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Because so many Japanese men are shy, polite, and wish to avoid conflict they fall prey too often to Pattaya Go Go Bars which victimize their Japanese customers who pay too much for too little. Our mission is to help Japanese men get a lot more for a lot less money when they deal with Pattaya bar girls

Pattaya go go bar Mamasans extorting commissions from their bar girls

Pattaya go go bar Mamasans are getting commissions to rip customers off who pay their bar girls for sex.  This is a leading cause for exorbitant short and long time prices in the Walking Street go go bars.

Pattaya go go bar Mamasans send many girls here
Upstairs is a short time hotel. If a man brings a Walking Street go go girl here he must pay 400 baht for one hour’s fun. But if he comes alone or brings a girl who’s not a Walking Street sex worker he only pays 300 baht. Upon arrival the girl gets a receipt from the receptionists. THe question is, who gets the 100 baht commission?  Is it  the go go dancer, the Pattaya go go bar Mamasans or the go go bar itself?

Most Pattaya go go bar Mamasans are now asking their customers to pay 2000 baht for short time and 3000 baht for long time.  In fact many mamasans won’t even ask.  They will simply write a bill out for the bar girl’s 2000 or 3000 baht tip plus a bar fine of 1000 or 1500 baht.   Mamasan’s not about to let the girl leave even if she’s already agreed to go with her customer for a lot less.  But it didn’t used to be that way.

Only a few years back, the typical bar fine for a Pattaya Walking Street go go girl was 600 baht.  The 600 baht gave the customer the right to take the go go girl out of the bar.  Same goes for beer bars where even today the bar fine is usually only 300 baht.  After the bar fine’s paid, what they do and how much the girl gets paid  has always been between the girl and the customer.   Only a few years ago, the going rate was 1000 baht for short time.  Long time meant all night for between 1500 and 2000 baht.

But times have changed my friends keep telling me.  “You will never be able to short time a go go girl for only 1000 baht,” they keep telling me.  On this they are half right.  They can’t get by paying less than 2000 baht for short time because they don’t believe in themselves.  Which is perfectly understandable due to most of them not being able to think logically.   So here’s my logic about the old 1000 baht benchmark for short time sex.

Practically everyone frequenting the Walking Street go go bars today fall into two categories.  The first are the tourists.  Tourists simply don’t know any better.  Therefore they are ripe targets for scheming bar girls, and the Pattaya go go bar Mamasans.

The second are the expats who actually live here.  Such expats fall into two categories.  1.  Those who are on Walking Street  to show their newcomer friends around and 2. Those who come to get a little excitement from prettier girls than they are finding in the beer bars.   I view this later group of expats as voyeurs.  As voyeurs they venture into the go go’s for a little touchie feelie or to watch a bunch of sexy gals dance naked.   These guys are totally satisfied with being voyeurs because they fail to understand that most of the women they meet in the go go bars are not getting bar fined very often.

Putting unrelenting pressure on customers to buy ladies drinks is the Holy Grail

For the most part go go bars have become impersonal mechanisms for extracting as much money from their customers in the shortest time possible.  The routine is nearly always the same in many go go bars.  Some of the girls are dancing on the stage.  A few are sitting around waiting for their turn to replace the girls who are already dancing.   A customer or a group of customers comes in, and the girls start eyeing him like a pack of dogs panting for a bone.  For the girls the holy grail is to pressure the new arrivals into buying them as many drinks as possible.

Pattaya go go bar Mamasans and their Pack gang up on their prey

So here’s the routine.  A girl sits next to her prey.  Within five minutes she asks him to buy her a drink.  When the drink arrives, the prey suddenly realizes she’s ordered a coke, sprite or other soft drink.  If it’s alcohol she orders a very weak cocktail.  Five minutes later she’s asking for a 2nd no alcohol or low alcohol ladies drink.  But by this time the pair are joined by one or two more go go girls who are also asking the prey to buy them drinks.  About this time one of the friendliest, most thoughtful Pattaya go go bar Mamasans  joins the table.  She feels entitled to a drink also.

If the customer doesn’t keep buying his new companion a drink every five minutes the mamasan asks her to take another turn on the stage.  It’s all a concerted effort to extract as many drinks as possible out of each customer in the shortest amount of time possible.  And each time the customer buys a lady’s drink, the chief lady predator will get a 50 baht commission from the go go bar.  Oftentimes a mamasan keeps hovering over the new customer’s table like a vulture on a mission to keep the ladies drinks flowing.

Mamasan won’t get her tip money when the girl only charges 1000 baht for boom boom

But when the customer finally decides to bar fine his “new girl”, the mamasan steps into the middle of the ring to officiate.  Although I might oftentimes get the go go girl to agree to a 1000 baht short time,  a mamasan suddenly appears to tell me that I must pay the girl 2000 baht.  Thinking this through for myself I concluded that although a lot of go go girls wanted to go short time with me for 1000 baht, the mamasans kept intruding for a reason.  Since in almost all things in Pattaya Money is number one, I concluded that the mamasans were extorting commissions out of the girls and they could hardly do that if I was only paying the girls 1000 baht.

Mamasan, why should I buy you a drink?  You’re not the one fucking me

So here’s what all this comes down to.  And several times I’ve actually told mamasans this when they had the audacity to ask me for tips.  “This girl is about to fuck me.  You aren’t.”  Truth is most of these Walking Street go go bar mamasans are as useless as tits on a boar.

The other night I was at Supergirls.  For shits and grins I asked a girl if she ever had to tip the mamasan when she went short time with a customer.  Her answer was an unequivocal yes.  100 baht.  And there is no longer a normal bar fine at Supergirls.  There’s a short time bar fine.  And there’s a long time bar fine.  I think the long time bar fine is 1500 baht.  The whole idea is to push the short times so that the girls keep coming back to the go go club so that they can extract even more ladies drinks from the customers.

There used to be a waitress at Misty’s.  Her bar fine was 800 baht whereas all the dancers’ barfines were 1500 baht (up from the 600 baht barfine from just a few years ago).   The first time Billie Bob bar fined her, she stayed with him an hour and a half in the short time room.  I think she really liked Billie Bob.  She kept showing him all kinds of pictures of herself, her friends and her children in the short time room until Billie Bob finally told her he had run out of time.   But the next few times Billie Bob bar fined her, she’d tell him mamasan wanted her back in the bar waitressing.

Annie despises the go go bar mamasans

We met Annie years ago on Soi Six.  Annie’s just one reason no one can tell me that Walking Street go go girls are more attractive   or nicer than Soi Six girls.   Annie was a 800-1000 baht girl but now that she’s graduated to the big leagues over on Walking Street, she’s now the real deal  2000-3000 baht go go queen.

But Annies a straight shooter.  Billie Bob was sure that he could bang her over on Walking Street for 1000 baht.  She had done him before  for just 800 baht.  So Annie agrees on doing a short time with him for 1000 baht.  But along comes Mamasan and she tells Annie and Billie Bob that he must pay 2000 baht short time.  But Billie Bob’s real smart you see.  That’s on account of my training him.  He tells Mamasan that he and Annie are old friends from way back.  To her credit Annie agrees with him.

“Yeah, me and Annie here, we same same brother and sister.  We know each other since we were babies,”  Billie Bob tells the mamasan, the waitress and one of the bar boys.  “And see him”, Billie Bob points to the bar boy.  “He pi chai me.”  (My younger brother).

What Annie doesn’t tell Billie Bob is she’s tipping three mamasans 100 baht each.  I suppose she felt she had to do it in order for the mamasans to allow her to leave the bar for less than 2000 baht.   Which leads me to the following conclusion.

You Japanese are the ones at fault

I’m going to blame a lot of this on you Japanese.  And for two reasons.  First, you aren’t here with me to defend yourselves as I write these words of truth.  The second is, you guys keep trying to be polite.  Which is a big mistake because most of you shouldn’t be polite to all these Walking Street go go bar predators.  There are a lot of you, Japanese, frequenting the go go bars on Walking Street.  You tend to go in groups to the go go’s.  For many of you–Your English and your Thai language skills are definitely lacking. Which means you face real problems  communicating with the go go girls.

This provides the Pattaya go go bar mamasans their opportunity to intercede in your behalf.  But be forewarned.  They aren’t there to help you guys.  And they aren’t there to help their bar girls either.  Just remember, unlike Japan, on Walking Street money is number one.  Watch out for the friendly mamasan who appears to be looking out for you.   She’s getting commissions from the girls for the deals she’s making for you.    You get the nicely wrapped up packaged deal of 2000 baht short time or 3000 plus long time.  But you are really getting the shaft.    And you wind up paying double or triple what I have to pay.   As for many of my pals.  Well, let’s just say it’s a case of monkey see, monkey do.

Pattaya go go bar Mamasans

It is my firm belief that Pattaya go go bar Mamasans  are going to favor those girls who tip them well.  And for those who don’t–the mamasans are simply going to let them wither on the vine.  Such uncooperative girls will be ignored by the mamasans and service girls who work directly under them.

Go Go dancers who don’t tip the mamasans will get the worse opportunities to hunt Japanese

When Pattaya go go bar Mamasans require the girls to demand 2000 baht short and 3000 baht long times from their customers, most of them will jump to appease their mamasans.

Truth is,  most Pattaya go go bar Mamasans are causing the girls to make less money than they would if the mamasans  suddenly ceased to exist.  Most of the girls are not getting bar fined very often.  But they would if the mamasans would allow them to set their own prices.  Some of the go go girls despise the mamasans so much that they revel with delight from cutting the go go bar out of its bar fines and high priced drinks.  Under one condition, however.  Provided you, Mr. Customer, cut them a square deal.

