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Nuns Take over the Dollies Playhouse Strip Club

Or that was the story line back in 1997-1998. In those days I had my Kodak DC-40 digital camera when practically everyone else was using film. It could only manage around 375,000 pixels. To give you an idea of how inferior this camera was to today’s equipment my present Nikon D-300 will do around 13 million pixels while the top of the line Nikon SLR digital camera will manage around 35 million pixels. Other photographers derided my Kodak as a toy. Little did they know that film would soon be dead. The Kodak provided instant gratification, and strip club owners, managers, and strippers couldn’t get enough of it. I’d bring my laptop into the Dollies Playhouse strip club and my digital camera and we’d all start doing these digital skits with everyone hamming it up in the club. I’d come up with a story line and then I’d have all the people in the strip club acting out my crazy scripts. We used to even have Dollies Trendy Toilet Sex in the club’s restrooms. The idea would be to get as many people as possible into one of the toilets and then they’d all start to act weird and I’d start taking pictures. Afterwards I’d go to my digital office in the club which was around five feet from the club’s main stage. Dollies even provided me with my own separate phone line so I could get online with my laptop so I’d sit there with all my friends who were mostly strippers and work on my digital images. Then I’d put them into the Lost Angels chats and people would tune in from all around the country.

In general people are vain. They like to be the center of attention, especially strippers and strip club owners and managers, strip club DJ’s, waitresses, etc. So if I could get someone’s picture in front of the whole world in half an hour and other photographers using film would tell their fans, “I’ll get them developed and show you the results tomorrow” who is the better photographer?” I’d be drinking beer and tequila with all my friends at Dollies with my faithful laptop in front of me, and man, everybody would go wild.

Click here to get the page, Nuns Take over the Dollies Playhouse Strip Club which has the links to this slide show-video. I didn’t dare put this up on You Tube because it shows a fair amount of nudity while taking a few pot shots at organized religion. Big Howard’s my pal. He was assistant manager at Dollies and we sure drank a lot of tequila and beer together. In this slide show he’s hamming it up in the club’s toilet with a bare breasted stripper who calls herself Diamond. Then there’s a series of pictures of sexy Cylina I did a photo shoot of in the club’s attic in front of mirrors. Cylina then plays the part of an unruly high school student in “School Girls” with Obsession. Their teacher is Sister Cuervo, played by Marilyn Mynxxx. Marilyn’s even wearing a nun’s habit to play her part. Finally Alabama appears as Sister Margarita wearing her habit also. There’s one picture of her serving me a portion of Methyl blue in a Chinese restaurant where we had a party. The stuff makes anyone who drinks it piss blue, and Alabama drank her portion too so we both peed in technicolor for a few hours. Lastly, there’s the classic picture of a fully nude Alabama sitting on the toilet at Dollies posing for pictures.

And so it was back then. We were all wild and crazy and my digital camera recorded the strip club action. Back then Tequila was the drink of choice for the ladies and men like Big Howard and me.

Trapped by unrelenting rain inside Naklua’s Pen Bar with out of control Thai bar girls

Who says you have to go to Pattaya’s Go Go Bars for a great time? Real expats such as Peter claim Walking Street’s only for tourists who don’t know any better. The action in this video occurred just two nights ago at the Pen Bar on Naklua Soi 18. Peter (his name is Per in Norwegian) is out for just another typical night by his lonesome. My girlfriend is sitting just to my right, which is pretty good reason for my repeatedly telling one of the bar girls to stop what she’s doing. But my girlfriend’s presence doesn’t phase her one bit. Outside the bar no one’s going anywhere. We will be completely drenched before we get 100 meters down the road on our motorbikes so we are stuck here for the duration. This has been absolutely one of our favorite neighborhood bars going on something like 7 years now. England has its neighborhood pubs, and the United States has its neighborhood taverns for the locals to hang out at. We are eternally grateful to have places like this close by to our condos where the women are plentiful, the weather never turns too cold, we can ride our motorbikes year round, drink as much as we want and never have to worry about the police giving us a DWI.

Discussions with Hitler about Digital Photography

Jack Corbett and Adara Michaels
Hitler told me the night of 9/11/2001 my digital camera was a toy, and although Hitler was right about a lot of things, he was dead wrong about the future of digital photography. That was the evening after the World Trade Center had gone down. I was on assignment for Xtreme Magazine. My mission was to cover Adara Michaels and Scandalous. Besides the interview of Adara I was to get pictures of her with the other half of the blonde duo that called itself Scandalous. But Hitler would have none of it. The only pictures that would ever be taken of Adara had to be taken by him, and as Adara told me during the interview, Hitler had to be obeyed.

What really made Scandalous the most riveting feature act of its day, was Eddie Marshall’s expertise with lighting and special affects every bit as much as Adara’s superlative dancing skills. But with Eddie, it all had to be his way or the highway. It had been his idea to have the blonde twin sister act in the first place, and now that I think back twelve years after that interview I realize that Hitler was right about most things. For one thing I have learned that most women are absolutely unable to differentiate their best pictures from their worse. So Eddie’s insistence of having complete control over the picture taking process was right on target. I’m sure that Eddie also insisted that the two blondes comprising the Scandalous duo should totally respect his way of doing things. There could be no room for that petty jealousy that often arises between two entertainers. But from what I could glean from Adara while interviewing her, she could respect that. So when I asked her what the key to her success was, she just laughed and said, “Hitler.”

Back in September of 2001, I was using a Kodak DC-3 digital camera, which was a big step up from the Kodak DC-40 I had started off with in January of 1997, but it was still not up to the best Nikon film cameras most of the adult professional photographers were using. Less than a year later I spent the big bucks for the Nikon D-1 X. The following year I once again ran into Hitler– this time at Nudes-A-Poppin. When I saw him carrying a Nikon D-1 X just like mine I couldn’t help myself. I even addressed him as Hitler, with no malice intended, “Hitler, I thought you said that digital cameras weren’t any good?”

