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Where else but at Nikky Bar would a Naklua Thailand little Germany birthday would I introduce Richard Wagners Gotterdammerung classical music?

Naklua Thailand little Germany birthday

The reason I’m calling this Naklua Thailand little Germany birthday party is twofold. First Naklua has many German residents. And there are a lot of German restaurants here. So, it is no surprise that NIkky Bar has a large percentage of German customers. The second reason is this particular German group of guys attending their pal’s birthday party went overboard to dramatize their Germanness.Mew and Mimi go crazy with their dancing.

Which I found to be hugely entertaining. For example, one of the men, had the karaoke group play a popular German heavy metal song while he played the part of being a head vocalist. The German singer. Axel, is a big guy. His voice was guttural to the extreme. I don’t think his normal voice is, but Axel, was playing his role to the hilt. While the music kept reminding me of German marching songs out of World War II. Or something that might have been played during the Nuremburg rallies.

My mind kept going back to all the books I’ve read and movies I saw of Goebbels and Herman Goering, and even of Hitler himself loudly shouting Nazi propaganda to all their supporters.

The longer I listened the more I was drawn into almost believing that Naklua Thailand little Germany had become the Third Reich.

While Axel took on the personality and appearance of Herman Goering.Germans singing Pattaya Pattaya Pattaya

And as I looked around me I saw several German men singing along with Axel. One of them appearing to have tears in his eyes. Then I noticed Koyo and Nee Nee dancing to the music. Not Thai music but deeply resonating German sounds that emphasized the guttural tones of the German language. Nee Nee and Koy were dancing like two hyperkinetic animated figures that were totally clueless about what Axel’s intentions were or what was going through my head. The German men and the two Thai women making me think of all the true believers prior to and during World War II. believersAxel singing the German heavy metal song. while looking like Herman Goering.

I thought Axel was terrific. Hamming all this Teutonic music as he purposely changed his voice into what so many German SS officers must have sounded like while shouting out orders.

Mew, Koy and Nee Nee dancing to the non-German version of Pattaya Pattaya Pattaya

It was all so funny watching all these Germans hamming it up. But when three or four of them started to sing Pattaya’s signature song. Pattaya Pattaya Pattaya in German, I decided to have the last joke on them.

Ever watch Excaliber, perhaps the best movie about King
Arthur that had ever been produced? The same music is played throughout the movie. Passages from Siegfried’s funeral are played thoughout the movie. The passages are straight out of Richard Wagner’s opera “Goetterdaemmerung“. As the great tragedy of Arthur and Camelot unfolds that same Wagnerian theme is played and over.

In the end Camelot and all the good it stood for is destroyed. King Arthus is killed in battle, and all is lost. But all of that is old English legend and folklore. But Hitler and many of his minions identified so much with Richard Wagner’s classical music that Goetterdaemmerung, which means twilight of the Gods, became an ever-recurrent part of their thought processes.

It was a great party, and those particular Germans did a lot to make it unforgettable. But I must have the final say to all that Teutonic Ness, they brought in to liven the party up. By interjecting a few bits and pieces of Siegfried’s funeral I’m throwing in my own contribution of Germanness to the videos I shot of the party.




For reasons that make no logical sense whatsoever YouTube removed my Jack Corbett YouTube channel without warning.

MJ Kitty Bar on Pattaya Soi Six. Yeah, I know, those of you at YouTube want to be here but can’t.
In my opinion YouTube removed my video channel because I put sexy Thai women in my videos. This picture being an example of why these mothers for a more boring world types removed my YouTube channel. There’s no nudity in my videos. I think a small group removed my video channel because its members are jealous that someone like me could socialize and even go out with much prettier girls than they could ever get near. Or because my friends and I are having so much fun here in Thailand. Living up the life in Fun City.

Suddenly my YouTube channel no longer existed. Then I checked my alternative email. And read what the self- proclaimed YouTube powers that be that sent me. To explain why they destroyed twelve months of hard work growing my channel. I had uploaded 200 videos onto my YouTube channel. And had over 575 subscribers before those YouTube guardians of public virtue torpedoed my Jack Corbett YouTube Channel.

Those great minds from YouTube justified themselves with this email: “We have reviewed your content and found severe or repeated violations of our community guidelines. Because of this we have removed your channel from YouTube.”