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Greedy Pattaya go go bar owners raise prices again

girl victimized by Greedy Pattaya go go bar owners
Greedy Pattaya go go bar owners are raising bar fines to 1000-1500 baht levels and squeezing as many lady drinks from their customers as they can. The price of a beer now averages 150 baht. Most expats, the guys who live in Pattaya full time, hardly ever frequent the go go bars anymore. They know better than to have to pay 2000 baht short time, and a bar fine that goes from 1000 to 1500 baht while having to put up with the predatory tactics used by the go go girls to pressure customers into paying for an absurd number of drinks.

It’s Christmas day and I’m out on the town. I should know better. The Christmas holidays are when bar fines climb to insane levels. This is when greedy Pattaya go go bar owners really stick it to their customers. I told Billy Bob: “There’s no way I’m bar fining anyone tonight.” Then I ran into one of the sexiest go go dancers I’ve bar fined in a long time.

“Your bar fine still 800 baht?” I asked her.

“Now 1000 baht, “she replied.

“That’s a nice Christmas present from your big boss to his customers. Lek, I give you 1000 baht for short time.”


Which was a great move on my part. And Lek was smart enough to go along with me.  I has been paying her 1500 baht for short time. Not real often though, because I gots me a couple of exceptional performers over on Soi Six for 1000 baht and it’s just 300 baht for the room with no bar fine. Sometimes I lay around the room for a couple of hours with one of the girls and I only have to pay the 300 baht room price once. And this girl is completely dedicated to making her Uncle Bufford come, no matter how long it takes. And she’s better looking than most go go girls. So is the other Soi Six girl.

So why in the world would I ever want to come down to Walking Street where the only customers are ignorant tourists who don’t know better?

Billy Bob’s not too keen on Soi Six for one thing. And it’s the challenge. I always tells my friends, “I can get some of these go go girls to bang me for 1000 baht.” But they don’t believe me. That’s because they iz idiots.

So I fucked Lek for 1000 baht. On Christmas night no less. The rest of you reading this can’t. But that’s only because you ain’t Uncle Bufford. I got the wisdom while the rest of you are only followers who can’t think for yourselves.

Only thing is all that tequila Lek and I keep drinking together at the CH go go bar is mighty high. She gets 50 baht for every lady’s drink I buy her, and I gots to pay 150 baht for all my beers. I can get the same beers at Soi Six for 90 baht, except for that go go bar that wants 120 baht. But I still go theres sometimes. That’s because there’s no pressure on me at the Soi Six go go bar. It’s so damn expensive to bang a girl upstairs that no way am I paying them stupid ass prices. So I just drink two or three drinks and move on to all them 1000 baht Soi Six girls.

I take Lek to the short time rooms across the street from CH. They have raised their prices to over 375 baht, and it’s either the girl or the Greedy Pattaya go go bar owners who gets the difference between the real 290 baht price this short time place charges customers who bring girls in from bars outside of Walking Street. I’m betting on the greedy Pattaya go go bar owners who rakes in this extra cash though.  Anyways, when you take a go go girl into this short time establishment, she fills out a little ticket. I thinks the short time place kicks back around 75 baht to the go go bar for each ticket.

Another thing. When I take Lek to the short time room, it’s like she’s got a time limit of half an hour or so because she’s always in a hurry to get me to come so she can get me back to her bar.  I’m sure in my heart that mamasan is making her cut my time short with her.   That Christmas night when I banged Lek for 1000 baht, Lek made me promise not to tell anyone that I’m doing her for 1000 baht.

At first I thought it was cause she was feeling she was losing face with the other girls. I mean how does it appear to all them go go bar girls who sit around eatin all that Pok Pok together all braggin about how much money they all iz makin and how much each customer gives them. Yeah right.

Here’s Lek telling all the other girls, “I’m doing Uncle Bufford for 1000 baht, and another girl is saying, “I only fuck Japanese men,because they pay me 3000 baht short time”.  That makes Lek feel real bad because she knows all the other girls are thinking, “Lek’s a cheapass 1000 baht whore while me and the other girls are 3000 baht high class prostitutes.” Fact of the matter Billy Bob thinks many of them will only go with Japanese men on account of the high prices dem Japanese keep paying.

So I promise Lek not to tell anyone in her bar that she’s now lowering her price to 1000 baht from the 1500 I have been paying her.

“Now keep that in mind all you Japanese men who are reading this. You guys pay 2000 baht or even more for the same girls I pay only half price for. Let’s face the facts, guys, I loves you Japanese but you sure are a bunch of piss poor money managers compared to me.”

The next time I come into CH Lek’s not there. But Mamasan who knows that I usually cannot control my dick, instructs another girl to pounce on me.  The girl’s one of the prettiest girls at CH, but she don’t have quite the body Lek’s got.  In no time she’s got her hands in my pants rubbin my dick and my balls. After a drink or two she says to me: “Short time me now. I want you now.”

“How about next week?” I reply.

“No good for me. Next week Lek’s going to be here and you will want Lek, not me.”

In spite of her rubbin my dick and my balls for a good hour and even gettin another girl to help her, I leave CH without bar fining her.

Banging Amy in the G Spot

A few days later, Billy Bob and I head to the G Spot on Walking Street. A girl spots me who I’ve not seen in over a year. She used to work at the Dolls A Go Go on Soi Six. Back then the short time room upstairs cost 500 baht, so I told her, “all the short time rooms here on Soi Six are 300 baht. Tell you what. You want 1000 baht short time.  I give you 800 since room is so much more.”  She agreed. So even though I was now on Walking Street, I knew she’d do me for 1000 baht.

But Mamasan told me I’d have to give her 2000 baht for short time.

“Mamasan.  Amy and I are old friends. I know her for 5 years.  Up to me.  Up to Amy what I give her.”

To this mamasan agreed.  And Amy backed me.  But there was just one short time room upstairs and they had to get it ready so there was a 15 minute wait.

Uncle Bufford goes for 3 go go girls in a row for 1000 baht.

So that’s two out of two girls who will boom boom me for 1000 baht. Which is fair enough.  Except the Greedy Pattaya go go bar owners are charging too much for their rooms and bar fines. So thinking mighty highly of myself I went back to CH.  Again, no Lek, but her “friend” was there and once again I was in the “friend’s” sights.

After the first tequila we had together I told her I would short time her for 1000 baht.  She didn’t say much, focusing upon her tequila instead of my proposition.

“I only pay ladies 1000 baht tip,” I said to her.

One tequila later she asks me, “What do you pay Lek?”

“I not tell you. That is up to Lek and me. Not you and not mamasan.”

After two or three tequilas she’s still with me.  Can I blame her when she’s getting 50 baht for each ladies drink?  I finally tell her. 1000 baht I pay you for short time or I leave now with Billy Bob.”

Again she asks, “What do you give Lek?”

And once again, I tell her, “That is up to Lek and me.”

She winds up refusing the 1000 baht and I check bin, anxious to leave A.S.A.P. thinking to myself, “Stupid girl.  That’s the last time I ever buy her a drink.”


One week later

Lek launches herself on me just 10 seconds after I walk in the door. But I’ve been banging two girls down on Soi Six, and I’ve concluded, “It just doesn’t get any better than that.”

Billy Bob’s sitting on my immediate right while Lek is on my lap already stroking my dick.  It’s been awhile since I’ve been with Lek, but I remember just how succulently fine her breasts are.  I duck down and insert one of them in my mouth and start sucking away like a baby.

I tell Lek how “her friend” tried to get me to do a short time with her and how she refused the thousand baht offer I had given her.

“Mamasan be very angry with me if you tell her you boom boom me for 1000 baht,” Lek tells me.

(Are the mamasans getting a commission on go go dancer tips?  I’ve been here too long to dismiss this possibility)

“Not to worry, Lek.  I tell no one.  Not mamasan or girls here in Bar.”

“Who is girl who want you to boom boom you?”

The girl is dancing on the stage a few feet away from us.  So I point her out.  Then I tell Lek, “If I tell her you are boom booming me for 1000 baht she probably will also.”

“No one is going to boom boom for 1000 baht,” Lek replies.

“Except you, and a girl I took upstairs down at the G Spot last week. But I know her from Soi Six.”

Apparently not hearing me, Lek continued: “No girls will be doing 1000 short times here.”

“Except you.  But that is our little secret, Lek.”

After several drinks, I leave her after promising to short time her the next time I see her.  I had promised Billy Bob that tonight I wouldn’t be selfish and that I wouldn’t bar fine anyone, preferring to hit several go go’s with him instead.

Thinking more about Lek

But I’m rethinking Lek.  I think the two Soi Six girls like me a lot better than Lek does. On the other hand, mamasan is always horning in behind the scenes, no doubt telling her to limit her time with me in the short time room.

This had happened to me before at Mistys go go bar. I’m sure the waitress there really did like me, and again I was equally sure that Mamasan was telling her to hurry back to the bar as soon as we had finished. I know this because the first time the waitress and I had done a short time the waitress had all the time in the world, showing me pictures in the short time room, and talking endlessly about things I had long ago forgotten.  Then she had tried to get me to meet her outside the bar during Songkran but I had refused.

With Lek, who knows? But I could care less one way or the other. What was much more important was how well our body parts fitted together.  And how much I enjoy tasting her breasts.  I just love her trim little body. I also knew that nearly every man coming into her bar was paying 1500 to 2000 baht short time, minimum and that I was something special.  After all, I’m Uncle Bufford and the other guys simply ain’t me.

Greedy Pattaya go go bar owners and the Star A Go Go

After passing on Lek,  I wound up at Star a go go.  I know there’s a short time room upstairs so that’s perfect, but the girl who oftentimes drinks with me and rubs my dick tells me, “It’s closed. The police keep checking all the clubs.”

