. Moreover he applies all his technical expertise with his cameras.

Big Tom’s almost the complete opposite of Big John. He’s over six feet six so he towers over practically everyone who is around him, and when he’s walking up the street with his Thai girlfriend he she barely comes up to his waist. The youngest in the group, Big Tom’s the biggest monger of the Tie Guys. I think he even keeps score of all the Thai girls he has sex with and he will often have a couple girls the same day. Meanwhile he will tell his Thai girlfriend, “Sorry, you cannot come with us, it’s a guy’s night out.” Big Tom’s a gun lover whereas Big John hates guns, but the one thing both men share is a huge love for beautiful sexy women.

As for Billy Bob, Big Tom often calls him, “Our Bait”. He’s the oldest guy in the group but he looks a lot younger than his chronological age, and much of the time he acts like he’s only sixteen. The Thai girls love him. That’s because most of the Thai girls we encounter are in their twenties, but they act more like they are thirteen or fourteen. So they view Billy Bob much the way a bunch of groupies will view a rock star. It’s as if he was Mick Jagger, who is by no means a young guy anymore, but Mick’s still got that certain panache. The reality, however, is that Mick Jagger’s got a certain coolness about him whereas Billy Bob is the antithesis of cool. Sometimes he can be almost a cartoon in human form. But back in a past life Billy Bob used to be a professional photographer who worked for magazines which often sent him to Europe on fully paid assignments.

Altogether, it’s a pretty talented group of guys, so from now on I want to clearly differentiate the “Tie Guys” from all those other guys shooting their pictures and videos as they drink and monger their way through Pattaya’s many bars and go go’s.

But back to Drinking Street. Billy Bob wanted to either go home or go elsewhere, and he lives in Central Pattaya not that far from Big John. I live in Naklua which is just north of Pattaya. Whereas Drinking Street is a bar complex that has a majority of Englishmen as customers, most of the bars near me in Naklua cater more to the German customer. So on the way back to my condo my girlfriend and I stop in at the TJ Bar. This bar is owned by a German and his Thai wife, and there are two things that distinguish it from most other bars. The first thing is that if you ever encounter a pretty lady at the T.J. Bar she’s bound to not be a lady. She will be a ladyboy who are Thai men who look like and act like women. Many of them have silicon breast jobs and a few of them have even had sex change operations. So there’s a few good looking lady boys at T.J’s which already proves that I have been here to long because here I’m saying that some males are really very sexy. Believe me, though, most expats get to be this way, and even men who have never remotely believed they were homosexuals before wind up actually prefering lady boys to Thai women. The other thing that distinguishes T.J’s from most other bars is its music. They play a huge assortment of American and English oldies here. Ironically it’s the Germans who enjoy all those oldies from England and America the most. The English don’t seem to care all that much about what’s playing and if you don’t believe me just listen to some of that godawful music they are playing at Drinking Street in this video.

After having a couple of beers here at the T.J. bar my girlfriend and I move over to the next bar, the Pen bar. Pen’s the owner of the bar which she’s had for over six years now. She’ s Thai, and we both like her a lot. But I’m not even half way done with my first beer when I hear a lot of commotion behind me. “It’s Per and two of his Norwegian buddies.” It’s already well past 1 a.m. The appearance of the three Norwegians causes my girlfriend and I to stay at the bar until after 3 a.m.

These guys are the descendents of the Vikings who used to rape, kill, and pillage their way through Europe during the Dark Ages. Per owns a condo exactly like mine three floors above me in my condo building and we’ve been friends for over seven years now. Rumor has it that Per has bar fined and taken every single one of Pen’s bar girls home with him at one time or the other. He’s a wild man who loves to drink and party and I will now freely admit that it’s Per who was the inspiration for Mickel “The Menace of the North” in my novel Welcome to the Fun House.

The second Norwegian has the same job as Per which is as an inspector for the Norwegian government of the fishing around the North Sea and the Arctic Circle. Both men spend three months on small Norwegian ships that investigate the fishing conditions in this sector of the oceans that are largely looked after by the Norwegian government. For them iti’s three months on, and three months off. So Per oftentimes spends three months at a time here in Pattaya before he must go back to Norway to resume his job responsibilities for his government.

Jonas is the third Norwegian and he’s the youngest. Per and the other man are in their upper forties now whereas Jonas is only thirty or so. All three of them love to drink. In fact, all of Per’s friends seem to value drinking above all else. Norway since it has found oil has the highest living standard in all of Europe if not the world, but alcohol is ungodly expensive there. I think it costs over ten dollars a bottle in the bars so that must be the reason why these modern day Vikings love to drink so much.

But they are so much fun to be with as well as being so warm and friendly. And of course all of them speak English very well. Still, Tie Guys they aren’t. They are here to drink, party and to sample Thailands beautiful women above all else whereas the Tie Guys like to leave permanent records of all their depredations for the rest of the world to see, such as this video. Expect to see more like it as time goes on as we continue to sample Pattaya’s unparalleled night life.

