Jack Corbett Walking Street go go bars

The Jack Corbett Walking Street go go bars are the latest go go’s our gang frequents.   I’m giving up to 5 stars for our favorites.  With 5 stars being the best.   Bear in mind that I have not given any stars whatsoever for most of them.

Does this mean they are no good?  Not at all.  It just means we don’t go to them for whatever reason.  I’ve commented on certain go go bars as well.  But do take my comments with a grain of salt.  In fact take everything I’m  doing and saying here with a grain of salt.

The reason is it’s not my primary mission in life to be rating go go bars.  I might go to the once every two weeks or so just to be with the guys.  Who I refer to as “our gang”.  Another reason is, I find Walking Street go go bars to primarily be for tourists.  That is, for guys who don’t know any better.

These are the primary reasons  I take such an ambivalent attitude towards the Jack Corbett Walking Street go go bar list that follows

  • The drink prices are much higher than they are at competitive venues such as Soi 7 and 8, Soi Six, etc
  • Bar fines are typically 1000 baht and more.  Much cheaper elsewhere
  • Walking Street go go dancers are typically asking 2000 baht and up for short time.  (this is on top of their bar fines).
  • One gets typically better performance from the girls in competitive venues as mentioned above
  • Go go bars typically move the girls from their customers (sitting at tables) to the stage to dance with great frequency.  This does not allow for much quality interaction between the customers and the go go girls.
  • The Coyote dancer pestilence that’s resulted in go go dancers constantly hammering customers for drinks where the main goal is to sell as many ladies drinks in the shortest time possible
  • Too much da da music.  This is the electro noise crap that is not even being played in America.  This is pure noise to the customers’ ears.

Now that you’ve read all my reasons for not going to the Pattaya Go Go Bars, here’s my Jack Corbett Walking Street go go bar list.

Angelwitch Pattaya

Annabelles go go Bar

A Jack Corbett Walking Street go go girl
In order to protect the innocent I’ve added a few touches to protect the identity of this tender little morsel

Baby Dolls Pattaya

Girls are pretty hefty here at Baby Dolls

Bacchara Go Go BarFavorite place for Japanese and Korean tourists with the kind of prices those guys like to pay.  

Beach Club Go Go bar


Crazy House Go GoGood hands on action.  My gang has been pretty lucky here.  

Dollhouse Go Go

The Doll House is a lot of fun.  Great manager here.  Some very cute girls, and happy hour prices from 8:30-10:30.

Heaven Above Go Go Bar

The Lighthouse Go Go bar

Has some of the best lookers on Walking Street so great eye candy can abound here at the Light House.  But the girls are not as friendly here as they are at many other places, notably Crazy House and the Doll House.

Living Dolls Showcase Go Go Bar

Mistys Go Go Bar

Naughty Girls Pattaya Go Go

Pattaya Dream Girls Go Go

Peppermint Go Go Bar

Sapphire Club Pattaya

Secrets Night Club, Hotel and Forum

Tahitian Queen Go Go

The Sea Go Go Bar

Super Girl Used to like Super Girl a lot, and still do, but non relenting very loud da da music makes this place fit only for the phonologically impaired.

Windmill Club

Very much hands on.  The Windmill’s a pervert’s paradise.  Not my cup of tea, but that’s just me.

This Jack Corbett Walking Street go go bar list is far from complete.  There’s a few new places on Walking Street now.  Tried out a couple, and didn’t care for them.

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