Which is true. A week ago the police had raided the Windmill and found an Englishman upstairs in the short time room with a girl. The guy wound up with his picture plastered all over the internet and the newspapers.  If he had a wife in England or a Thai steady girlfriend, this in my eyes was an unforgivable act. Meanwhile one of my two favorites on Soi Six had text messaged me that I could no longer boom boom her in the room upstairs in her bar.  Only on the outside, could we have sex, she had texted.

So I asked the Star a Go Go girl, “When your bar’s short time room is open, how much must I pay to boom you n this bar?”

“2000 baht for me. 1500 baht for the room,” the girl replied.

I decided right then not to ever come back to Star a Go Go. 3500 baht is a hundred American dollars, which is ridiculous for any Pattaya bar girl.  So I told her, “Well, maybe I get room somewhere and you can meet me on the outside and we never pay any Greedy Pattaya go go bar owners anything.

To which she agreed. I know I can get her for a thousand baht so long as I book her outside the bar But she reminds me a lot of one of my two favorite Soi Six girls.  But she’s getting a bit paunchy on account of all the alcohol she’s probably drinking as a bar girl.  The Soi Six girl has by far the better body.

Three nights ago in the Walking Street Go Go Bars

A few days later, four of us converge on Walking Street. Our first stop is at the Light House. The guys want to go there for the Eye Candy.  But no one in our group’s ever bar fined anyone there yet.  I go there for the “cheap happy hour prices”. Tonight two gin and tonics cost me 150 baht.  As usual, I’m bored here.  No one’s rubbing my balls yet.  But as long as I have two full drinks in front of me, I’m relatively happy.

Then it’s onto CH. I’m hoping Lek is going to show, but she’s nowhere in sight.  But the happy hour two for one drink prices are still on, so it’s another two gin and tonics.  I walk around the place looking for Lek.  The place is crowded and there’s nowhere to sit for four guys. Billy Bob and I sit in front of the hot tub where two girls are cavorting totally nude.  One of them keeps looking straight into my eyes.  Then I recognize her.   I fucked her. Not just once but several times, but gave up on her due to her becoming too chunky for my tastes.  There’s no improvement, however.

The waitresses finally are able to find seating for all four of us.  Billy Bob and I find spots at a small table across the room from the hot tub while BD (Big Dog) is being seated to our left at another small table next to me.  But Gerald has to sit clear across the room from us where he’s immediately set upon by one of the bar’s go go girls. After a few minutes the hot tub girl joins me. I buy her a drink as she seats herself in my lap and starts stroking my dick.

I quickly sms Lek on my cell phone: “I am here for you at your bar.” Other than getting my dick massaged and relaxing with my gin and tonics, I don’t want much to do with the gal on my lap. There’s no sign of Lek.  I had messaged her just in case she was somewhere in the go go bar and would make her appearance later. I didn’t want her to think I wanted the girl on my lap more than I wanted her.

“Lek, of course, really doesn’t give a shit about me.”  Well, maybe she would if I really went after her.  After all the prospect of enough money every month, and being able to quit dancing at the go go bar just might entice her to show a little affection (for my money) and some loyalty (again for my money, instead of someone else’s).

One of my neighbors had just moved a 19 year old go go girl in with him from Misty’s go go bar. He’s 65 so the age difference of 46 years is just about right. The 19 year old’s had one kid for 5 years now, so she must have gotten pregnant when she was 14.  Maybe she’s got 2 children.  I have no idea what he’s paying her each month, but I’ll be finding out, so yeah, if I want to have Lek, I can have Lek.  But I don’t want to have any of them.  I don’t need the baggage.  The bottom line is this.  Any woman limits a man’s freedom, and all women deteriorate physically.  I want to have any woman I want, and I want her in her prime.

Plus, I’m the kind of guy who really knows himself.  I know that the grass is always greener on the other side.  So it really does not matter what the girl I’m with is like.  There’s always something better, so I want no limitations on either my time or wallet.

Still–I wanta bang Lek in the worse way.

Our group moves on to Electric Blue. Billy Bob likes the place because the draft beers are just 45 baht here. The bar is very dark inside, which means he can grope a girl without hardly being seen since both his groping hand and her privates are both in the shadows.  I see nothing attractive here at all, and the place is chock full of cheap charlies all cashing in on those 45 baht beers.

Big Dog’s found someone to buy drinks for.  But Gerald’s all pissed off.  We don’t know why except he’s already leaving the bar to go home.  Or that’s what he’s telling us.  He’s probably going to meet other friends at another bar, or maybe he’s got a girl lined up to meet him back at his hotel.  But Big Dog’s not about to leave.  The girl who’s with him is kindof ugly, but that’s the kind of girls he likes. That’s why we calls him Big Dog because he will fuck anything.

Billy Bob and I head to the G-spot. The girl I had banged in the go go’s short time room upstairs is here. Amy’s got her hair dyed blonde, and she’s pretty drunk. I don’t realize just how bad off she is until I get her in the short time room later on.  Anyways, I bar fine her. Amy tells me that the club has closed the short time room upstairs on account of the police so I have to take her outside the bar to the short time place I usually use across from CH.

I want to walk ahead of Amy on account of my not wanting to be seen taking any girl to any short time room.  After all, I’ve got my appearances to keep up.  But Amy keeps hanging all over me as we walk down Walking Street.  Even worse, she keeps trying to take my arm or hold my hand.

But the G spot is controlled by one of those Greedy Pattaya go go bar owners who keeps raising his prices.  A few weeks ago Amy’s bar fine was 800 baht. Now it’s 900 baht.   I’m giving her only 1000 baht, however, same as I’m now giving Lek.

What I didn’t count on was Amy being an absolute goof ball.  When we take off our clothes in the short time room, I suddenly realize that she’s drunk too much and now she’s getting sick on me.  Several times she gets up from the bed to go to the toilet to throw up or to retch.  So I ask her how much she’s had to drink.   Amy admits to having just three drinks in the bar.   She also admits to drinking before coming to work.  So it’s not me. I know that Amy has always liked me.

A more likely reason is that Amy hates having to work in a go go bar. And that she hates having customers constantly groping her and her having to keep rubbing the dicks of all those customers she secretly despises.  And I have to say, “I don’t blame her.” So she probably got half way blitzed out of her mind before she even showed up at work.

It’s kind of like farmers hauling corn out of their grain bins and trucking it to the elevator.  Sometimes moisture accumulates in the corn and some of it spoils so bad that there’s no difference between it and shit.  So the farmer has to shovel all that spoiled corn out of his bins meanin he’s literally havin to shovel shit to keep makin his livin.

That’s the way I look at a lot of these bar girls.  They gotsa boom boom guys who are stupid, rotten, selfish bastards.  Most of them are fat hogs who never managed to get one woman in their home countries to ever be nice to them.   Most men who live in Pattaya are this way.  Yep….these bar girls have to keep shoveling shit into their pussies to make a livin and I can’t blame them for gettin sick now and then.

Next time I come in Walking Street, I’m going to be in Lek.  I’ve still got those friends of mine in town, and there’s no way that four guys can fully enjoy themselves on Soi Six.  That’s on account of the bars being too small to have more than one or two good-looking girls. There it’s good to hunt alone. So it looks like once again I’m going to have to put up with these Greedy Pattaya go go bar owners.

Avaricious Pattaya Mamasans raping go go dancers part 2.

I am accusing these avaricious Pattaya Mamasans of raping the go go dancers. But I am not accusing these greedy bitches of raping you, dear customer, because you have freedom of choice whereas the girls don’t.

Avaricious Pattaya Mamasans
Money Number One by Neil Hutchison. Tourists who wish to find female companionship in Pattaya should not be allowed to get off the plane in Bangkok until they have read this book at least twice. It is the Bible to surviving being fleeced by Pattaya bar girls

Most tourists will not read this book. But Money Number One and similar books should be required reading for all tourists before they are even allowed to enter Thailand. Unfortunately most tourists seem to know everything and deserve what they get from conniving bar girls

Most Japanese visiting Pattaya go go bars are idiots.

But don’t think for one minute that I am picking on you or that I despise Japanese because I don’t.

In fact, I think that

Most tourists in Pattaya go go bars looking for sex are complete morons because they think they know everything.

Most of them also are totally uninterested in learning from expats such as myself or reading such definitive books about Pattaya bar girls such as Neil Hutchison’s Money Number One.

But most of you Japanese are a special case because you try too hard to be polite.  If Avaricious Pattaya Mamasans tell you to pay the girls 3000 baht for short time sex, you agree to it because you don’t like confrontation.  If Avaricious Pattaya Mamasans ask you to buy 3000 baht for 25 ping pong balls that you can throw at the girls, you pay it because you think this is expected of you.

Well, I’m telling you Japanese this.

“Who gives a shit about what Avaricious Pattaya Mamasans expect of you

Or what greedy go go dancers expect you to pay. You’ve worked hard for your money.  You are smart guys.  At least you are until you walk into all these go go bars like a herd of sheep walking into the slaughter pen.

part 1

The second point I want to make with you Japanese is this.  Perhaps you think it’s cool to be throwing all your hard earned money at these girls.  And if you think this is amusing to the other men in your group, most Westerners view such behavior with total contempt.  We see you as the unwitting victims of the worthless Avaricious Pattaya Mamasans, who are laughing at all of you behind your backs.

On the whole Western men value getting a good deal.  Or at least they take pride in making business arrangements that is fair to both sides.

Until they come to Pattaya as tourists looking for romance or sex.

 But you Japanese have a good excuse.  Whereas Western tourists don’t.

Especially it they have good English skills.  For that matter even German tourists have a rich source of great information available to them in German and English.  For example, Money Number One is also available to them in English.  Also keep in mind that most Germans who come to Pattaya have good English skills.  Unfortunately most of you Japanese don’t.