Celebrating Songkran, insane Thai water festival in Pattaya

cute Thaigirl blessing Billy Bob at Sonkran

The You Tube video presents 2 ways of celebrating Songkran in Pattaya, Thailand by two groups of expats. The first is my way, which is one of complete avoidance at the Centara 5 star hotel. The second is Billy Bob (Billy Bob does the Walking Street go go Bar reviews with Uncle Bufford in the Looking Glass Magazine at Alpha Productions) and Big John’s tactic of “damn the torpedoes. We are going to get wasted, take off our shirts, and join in with the hundreds of thousands who have congregated here to serve their water god. This high quality HD video is actually two videos in one. That is it is of two events occurring roughly 3 miles from each other at the same time. Let me explain. I took my video while wading completely around one of the swimming pools at the Centara Grande Mirage five star resort. This swimming pool is just one of a number of swimming pools in the Centara’s magnificent “Lost World” theme park. The pool is nearly a quarter mile in length. It meanders throughout the theme park, resembling a small river in an Amazon rainforest. There’s nothing like it anywhere. Hotel guests do miniature float trips here as they lazily ride down the shallow man made river on plastic inner tube like floats. Now a quarter mile stretch just to make the circumference of the River might sound like great exercise but it isn’t. This is because there’s a man made current which propels swimmers up to a mile an hour or so downstream without his having to move a muscle. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m wading chest deep the entire circumference of “The River” shooting my video with my Panasonic LX-5 camera. Meanwhile Big John’s got his Panasonic LX-5 over in Central Pattaya where he’s shooting his own videos with his teammate, Billy Bob. So there’s really two videos, one celebrating the complete insanity of Pattaya gone beserk celebrating this completely out of control Thai New Year’s Holiday while I’m over at the Centara enjoying the tranquility that is being experienced by all those very wealthy people who I don’t normally associate with.

Even before you watch the You Tube video you might want to get a little History on Songkran and how it has developed (I prefer the word regressed) into what it is today. It celebrates the Thai New Year that occurs in the first half of April, and which ends here in Pattaya on April 19th. In the past and even to a large extent today, Thais will sprinkle a small amount of water or dab a little mud concoction on anyone they enounter during the holiday. The key words here are “small” and “little”. Another key word that I’ll add will be “gently”. Today in most Thai cities the Songkran Holiday is celebrated for one or two days, and then it’s over. Sadly this is not the case with Pattaya, a city that has a huge expat population, and which has nightlife that even outstrips Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, a city of over twelve million. Compared to practically anywhere else in the world Pattaya is a city on steroids. It is a city that gives practically anyone complete license to do almost anything.

To give you just a single example of this, I have never, not once, seen a police officer stop a motorist for running a red light or driving against the flow of traffic. I’d say nearly half the Thais here in Pattaya will drive their motorbikes through a red light whenever they want, and that one way lines of traffic mean nothing to them. So whenever I driving my motorbike down the street I’m always meeting other motorcyclists driving right at me. Keeping in mind this is but one example of how people do whatever they want to do with their motorbikes and cars, you can fully appreciate how dangerous it is to drive here, particularly on a motorbike.

This year during the first three days of Songkran over 180 deaths were reported on Thailand’s motorways and streets. There would still be four days to come, and those would be the most celebrated days. During Songkran it is considered good fun to take an entire bucket of water and to splash the driver of a motorbike full in the face and chest. There’s no question that Sonkran kills a lot of people. However, the Thais did not plan it this way. What happened is groups of Eurotrash started to come here in ever greater numbers. These are that special class of Europeans called the Hooligans. To be even more specific, I will call these hooligans the soccer hooligans. Most of them are British. For years these hooligans have participated in British football (soccer matches) with the express purpose not of watching, but of participating “hoolignn style”, causing riots and a lot of blood shed. These people are troublemakers and they love to fight. To get a sense of how they go about their “football shenanigans”, watch a movie called “The Football Factory” and you will see why Spain eventually decided to clamp down on these Eurotrash once they had gone too far towards exporting their troublemaking style to Spain.

Pattaya represents fertile pastures to such hooligans, particularly during Songkran by offering them the opportunity to assault anyone they choose with impunity so long as they confine their assaulting with water. Keep in mind that the biggest day for Songkran in Pattaya is on April 19th and these hooligans start their pilgrimage on April 11th when they start throwing water all over anyone near Soi 6’s, 7, and 8 on Beach and 2nd Roads, and you can fully appreciate how completely out of control this holiday has gotten. This means among other things that anyone driving a motorbike down these two major roads that pierce Central Pattaya stand a good chance of getting wet and of having an accident. Meanwhile such hooligans have their numbers swollen by many bar girls working the bars on Soi Six, Seven, and Eight, who either don’t know any better or could care less even if they did. Even responsible Thais don’t appreciate getting doused with water for nine days straight and having their roads made unsafe for such long periods of time.

When you see this video you will notice that most of the Thais gently dab a little paste on the cheeks and foreheads of those they encounter on the street. Although many Thais have adopted the Hooligan style of completely dousing anyone within range with as much water as possible most of them haven’t emulated the Hooligan style of filling their high powered squirt guns with urine and ice.

So what has happened is that the Hooligans have been allowed to have a large amount of control over what goes on here. And no one’s about to try to stop them. So now that you have a little background about how Songkran is being celebrated in Pattaya today, I’ll explain how I’ve tried to avoid it.