Well, hey, all you geniuses from YouTube. Did you remove my YouTube Channel because of 1. severe violations of your community standards or because of 2. Repeated violations of your Community Guidelines. But you don’t know, do you?

I also want to know specifically what community standard did I violate? But you really don’t know, do you?

And what happened to my Jack Corbett YouTube channel when it suddenly disappeared a year ago? I had 1100 subscribers then and close to 2 million views. Someone representing YouTube emailed me that someone had hacked my YouTube channel. Now, I can only think that someone or a small group of YouTube employees deliberately hacked my Jack Corbett YouTube channel because they did not like sexy women. And I had lots of sexy women on my old YouTube channel. None of them naked, however.

Now that my Jack Corbett YouTube channel has been removed twice, I have decided to have nothing to do with YouTube ever again. So, I’ve started up my own Jack Corbett Video Channel. I am calling it the Jack Corbett adult video channel for adults who can think for themselves.




I have added Koys Videos Page 2 because Koy has participated in too many videos to list on a single page here.

Koys videos page 2
From left to right during Pattaya Dancing Queen III at Nikky Bar, Mew, Nikky Bar’s Mimi, Nee Nee, MJ Kitty Bar’s Phan, Koy, Gee and Playpen bar’s Mimi

What happens when I put too many videos on one page is, the page loads too slowly. Therefore it was essential to add Koys Videos page 2.I took this one with my smart phone. It features Koy dancing with Pon.Mew and Koy table dancing together at Repent Bar. I will soon be taking my Nikon with me to shoot all my Soi Six videos.In this video Mew shows off her versatility by being the photographer and then she’s table dancing with Koy.One crazy night at Repent Bar with Gee and KoySister Act at Repent with Koy and Mew. I like the music. In a weird way it reminds me of Zorba the Greek.Pon table dancing with MewMark is the photographer shooting video of Mew and me dancing together as Koy watches.Koy singing and dancing with Pon.Koy, Mew, and Gee at Repent Bar.Bedlam at Repent Bar as Koy, and Mew are up on the bar’s tables, dancing.“Hi. My name is Gee, I smoke Marlboro. If you smoke Marlboro, you can have a beautify shape just like me.Night out with Mew on Soi Six. Mew and I start off with Koy and Mark at Repent Bar. And then it’s Helicopter Bar and MJ Kitty BarTequila Night at Repent Bar Act 3Tequila Night Act 5 with Mew, Koy and Gee here at Repent BarTequila Night with Mew Act 4 with Gee, and Koy at Repent BarBut much earlier we are having a Tequila night at Repent with Pon, and Koy.The wildest party ever is a Soi Six Repent Bar ActThe wildest birthday party ever is at Soi Six Repent Bar Act 2.Looking for dancers to compete for Pattaya Dancing Queen II. Mew and I start out at Repent and then we wind up with Mimi and Thomas at Playpen, Helicopter bar and back to Repent to rejoin Mark and Koy.Mew, Koy and Mark at the Playpen BarGee’s birthday at the Playpen 5-15-2023Mew and I hit four Soi Six bars including Repent Bar where we meet up with Koy.

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I’ve got Chris and NIng with me and my Nikon Z7ii camera with the 17-28 2.8 lens and we are hitting nine Soi Six Bars.

 This picture at MJ Kitty Bar is only one of nine Soi Six Bars
Only nine bars? When we include Nikky Bar which is not on Soi Six that makes 10 bars and lots of tequila.

This video action takes place at Smoke and Kisses and Kittys on Soi Six.

I’ve also taken my always on light with me. Which I will mount on top of my camera as soon as we hit MJ Kitty bar. The flashing lights here play big games with cameras. My Nikon 20 mm 1.8 lens is my fastest lens so it would be the best here at Kittys. But the girls get very close to me which pushes the wide-angle capabilities of my 20 mm lens a bit too much. The always on light is the answer. So, I’m going ultra-wide tonight.

The nine Soi Six Bars we hit are Three AngelsHelicopter BarButterfly BarRoxysSmoke and Kisses, Repent, Panda Bar, MJ Kitty Bar, and the Playpen. And will eventually end up at Nikky Bar in Naklua. And we are drinking lots of tequila especially at the Playpen. Thanks to Thomas’s generosity. But it could be Repent. Or it could be Butterfly bar. Or Helicopter Bar. Whose managers are tequila drinkers just like us.