Avaricious Pattaya Mamasans
Money Number one is also available in German. Unfortunately for you, Japanese it isn’t. So unlike Americans, British, Australians and most Europeans you really don’t have an established guidelines that can keep you from being victimized by predatory mamasans, bar owners and bar girls.

But I am digressing from my whole story line about these Avaricious Pattaya Mamasans so it’s time to move on.  But before getting back to the two girls from Sattahip I’m going to take you back to one year ago, when I met a really nice gal in this same go go bar and wound up banging her.

One year ago at Dolls
(not the Doll House)

I met a girl at Dolls go go bar on Soi 6 about 1 year ago.  She wanted 1000 baht to go short time with me in the room upstairs.  When I pointed out to her, that Dolls was charging 500 baht for the short time room and bar fine whereas all the other bars nearby were charging just 300 baht for their short time rooms and I was banging all the other girls for 800 baht, she agreed to go short time with me for 800  baht.

Two weeks later, I saw her once again.  This time I only bought the two of us a couple of drinks as I sat at the bar with her in my arms.

The next time I saw her was on Walking Street.

I was walking up the street with Billy Bob, from Crazy House go go to Super Girls Go Go  when she called out my name.  We stood in the middle of the street together where she asked me to join her at her  new go go bar.  I promised her that after I had a drink or two at Supergirls, I’d join her at the new go go bar.  I remembered her. She was so familiar.  And so nice.  Almost wholesome and completely unlike most bar girls.

While drinking my beer at Super Girls it suddenly came back to me.  She was the same girl from Dolls go go bar on Soi Six.  I finished my beer and said goodbye to Billy Bob.  And then I went over to the new bar where I spent two or three hours with her.  All we did was drink, and hold each other’s hands.  Innocent stuff like that.  But the place was so new, she didn’t even know what the bar fine was, and it turned out hardly anyone else did either.

She told me that she had big problems back at Dolls with either the club owner or the mamasan and that’s why she had come to Walking Street.  She had a birthday coming up in a week and I promised to come see her on her birthday.  I would have even brought her a gift, but when I went, she wasn’t there.   And she still wasn’t there when I came in a week later and sat with other girls.  I think the bar fine was 1600 baht.  This did not include a tip for the girl.  I never went back again.


The two Pattaya go go girls are coming all the way out from Sattahip looking for Billy Bob and me at our Naklua condo.  Meanwhile Billy Bob and go back to the same go go bar where we had found the two women.  But they aren’t there.  Once again we are sitting at that long couch in front of a long stage.  One of the girls tells me:

“I am older sister, girl you see before.  They have day off.”

“Older sister my ass!”  How many times have I heard that one before?  But who cares?  There’s several other good lookers here tonight and the clock’s running.

We were soon joined by two go go dancers Billy Bob and I have never seen before.

After a few tequilas with the girl who’s now sitting on my lap, I come out with it.  “500 baht for room upstairs?”  I ask her while pointing upstairs.  “1000 baht for you.  Boom boom.  Okay?”

Then to make certain there is no misunderstanding, I stick my finger gently into her bosom, and tell her in Thai.  “Pu Ying boom boom.  “Neune pan baht ha roy”.  (1500 baht).  I quickly move my arms apart from each other to signify “altogether or total price I must pay. To make sure she understands, I point to my own pocket while telling her Neun pan baht.  I then point towards the upstairs and once again tell her ha roy baht which means 500 baht.  I tell her bar, then room in English.   Then I ask her in Thai, “Do you understand?”  She tells me yes.

I waive a waitress over to us.  “Check Bin,   I pay bar fine also”

“Ha roy baht  (500 baht) I pay bar for boom boom” as I point at the girl.

I follow the waitress up to the bar.  While looking at the ticket I see that I need to pay 1000 baht for all the tequila the girl and I have been drinking.  So I tell the waitress, “neune pan ha roy baht.  ha roy baht bar fine, 1000 baht for tequila.”  Suddenly the mamasan appears.

Taking my ticket from the waitress mamasan writes on it 2500 baht.

“No mamasan.  I pay 1000 baht for drink.  500 baht bar fine (room upstairs).    Lady and I agree I pay her, not bar, for boom boom.”

“No No no.  You pay this,” she tells me while showing me the prices she’s written on the ticket.

“Up to me and lady, what I must pay for boom boom. ”

But mamasan isn’t listening.

“Okay.  Get Bill.  He own bar.  I talk to him.”

“He not here now.  I am mamasan.  You pay this.”

“No problem then,” I tell the mamasan.  Deal’s off.  I only pay for drink.  I no pay for short time.”

The mamasan changes the ticket to read 1000 baht.  I pay my drink tab and leave the go go bar with Billy Bob.

So why is this mamasan so insistent on my paying the bar instead of the girl direct for the tip we’ve agreed on?

The girl from Sattahip absolutely refused to have sex with me in the go go bar short time room.  It wasn’t my offering to pay her 1000 baht either.  She had not even counter offered.  She never asked me to pay 3000 baht, or 2500 baht, 2000 baht or 1500 baht.  Yet she and her friend had come all the way from  Bangsaray-Sattahip so that they could deal directly with Billy Bob and me.

It turns out, however, that the same two girls came to our condo a second time.  One of the girls had a motorbike, the other didn’t.  So it turns out that “my girl” the one who had the motorbike was the ride for the second girl who had been with Billy Bob.

But as I had mentioned in part 1 of my story, I never bring bar girls to my condo.

I won’t give my reasons here.  I just don’t.  But Billy Bob, now he has other ideas on this subject.  So on this second time the girls came to our condo, Billy Bob took them to a restaurant.  Then he took them both into his condo and drank with them for a couple of hours.

The two girls had to work together so they went down to Walking Street where Billy Bob joined them later.  They had already started working at another go go bar.  Billy Bob went upstairs to drink with them in Windmill go go where he found the bar fine had gone down from 1500 baht to 1000 baht because it was after midnight.

So here’s what I am thinking.

The greedy mamasan caused both girls to quit Dolls go go bar on Soi 6 to seek employment on Walking Street.

Although I can’t prove it, I believe the greedy mamasan is getting a big tip or commission on the tips the go go dancers are getting from their customers.  So if I pay a girl 1000 baht direct for short time sex in the room upstairs, the girl is getting 100 percent of her money.  The bar still makes 500 baht for the short time room rental upstairs and it’s making a lot of money on the high drink prices it’s charging its customers.

So for instance, a Japanese customer comes into this go go bar, and he wants to take a girl upstairs.  The mamasan puts on his ticket 500 baht for the room and 2500 baht short time which is 3000 baht altogether.  What’s probably happened is the mamasan tells the girl, “I’ll get 1500 baht for you which probably more than you would be getting if I didn’t help you considering all the beer bar girls just up the street from us are only getting 1000 baht.  But the mamasan is pocketing 1000 baht from the hapless Japanese tourist who is too polite to argue.

Dolls Go Go on Soi 6 could be getting a lot of expat business if the Avaricious Pattaya Mamasans allowed the girls to set their own prices

There is no way that most expats (men who actually live here in Pattaya full time) are going to pay 2000 to 3000 baht long time when they can go just up the street from a go go bar and get the same sex for just 1000 baht.    Sure, it gives a go go girl big face when she can go out and brag to her friends that she’s getting 2500 or 3000 baht short time.  The reality is that tourist numbers have recently declined to less than half of what it was so all of these high dollar go go dancers with their big faces are just not getting bar fined very often.

If the go go bars hope to survive, they must get tough with their Avaricious Pattaya Mamasans

1000 baht for short time is the magic number for what men should pay for sex in Pattaya.  And any man who pays more is a fool.  Unless, however, he is giving money for a girl whose looks are a 10 out of a 10.

part 1



Greedy Pattaya Mamasans force go go girls to charge too much part 1

Greedy Pattaya Mamasans are now preying on their go go girls and customers  so much that the bar girls are moving on to greener pastures.

Greedy Pattaya Mamasans
You can get these girls for 1000 baht short time if you follow my good advice

I am therefore asking everyone who reads this post to be real men and never cave into paying more than 1000 baht for short time sex to any Pattaya bar girl.  Paying more is not only fool hardy.  It’s also disastrous to the bar girls  themselves.   So I must now warn everyone about how Greedy Pattaya Mamasans are ruining the Pattaya go go bars  for everyone, including the bar girls.

I have laid down a challenge to two of my fellow Pattaya expats that

I can get Pattaya go go girls to do short times with me for 1000 baht.

They’ve told me, “That’s impossible.  Times have changed.  There’s been a lot of inflation since you used to be able to short time over 50 percent of the dancers at Pattaya Super Girls go go for 1000 baht.  Go go dancers now expect 2000-2500 for short time sex.  I say bullshit.  Perhaps you have to pay that, but that’s because you think you have to.  But I’m Uncle Bufford.  I can get away with paying just 1000 baht because I know I can.  You can’t because you are not like me at all.

Soi Six Dolls Go Go Greedy Pattaya Mamasans prey here

So last week we stopped in at a Soi Six go go bar.

This place IS NOT ON WALKING STREET.  It’s on Soi 6 and it’s called Dolls Ago go.  So do not confuse it with Doll House on Walking Street   I went in with Billy Bob.  We sat at a long couch in front of the stage.  It took only five minutes for a chubby dancer to ask me if she could sit with me.  I politely refused.   After all, why should I allow a fat bar girl to monopolize my time when I can be with much better looking babes?  And why should I buy a sex worker drinks when I have a much better body that she has?  As for sex, if it ever would come to that, she should be paying me.  Even if I’m an old fart.

Billy Bob and I decide it’s better to drink alone.  Ten minutes later two attractive girls who are dancing on the long stage practically in front of our noses ask us if they can join us.  They do, and before long I’m drinking tequilas with one of them.  She’s in my lap.  After a couple of tequilas she’s  sliding her hand up my shorts.  She wants me.  No.  I want a lot more than her hand, and I know there’s a short time room upstairs.