My girlfriend and I both have one year memberships to the Centara Hotel’s Physical Fitness Center and Theme Park. It costs a great deal of money to join but for me, it’s worth it. I take advantage of the Fitness room an average of 5.5 days a week. The machines here are state of the art with some of them costing over $10,000 each. We can use the tennis courts for free at least during the say and these courts are second to none. Then there’s that magnificent theme park wtih Centara’s many swimming areas, and above all there’s that fantastic almost unbelievably surreal Amazon rain forest like river that you will be seeing a lot of in my video. Last year I decided to try to avoid Songkran by driving my girlfriend and I to Koh Chang which is Thailand’s second largest island. We went on the 13th of April only to find out that about half of Bangkok had also decided to drive to Koh Chang the same time we did. So what would have been at the most a five hour trip including the ferry ride to the island wound up taking us over nine hours. The Thais were celebrating Songkan all up and down our route. So while one municipality we’d be driving through was not celebrating Songkran on that particular day, the next one would and there would be all these pickup trucks along the way with their beds full of 55 gallon barrels of water and squirt gun armed riders squirting everything in sight. The traffic got so bad that it took us two hours just to get the last seven hundred meters to the ferry we eventually offloaded my Honda Civic. Then when we finally made it onto the island the sun had already set and we had to negotiate Koh Chang’s impossibly narrow mountain roads in the dark. To make matters worse every few kilometers of our last 26 kilometers on the island there would be groups of people running out into the middle of the road dousing all the cars. Once we finally got to our destination on the southern tip of Koh Chang we were home free and done with Songkran but it was a perilous journey getting there.

This time, I’d use the Centara Hotel to idle a lot of my time away for 2013’s Songkran. When I’d go out to dinner or breakfast I’d either have my girlfriend prepare my food for me in the condo or we’d go to a restaurant that was close-by as in next door. And when I’d go to the Centara I’d walk. There would be not one person trying to douse me with water on the beach. After all it’s far more fun to try to cause an accident to someone on a motorbike than to get someone wet who’s already wearing swimming trunks. It would take me less than ten minutes to walk to the hotel anyway, and if I drove a motorbike there along Soi Wongmat I’d be sure to get wet just about every time.

Meanwhile my two pals, Billy Bob and Big John decided to take their cameras right into the vortex of the action. If I were still a single guy I probably would have joined them–on the 19th, that is, during that last day of complete chaos. There was probably something up to half a million people celebrating that day, and I must admit that it’s a perfect opportunity for meeting lots of women one might never encounter again. One just strips down to his swim trunk. I’d never wear anything else, but I would oftentimes take a towel along, which would immediately get soaking wet but as the afternoon becomes evening and the air starts to get a little chill in it even a wet towel provides some measure of warmth.

So here it is…..two Songkrans, with each of them experienced in completely different environments. Which one would you prefer?

Thoughts on the bombing deaths at the Boston Marathon

I heard about it today from an e-mail from the Washington Post. At least several deaths and as of the e-mail, no clue as to who the culprits might be or whether they are terrorists or not. This is a despicable act, an act that needs to be investigated and the culprits penalized most severely. Yet it brings to mind a huge crime of omission the United States is guilty of, which inspires terrorists world wide and which sullies the reputation of all Americans as “the good guys”.

What I speak of is our continued acquiescence to Jewish settlement of East Jerusalem which if allowed to continue for much longer will make a two state settlement of Palestine impossible. I’ve dealt with this in an earlier post, but I have decided to revisit it seeing that once again the U.S. is doing absolutely nothing. Let me go back again to over twenty-five years ago on my second visit to Israel. At the airport in Tel Aviv we met a small group of Californians representing their church which had sent them to Israel to investigate Israeli atrocities against Palestinians. They gave us several pamphlets, one of them describing how the Israeli State was practicing systematic intimidation upon young Palestinian males, and that by the time they were 21 most Palestinian males had spent some jail time for one offense or another, and that this was done to emasculate Palestinians who’d realize “their bosses” had the power to do anything to them including bringing them to prison on trumped up charges.

The Californians also told us how the Israelis were uprooting Palestinians from their homes, oftentimes on just a couple days notice. These were the ancestral homes of the Palestinians with many homes, vineyards, Olive groves, and gardens being in the family for a thousand years. And then after forcibly evacuating the Palestinians from their homes the Israelis would bulldoze the entire village to make room for the latest wave of Jewish settlers, many of whom were coming in from Russia and Eastern Europe.

I really didn’t quite believe what these Christians were telling me. After all, these were the poor victims of the holocaust. These were the heroic Israelis who had defeated three Arab nations in just seven days back in 1967 and that they obtained the new territories from the defeated enemy they had beaten so heroically. And then a year later I saw the news clips on “Sixty Minutes” of the bulldozers destroying all those Israeli homes. So it was all true. The Israelis were in fact stealing the lands and homes of Palestinians just like the Californians were telling us.

So our friends in Israel were guilty of great atrocities and it’s been going on for twenty-five years after I first heard about it. And recently Obama visited the Prime Minister of Israeli to warn him to stop the illegal construction on Palestinian lands. Yet the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu,thumbed his nose at our president, and ever since then the illegal settlements have even accelerated.

Yeah. Yeah, Yeah.. We need Israel. The Israelis are our friends. The pro Israel Jewish lobby in the United States has too much political power. We must do what it tells our politicians to do. After all, years ago when Paul Findley, an Illinois Congressman, befriended Yasser Arafat he was condemned by the Jewish lobby which earmarked him for defeat in the next congressional election and sure enough, Paul lost because he had committed the unpardonable sin of befriending a “terrorist”. Never mind the terrorist had become more moderate in his older age. He was a Palestinian, therefore he was a bad guy so a lot of Pro Israel Jewish money was put behind his opponent Dick Durbin who won of course, and who’s been a U.S. Senator for it seems over twenty years now.

What the U.S. should have done a long time ago was to tell Israel, “If you want to keep stealing the land and homes of the Palestinians you have to forfeit from now on every penny of aid from the U.S. This means no more tanks, no more fighter aircraft. You get nothing and if you get attacked, we are not going to help you. Never. You are on your own.