“Times have changed,” Hitler smiled back at me and replied.

Further Thoughts on Western Boxing vs Muay Thai (Thai boxing)

After getting over 176,000 views on my You Tube Video Muay Thai boxing vs Boxing I’ve stirred up a lot of controversy with 170 respondents reporting they dislike my video and only 36 stating they like it. But an overwhelming majority of all respondents have totally missed one key point I made in particular in my Looking Glass Magazine article. This key point conclusively demonstrates that traditional boxing is far superior to Muay Thai when it comes to getting one’s opponent out of combat. Many respondents remarked that the fights in the video were unfair as the Western fighters were far heavier than their Thai opponents. Had these people read my article in the first place they would have read that I had already duly noted the large weight discrepancy and that this fact has absolutely nothing to do with what the videos had proven. Weight discrepancies had absolutely nothing to do with what these videos demonstrated, and for that matter the fact that Thais were fighting falang was another irrelevancy. What mattered was that in each and every case, the knockout blow was delivered with the hands and not once by a kick. What the video proved is whether the fighter was Thai or Falang, in the end he had no faith in his kicking ability to deliver a knock out blow to his opponent.

Think about it. A good boxer with decent punching ability can routinely deliver a knockout punch  with his fists just 18 inches away from an opponent’s head. How much extra distance does a kick boxer need to deliver a blow to an opponent’s head and which is going to arrive faster, the blow with the hand or the kick? How much time does a boxer need to be able to react to a blow to his head versus one delivered by a foot? There is simply no comparison. This is a matter of pure physics and not even worth arguing about. The only fly in the ointment is if the boxer who relies only on his hands lacks the punching power to get the job done.

In the video at least one of the “boxers” lacks such punching power. He’s tentative. His punches lack authority. For me he’s really not a boxer, he’s merely someone who claims to be one because his style of fighting is the traditional Western style of boxing. Just because a man puts his hands in front of his face and says, “I’m a boxer” doesn’t mean he’s the real deal. To be a real Western style boxer, one first has to be born with the requisite speed that gives him the ability to win. But speed alone is not enough. He also needs to be stronger than his fellows. And even then he has to have the killer instinct. And finally he needs to train correctly while having the right equipment at his disposal. A lot of men who never had what it takes in the first place go through martial arts schools as a substitute for speed or the power they never were blessed with. And even those who were born with the speed and power to win are still stuck with the same martial arts schools because the old boxing gyms the old timers used to train in have become a thing of the past.

When I was 19 I was operated on for a deviated septum. In those days I had trouble breathing through my nose. And I was very susceptible to colds and runny noses which oftentimes took weeks to get rid of. The surgery left me feeling as weak as a kitten, and for several weeks afterwards I was unable to exercise. I felt very vulnerable and this sense of vulnerability reached its zenith when I took a very pretty girl to a St. Louis Cardinal baseball game. We were both Freshmen in college and Susan was simply too good looking to be true. I had to park four or five blocks from the stadium and we had to walk through a bad area of town to get to the stadium and back. While walking that four or five blocks I started to almost feel like the guy who’s about to have sand kicked in his face by the bully. No one messed with us, it’s just that for the first time in my life I felt that there was nothing I could do if someone did. From that moment on, I resolved to never allow myself to get into a situation again where I’d feel so helpless.

That was during the summer between my Freshman and Sophomore years of college. I was looking forward to my second year on the university cross country running team when I’d end up getting my varsity letter. I was also looking forward to spending one month in the Wind River Mountains in the National Outdoor Leadership School, which amounted to an almost non stop expedition across Wyoming’s highest mountains in which we had to carry all our food and other supplies on our backs. We’d wind up getting re-supplied just once, and that was after the first eight days of the course, which would leave us on our own for the remaining 22 days. When you figure an intake of 2 pounds of food per day times that 22 days you can imagine what our packs must have weighed right after getting re-supplied upon completing the first eight days of the course. So looking towards all that strenuous mountaineering I’d be doing as well as a two workout a day schedule to kick off my Varsity Cross Country Running career, a summer long exercise program that would test me to the max was would be critical.

I chose a combination of boxing and cross country running, which amounted to a full hour each day hitting the punching bags along with some weight training in my step grandfather’s gym along with another hour of running. Now my step grandfather’s gym as well as his outlook on training was quite a bit different from just about everyone else I ever got to know before I met him or since. He was old school having grown up in at a time when boxing was the only game in town. Back then there was a profusion of gyms devoted to training boxers. In those days professional boxers would often come to small towns to do boxing exhibitions in which any man who could stay one round with them would wind up winning a tidy little sum. And while my grandfather always considered himself to be an amateur fighter he used to tell me that he’d often spar with one of his friends for ten rounds or so and then they’d complete their workouts by running18 miles. My step grandfather had set up his basement as a gym in which he kept a heavy bag and a speed bag platform. He also had a set of barbells along with a chin up bar and several rather odd but very simple exercise gadgets. For example he had cut off a broomstick handle into which I drilled a hole and then he had inserted a rope into his new handle and tied the free end onto a ten or twenty pound weight. The whole idea of the thing was for a man to extend the handle straight out in front of his chest with the weight hanging approximately thirty inches below the handle. He’d then wind the rope slowly onto the handle until the weight had nearly reached it. It was a great exercise for building up one’s forearms.