But she won’t go.  “I hate Greedy Pattaya Mamasans ,” the girl tells me.

She doesn’t say it exactly like that because her English is not all that terrific.  But I understand her to mean:  “I don’t want to deal with these greedy Pattaya  mamasans who are going to give me a lot of problems if I go upstairs with you for only 1000 baht.”

After several more tequilas,

both girls tell us they want to go to our condos in Naklua in two days to party

My girl tells me, “Tomorrow I have day off”.  But I’m not about to give her my phone number and I’m busy the next day.

As for their coming to Naklua to party with us, I tell Billy Bob:  “That will never happen. My girl tells me she lives in Sattahip. That’s 30 kilometers away.

My girl will absolutely not go with me to the short time room upstairs.  She won’t go for 1000 baht.  She probably won’t even go for 2000 baht. The girl hates mamasan that much.

But two days later, Billy Bob tells me.  “The girls came to our condo yesterday.  All the way from Sattahip.  They even put pictures of the front of our condo building and put them on Facebook.”

But I had to go somewhere else.  So I didn’t have time to let them come up to my condo.”

As I keep telling my friends.

Most of these go go dancers are not getting bar fined.

The greedy mamasans and go go bar owners are setting their bar fines, short time sex and long time prices far too high.  I can get  a lot of these go go girls to have sex with me for 1000 baht.  The trouble is, I will never have them come to my condo (for reasons I won’t get into here).  Only the Japanese and shit for brains tourists who don’t know any better are stupid enough to pay 2000-3000 baht for short time sex.

Obviously these two go go girls from Sattahip have proven my point.  They want to get something going with me and Billy Bob outside their go go bar, and if you won’t believe me, it’s time for you to move onto part 2 about how all these greedy Pattaya mamasans are ruining the entire Pattaya go go bar experience.

click here to read part 2


Bangkok Soi Cowboy go go action

How does the Go Go Bar Bangkok Soi Cowboy action compare to Pattaya Walking Street for girl quality, price, and overall ambiance.  I’d like to say, I had to find out.  I’d love to tell all you guys that Uncle Bufford is alive and doing well as he tries his damnest to bring you all that Soi Cowboy go go action up close and personal so you can experience all those luscious Thai babes vicariously.  But I can’t.  Going to Soi Cowboy was purely an afterthought.  My primary mission to Bangkok was to go to Little Japan to meet a very good Japanese friend of mine.  So Soi Cowboy go go action was purely coincidental to my main mission which was to be a true friend to a man I’d known for over forty years.

Soi Cowboy go go action
Soi Cowboy at Night

If it had been up to me, I probably would never have gone to Bangkok in the first place.  Until I got that email telling me, “I need to come to Bangkok on business. Can you meet me? I’ll even pay for your hotel room.”.  I jumped at the chance to meet up with my old pal from Nippon.  But there was no way I’d allow him to pay for my hotel room.  But I did allow him to book my hotel room.

As my taxi driver started to get close to the hotel I started to notice that there were a lot of Japanese restaurants in the area.  When I went up to the room, I noticed that nearly all the hotel guests were Japanese.  I’d later be informed by one of the hotel’s employees that over 80 percent of its customers were Japanese.

I was starting to love the place already.  As for my friend, he was far from the hotel over three hours away on his business appointment and I’d not see him until the next day.  So here I had a lot of time on my hands. My first priority was food.  My second priority was to find all that Soi Cowboy Action that I had been told was likely to be walking distance from my hotel.  But I’m Uncle Bufford, and action’s a lot more important to me than food, so long as I have just enough food to get by.

So how do I get to Soi Cowboy?  Do I take a taxi or should I try the Sky Train?  But taxis, except for when they are absolutely necessary, are for wimps.

Although the Sky Train is nearby I wasn’t really used to using it.  And if I took it, I wouldn’t get to see much on the way to Soi Cowboy.  It would take me nearly half an hour to walk to Soi Cowboy.  I’d wind up walking back to my hotel hoping to get together with my friend.

And when that didn’t work out I walked back to Soi Cowboy looking for wimmen and beer, and then back again to my hotel at 3 a.m.  I must have walked two hours, which is something most of you readers wouldn’t even attempt.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  So I’m going to take my Bangkok adventure one step at a time.

Four Wing Hotel is  located down Soi 26 from Sukamvit.  I will call this area from Sukamvit to the hotel along Soi 26 as Little Japan.   About three blocks from the hotel are a couple of streets where I found a number of Japanese restaurants. I’ll go there one day because I like Japanese food, but tonight I had business to take care of.

I passed the Japanese restaurants up looking for a Family Mart or Seven Eleven.  It’s like being in the military.   I’d eat on the run, and I wouldn’t eat a lot because too much food would slow me up. About one block before  Sukamit I noticed a street that ran at an angle to my left.  I saw a few massage parlors on this little street. It was time   to check the situation out.

I soon came to Sukamvit.  I decided to take a left and started walking in the direction the hotel bellhop told me to go. But the go go bars were a lot further than I had thought.   I had to stop once or twice to get directions.   My last stop was at a massage parlor that was attended by a single woman who was in her late thirties or early forties.

I was tempted to give her a whirl but passed after getting directions from the woman.   On the way I stopped at a Seven Eleven where I bought a tuna fish salad sandwich and a Snickers chocolate bar.  That was my dinner and I ate both on the last leg of my walk.   After crossing to the other side of Sukamvit I found the street the massage lady told me to look for and found Soi Cowboy a couple of blocks down Sukamvit.

But it was about six p.m. so the go go bars hadn’t gotten a good start yet.  But I spotted a few beer bars intermixed among the go go’s. Several  bar girls tried to get me to join them for a drink.

But I know myself too well. Realizing that once I started on the bar scene here,  I wouldn’t feel like leaving it for at least six hours.  Which meant there would be no hope of connecting with my Japanese friend once he got back to the hotel from his business appointment . I was figuring he’d be getting back to the hotel around eight. So I headed back toward the hotel.

Taking a taxi would have done me no good.   At five p.m. the traffic was godawful on Sukamvit.  Here it was past six and it was still terrible.

I noticed that there had been a lot of Japanese men on Soi Cowboy.   With the exception of Thais it seemed to me that nearly everyone in this entire area was Japanese which suited me just fine. I almost felt like I was back in Tokyo.

So if you are Japanese and you are reading this episode, by now you know that I’m a lot more pro-Japan than against, and that I really have a keen appreciation of Japanese people in general.  I just don’t like the fact that Japanese men are paying far too much money for Thai go go girls, and this is makes the go go bars very unappealing for any man who does not want to be taken advantage of.

Eventually I arrived back on that little diagonal street where I had seen all those massage parlors.  I spotted two places that were across the Soi from each other and decided to give one of them a try.  Several girls asked me if I want a massage so I walked over to them and asked them what they were charging for a Thai massage.

One of them replied, “400 baht.”

“You must be kidding me,”  I responded.  “I live in Pattaya and in Pattaya it’s just 200 baht for a Thai massage.”

“But here, not same.”

I went over to the massage parlor across the soi. Several of the girls  immediately ushered me inside.  One of them  invited me to sit down.  Then she asked me what I wanted to drink.

I ordered a beer, and then the manager came over to me.  She handed me a price list of what kind of massages were being offered and at what prices.  Then she directed every girl  in the place to come over to where I was sitting.

There were six or eight girls.  Two or three of them were pretty good looking.  And by what I mean “good looking”  is far more attractive than what you are going to find at most massage parlours in Pattaya which are now filled for the most part by old hags.  This whole scene reminded me of those ranches or bordellos out in the Nevada desert where all the prostitutes parade in front of the prospective Johns, thus giving them a choice from all the girls who are available.

Then they brought a Japanese man  over to the seat next to me and gave him  a menu to choose from.  I noticed that the menu specified two time periods–-45 minutes and 1 hour. I told the mamasan I was really Thai and that I wanted the Thai price.

“You will get everything in this massage.  Everything.”

Then she pointed at the column for the 1 hour massages.  I think the price was 1800 baht, but the column listing the 45 minute massages showed a price of 1600 baht.  The mamasan indicated that I’d be getting a full hour with the girl of my choice for the 45 minute price.   Then she put her finger to her lips to indicate that I should keep my mouth shut and

not tell the Japanese next to me that I was getting a lower price than he’d be getting.

It was difficult choosing between two girls in particular. So I chose one, paid the mamasan 1600 baht and followed the girl to a short time room. In the shower as we started to wash each other’s bodies I noticed that the girl had very large breasts.

So I asked her: “Silicon?”


“Falang buy for you?”

“I buy for myself.”

They were the largest breasts I had seen in months. Normally I prefer girls with small tits or even no tits.

Best of all, the sex here is cheaper than it is in the Pattaya Go Go bars where the mamasans are ruining the go go action.

After all, for me, it’s what’s in the box that counts.

But here I was face to face with the largest tits I ever remember feeling on a Thai woman before.

The massage was good. Massages are always good. And then it was time for us to do our business. Had I wanted to, I really think that the girl would have kept me in that room for much longer than one hour. But I was wanting to get back to my hotel to see if my friend had returned.

But one I got back to my room I found out that I had just missed him. A message was waiting for me that read, “I go out with someone from India.” Now that I just couldn’t fathom. Perhaps my friend had a mia noi who happened to be from India.  Perhaps this was another business contact of his.  Or just someone he had met at the hotel and the two of them had decided to go to a restaurant.  But oh well. I was going to go back to Soi Cowboy.

Soi Cowboy go go action
Bangkok Go Go girls

By the time I had walked back, the Soi Cowboy go go action had picked up considerably.