But no… was not expedient for us to do the right thing. So now, imagine if you are a dispossessed Palestinian. The U.S. the land of the free, the country of the Righteous is in full support of your having your home stolen from you As for Israel–your hated knows no bounds. For you, these Israelis are every bit as cruel as the Romans were 2000 years ago. This is the reality, not the reality as we Americans see it but the real truth every Palestinian knows from the depth of his heart. And as for the Middle Eastern neighbors of Palestine who today are breeding so many terrorists, in the minds of these people the Israelis deserve every disaster, every killing, every calamity that can be handed to them, and so does the United States for condoning their criminal acts.

As I sit here 8000 miles from the U.S. here in my Thailand condo I haven’t the foggiest notion of who threw bombs on the runners at the Boston Marathon This might not have anything to do with what’s happening in the Middle East or with those who might wish to avenge themselves against those who are victimizing the Palestinians. The event has given me cause to ponder the Israeli–Palestinian problem and to realize that as long as the Palestinians continue to be deprived of homes, we can expect a lot more terrorism to come. A lot of it comes from our own stupidity and for the failure of Americans to wake up and realize exactly what they are doing in this world. Saying “I don’t know about all that, or that has nothing to do with me and my problems” is no excuse.

183 deaths in first 3 days of Songkran water Inanity

This is the infamous new year Thai Holiday celebrated throughout Thailand, but for most places it lasts for only a day or two. But for Pattaya, it will be going on for nine days. Most of the deaths are caused by people throwing or squirting water into the faces of motorcyclists going down the street. If this happened in the U.S. with a population of five times Thailand’s we’d have 900 deaths already. So far over 1200 have been injured for a comparable total of 6000 in the U.S. if Americans put up with such insanity. The Germans won’t, the French won’t and the same goes for all Western countries. As for me, I’m avoiding it like the plague. So I’m playing a little game. Its object is to not allow anyone to get me wet until it’s over after April 19th. On April 11th there already was large pools of water on Beach Road which is one of the major streets in this city. What’s happened is the Eurotrash have long ago taken over this traditional Thai holiday and abominized it. Typical of such Eurotrash are the soccer hooligans, many of whom are English. These are the same criminals who frequent soccer matches all over England intending to get into fights and to spill as much blood as possible. They come to Thailand for this holiday with one thing in mind only and that is to cause as much trouble as possible. And there’s a lot of Thais who join into this mindless water throwing thinking it’s so much fun. Meanwhile a good American friend of mine is staying in Central Pattaya, the hub of this mindlessness. I’ll show some of his pictures and video here later on. In the meantime, I’m staying well clear.

Tonight rather than going very far out on my motorbike for dinner I invited a German friend of mine to dinner at a French-Swiss restaurant across from my condo. Then it was time for a few more beers so we went to the Boonmee restaurant where I haven’t been for years although it’s just 200 meters from my condo. The music is good here and most of the crowd is Russian. I’m into my second beer when two beefy Russian women ask is they can sit with us. All the tables have been taken. They speak like most Russians virtually no English and no Thai.

When a table close to ours becomes available the two women leave Ludwig and me to ourselves. I call Ludwig, Beethoven at times. He’s a retired architect and he’s the artist whose pictures are in one of my books, Welcome to the Fun House. He can’t hear worth a lick and he’s a great artist in my opinion so oh well, Beethoven was a great composer of classical music and both have Ludwig for their first names. After an hour or so it rains, and it rains very hard for the next two hours. The power goes out after an hour and the restaurant staff sets little candles at all the tables and in the restroom. Around 11:15 p.m. the power finally comes back on and Ludwig and I leave. Ludwig’s got a few serious health issues so he’s only drinking soda tonight so we call it a night.

I will have to give the restaurant a visit or two in the near future. For one thing, it’s got a lot of Russian food on the menu and I want to try some of that. The place is directly across the street from the Long Beach Hotel whose customers are now nearly all from Russia. Meanwhile I’ll continue to stay close at home until Songkran is over. I want to stay way clear of the hooligans over in Central Pattaya, and I’m in no mood to support in any way this infernal holiday. I’m sure my opinion will make no difference to the powers that be in this country. However, if a lot more people took such a stand of complete non support for Songkran by the end of this week I figure over six hundred lives would have been saved.

Adult Photographers are the True Artists of today

at Nudes-A-PoppinForgive me if in my previous post I have seemed to be condescending towards the adult photographers shooting next to me. Some of them were, I believe, far superior to me when it came to doing studio photography. Certainly they had much more experience doing it than I did. Furthermore, they made their living this way, whereas I did a bit of everything–doing the writing, shooting pictures, polishing up my images, doing web site work–so I found myself a jack of all trades yet a master of none. Nevertheless, as I mentioned in my last post, ironically the best of my colleagues were oftentimes put at the greatest disadvantage when it came to doing the best stage action photography. And the most highly paid among them were the ones that were at the greatest disadvantage. I could shoot a thousand pictures in a single evening of entertainers doing their shows, edit the images myself using a graphics arts program and send them directly off to whoever I wanted to–for instance Xtreme Magazine or the Pure Talent Agency using the Internet, and I could even show off my pictures to the entertainers on my laptop between their shows right in the night club. But the best photographers near me had to send their negatives to the magazines they were shooting for or have them developed elsewhere which was a slow lengthy process during which they gave up control of what their final output was to become. Most of them wanted the latest digital pro cameras but found themselves stymied by the outmoded technology victimizing them. Later they’d be capitalizing on the new digital high tech with a vengeance. One of them would later start carrying around not one but two Nikon D-1 x’s just like mine while another, who I had a huge amount of respect for, was just starting to get into digital by the time I was moving to Thailand. But whenever I start thinking back of the men shooting near me in all those night clubs I keep fondly remembering him. He was a real pro, who made a good living by his photography alone whereas I was making my living farming of all things and was only doing my writing and photography as a lark.