The object of the heavy bag was to develop terrific punching power. But what very few people would never know was how we used the speed bag platform to magnify what the speed bag was already accomplishing. For one thing the speed bag platforms Grandpa had in his basement and which he had built for me just like it in my parent’s house were rectangular in shape.They were of good quality narrow boards which he had then sanded down to form a smooth surface. After hanging them from ceilings of both basements he then weighed them down with sandbags. The result was a platform that was far superior to the cheap factory made setups one could buy in a sporting goods store. But that was just for starters. Grandpa had three different sizes of platform bags. One was a small bag that he called a peanut bag. It didn’t require much power to keep it going and when it did it became a rapidly moving blur. This bag was good at developing great hand speed and coordination, but the action was all in the wrists and hands. Next up was a medium sized bag. With this bag one could actually develop a fair amount of arm strength. All around it was much better than the peanut bag which didn’t do much for developing a man’s punching power. Last was Grandpa’s heavy platform bag. It took a fair amount of power to keep it going, although one could still use just his elbows to keep it moving. This bag along with the heavy bag developed power as well as hand speed and hand and eye coordination. But we weren’t done yet. Grandpa had made a leather loop which he could insert into the leather loop that was already fastening the punching bag to the swivel that was mounted in the lower center portion of the platform. By using this second leather loop to augment the first the position of the bag hanging from the bottom of the platform would be lowered about 2 inches. It also lengthened the length of the pendulum or arc the bag would travel each time it was struck. By traveling a significantly longer arc the punching bag would of course travel much more slowly. However, it would take a significant amount of power to keep the punching bag moving. No longer was it a question of just whipping one’s hands and wrists around. When I’d be hitting this new extended heavy platform bag I’d have to bring each hand in turn behind my shoulders to develop enough punching power to keep spinning the bag.

The end result of all that exercise including my hitting the heavy bag and four different versions of the speed bag with each one taking progressively even greater strength was that I ended up feeling as if I had the power of a baseball bat in each arm while I simultaneously felt I could deliver my punches on whatever portion of an opponent’s face I wanted. For example….it wasn’t enough to just be able to hit a man on the chin or on his nose. It’d be more like I’ll nail him on the exact top left corner of his nose while the next punch with my other hand will be connecting with his left eye. When you really think about it being able to deliver the power of a baseball bat to whatever portion of your opponent’s anatomy you wish is really something. The next time I went to a baseball game I was deliberately looking for dark alleys to walk through.

Of course everything’s relative. I certainly wasn’t the only one using my grandpa’s boxing gym. It seemed like every tough kid in my hometown was using it, but for some reason two of the toughest kids never ran into me in that gym so I never wound up going up against them with the boxing gloves on. And of course, we sparred also, but I always won. My grandfather told me, “You haven’t met Myron Spencer yet. He’d kill anyone from around here and he’d do very well in the Chicago Golden Gloves. Much later on I’d wind up meeting Myron when we were both close to sixty. I never knew him when he was a young man in his prime, but the Myron I wound up meeting looked a lot younger than sixty and he didn’t have an ounce of fat on him. But back when I was nineteen I weighed between 160 and 165 whereas Myron must have been between 180 and 190. I’m sure he would have killed me in the ring.

Back at the High School class reunion when I wound up meeting Myron I heard a story about how he and Another young man I knew had gotten into a fight with three guys from another town. Myron wound up chasing down his three opponents all of whom he knocked out. Meanwhile Larry had never made a move to support his friend, and by the time Myron returned to where Larry was waiting for him, Larry suddenly blurted out, “Let’s go get them, Myron.” But that’s typical of all the stories I heard about Myron whether it was from my grandpa or someone else. Although he never was a trouble maker, he was the sort of guy who’s make short work out of two or three opponents at a time. Now that’s what I call a real boxer.

My step grandfather told me a lot of stories such as the time he had a couple of young guys working out in his gym and a top professional fighter had come over to his house. The professional had a baby he was taking care of. The two young men working out in my grandpa’s gym were pretty good with their fists, but when the professional boxer coaxed them into trying to hit him while he was holding the baby, neither of them could even come close. The professional simply started moving his head back or to one side or the other which caused the young men to miss every time while still holding onto the baby.

Ever see Muhammad Ali winning back the heavyweight championship from George Foreman in Zaire? The other night I watched it again, only this time Jim Brown, the famous Cleveland Browns running back, and Joe Frazier were two of the commentators. This time I got an entirely different perspective of the fight. Every time I had seen it before it appeared that Muhammad Ali had been able to tire out the much younger Foreman and that he had then been able to knock him out in the eighth round. To all appearances it seemed that Foreman had been all over Ali with his superior punching ability, but through some miracle of supreme toughness and having perhaps the strongest chin in boxing, Ali had been able to weather the onslaught and finally win the fight.

Not this time, however. Even at the age of 32, Ali’s punches were so fast that I couldn’t really see them land. Yet the commentators kept saying….”That’s a good one two from Ali. Another good punch. He’s starting to hurt Foreman now. Foreman’s right eye is getting very puffy. There’s blood coming from it now.” And at the same time, the commentators were saying, “It looks like Foreman is getting to Ali, that he’s really punishing him, but very few of his punches are getting through. Ali’s slipping all of them with those little movements of his head.” And every now and then parts of the bout would be replayed in slow motion and I would be able to see what I had missed before.

For the first time I could clearly see that this much younger man, this man who had so devastatingly destroyed Joe Frazier for the Heavyweight crown simply did not belong in the same ring with Ali. Foreman didn’t have the speed to even come close to defeating Ali. And as for the two punches that eventually knocked Foreman out, one really had to see them in slow motion to really appreciate that Ali had really knocked Foreman out and that he had delivered both punches with authority and power.

And as that slow motion video was replayed I could hear the commentators saying over and over again, “This is no phantom punch. This is no phantom punch!” in obvious reference to the controversial 1st round knockout Sonny Liston suffered in his second world championship with Ali. They are still arguing that one. I suppose no one will ever know.