My first stop was the Lighthouse, mainly because Pattaya Walking Street also had a lighthouse go go bar and that’s were we often will have a couple two for one happy hour drinks. Here at the Soi Cowboy Lighthouse, my beer runs me 160 baht. I am immediately accosted by a decent looking girl so I buy her a Tequila. But no sooner than she gulps it down, does she tell me, “I have to go up to the stage and dance.”

“Well…so much for that. Obviously this place is every bit as bad as the Lighthouse on Walking Street where the sole object of the game is to fleece all the male patrons of as much money as possible while giving back the absolute minimum in return. I can’t wait to get out of this clip joint, gulp my beer down and pay my bin without even giving the girl a glance.

My next stop’s on Soi Cowboy is the Dundee Bar. This is a pretty boring place or at least it is tonight. I sit down, order a beer, and a girl comes up to ask me to buy her a drink. I send her away cause she’s just not meeting my standards.

But later I am joined by another girl so

I ask her what it’s going to cost me for short time sex.

I think she tried to tell me the bar fine was 3000 baht. But I’m not really sure. So I tell her about Soi Six in Pattaya and how I get the room, the girl and bar fine all in one for 1300 baht.  But she’s not having any of that and leaves  me alone with my beer.   Which suits me just fine.

But I don’t get very far.  A pretty girl is standing outside the Toy Bar, Looks like me a beer bar.  The pretty girl explains that it’s just 110 baht for a bottle. Such a low price persuades me to have at least one beer in the place.

What she doesn’t tell me is that her lady’s drink is going to cost me 200 baht

so when you add the two prices together it comes to 310 baht.  This  is about the same as you will paying in most go go bars where it’s usually around 150 or 160 for the beer and another 150 or 160 for the lady’s drink.

Anyways, this girl is really something. She’s got a body to die for. I think I’d come even before I achieved full entry. But never mind, I’m Uncle Bufford.   I’m on a mission and that’s to cover as many go go bars  I can.

The girl and I sit down at a small table next to a small stage. Another girl is dancing right next to us and she’s nearly as beautiful as the girl sitting next to me. My girl speaks excellent English so I ask her a lot of questions about short times,  long times, how much the bar fines are and so on.

Then she tells me, “I’m coyote.”

I explain to  her how the Coyote girl routine works out in Pattaya Walking Street where the girls must sell their quota of fifty lady’s drinks every ten days.

Then she  tells me about all the minimums she must pass, but it’s nothing at all like it is on Walking Street. There’s something I’m missing.

But the bottom line is this…..she tells me it’s going to cost a man 5000 baht to fuck her.

I think she told me her bar fine is 3000 baht, but I’m not sure of that either. This would mean she would be getting 2000 baht for the short time.

Eventually she politely excuses herself by telling me it’s her turn to dance, and then she starts taking her turn on the small stage. Eventually I check bin and tell her goodbye. Her facial expressions tell me she’s surprised that I”m leaving so early and that I’m not waiting for her to come down off the stage.

She’s been up there at least 20 minutes and I’m bored shitless. But damn, she’s quite the looker and she seems pretty bright.  She’s a good conversationalist to boot.   I almost cave in to stay with her until I decide to head back to my hotel.

I’ve got at least one more review to do.

On the way into Soi Cowboy I noticed Cowboys II

which seems to be a larger go go than most.  I decide to give it a go.

In no time I have a very cute girl sitting next to me. I buy us both a drink, then I ask her what her bar fine is. She tells me it’s 800 baht. Then she tells me that she doesn’t want to go with anyone that night.

Perhaps she’s on her period?

Anyway, who cares. I’ve already had enough sex with the massage girl. And I”m having an 8 a.m. breakfast with my Japanese friend in the morning. The last thing I need to contend with is a girl in my hotel room. With my luck she might be difficult to arouse early in the morning. And who knows, I might like her so much that she will wind up having sex with me until 5 a.m.

So I go back to my hotel alone.  But before signing off on this review of the Bangkok Soi Cowboy go go action, there are a few things I want to mention.

First is, in general the music in the Soi Cowboy Bars is much better

than one finds down on in the Pattaya Walking Street go go bars, which plays a godawful amount of pure noise that I call Da Da Music.

Second….the last time I went to Soi Cowboy drinks were substantially more expensive than they are in the Pattaya Walking Street go go’s.

Now drink prices are about the same as Pattaya’s.

160 baht a beer on Soi Cowboy pretty much nails it and sometimes they are a little less. On Walking Street they are now running between 140 and 170 baht.

It also seems to me that

there are a lot more brain dead go go dancers down on Pattaya Walking Street

than there are on Soi Cowboy. I can’t remember even once that where the girls left me alone at a single Soi Cowboy go go bar. There was always at least one girl asking me if she could sit with me.

Forty or fifty percent of the time the Pattaya Walking Street girls will allow me and my friends to leave the premises without even attempting to get attention from any one of us.

So, either the go go bars on Soi Cowboy are much better managed than they are on Pattaya Walking Street or the girls are simply not as lazy.   No doubt most of them are simply more intelligent.

The music is so terrible on Walking Street

 that I feel insulted and belittled as a man for lowering myself to  be buying drinks in such places in the first place.  But can I honestly contend that Bangkok Soi Cowboy go go action is superior to what one finds on Pattaya Walking Street?  That’s a difficult choice to make based on the fact that only this once have I ever reviewed the Bangkok Soi Cowboy go go action, and it is unlikely that I will be getting up to Bangkok that often.  Which is truly unfortunate. Because I really want to go back

Walking Street Mamasans exploiting customers and girls alike

Walking Street Mamasans will be found in the go go bars dealing with customer bar girl relationships
Pattaya Walking Street at Halloween.

Japanese in Walking Street go gos need to set prices with bar girls to avoid being exploited by Walking Street mamasans .  This goes for men of all nationalities visiting the Walking Street go go bars, and not just all of you Japanese.

The reason I’m focusing upon Japanese men is because most of you tend to be too nice

and too accommodating in this snake pit that most Walking Street Go Go bars have become.  Japanese in general tend to give the other person the benefit of the doubt.  They are generally polite, and as a rule they tend to not haggle over prices that Walking Street Mamasans want to charge them for bar fines, short times,  or long time sex.  Trust me, although many of us will applaud your politeness, the Thais working the go go’s, especially the Walking Street mamasans view your politeness as a sign of either weakness or stupidity.  But I know that the opposite is true and that most Japanese men are neither weak nor are they stupid.  They are in my opinion the absolute cream of the Asian crop.

So please, take my good advice and take the upper hand over these go go rip off artists.

Another image of Walking Street on Halloween
Halloween on Pattaya Walking Street

Let me tell you about last week.

I had not one, but two Walking Street Mamasans in a row try to cheat me.

And keep in mind that I’ve lived in Pattaya for over 11 years now, and know that typical Thai management means charging their customers outrageous prices in order to pocket commissions for completely unjustified services.  This practice especially applies to Thai managers of condos who almost always charge condo owners prices for repairs that are double, triple and sometimes even ten times what they should be.  This is the way most Thai condo managers make their money.

It is understood by Thai condo technicians, engineers, maintenance people and vendors supplying repair items to condo communities throughout Pattaya.  I’ve found that even insurance companies typically give 15 % commissions to condo managers whose concept of management is to rip off their condo owners as much as possible.  So when I finish telling you my story about these two lying conniving Walking Street mamasans, you can be sure that I know exactly what I’m talking about.

Let’s start with go go bar number one.

 Go go bar number one already has a History of beating up complaining customers

so I will leave this go go bar unnamed as I do plan on going back there again.  Two weeks ago, Billy Bob and I asked one of the go go girls what the bar fine-short time policy was.  The way it works is a customer who wishes to take one of the go go girls out of the bar must pay 1.  a 800 baht bar fine and 2. An additional 1600 baht to “rent the girl” for up to two hours.  What this amounts to is he can have short time sex with the girl for up to two hours.  Longer periods of time, typically a whole night sleeping with a go go girl, might cost another 1000 baht or even more.  The key number, is 2400 baht which comes out to about $70.00.

Let’s compare this to the typical coyote go go girl scenario.  The bar fine for coyote girls is almost always 1500 baht, and for that all you get is the privilege of taking the girl out of the bar whether this is for a cup of coffee or a whole night of sex.  What you pay the girl is between you and the girl.  Usually she’s going to ask 2000 baht short time, but

if you are Japanese (remember, these people know that most of you Japanese are too polite to argue) she is likely to charge you even more.

So it’s going to cost you $100 for short time sex.  In addition to this you’ve been paying for high priced drinks for not only your new girlfriend but also for her three sisters, the cocktail waitress who’s her cousin, and mamasan who’s a dear old friend.  If you want to take her out for the entire night, it’s going to cost you 3000 baht or even more plus that 1500 baht bar fine.  That’s more than $125.00 U.S.  However, most Walking Street go go bars hiring coyote girls will discount those 1500 baht bar fines to 1000 baht after 11 p.m. or midnight.

Go go Bars off Walking Street Soi Diamond
Soi Diamond go go bars –Shark Club, Super Girls, etc,just off Pattaya Walking Street

But back to Go Go Bar number one.  I take a seat in front of the stage.

Within the first five minutes several of the girls dancing in front of me are catching my eye.  Before I’m even half done with my first beer, a girl takes a seat next to my bar stool and starts speaking to me.  She’s from Chiang Mai, and her English is pretty good.  Overall she’s very nice, but she’s just a little too plump for my tastes.

I like girls who are very slender.  Girls with practically no belly on them.  I don’t care if they have big tits or not or even if they have tits that aren’t any bigger than mine.  I like girls with nice long slender legs who have a reasonable degree of good muscle tone, and lately I’ve been a real sucker for Thai women who are both tall and slender.

So although the conversation  is going well with this girl, she just doesn’t have what I’m looking for.