I shoot all my video at Smoke and Kisses. Where I can’t help myself when Pompui starts shaking that little ass of hers. (Don’t worry Pompui, we will be back. And then I got a little more video at MJ Kittys. Where unfortunately my always on light stops working. All in all, it’s pretty quiet on Six tonight. So we get started almost too late with the video.

Click here if you want to know a lot more about my favorite Soi Six Bars.




Although Lust Bar is one of the top bars on Soi Six I haven’t done nearly enough Pattaya Lust Bar videos yet.

I have Pattaya Lust Bar videos of two of their ex bar girls
Minny (not to be confused with Minny Mouse and Mew waiting for their turn to compete for the April 2 Pattaya Dancing Queen Competition at Nikky Bar

This was Pattaya Dancing Queen 1 Nikky and I held on my birthday. In this first competition only one other Soi Six girl showed up. Gee representing Smoke and Kisses. That was over a year ago when Minny was my favorite girl at Lust Bar.

Minny knew me well enough to trust me. Whereas Mew didn’t. I had only met Mew once or twice, buying her a soft drink each time. But something deep in my gut told me I just had to have her at our first Pattaya Dancing Queen competition. My friend David living in Rayong was staying with me for that weekend. So we took both of my motorbikes to Soi Six that night. My Yamaha Nmax and my Triumph Street Twin. When we arrived at Lust Bar, Minny was all set to go. Whereas Mew was totally clueless about everything.

But after Minny explained all that she knew about the Pattaya Dancing Queen competition, Mew was eager to give the whole thing her best shot.

To our total surprise Mew took first place which I have captured in the Pattaya Lust Bar videos page and in the Nikky Bar page here at the Funhouse

Which speaks volumes about the quality of Lust Bar. Whose owner told me, “Mew is my best girl. She is not lazy, and she dances practically all the time in the middle of Soi Six in front of my bar.”

Unfortunately, I have lost track of Minny. Of where she is now. And what she’s doing. With Mew, it’s a different story. Because on July 31, 2022 Mew once again took first place as Pattaya’s finest dancer. Winning 13000 baht for best show and for being the best dancer at the competition. While she took top honors a third time at the Pattaya Dancing Queen competition on April 2, 2023.

In fact, Lust Bar has been successful enough to convince its owner to start up another bar on Soi Six. Called Desiree bar although I often call it Lust Bar II.

I’ve only shot one video at Lust Bar but I’ve shot a few of Mew winning all three Pattaya Dancing Queen contests at Nikky Bar.

And I shot two more of Minny–the kickboxing video at my condo and the pool shark video at Nikky Bar along with her performance competing at the Pattaya Dancing Queen 1 competition.

The Pattaya Lust Bar Videos

Three contestants in our first Pattaya Dancing Queen competition are together here at Lust Bar–Mini, Mew and Gee.Minny beating up my punching bag in my condo.Pool sharks at Nikky Bar.Minny competing in the first Pattaya Dancing Queen competition at Nikky Bar. Although Minny never even placed two ex-American stripper friends of mine rated her performance as the best.This video shows abbreviated performances of all seven contestants during the Pattaya Dancing Queen competition including Mew’s and Minny’s.

Mew’s complete show winning first place in the first Pattaya Dancing Queen competition.The final showdown at Pattaya Dancing Queen I on April 2, 2022. When the five judges call it a three way tie between Smoke and Kisses Gee, Lust Bar’s Mew and Nikky Bar’s Apple, there is a final dance off between the three women. Mew will win the dance off with Apple taking 2nd place and Gee finishing up third.

Click here since there as so many videos of Mew. Which I have put them onto her own page.




Although it less noticeable than Toybox or Repent Soi Six, Smoke and Kisses is one of the most underrated bars in Pattaya.

Two Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy calendar girls worked at Soi Six Smoke and Kisses
I met Phang and Gee, two of the 2023 Pattaya Beaches calendar girls at Soi Six Smoke and Kisses

It’s pretty quiet in Smoke and Kisses when you compare it to its next-door neighbor, Repent Bar. Or Toybox a few bars down the street. Which is a good thing.