But my point is this. Even Muhammad Ali, who never was considered a real knockout one punch artist such as a Dempsey, a Joe Louis or a Rocky Marciano, could effectively knock anyone out he chose, and that certainly no one could touch him for speed. Even at 32, he could make a George Foreman look like a complete amateur. Although Foreman couldn’t touch Ali, I’d venture to say that during Foreman’s prime no kick boxer would ever be able to reach Foreman with a comparatively slow moving kick. I don’t think that even Bruce Lee could in spite of his wondrous athletic skills and tremendous training. And as for hurting Ali with a kick, there’s no way.

One could take isolated boxing events in which a Muay Thai or kick boxer bests a boxer who’s using traditional Western boxing techniques. But I might suggest that the “boxer” is a boxer in name only. He’s got the style but he doesn’t have the talent or the heart. Also, it’s one thing to watch a bout on television, but it’s another to see one in person. I’ve seen good Golden Gloves fighters go to war against each other in the ring, and remember one in particular. I could not see any kick boxer surviving a bout with either of the two young men. They wouldn’t even have a chance at even thinking about getting a kick in, because they’d be too busy trying to focus on merely surviving the blizzard of punches coming their way.

Although I had oftentimes boxed for fun with gloves on, I never enjoyed fighting in a street fight. But since turning 18 I’ve had several that I just couldn’t turn my back on. Although I was always aware of what I was doing while boxing with gloves on, I found real fights to be entirely different. I really can’t remember ever trying to jab an opponent in a real fight or even trying to defend myself. Instead I’d have a single thought in mind which was to utterly destroy the other guy, even after knocking him down. I’d simply go on automatic pilot, and then I’d see my adversary go down, and I’d think he had slipped because I’d have no recollection of actually punching him. If I had trained in martial arts other than Western boxing, I am sure I’d entirely forget everything that I had learned, so obviously for me in a real fight I was going by raw instinct while relying on my speed, accuracy and power.

Good boxers can easily deliver knockout punches from as little as 18 inches away with so much speed and precision that the Muay Thai trained martial artist who’s wondering what to do with his feet is helpless at stopping. So the next time anyone tells you that modern say martial arts are superior to old fashioned Western boxing and that they are much more scientific, keep in mind that all that scientific martial arts our Japanese opponents were using against American Marines didn’t help them during all that hand to hand combat of World War II.

Today about all you see are Martial Arts Schools and training courses that would have you believe they can accomplish miracles. The herd instinct takes over and when enough people start believing such nonsense all reason is cast aside. So when you hear about all that new and scientific stuff just think of Jack Dempsey, who had been heavy weight champion in the 1920’s. When Dempsey was up in his seventies two young men tried to rob him while he was stepping out of a taxi cab. Seconds later both men were on the ground. They remained there as Dempsey stood over them until the police arrived. The story goes that the pair didn’t dare get up, deciding that it was far better to wait for the police to protect them from the enraged Dempsey. Now that’s the stuff of martial arts legend. But Dempsey like my step grandfather came out of an era when Western boxing had a huge following. In recent years a lot has changed and where there had been boxing gyms there’s now a proliferation of martial arts schools thanks their becoming the darling of Hollywood and many years of the insidious corruption of organized crime in professional boxing. Nevertheless, Western boxing is still king.

Living Dolls part owner injured in motorbike-tour bus collision near Tiger Zoo

I got the word in the Lost Angels Chat room from Big Daddy about Marty after he heard the bad news from Joe who heads the Man Tour

The story was that Marty, who is a part owner of the Living Dolls Go Go Bar on Walking Street, was unable to avoid rear ending the tour bus after it cut in front of his motorcycle. He had his son sitting on the motorcycle seat behind him and the two were on their way to the Sriracha Tiger Zoo.

Both Joe and Marty took Big Daddy, Big John Hawkeye and me on the Man Tour. Big Daddy tells me Marty’s got at best two months to live after suffering massive brain damage when a tour bus pulled in front of him. Around ten days ago I had a tour bus pull in front of my HOnda Civic on Sukamvit as it weaved in and out of traffic. A few days before that on my way back from Pattaya Immigration I came within five feet of having a tour bus run my motorbike down from behind. I then poured the coals to my motorbike driving faster than I normally would have because I wanted to stay far in front of the tour bus. Then, seeing a slight congestion of traffic at the light where I wanted to make a left turn to Praternmak Hill, I slowed down considerably almost coming to a dead stop. The tour bus roared up from behind me, passed me on my right then cut ahead of me and turned abruptly in front of me cutting me off so I could not make my left turn until it had turned first. Unbelievable. And then the SOB driver gave me his horn.

That evening I drove my motorbike to Greg’s Kitchen, a favorite restaurant of mine. I approached from the South driving up Second Road to Drinking Street which is where Greg’s is located. BUt when I got within forty meters of making my right turn into Drinking Street, the traffic suddenly turned impossible. There must have been a knot of three tour buses at a standstill and cars and motorbikes were unable to get around them. I was pissed. Here I had just learned that a friend will likely die in the hospital due to a collision with a tour bus and I’ve had too much experience with the imbecile drivers. I had even watched as I stood just outside the entrance of the Leo Bar on Soi 18 a tour bus squeeze between a parked pickup truck and a temporary small group of vehicles on his left. The overly anxious tour bus driver scraped the entire left side of the parked pickup truck as he squeezed through, and after damaging the pickup, simply continued on. Right on the spot was a security guard for the small hotel next to Leo Bar. The guard simply watched. Didn’t do squat. So here I am completely unable to even find a 30 inch gap between the tour buses and other vehicles and I’m just 40 meters from where I need to make my turn. So I simply lifted the front end of my motorbike over the curb and onto the sidewalk. Then I lifted the rear of my bike so that it also cleared the curb. I then simply walked my motorbike down the sidewalk. If I were a Thai I would have driven it, but even driving forty meters down a sidewalk was too much for my pride. Once I walked my bike to the Drinking Street turn in I started its engine and drove the remaining fifty meters to Greg’s Kitchen.