I remember back a long time ago before I knew better ogling all those erotic fully naked glossies in the magazine he was shooting for. Back then I could visualize the photographer who actually did the work. The man was dark headed, slender but with a muscular build, and he had beady eyes because only someone like that could produce such pictures. Later, I’d find myself working side by side with him, and not just once, but many many times although never enough. The picture accompanying this post was taken of me and a girl I had never met before at Nudes-A-Poppin. There are a hundred female and male entertainers all around me in the swimming pool area where Sunday’s shows are being performed. The Nudes-A-Poppin pageant is a two day affair with the competitions being held on a large outdoor stage next to the pool. If you look closely you might be able to see a fence on the perimeter of this pool area. There is a crowd of paying customers just outside this fenced in area. I think it costs them $50.00 a person to get into the Ponderosa Sun Ranch. Ponderosa Sun Ranch is a nudist colony, but one weekend per year it hosts the Nudes-A-Poppin festivities. That is me pretending to fall asleep in the pretty girl’s lap. I am within the fenced in perimeter which means that I’ve not paid a dime to be here for one thing. The customers outside the fence are allowed to come onto the Ponderosa Sun Ranch property only on Sunday. The rest of us have been here since 6:30 on Saturday morning. On both Saturday and Sunday mornings our day starts off with entering a small outbuilding on the property where we will spend the next four or five hours doing our release work. There’s only four or five photographers in the building, and I’m one of them. Bob’s standing next to me. He’s the guru among us. He’s the old pro, so if we have any questions, he’s the man we will ask.

The entertainers will start entering this outbuilding from around 7 a.m. on so we have to be here until 11 or 12. Since there are to be no competitions until Sunday, this leaves all of us free to simply wander around the place taking pictures or just getting to know people. Bob will be our fearless leader. All the entertainers know him. After all he’s been shooting their pictures for years and has developed quite a following. The more prominent among them have been in his private photography studio at least once. He’s far from being the beady eyed, dark headed predator I had imagined when I used to ogle his stimulating pictures in the magazine he was shooting for. His hair has long ago started to grey, and he’s probably not as slender as he used to be. He is soft spoken and very accommodating. One cannot help liking him.

Upon entering this small building all entertainers must produce at least two id’s which will verify who they are and that they are over 18. There are four or five people working for the Ponderosa Sun Ranch who are here to assist the entertainers and to make sure that all the release work gets done properly. There’s a row of several long tables where the entertainers now sit. Here they have to fill out their paperwork. Bob and I and the other photographers each have over one hundred releases handy. At this point each of us must make sure that someone gives each entertainer a copy of our magazine’s release. A copy of each entertainer’s id’s is made and this submitted to the people in charge. My release has a space on it for the id number which is usually the person’s driver’s license. Each entertainer must now completely fill out five or six releases, which include mine and Bob’s. Once an entertainer fills out all her releases and gets up from the table it is our job to shoot pictures of her. Bob might be the first, or it might be me or someone else. But we all work together so that the whole process goes like clockwork. When it’s my turn to take an entertainer’s picture I have her place the Xtreme Magazine release up in front of her (but not in front of her face. She also must show her number which identifies her when she’s up on stage the next day or even if she’s having her pictures taken as she wanders around the place.

I enjoy the company of the other photographers around me and as I have already mentioned there’s only four or five of us. Outside the building the entertainers will be meeting a few other photographers all of whom have been carefully screened by Scarlet, who is the owner of the Nudes-A-Poppin pageant. Either that or it’s her parents who technically own it along with the Nudist Camp, but one can be sure that it’s Scarlett who’s the ramrod. And you don’t just show up here expecting to shoot pictures. It is up to Scarlett to determine whether you are worthy or not. Her primary criterion is that she has to think that you are able to provide Nudes-A-Poppin with some rather significant publicity. I’ve been here before, the first time covering Nudes-A-Poppin for Exotic Dancer Publications and Xtreme Magazine after that. Looking back on it all, I feel that I was among the elite of the elite. Only four or five photographers get to do their release work inside the little building, and I’m working side by side with Bob who’s simply one of the best. One can just imagine the prestige a photographer gets with all the entertainers just by being with such a small group.

Since there’s no entertainment scheduled once the release work is completed, the other photographers and I accompany Bob, who’s become our unofficial fearless leader, in a pilgrimage about the place. For the next hour or two Bob assembles groups of entertainers for group photos. There’s also outdoor games the women participate in. By mid-afternoon most of us are hungry so we wind up wandering off in our cars in small groups to visit various restaurants throughout the area. That’s how I found Dirty Heather. She had ridden down with two men from Iowa. One of them would eventually end up shooting Pure Talent’s showcases about the time I had finished shooting them. They invited me to accompany them to lunch at the Olive Garden, two girls were with them, so that’s how I started getting to know Heather pretty well.