The bar’s restaurant is not nearly as busy for one thing. Which when you gotta go, you gotta go. And it’s no fun waiting in line to take care of nature’s needs. Yet, out of all the Soi Six bars, I’ve gotten a lot closer to the Smoke and Kisses girls than I have in any other bar. I would consider Phang to name just one example as the wisest and fairest out of all the bar girls I’ve met. While Jee Jee stayed one month with me during the first lockdown. And Gee (not to be confused with Jee Jee)? Let me put it this way. If Gee didn’t exist, I might just have to invent her.

Soi Six Smoke and Kisses has a lot of continuity that few Soi Six bars have. It’s had the same owner for years. Who also owns Smoke and Mirrors and Lollytop Bar. As well as a new bar in Phuket. While Anna’s been mamasan at Smoke and Kisses for at least seven years. Smoke and Kisses also has the same cashier for years. And like Anna I’ve known the cashier for at least seven years.

I will make no secret of the fact that I immensely prefer small ladies and both Anna and ___ at Soi Six Smoke and Kisses have known this for as long as I remember them.

I know the cashier so well that I think I can tell her my darkest secrets and she won’t tell anyone. And although I’m not as certain about Anna keeping all my secrets, I will never forget how she brought me flowers at the first Pattaya Dancing Queen competition. Which Nikky and I held on my 75th birthday. Or how well Anna looked after Gee. Bringing Gee to the competition and taking her home afterwards. Or looking after Gee during the second Pattaya Dancing Queen competition. And taking Koy home after the big party ended.

Just take my word for it. Soi Six Smoke and Kisses is one of the most underrated bars on Soi Six.

But don’t take my word for it. Watch all these videos and decide for yourself.

Who is the number one crazy girl at Soi Six Smoke and Kisses? Phang or Gee?Soi Six Dancing Machine is Gee from Smoke and KissesMew at Smoke and Kisses but it’s ___ the cashier who appears in this thumbnail.Smoke and Kisses with Mew and GeeqqqqqqwwwwwHitting six Soi Six bars the highpoint is watching a super slender Gee strut her stuff at Smoke and Kisses.

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Soi Six Butterfly bar is one of the friendliest bars in Pattaya.

Gee visiting Ba Ba at Soi Six Butterfly bar
On the left is Ba Ba. Center, one of the bar’s special ladies, and Gee on the right. Gee often accompanies me when I visit my favorite Soi Six bars. And great company because no one dances better than Gee when she’s on top of her game. But even more important than that, Gee has excellent taste when it comes to music. And Gee will not hesitate to change a bar’s music whenever she can.

As far as this that picture says a lot. The girl on the right is Gee. Who told me one night, let’s go to Butterfly Bar. Gee didn’t explain anything, but I knew what she was thinking. She liked Butterfly bar because the bar always let her change the music whenever she wanted to play DJ.

Butterfly Bar Videos

Mew and Gee accompany me to Butterfly Bar. when the entire bar erupts in a contagion of some of the best dancing ever seen in a Soi Six Bar. In this video I am using my favorite lens, the Nikon 20 mm 1.8 z prime lens.Never never underestimate Gee. Gee loves to play DJ, and she has a terrific flair for picking the right music. In this video she shows off her dancing skills that are second to none while getting the Butterfly girls to follow her antics.Gee shows off her DJ skills again here at Butterfly Bar. And like Pon or Mew how she can win over the girls in just about any bar. Although most of this video takes place at Butterfly Bar Gee and I wind it up at Lust Bar.Ning’s first time on Soi Six. And there’s no better place to start off than at the Butterfly Bar. I met Ning only several days ago at Nikky Bar. And I made no secret of how much I love Soi Six. By the end of the night Ning and I hit seven Soi Six Bars: Butterfly Bar, Helicopter Bar, Smoke and Kisses, Repent Bar, Playpen, MJ Kitty Bar and Lust Bar.Mew accompanies me to three Soi Six Bars. Starting off here at Butterfly Bar we head to Playpen Bar next and then MJ Kitty BarMew brings a young girlfriend to meet me on Soi Six. This video’s action takes place at Butterfly Bar and the Playpen

Click here for more description of the Butterfly Bar and other Soi Six Bars.

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