The projection is for a 20 % increase in Chinese tourists into Thailand for the coming year over this year. Whenever I look at the passengers in these tour buses It seems that they are nearly always Chinese. Pattaya’s streets were not designed for these behemoths so the traffic is getting to be pretty horrendous at times due to the tour buses alone. As for Marty….I think I have a pretty good idea of how his accident went down regardless of what anyone else might think.


My reply to “Why are Thai women so sexy”

This came from The Looking Glass Magazine Forum as my reply to a new member to the forum that I created at http://www.alphapro.com/forums2.htm

(My reply was to this) I love Thai women because they are very skinny and fit. Thai food is healthy and they don’t eat much fast food. Another thing about them is good skin. And finally, they know how to take care of man and please him. Femininity is the sexiest thing about any woman

You have made some good points here. Sadly, there is a tendency here in Thailand towards fatness. Thai women,in general like most women everywhere, do not like to exercise. Now it might be different back home in the village, but here in Pattaya nearly everyone owns or has access to a motorbike. So most Thais will not walk with the exception of those Thais who will jog or walk for exercise. But this is a relatively small percentage, same as it is in the U.S. or elsewhere in the world. Meanwhile more and more Thais are getting addicted to the kinds of fast foods readily available in the 7-11’s here, Family Marts etc as well as to a lot of Western foods. My girlfriend,for instance, loves Spaghetti and Pizza. However, a lot of Thai women are quite willing to cook, and I do mean everyday. And a good Thai woman is very talented at cooking. They do not view this activity as something men should do. It is just something women are expected to do and they prefer going to the local markets where the produce is fresh and cheaper than the supermarkets. Also…being the social people they are they seem to enjoy eating in groups, and when they do, it’s not pizza they are eating…it’s Papaya salad, otherwise known as Pok Pok, which is pretty spicy and therefore promotes good metabolism.

So it’s a mixed bag here. It seems fatness is spreading all over the world from the U.S. This includes even China and Thailand and this is largely due to the natural human inclination not to exercise, the introduction of a lot of sugars into diets that were formerly largely sugar free, a growing addiction to Western food, substitution for walking with motorbikes and cars now that other countries are becoming more prosperous, and the proliferation of 7-11’s, Family Marts and similar convenience stores where processed foods are immediately available.

Still….Thailand has in my opinion the absolutely most beautiful girls on earth, and Pattaya has a huge concentration of them. Meanwhile the U.S. in particular has become the land of fat. It’s gotten to be so bad in the U.S. that even reputable magazines such as “Time” and “Newsweek” are coming up with articles that claim that exercising on a regular basis does no good and that going to the gym on a regular basis might actually encourage people to indulge themselves into eating that special desert afterwards or having that extra martini. Now this is complete rubbish. I have noticed that Russian women (many of whom are also godawful fat) who do exercise take their exercise much more seriously than most Americans do. When they get on the treadmill or elliptical machine they get on it and stay on it for forty minutes or an hour and it’s no nonsense all the way. There’s none of this getting off the treadmill to answer a cell phone call or to continue to go through the motions of exercising while talking on the phone. But I’ve seen Koreans, Taiwanese and Thais do it. And that is a huge reason why so many Russian women have such gorgeous bodies. For that matter a lot of Russian men take their exercise very seriously, but from what I’ve seen the men seem to prefer strength building exercise such as free weights and strength building machines instead of aerobic forms of exercise. Ever wonder why the Russians did so extremely well in the Olympics and usually trashed Americans when it came to sports requiring great strength? Its not because the Communist system created a lot of inhuman robots which it then filled with testosterone. Russians in general simply take their exercise more seriously than Americans. When they go to the gym, they go there to exercise, not to see and to be seen or not so that they can go home and brag about how often they go to the gym, but somehow it never seems to get results.

As far as Thai women being far more feminine than Western women, I agree with you absolutely. And this is no myth. This is based on my personal experience after living in Thailand for more than six years now and having had four live in Thai girlfriends, the first one for 7 months, the second girl for 19 months, the third for 10 months and my present girlfriend now for over 3 years. Western women cannot have their cake and eat it too. They must decide….do I want to be sexy and attractive or so I want to compete with men? Most of them have chosen by their own free will to choose being manlike over being feminine and sexy. So sorry girls, if I and so many men like me have chosen to take my male libido elsewhere in the form of outsourcing. It’s because our libidos have for some time existed in a state of suspended animation.

What I have seen in my Thai girlfriends and Thai women in general is they view personal appearance and sexiness as a worthy goal in itself–perhaps even the greatest goal of all. They revel in shopping for good looking attractive clothing and then they will spend hours putting it on, trying different garments and even shoes in front of the mirror asking me, “Am I sexy or not?” They enjoy it when I call them cute. Whereas many Western women might consider it offensive if I call them cute because they might take this as my not taking them seriously. They shower at least twice a day, and never, not once have I ever been around a Thai woman who smelled bad. In fact, they view people from other nationalities as being dirty because of a lack of personal hygiene, notably people from India and oftentimes even Chinese. And as far as taking care of the man, most of them do tend to do that. I think it’s largely on account of their being culturally brain washed. That is they learn early on that it is a woman’s job to do ALL the cleaning and the cooking and doing the dishes the laundry, the ironing. This is women’s work and it’s the man’s job to do other things.