One thing about Nudes-A-Poppin. It’s held at a nudist colony for one thing so the nudist colony’s rules must be religiously adhered to. One of the rules is there’s no swimming in the colony’s pool unless one is completely nude. On at least two occasions I found myself in a group of men and women completely naked in the pool drinking with the people around me. One time it was with Bob and several of the other photographers along with several very well known feature entertainers; the other time it was with several attractive unknown strippers who just happened to have the hotel room next to mine.

Now I don’t know if this is another rule or not, but I’ve heard that hard ons are not allowed on the Ponderosa Sun Ranch’s property, at least not in public. If true, I don’t know what the nudist colony does with the offending member. Does it chop it off or does it expel its host from the community? I will say that I’ve never been physically stimulated in a single one of my several visits there as a photographer. Of course we photographers are always fully clothed at Nudes-A-Poppin except when we are in the swimming pool. This is not the case with the entertainers. In fact we are being so constantly surrounded by all those naked female bodies that it all gets to be very ho hum. We aren’t allowed to get hard ons even if we felt like getting them so what’s the whole point? Oh yes. The point is to get as many outstanding pictures as possible.

So take a look at the picture at the top of this post again? The girl is one of the very few who’s got any clothing on. I’ve got a lot more pictures of me with my head on the laps of fully naked entertainers. But is there really a difference? Pleasure and Pain will be featured in my gun article on the Baikal 12 gauge shotgun and I’ve got pictures of me lying all over a fully naked Pleasure, but there’s nothing going on here. And there isn’t with the girl in this picture either. The only thing is although I’d first meet Pleasure at Nudes-A-Poppin, I’d later become good friends with her whereas the girl in this particular picture I’d never see again. She was very cute, but she simply never showed up at any of the adult industry events I’d later be covering.

But back to Bob. Bob was no doubt one of the finest photographers in the adult entertainment business. He was also one of the most respected. For instance Lolly Tops who appears in “Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World” with the SKS rifle, used to call me up every week just to see how I was doing and to exchange the latest gossip. But she’d also call Bob up about every week. For one thing she knew Bob could be very influential to an entertainer’s career. He was shooting for a very well known adult magazine and when he wasn’t he was shooting a lot of promo for entertainers. Promo is a term for advertisements for adult entertainers that are centered around one or more professionally done pictures. These pictures are usually done in a studio setting where special lighting and props are being used. From what I gathered, when an entertainer told me she had gotten her promo done by Bob, I knew she was pretty serious about her career.

I suppose that if someone were to see pictures of me naked in the Nudes-A-Poppin swimming pool with all those naked women that all kinds of thoughts would be floating around about all the evil things we were doing to each other. The reality, however, was all too mundane. I no longer think of Bob having sex with all his models. I’m sure that a lot of people must think the same way of me that I used to have of Bob. The truth is that it really makes no sense to be banging one’s bread and butter. All kinds of problems crop up starting with one’s getting a very bad reputation in the adult community. The truth is men like Bob are true artists, which brings us back once more to the Rodin sculpture.

The sculpture is of two completely naked figures, one male and the other female embracing one another. Now one could call this pornographic because it goes so far as to suggest a sexual act. But it’s considered art instead. Yet I’ve had my web site removed by IX Hosting a few years ago without any warning whatsoever. The reason given was that I violated their service agreement by showing “adult content” whatever that means. And I showed a lot less of the female anatomy than Rodin and many other famous artists. I will argue, however that artists such as Rodin, have performed a very valuable service for the betterment of humanity. Sculptures such as a Venus show the female body in an idealized state and since they are idealized they give women something to strive for in a quest to improve their bodies. The same is true for men because with a Rodin sculpture they can visualize men the way the Greeks saw them–strong in intellect and body alike.

A great misfortune for all of humanity would have occurred if great artists like Rodin and Michelangelo would have had adult service agreements imposed on them. I really think that humanity would have lost the measuring rod such sculptures represent that influence mankind to attempt to measure up to the physical excellence represented by the sculpture. Take a look at the Rodin sculpture again. The male figure is built with a sturdy chest without a sagging beer gut. Its arms are powerful while the legs are muscular yet not overly thick. As to the female, her waist is slender, her breasts ample and firm but not overly large. Her backside is trim and well proportioned. Her legs are firm and nicely tapered. She is built the way women were meant to be built, and if you don’t believe me just use Google and see what you can dig up on paintings, frescoes and sculptures of Spartan women. Spartan women were not fat. They were wonderfully slender and beautiful. Now one can say, as I already have that a Rodin captured men and women in an idealized state in his sculptures, and that in the real world men and women don’t really exist, but the artwork still survives that suggests otherwise in Sparta.

What we are stuck with today is the Gunny Sack example, and as long as we are stuck with adult service agreements and strip club closures for their not measuring up to the ill conceived standards of those who wish to hide the human body, we will have lost sight of the beauty of the human form. More than ever, we need more nudity, not less of it while recognizing the true genius of photographers such as Bob, who are the real artists of their time.

Photographing naked women–When is enough enough?