After twenty minutes of conversation during which I’ve bought her a drink or two, she politely tells me she has to go back onto the stage to dance.  So I let her go, knowing that before I have another two or three drinks, I will be finding a girl who’s body really trips my trigger.  Within five minutes after the first girl’s departure, a girl walks behind me to join two other girls who are sitting at a small table by the club’s exit door.  But she accidentally swipes my back with her arm as she walks past me.

Accidentally, my ass!   I know how this game goes and I’m onto her.  But this one’s got a cute little body and she’s also pretty in the face.  “She wants me”, I tell myself.   “Well, okay, she wants my money.  I can’t really lie to you all.”

I look over at her and she looks back at me.  Then I wave her over, as I pat the bar stool next to me to emphasize that I plan on buying her a drink.  Within seconds she’s sitting next to me, and let me tell you guys, she’s got a great body.  She has no belly on her whatsoever.  Her legs are as firm as an athlete’s.

But I’ve gotta admit.  I’ve got a great body also, and this babe’s checking me out straight off.

Within minutes she’s got her hands all over my legs.  And she’s feeling my arms to see how muscular they are.  Then her hands glide all over my stomach.   She finds out I’m not a lard ass like most Westerners visiting Pattaya.  And I can tell she loves what she’s feeling.  I buy her a drink.  I don’t even know what I bought her, but by the time she’s only half done with it, I order her a tequila and another beer for myself.

After she has two tequilas, she’s putting her arms around me, and then we are kissing each other on the lips.  This kind of thing normally doesn’t happen in Go Go Bar Number one.  It is not one of those “hands on” kind of go go bars most of my friends prefer.  It’s definitely not a bar for groping the girls.  In fact I can’t ever remember my ever having groped a girl here or even seeing other customers putting their paws all over the girls.  But man,  this place is changing for me in a hurry.  The girl and I are all over each other, and I want this woman now.

I tell her I want to pay her bar fine and take her to a hotel short time room.  But her English is lacking so she calls the mamasan over.  I explain I want to pay bar for short time.

Several minutes later the mamasan hands me a bill on which she’s inked in 3300 baht for the girl.  Jesus Christ.

That Walking Street Mamasan knows better than to try and rip me off so I tell her that the bin is for too much money.  Mamasan tells me, “3300 baht for lady.”

I’m pissed.  I know the bin should only be for 2400 baht so I tell Mamasan that I can have sex down on Soi Six for 1100 or 1300 baht and that this includes the rental of the short time room upstairs for 300 baht.

The mamasan replies:  “Then go back to Soi Six then.”

I hope I have not lost any of you yet.  Especially my Japanese readers.

I am really pissed that this Mamasan is taking me for a stupid tourist who doesn’t know any better.  Notice also that I’m telling Mamasan that she’s wrong and that I’m right.  Now here in Thailand most Thai owned businesses have the attitude that “Customer is always wrong, but business is always right.”  I’m sure that you understand the role that “FACE” is playing here.  That 3300 baht mamasan is demanding is obviously very wrong, but “do you think that mamasan’s ever going to admit it?”  No way.  Instead she tells me to fuck off and go to Soi Six.”  Way to go you stupid CUNT.  (CUNT stands for “Can’t Understand Normal Thinking).

But here’s what’s really going on.

Mamasan plans on pocketing that extra 900 baht she’s demanding.  Do you think she’s trying to help this go go girl?

No way.  I’ve got this girl’s measure and she really wants to go with me.  Although it’s true that oftentimes go go girls will conspire to extort exorbitant prices from customers, this girl isn’t.  She’s just not the type.  This is all the evil work of this Walking Street Mamasan.   I give the girl a little kiss on the lips and I tell her I really like her.  Then I point to Mamasan and tell the girl Ba Ba.  Which means that Mamasan is completely crazy.  But I tell her that softly so that Mamasan cannot overhear me.  I then tell Mamasan that 3300 baht is too much and that i no longer wish to bar fine the girl.  I pay what I owe for drinks, and walk out.

The next stop is Go Go Bar Number two which I’m not about to name in order to protect the guilty.  You will soon find out that the Walking Street mamasan in this go go is just as guilty of CUNT status as the mamasan was in go go bar number 1.

Peppermint Go Go bar girls
Peppermint Go Go Bar girls. Peppermint is part of a group of around 8 go go bars owned by the same company. These bars typically hire many Coyote girls

The coyote dancer I had sat with before saw me come in and made a beeline right for me.  Which was okay with me because she was nice.

The waitress was not working tonight.  To avoid having the girls doubling up on me and raid my wallet for drinks I insisted on sitting in front of the stage instead of one of the booths where the girls could all get into my pants.  This put me one on one with the coyote girl.  I asked her how she had come out on her 10 day shift.

“You work 10 days and must sell 50 drinks.  How many did you sell?”

She laughed and replied:  “I not do very well.  I sell only 20.”

My brain started to calculate the numbers.  Let’s see–at 10 days a shift she can work 3 shifts a month maximum.  So if the average ladies drink costs the customers 150 baht, this last shift she would have made 3000 baht which is 20 times 150 baht.  So, if she works 3 complete shifts in one month (which is unlikely because that means she doesn’t take a break), she will have earned 9000 baht.  Now, she might have had customers buy her out of the bar, but she’s probably asking 2000 baht short time, and since her bar fine is 1500 baht, she’s not going to get many men bar fining her.

This coyote business is killing her.

Of course she could be lying to me just so that I will feel sorry for her and give her money by 1. Buying her even more drinks than I normally would or 2. Bar fining her.

She’s cute, but she’s not a superstar.  She’s good company though so I stick around longer than I probably should.  We have a few drinks together.  Enough to make us both lose our inhibitions.  Right in front of the stage we do a lot of feely stuff.  She’s stroking my legs and once in awhile my cock.  And I’m laying my hands all over her body.  In fact, I can’t even remember what kinds of things we did, except it was a bit too much right out in the open.  By this time, I’m wanting sex pretty bad.   That very trim go go girl from Go go number one had gotten my number.  And now after so many drinks, this very nice girl from Go Go Bar number 2 was applying the finishing touches.

Mamasan was  a constant presence, hovering about near the stage, keeping her eye on us.

I kept eyeballing my watch.  It was 12 midnight.  Time to make a move one way or the other.  Soi Six would soon be a lost cause.  The bars would all close there by 1 a.m.  It would take me 15 minutes to pay my bin, walk to the end of Walking Street, find a baht taxi and get to Soi Six.  I was looking at 12:15, and I usually stay in the short time rooms for forty minutes to one hour.  Oftentimes even more.  I could also go to Crazy House Go Go.  No doubt I’d find the girl there I had bar fined before.  The one with the sensational eyes.  But I had really been hoping for someone new and Go Go Bar Number One had been a huge disappointment.

I don’t remember exactly how I said it.  I didn’t tell the girl I was with I was going to bar fine her although I vaguely remember telling her how much I’d like to fuck her.  That’s the way it came out of my mouth.  But I was talking more to the mamasan than the coyote girl.  It went something like this:

“I love this girl and like to boom boom her but I think the bar fine is just too much.”

On that note the mamasan told me I’d have to pay 3300 baht to have sex with the girl.  That included a 1500 bar fine.

But it was already 12 midnight.  By this time the girl’s bar fine should have been brought down to 1000 baht.  That meant mamasan was probably planning on pocketing 500 baht.

I was sure of it.  I had dealt with this particular mamasan too many times before.   War, who had been the waitress, really liked me, and I had short timed her a few times.  The first time I had taken War to the short time room, she had all the time in the world.  War had kept showing me pictures in the room.  And she had invited me to spend the day with her during Songkran.  There would have been no bar fine then.

But later on it seemed that Mamasan had clamped down on War so our short time affairs had gotten to be more hurried.  I knew it wasn’t War’s fault.  Then there was that night last year, when Billy Bob and I had sat back in one of the couches by one of the back stages where two girls sat with us.  One was the shapely coyote girl who had blown me on a couch at another stage and I had an orgasm in her mouth. But that night Mamasan had kept hanging around our little stage trying to get drinks out of me.  When I finally politely refused to buy her one she told the coyote girl that she could no longer suck my dick or even feel it.  That’s when Billy Bob and I paid our bins and left in a hurry.

I really would have bar fined this girl if the bar fine was 1000 baht and she had been willing to go with me for 1500 baht.

I was sure she’d go for 1500.  And quite possibly she would have gone for 1000 baht.  That’s what I used to pay all the Super Girls go go dancers a few years ago.  I think I could still do it, but I never have the time to play the game just right.

Once again I would up telling a girl how nice she was and how much I wanted to bar fine her, but mamasan was a very bad lady and because of the greedy mamasan I simply would not pay mamasan’s extortionate prices.

12 o’clock.  I had to go.  So I paid my bar bill and headed straight over to Crazy House.

The girl was there.  Because as when I came in the door I didn’t get more than twenty feet  when she was suddenly standing next to me staring up at me with those gorgeous eyes.  Ten minutes later we were leaving the place together,and five minutes after that we were in the short time room.  As before, her bar fine was 800 baht.  We never even had one drink together.  And this Walking Street Mamasan simply collected my 800 baht and saw us off with a smile.  I’d pay the girl later in the room.

She was every bit as terrific as she had been before.  Her long hair kept cascading around my face as I kept finding myself looking deeply into her eyes.  Kissing her was sensational.  I felt very comfortable, as if I was a fetus warm and snug in the womb.  This girl was great in bed, and not in a hurry at all.  She was also a lot of fun to be around in the club.

But back to all of you Japanese.  The lessons to be learned here are:

“Every single girl I bought drinks for tonight were really nice even though I saw a lot of other go go dancers around me who were obviously real snakes in the grass.  But the Walking Street Mamasans at go go bar number one and two were both greedy bitches who were only out for themselves so that they could line their own pockets.  I wouldn’t doubt that both go go girls I had been with at Go Go number one and two never got bar fined tonight.