But now that I’ve said all these nice things about Thai women…BEWARE. Because like all women or for that matter people everywhere in the world, people are not created equal. There are good and bad, and there’s plenty of bad to go around here, even in Thailand.

Why are Thai Women so Sexy?

There’s two reasons. The first is, they want to be women, not men. The second reason we are not sure of, although we can hazard a few guesses. But certainly we can say that physically Thai women are physically superior to Western women for whatever reason. This is a fact although this fact might be arguable. The picture is of a sloth and to a sloth this sloth is sexy. It might be that a sloth might be sexy to some men as well and it could very well be that some men prefer fat women. For those who do we advise you to leave immediately and go to a fat women’s web site. For those who don’t, please read on.

My first point is Thai women want to look and to behave like women whereas most Western women want to be men. That is a fact. Just take a look at many of today’s action movies. Do you see women behaving like men or like women? Compare such modern day movies to say “King Kong” where Jessica Lange played the object of King Kong’s affections. That was back in 1976. That was thirty-six years ago and Jessica Lange was one helluva babe. As for King Kong, who could argue with his manliness and strength. Certainly Jessica lange, the female protagonist in the movie could not begin to match King Kong’s great strength, courage and other male virtues. She was feminine, weak, and beautiful and as such she appealed immensely to the courageous, virile King Kong. Now let us advance the time frame ten years to “Aliens” starring Sigourney Weaver. The vulnerable feminine Jessica Lange has just been replaced by super heroine Sigourney Weaver who is smarter and stronger than all the men. And so the stage changed with women playing roles where they can fight as well or better than men who they can usually out think at every turn as well.

For better or worse what has emerged is a new breed of action hero and women have sought this as their role model. Meanwhile Thai woman have been content to be just a woman. And I should know as I am on my fourth and hopefully my last Thai girlfriend. At 95 pounds she doesn’t even pretend to be able to match my physical strength. She enjoys going out shopping for new clothes, hats and shoes. But never mind….such things are cheap here and for the most part she uses her own money. And after she’s bought something she will revel in looking at herself in front of a full length mirror (notice how I wrote full length mirror) which she can use not to view just her head but her entire body from her feet upwards. She will then oftentimes model other garments and ask me which I like the best or if she’s sexy or not.

The clothing is well styled and it’s well suited for showing off a girl’s figure. Very seldom will you ever see a Thai woman wearing a suit. You will not find them wearing gunny sacks either or extra large body bags,colored black, to hide most of their bodies. Thai women revel in showing off their trim little figures. They love wearing high heels, which everyone knows are a pain to walk in, but they like the high heels and the higher the better because they know that high heels gives them a longer legged and lankier figure which makes them look as tall as possible.

Very seldom will you find Thai women wearing U.S. or Thai army fatigues because they think they look cool wearing them. They are well dressed even when they do down to the beach. Style is everything and appearing like a man just doesn’t get it.

My next point is Thai women simply have much more beautiful bodies. They are slim and they have tight little butts, which is something that is more rare than gold these days in a Western woman. My girlfriend tells me part of the reason for this is all the spicy food they eat. She’s right. I just looked up chilli peppers and spicy food on the Internet which verifies much of what she’s told me. Thais eat spicy food and chilli peppers to excess, and I will tell you this, when you eat food as spicy as my girlfriend like it you will sweat a lot, your metabolism goes up and that causes a person to lose weight. Furthermore Thais do not view eating out as driving their cars up to a McDonalds window where they won’t have to walk more than forty feet to get into their cars in the first place. And they don’t keep frozen pizzas in their fridge either. I’ve been living here for six years now and although I have a full sized kitchen with every amenity I want, I still don’t have an oven that we can use for cooking pizzas and other heath robbing meals.

For all I know you might be into sloths but for most of us who want women who act like and look like women Western countries such as the United States forgot a long time ago what it means to have a good body or what it means to act like a woman. It is no wonder why virtual sex has become so popular in the West or why there’s a do it myself revival. If you want the real thing, however, you had better be coming to Asia where women still have the bodies and attitudes of women. And here the sexiest women of them all are the Thai women.

Why am I doing the GOP cartoon strip?

I can’t draw so why should I even attempt doing a cartoon strip? It’s very simple. The entire reason for my doing the GOP cartoon strip is an act of unbridled patriotism. http://www.thailandlooking.com/looking/index.htm For one thing, the Republican party is not at all what it once was when it offered Americans clear alternatives to what the other party was offering. There used to be such a thing as a moderate Republican whose attitudes and views represented a mainstream America in which either a moderate Republican or a moderate Democrat was often willing to vote for either party depending on which party seemed to have the most qualified candidate. I remember not many years ago watching a debate between the conservative commentator and writer, William Buckley, and Norman Mailer. In my judgment the debate was no contest with the conservative,Buckley, winning over his much more liberal opponent. Today, there are no more William Buckleys. Today’s GOP makers and shakers are comprised of the likes of political candidates such as Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Christine O’Donnel many of whom probably cannot even place Iceland on a map. Meanwhile the Bill Buckley’s have given way to such pundits as the Sean Hannidys and Glenn Becks of Fox News, and the likes of radio talk show kings of venom as Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh. Ronald Reagan, who was once considered to be an ultra conservative would be considered to be an ultra liberal in today’s Republican party . Since those days the Republican Party has been hijacked by a right wing that refuses to acknowledge that climate change could even possibly be man made while catering to Christian evangelism as it preaches either Creationism or Intelligent Design (which amounts to the same thing) as the origins of the human species rather than evolution. Things haven’t been this bad since the glory days of the Spanish Inquisition when they used to burn witches. The GOP has even found its own propaganda machine of enormous power and influence in Fox News. It has dedicated itself to defeating Barrack Obama from the first day he took office while denying that it was the policies of President Bush that caused the great recession. The GOP blamed today’s huge deficits entirely on Obama while it conveniently forgot that Bill Clinton handed William Busch a balanced budget which the Republicans blew into an out of control deficit by starting two wars while implementing not one but two tax decreases to pay for them just for starters. To a man, the Republican party has tried to block every Obama initiative at every turn, in a relentless and uncompromising effort to ensure his failure just so it can win the next election. I see this not just as an ongoing attack on our president but upon the United States itself. By doing everything in its power to destroy everything our president is doing just to make itself look good, the GOP is guilty of treason. After all isn’t doing everything in your power to ensure that the nation fails, treason? It is treason, especially when the nation is on a perilous perch overseeing a Great Recession that is on the verge of becoming a Great Depression far more traumatic and longer lasting than what the world experienced during the 1930’s.