Sculpture of Venus by RodinShooting pictures of fully naked women came with the territory. About every two months I’d be driving somewhere new in the United States to cover the Pure Talent Agency’s feature showcases (which I won’t describe here because I’ve already done so at where my latest book, Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World is being sold. For example, I traveled to Providence Rhode Island to shoot hundreds of pictures a night at Club Fantasies for Pure Talent while staying in the same hotel as the feature entertainers who were performing in the showcase. Three times I’d travel to Big Al’s in Peoria, Illinois to shoot Pure Talent feature showcases. I did at least one showcase at the Lumberyard Strip Club in Des Moines, Ia. (The place really is an adult night club). Later I’d return to cover Miss Nude World at the Lumberyard, and after that I’ve lost count of how many times I’d come back to cover numerous adult events such as SPEW (Sexy Professional Exotic Wrestling) for Big Daddy and Big Mike (the Lumberyard’s G.M.) There would be a feature showcase at Lafayette, Indiana for the Continental Agency, two feature showcases for Pure Talent at the Candy Store in Mobile, Alabama, two more feature showcases for Pure Talent in Philadelphia and Baltimore, and so on. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s no telling how many digital pictures I wound up taking, but it’s has to be 100,000 or so, and after shooting the Rhode Island Showcase I turned in my Canon G-2 digital camera for the Nikon D-1 X, Nikon’s top of the line professional camera which set me back over $5000 for the camera body plus another $1300 for my favorite lens. By then I had decided that within the limits of what I could afford the women I was shooting deserved the best. Furthermore I was shooting for Pure Talent while writing for Xtreme Magazine, and I was doing professional work with an amateur camera which I felt was like bringing a BB gun to a gun fight. The Nikon D-1 X with the lens I had gotten could easily deliver over 1000 pictures a night at a quality level the other photographers around me could not match. That lens was so fine that even today I marvel at how it was able to produce a Three D effect. The entertainers seemed to literally be jumping out of their backgrounds. Lesser lenses simply wouldn’t do it. During all of this I met so many naked ladies that I cannot begin to count them. Such superior results came not because I was the superior photographer. It simply took a lot longer for other professional photographers to catch up. Several of them were having their equipment provided by the magazines they were shooting for and it took awhile for such magazines to catch onto the fact that shooting with film simply was no longer competitive. Photographers shooting next to me had to keep reloading their expensive Nikon film cameras while I was able to shoot over two hundred pictures before I had to pull my memory card out and put a new one in, a process that took less than 10 seconds. Other photographers covering the same events I was covering were using lesser cameras than the D-1 X that were fitted with cheaper lenses. Even today, I can tell a big difference between the heavy 28-70 mm Silent Wave Nikon lens and my much newer 18 by 200 mm Nikon that has anti vibration and all the other bells and whistles that retails for around $600.

And now, with my publishing Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World, once again the question has come up over how much nudity I should allow in the pictures I was publishing?

For me, the naked female body can be a beautiful thing. But during the past thirty years or so the average American has put on over 25 pounds, and although the guys compose part of this average the women have been even worse. Meanwhile clothing styles have evolved into what I will call the gunnysack cut. For men most of whom have pot bellies once they reach a certain age and fat behinds, this amounts to a lot of extra material in the legs and seats of their pants. For women, garments have evolved into gunny sacks of shapeless cut. Oftentimes they are called suits. But make no mistake, these “suits” were designed to hide the human body. But for those who’ve got it, it’s best to flaunt it. So show it off if you’ve got a nice trim waist or finely sculpted back muscles (Leah Layne comes to mind here who I’ve featured with the Tec 9). As for naked breasts, if they look nice show them for God’s sake. Most people wouldn’t shirk away at all from a woman who’s breast feeding her baby in public. But for a stripper to expose her breasts on stage, that’s bad. And why is it bad? It’s bad because strip clubs are bad evil places in the eyes of many people. But which is really more beautiful, a trim naked stripper showing off a pair of nicely formed breasts or a woman who’s recently been pregnant, pulling her breasts out of her bloated body to give milk to her baby? If you ask me the reason so many are offended when a stripper shows off her body, is jealousy compounded by the fact that whenever a prettier, more physically attractive woman shows off her well proportioned body, that act of displaying her beautiful body acts as a sad reminder of the far less attractive woman’s shortcomings. So, for those who appreciate real beauty in the female body, nakedness is good while wearing gunnysacks amounts to a huge cover up for all the bad habits the Western world has gotten into these past thirty years such as gluttony, unwillingness to exercise, too much drinking, and the denial of what one has become. But now that I’ve said all of that, I’ll also contend that too much of a good thing is just too much.

Even today now that I’m living in Pattaya, Thailand which probably has the largest number of the best looking women in the whole world, if you were to take me into six Pattaya go go bars, a couple of my friends might be inclined to say that two of them are good because the go-go dancers are completely naked whereas the other four are just so-so because the women are partially clothed. But I could care less because I’m far more concerned with how beautiful the women are, are they friendly or not friendly, will I be treated as a number or are at least some of the girls more willing to put in a better effort to get to know me just a little, even if ultimately their bottom line goal is to make as much money off of me as they can. The same was true in all the American clubs I used to visit. In the U.S. not only was it important for a club to have good looking women, it was equally important for me to establish some kind of meaningful rapport with at least one of the girls. In the course of establishing such a rapport I’d start to look at the women as much more than strippers taking off their clothes–I’d look at them as real people who I either really liked, despised or was ambivalent about.

At Nudes-A-Poppin all 100 of the female contestants would be roaming around the outdoor nude beauty pageant completely naked. Here I’d first meet Dirty Heather, Darien Ross, Pleasure and Pain, Leah Layne, and Amy, all six of whom would later be featured in my Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World articles. The thing about Nudes-A-Poppin is that after a few hours and definitely by the second day all that nudity started to get a little too overwhelming and one would find oneself once again wishing to find women wearing at least some clothing. The problem was that any slight physical defect in a contestant’s naked body would detract from her overall sexuality. The whole thing would start to become just a little too clinical. The other thing that started to bother me about shooting women in the nude was when the nudity started to go just a little too far.

