Dick Fitswell, does he anything to do with Pattaya Bar Girls?

If Dick Fitswell is the Man in Quest of the Perfect Fit, what does the book, Dick Fitswell, the Man in Quest of the Perfect Fit, have to do with Pattaya Bar Girls, when the back cover reads, what you are viewing here?

Dick Fitswell
As with all my book covers, I designed this Dick Fitswell back book cover myself. When I was writing for Xtreme MagazineI was shooting up to 1500 pictures in a single night of feature entertainers doing their shows.  In those days I didn’t know what to call myself. “Am I a photographer or am I a writer?”  I had a real identity problem.   What I truly enjoy when I create a book is I can use all my skills, as a photographer and what I’ve learned in graphics arts to put together an entire book. So. the book is all me. My total creation.

For one thing there’s over five chapters in which Dick Fitswell is prowling through Bangkok or Pattaya.  But there’s much more to Dick Fitswell and the book than just these five chapters.  This excerpt will provide a clue to how much of a critical role Pattaya plays in the Dick Fitswell saga.  But I’m cutting the excerpt short.  Otherwise I’d be giving away the farm,  This is just a short teaser to the electrifying conclusion and central message of the Dick Fitswell saga.  It’s from the final chapter

Drinking with God on Pattaya Soi 8

One week later

Dick Fitswell was on his sixth beer drinking with Gemini in an outdoor beer bar on Soi 8 when the beggar rolled up to them on his skateboard. Although Dick’s sexual encounter with the ladyboy had been enlightening, when it came to sex Dick still preferred the ladies. Nonetheless, the pair still drank together from time to time,
each of them finding the other’s company to be stimulating. Dick was about to dismiss the beggar from his thoughts but there was something oddly familiar about the man with no legs.

“I think you two have already met,” Gemini announced while pointing the beggar out to Fitswell. The man on wheels was only one of a handful of men and street urchins who had suddenly descended on the bar to sell a variety of items from flowers, watches and little flashlights to pirated movie DVD’s, cheap shoes and dresses for the bar girls. “Have we?” asked Fitswell.

“Yes, we have,” the beggar announced. “Right now I appear to you as a paraplegic on a skateboard, but you will remember me from long ago in a railroad car.”

Dick Fitswell scratched his head, trying to put it together where he had met the beggar, when the beggar spoke up again.

“I’m Harry.  But you might remember me better as God.”

“Oh course I remember,” Dick Fitswell replied as his eventful meeting with God came back to him. “But how do you know Gemini here?”

“He is my messenger,” Harry replied. “I needed him to steer you over to Pattaya Soi Six.”

“Is this true?” Dick asked the ladyboy.

“Yes. I am many things, the ladyboy replied. Some people might even call me an angel.”

“Well, what I want to know is when I had sex with you was I having sex with a man or a woman?”

“You have probably read that Angels don’t have any sexual identity one way or the other so I can be whatever I want to be,” Gemini replied.

“The main thing is it doesn’t really matter,” Harry added. “What does matter is that you now have your own place from which you can deliver my message to the world.”

“Which is what?” Fitswell asked.

“If you remember I strongly suggested that you spread yourself around more and you haven’t let me down in that respect. Meanwhile you have been searching for the perfect fit and when you found her you lost her in that fire in the church.  But now you have found your Holy Grail. You just haven’t realized it yet.”

“I don’t understand,” said Dick Fitswell.

“You have found something much better than the perfect fit. What you have found is the fountain of youth.”

So why did I put this short excerpt in this post.  And why will I be adding additional samples of my writing?   Amazon.com is doing a great job.  And you can peer into the book’s content by clicking on “look inside” in the Jack Corbett listings on Amazon  You can look at the table of contents, title page and the first chapter or two, and although that’s terrific, it doesn’t always give my readers a true sense of how my books read. And as for Dick Fitswell, he might seem  to be totally appalling at first.  But there’s a subtlety to Dick Fitswell and  sophistication to the book that makes it one of my finest efforts.  At least in my estimation.

Jack Corbett

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