Adolf Hitler had his Joseph Goebbels heading his powerful propaganda machine. The GOP and its new ultra conservative base has its Fox News, which is arguably even more influential than anything the Nazis ever were able to deploy because of the huge technological advantages possessed by television and the internet. So far the Ultra Conservatives, the GOP and Fox News are winning by being able to shape public opinion to their way of thinking. Unfortunately I have utterly no talent whatsoever at drawing. When I submitted my fifth Dick Fitswell short story to Jeremy McTeague who was then my editor over at Extreme Magazine Jeremy asked me to try to create a cartoon, and when I told Jeremy I absolutely could not draw, he asked me to try anyway. And so I did, and after trying my best Jeremy sent me an email that said, “You are right, Jack. You cannot draw.” The cartoon I had sent Xtreme was never published. But here I am again, creating cartoons when I know I am completely devoid of talent. But I must do what I can even if it’s to influence just one person that Fox News and the GOP are as dishonest and spiritually bankrupt as it gets.

Handling Israel

The solution is very simple—-stop the Jewish settlements on the Left Bank now. But the questions to this are the how and why do we accomplish this. The how is to simply tell Netanyahu “The gravy train stops” until you do. “All aid ceases as of now, our umbrella of military support ends as of now, and never mind those “friends of Israel lobbies” that have wielded a completely unjustified influence over American foreign policy because as of this moment our ears are deaf to their demands. As to why—-because it’s the only right thing to do. Justice demands it.

I used to think of Israel as this tiny nation, where the survivors of the holocaust emigrated to, valiantly defending itself against its Arab enemies and winning in the face of overwhelming odds. So I cheered whenever Israel won because I equated its conflicts as battles between the forces of the righteous underdog against the forces of evil. Until—that is, my second trip to Israel when my wife and I boarded our flight to Egypt in Tel Aviv.

On the plane we met several Californians distributing their literature describing the oppression of the indigenous Palestinian population. On that flight we learned how the Israeli state systematically cowed Palestinian males into accepting their underdog status by jailing practically every Palestinian youth by the time he was twenty on one pretext of the other. We learned the truth about all those wondrous Jewish settlements and kibbutzes providing homes for Jews emigrating to Israel from all over the world, especially from Russia and other Eastern European countries. The truth was entire villages were being forced at gunpoint to move elsewhere to make room for the newcomers. Never mind the fact that such villages had vineyards and orange groves that had existed for thousands of years in Palestinian hands. Never mind that one’s family had lived in the same house for several generations or more. If the Israelis wanted you out, you might have just three days to move your possessions somewhere else before the bulldozers came in.

The Californians were members of a large Christian church congregation that had paid their travel expenses to Israel so that they could find out and spread the truth about all the atrocities Israel was committing against the Palestinian people. But after returning to the United States my vision of Israel had not been tainted completely until the revelations of the Californian church group were aired on sixty minutes. And that did it. Not only had I learned about the bull dozing of all those Palestinian homes and the forced ejections of their owners from the mouths and handouts of the Californians, here I was actually watching it all happen before my very own eyes on television. From that moment on I stopped being a fan of Israel. But that was back in something like 1990. Twenty-two years have gone by since then and nothing’s changed.

But Israel is our great ally in the Mideast, right? Yeah, since when? We supply the jets, the M-16 rifles, and the money and Israeli turns around to become the world’s greatest supplier of MIG parts by shooting Russian built planes out of the sky. But seriously, what has Israel ever done for the U.S.? Its occupation of Jordanian and Syrian territory ever since the successful conclusion of the 7 day war of 1967 has given Americans nothing more than a seedbed for terrorism and one huge headache. And oh yes….a reason for cheering on the sentimental underdog–those feisty outnumbered survivors of the Holocaust fighting back against tremendous odds. Oh those poor Jews.

But don’t think me for one moment to be anti-Semitic though. The members of my maternal grandfather’s family are buried in Chicago in a Jewish cemetery, and it was this revelation together with the fact that two of my grandfather’s sisters were named Esther and Lydia that caused my sisters and I wonder if our mother wasn’t 50 % Jewish. It’s not that Jews are bad, it’s just that certain groups are very bad news, not just for the rest of the world, but for the more progressive, intelligent members of Jewish society.

I will not point out two incidents involving the Orthodox Israeli Jews of Mea Shearim just to show how diverse this thing, called Jewishness is, and how what seems to benefit one group of Jews is of no benefit to others and might go so far as to undermine the goals and aspirations of such other elements of the Jewish nation of Israel. The first was on my first trip to Jerusalem. Our tour guide, David, used a cane to help him walk because of injuries he had suffered while fighting in four of Israel’s wars. Our group that was composed both of Christians and Jews had just gotten out of our tour bus in the middle of Mea Shearim when suddenly we were confronted by what appeared to be a lynch mob of bearded men wearing the black robes and hats of Israeli Jewish antiquity. Our group nearly incited a riot because of the appearance of most of the women getting off the bus whose dress had exposed their arms and legs. To the inhabitants of Mea Shearim such a “public display of nudity” was an unforgivable atrocity. Our group ended up retreating into our tour bus as David raised his cane to fend off the mob.