My personal feeling on the subject is that a woman’s privates should remain private. Now I really don’t have any problems shooting pictures of naked women from a distance or in such a manner that her private areas do not appear in the pictures. Here I must draw a distinction between showcasing a picture of the most exquisitely formed breasts and all those vaginal shots that get so much attention in practically all porn. A sculpture of a naked Venus by a Rodin or Michelangelo would be considered art while I’d consider a picture that displays a woman’s privates while she’s playing with a dildo to be grotesque. Such pictures diminish the real woman lurking inside the body that’s showing off its most intimate areas. As for ass shots, I see nothing wrong with taking pictures of a woman’s ass so long as the picture suggests only that her body is very beautiful rather than showing something else, that is the stuff of porn.

Once in awhile I’d be called upon to shoot pictures of an entertainer who’s sticking a dildo up her private areas. I can’t say that I was actually disgusted by someone doing a show that featured weird tricks with a dildo, but I was at least more than a little bored by doing those kinds of pictures. The same would be true about shooting pictures of women having oral sex during a shower show. Once again, I felt that those kinds of pictures diminish the women who whether they are pretending to get it on in during the shower show or really getting into doing the real thing. In fact this is exactly what happened that weekend when Lolly Topps and her boyfriend visited me during a photo shoot I was doing of her for the SKS Xtreme Magazine article. After doing the shoot with Lolly Topps posing with Vic Meyer’s SKS the three of us had dinner together and then I took them to one of my favorite St. Louis Metro East strip clubs. Danny and I were talking and enjoying our beers together when Lolly Topp came back from visiting the club’s restroom fuming. Lollytops announced to both of us that one of the club’s customers had tried to grab her breasts and that she had almost slugged the man on the spot. A few minutes later two of the club’s naked entertainers started to practice cunnilingus on each other in a shower show as the club’s male customers cheered them on. Lollytopps kept repeating over and over to us, “I can’t believe this. I’ve never seen anything like that done in a club before.”

Plainly Lolly Tops was just flat out disgusted. Yet how many times had I taken nude pictures of her? And while being announced at Club Maximus while competing for MS. Texas, not to mention at other adult events the M.C. would be announcing Lolly’s credits including her being a porn star. When? I’d like to know because if I can imagine Lolly Tops doing porn at all it would probably have to be with her boyfriend alone in a bathtub filled to the brim with bubbles as they proceeded to sail a little toy boat back and forth in between the bubbles.

I got to know Lolly pretty well, and whenever I was around her I’d get the most wonderful vibes that I rarely ever felt when I was around a woman. I’m not sure but I think it was during the Miss Nude World pageant that I fell asleep in Lolly Topps room for a few minutes while she quietly talked with one of the other entertainers. She was just good people and that’s the best explanation I can give of her.

I really don’t know what Lolly Topps is doing right now. I’ve been living in Thailand for seven years now. And although I talked just three days ago with Arianna a Del on Skye I doubt if Arianna could tell me what Montana Steel is up to even though both women are from Louisville and that when I first became acquainted with them they were rooming together in a hotel room Big Al was paying for during a Pure Talent Feature Showcase. But I had gotten to know Montana as a very intelligent personable woman who was as common, ordinary and unpretentious as they come. I sure don’t want to be publishing any pictures of Montana where men can gawk at the display of her privates. And so it goes. As a group these were some of the finest women I’ve ever gotten to meet. It’s been a real privilege to work with them on the Extreme Magazine photo shoots not to mention all the other times we got to work together.

So here we are. There are now three distinct versions of Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World. Although I’ve already mentioned that I tamed some of the pictures down in order to attract a wider readership, I’ve eliminated the display of a woman’s privates out of respect for both myself and the women who did such an outstanding job in the photo shoots. And I’ve gone even further by covering up all shots of a woman’s breasts even though I have no personal problems displaying them. What I wanted was for the totality of my models’ overall attractiveness to shine in the pictures in a book that will hopefully be around for a long time. Because if I can, if I ever had the talent to do it, I’d prefer for this book to later on be considered as pure art.

Extreme Guns & Babes for an Adult World Questionaire

This is the girl modeling the Walther PPK in the previewIt’s short and I believe it moves along quickly. At 180 pages Exotic Guns and Babes for an Adult World comprises 115 digital photos of over 26 strippers and feature entertainers for 26 gun articles I wrote for Xtreme Magazine.

The book is now available in three flavors from The 1st edition is in Kindle format at $9.95. The second edition is in full color but since color is so expensive in the printing industry the book will have to sell for around $36.00 although for now it’s retailing for $27.95 or so. This is high but there’s no getting around it and with models such as this the girls look best in full color. The black and white third edition retailing for $13.95 which is a huge difference.

Here’s the link to the preview which amounts to one chapter with pictures and this one’s about the Walther PPK, which was James Bond’s favorite sidearm. The model is a young topless dancer I took pictures of around 10 years ago.

I’m asking five questions from all of you in this preview such as “Would you prefer to read this book in Kindle, Black and White paperback, or full color, would you prefer to see more nudity in the pictures, etc.

In those pictures where there was full nudity I’ve replaced naked breasts and other sensitive areas of the female anatomy with flowers, etc so I doubt very much if anyone will feel the pictures are offensive–erotic, well maybe, but certainly this book is a long way from being pornographic.

Jack Corbett