The second incident was during my second visit to Israel. My wife and I had just gotten off the plane in Tel Aviv. We accosted a taxi and asked the driver to take us to our hotel in Jerusalem and then we climbed into the cab. Before our driver could get underway, a bearded Israeli wearing the funny hat and clothes started speaking to him in Hebrew. Then the man got in. Our driver then waited another ten minutes for three of the funny looking man’s friends to arrive and then he took us all to Jerusalem. It takes roughly thirty minutes to get from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, but this time it took us at least one hour to get to our hotel because the driver took his new passengers to Mea Shearim which was way out of our way before depositing us at our hotel.

For me, the inhabitants of Mea Shearim are the product of a very odious time warp. Furthermore I cannot see them doing anything good for the modern Israeli state. From my understanding Israel doesn’t police Mea Sherim nor does it have any of its military in Mea Sherim. I believe the Orthodox Jews of Mea Shearim are exempt from military service and perhaps even of having to pay taxes to the Israeli government.

But whereas Mea Shearim might be a curious eye sore and a pain in the butt for most Israelis, Prime Minister Netanyahu and his right wing supporters are just pure evil, ironically in the same sense as those S.S. who were responsible for the Final Solution’s treatment of Jews during the Second World War. Their game plan is to keep building new residential areas in the left bank so that this entire area that would be part of the Palestinian portion of a new two state division of Israel would resemble a checkerboard which would later give the Israelis reason to claim that a two state solution is impossible.

And it is this perpetuation of illegal settlements on Palestinian lands that Netanyahu has given our president Obama as a take it or leave it proposition. All of this amounts to Netanyahu pointing a gun at Obama’s head and saying…..”You try and stop us from continuing to dispossess these Palestinians and I am going to convince my American friends of Israel to combine all of its considerable political and economic power to cost you this next election.

So…it’s Israel first and American second. “We have more power than you have, Mr. Obama so if you think we are behaving the same way Americans did during the Westward expansion as they were exterminating American Indians to make room for new settlers in their native lands, there is simply nothing you can do about it.

These are not the actions of an ally. It’s time for Israel, to have to take care of its own back from now on. It’s the only just thing to do.

Publish “Dick Fitswell, man in search of the Perfect penis fit”?

Should I publish Fitswell or not?  The man in search of the Perfect penis fit s first five misadventures already appearing in two adult magazines. But Jim Lilly’s advice not to write Fitswell under my normal pseudonym still haunted me. Jim Lilly was the owner of the Wild Times Magazine, a small St. Louis based adult publication, and Jim was excited about getting me to create Dick Fitswell, having come all the way over from the St. Louis side to my East side apartment. Jim might have been all fired up about Fitswell, but I wasn’t. I wanted him to publish, Return to Visions a piece I had written about my returning to Visions Gentlemen’s club of my favorite strip clubs down scenic route 157 that meanders along the Mississippi River bluffs where the river long ago had made its channel. That night I had taken one of the dancers home from the club the long way. Early that morning, the girl and I had gone over to Monk’s Mound, climbed its steps and surveyed the landscape, a hundred feet below us, in the moonlight–a landscape of prehistoric Indian mounds of a once proud civilization now called Cahokia Mounds. To make a long story short I reluctantly agreed to write Fitswell in return for Jim’s publishing Return to Visions in his magazine. And now, after having finally written 28 episodes the real issue is whether to pull the plug and to publish the new Fitswell book or not.

Dick Fitswell is a horrible man whose only goal in life is to bang as many women as possible. But this single goal is only a means to an end, which is to find the perfect fit for his overly large male appendage. Whether he gets along with a woman or doesn’t and whether she’s a good person or not doesn’t matter, and for that matter whether she’s beautiful, although it helps, doesn’t begin to measure up to whether she fits or not. The Fitswell stories are pornographic, and I’ve never liked porn very much. But ever since getting halfway through writing the first Dick Fitswell story I’ve never stopped laughing as I’ve brought my character through one improbable misadventure after the other. Whereas the least enjoyable part of writing about Fitswell’s experience was writing about him having sex, I’d have the most fun thinking about where I’d drop him off next and how I could create a situation where Fitswell would get his just deserts right after doing something despicable to one of his female victims.

The question once again is, if I go even more public with Fitswell while admitting that I’m his creator, will this jeopardize any possible success for “Death on the Wild Side” or “Welcome to the Fun House?” And would I be tainting the name Jack Corbett by publicizing a book whose content is so pornographic? But the word pornographic doesn’t really fit here, however. I never intended my Fitswell stories to arouse the erotic instincts of my future readers. Instead my whole intent was to poke fun at the kind of men who behave like wanna bee Fitswells as well as those women who stupidly fall for such cretins. It was only when I got nearly halfway through writing the Fitswell series that organized religion became the subject of several of the stories.

If there has ever been any question of holding back on the Fitswell book, the Republican Party’s turning to the Far Right as we approach the coming election has convinced me to go full steam ahead. I find its policies, and its lying along with its chief propaganda tool, “Fox News” to be a hundred times more appallingly grotesque than anything Dick Fitswell does in my stories even if there wasn’t any humor in them or even a glimmer of hope for good satire. Fitswell is in the face, crude writing that is impossible to ignore, and I’m not sure how he’s going to be taken. It’s time for a few good laughs, however, and I think Fitswell’s time has come.

So I’m doing it. Expect the Fitswell paperback within two weeks.