I might not bar fine anyone out of go go bar number 2 simply because all of the girls are coyotes I think.  With the exception of the cocktail waitresses that is.  But go go bar number one is a different story.  There are few if any coyotes in that place.  I had misunderstood my good friend who had told me it was a take it or leave it proposition there.  Meaning a man wasn’t taking any girl out of there until he had paid the asking price of 800 baht plus the 1600 baht rental for the girl.

My friend later told me that this rental bullcrap had been designed expressly for you Japanese.  First, because you are all too willing to pay too much for sex and secondly because so many of you can’t speak either good English or Thai.  So this arrangement makes it easy for all concerned.

But what we all need to do is to simply avoid such Walking Street Mamasans when it comes to doing anything with the girls whatsoever.

So what I’m doing from now on, is I’ll be telling such Walking Street Mamasans that I’m only taking a girl out of the bar for a two hour coffee.  I’m even going to tell them I don’t even have a dick so there will be no talk about sex or the price of sex whatsoever.  But before I get around to paying that 800 baht bar fine over at Go Go Bar number one, I will already have a clear understanding with the girl on the price we have both agreed upon.

 So here’s my thinking, especially with any of you Japanese customers who can’t speak very good English or Thai.

Let’s all bring pen and paper into these go go bars.   When that magic moment arrives where we discuss price with the go go girl of our choice we simply write two numbers down.  The first number will be the bar fine.  For example 800 baht.  The second will be the  tip we will be giving the girl.   I will be writing either 1500 baht on that paper or 1000 as the tip I am willing to pay.  Then I will point at this number and the girl, nod my head and smile.  No English or Thai will be necessary.  I will then put the slip of paper back into my pocket.  As for the Walking Street Mamasan…all she’s going to ever see is my bar fine because the rest is just between me and the girl.

Japanese wanting cheaper go-go girls on Pattaya Walking Street

Tired of go-go dancers wanting 1000-1500 baht bar fines and 2000 short time sex?  Japanese wanting cheaper go-go girls read on.

Japanese wanting cheaper go-go girls
Japanese wanting cheaper go-go girls need to continue reading this article in its entirety. They might be getting respect from their colleagues. But the rest of us have zero respect for a man who throws his money around.

In fact, I would be very angry about the way I’m being treated in the Walking Street go-go bars and the kinds of things the girls might be saying about me.

So here’s what I’d do if I were Japanese.

Or anyone with the slightest degree of self respect who wants to have the best possible time at reasonable prices.  But if you are Japanese and you are reading this, you will want to know what people are saying about you.  So that you can change the negative perceptions that  Thais have of Japanese men who frequent go-go bars.  I can say with utmost certainty that Japanese wanting cheaper go-go girls are going to get a lot more respect from Thai go go dancers than the Japanese who cave into their outrageous demands for more and more money.

First off there’s the old three point saying Europeans keep repeating to each other that goes around about Japanese tourists here in Pattaya:  “(1)  2 inches, (2) 5000 baht, (3) thirty seconds.” Let me first of all comment on the subject of 2 inch dicks.

Personally I don’t care if the average Japanese man, Thai man, Australian or whoever has a 2 inch or even a 12 inch dick. But I’d suggest that most men regardless of race have approximately the same size of penis as most other men regardless of nationality or race and that any variances are due to individual differences that have absolutely nothing to do with what country a man’s from.

Such comments are scornful.  But there it is.   People are still making these comments.  And it’s all because Japanese  behavior in  Pattaya’s go-go bar that breeds disrespect.

I know a Soi Six girl quite well who used to work at Bacchara, a go go bar on Walking Street.  When I asked her her much Japanese men typically paid for sex with go-go dancers,  she made the following comments. “They pay 1000 to 5000 baht for short time and THEY HAVE SMALL DICKS.

The only problem with this is months ago she had told me that she had only worked for two weeks at Club Bacchara.  And that she hadn’t really gone with any customers in that time period.  And although I consider her as one of Soi Six’s most desirable women  while she was working at Club Bacchara there must have been nearly one-hundred girls working there.  So she can hardly have ever been considered the queen of the ball at Bachara considering the huge amount of competition she found there.

Her first statement months ago might have been an accurate one.  That she might never have had a single Japanese customer in her entire two weeks on Walking Street.

But even if  she had a Japanese customer or two bar fine her, such a small number hardly gave her a large enough data base from which she could formulate a well-considered opinion on  Japanese dick size.

Back then the bar fines were 1000 baht.  Considering that she was 32 years old and most girls were at least ten years younger it is very likely that she didn’t do very well in her two weeks at Bacchara.  So it’s likely that she and other older girls were gossiping about the Japanese customers in a very negative way.

Now don’t get me wrong, I find this 32 year old woman to be extremely attractive. She has a beautiful body and a very cool way about her. She’s very pleasant to look at.  She has a very appealing sense of humor (to me).  And her sexual skills are awesome. But she looks–well–32.  For me if a woman is taking good care of herself, this puts her at her prime.  But that’s not the way a lot of other men see it. Bottom line is she didn’t do well at Bacchara.  So it’s plausible that she hung around with a lot of  girls who didn’t have a lot of good to say about the club’s very substantial  customer base of Japanese men frequenting the place.

And certainly many Japanese were making complete idiots of themselves in Bachara.

by paying exorbitant amounts of money so that they could hurl ping pong balls onto the stage.  While they watched the girls trample  all over each other for  ping pong balls that they could exchange for baht.

And how many times did we watch three or four go-go girls swarm around a single Japanese customer.  So that they could milk him out of thousands of baht for drinks.  and as for 5000 baht,

 the truth is many Japanese customers do pay 5000 baht for short time sex

while thinking they are getting a great deal for their money compared to what they’d be getting in Japan.

Sorry guys, such foolishness equates to 2 inch dicks to the Thais who have to service men who are so foolish as to pay large amounts of money for so little.  My take is that the men of Nippon deserve more respect.

Then again, like many tourists from the West, it can be said that intelligent tourists  who do quite well in their home countries, leave their brains at the airport and do the most incredibly irresponsible things once they get around the bar girls of Pattaya.

But if you want to know what is really galling to me, it’s that

over 80 percent of these Pattaya Walking Street go go girls have Thai boyfriends living off of them.  It is these men who have the 2 inch dicks; not the Japanese who actually work hard for a living, who are smart and very capable executives, doctors, factory owners, etc

Unfortunately that’s not the way most go-go girls perceive their Thai boyfriends and the much more capable and manly Japanese who frequent their go go bars.

Personally I want to see a lot of such attitudes change so let me start off by telling you how I handled a go go bar girl just a few days ago.

First off, the go-go girl is not one of the dancers. She’s a waitress or service girl. Most of the girls working at her bar are coyote girls commanding a 1000 to 1500 bar fine depending upon whether a customer bar fines the girl before or after midnight. Her bar fine was 800 baht which is more than I’m used to paying.  But still more acceptable than 1000 or 1500 baht.

So once I determined that her bar fine was a lot less than most of the dancers in her bar, I asked her how much she wanted for short time sex. Straight off she tells me she wants 2000 baht for short time so I ask her how much would she charge me if I boom boom her in the toilet.  I suppose she must have found my question to be very funny because she told me she’d have sex with me for 3000 baht in the toilet. I then told her I’d give her 1000 baht to bang her in a short time room.

So was this a good deal for her or wasn’t it?  First off when she gets a 800 baht bar fine, she’s going to split that with her bar so she’s getting 400 baht in her pocket.

She’s also gotten a couple free drinks off me.  And she’s going to get a commission off each drink she’s getting from me. So let’s say she makes a 100 baht commission on the two drinks plus 400 baht from the bar fine plus the 1000 baht I’m giving her for short time. This is 1500 baht to her which amounts to almost $50.00 U.S. money.

Now let’s suppose she didn’t accept my offer. Chances are at the end of the night she would have been 1500 baht poorer. Okay..let’s give her this. I leave. Other customers come in and buy drinks from her. Suppose she gets real lucky and makes 250 baht additional tips from her drink orders. She’s still 1250 baht richer with me than without me. So this is a great deal for her.

And what do I get out of this arrangement?  First off I’m saving 1000 baht on the basic short time price most of the dancers are charging . And by getting a waitress instead of a “super star go-go dancer” I’m paying only an 800 baht bar fine instead of 1000 or even 1500.

So how good was the sex compared to what I might have been getting from a high in demand go go dancer? Well, guys, let me tell you.  The sex was absolutely terrific. This Thai woman is tall. At 162 centimeters she’s nearly five foot four which is the height of the average American or European woman.  And her legs, stomach–the entirety of her body was so firm, so delectable.

Why my brother, Billy Bob’ been crowing about this particular waitress as being “Hot, Hot Hot” and having the most perfect body on Walking Street.

Friends, trust me, it doesn’t get any better than this. Plus I didn’t have any of this crappy ass, I’m Walking Street go go dancer super star attitude.  Which I get from too many go go dancers who cannot even begin to compete with my favorite Soi Six Girls.

So what’s my next move? Hopefully I will bar fine her again but she did tell me she’s going home for awhile and soon.  Okay, here’s how I play this one. If she’s in the club the next time I go to Walking Street, I will make a priority of bar fining her.

So I bar fine her and then I tell her, “Let’s just have one or two tequilas at Crazy House Go-go before we go short time.

She will accept, I can almost guarantee that and when I do there’s a good chance she’s going to be talking to at least one of the go go dancers there.  And when she does the first thing that’s going to be discussed is money.  So she will be asking  “How much money is this American paying you for short time?”

There’s a good chance she might actually tell the truth and tell the girl she’s getting just 1000 baht. And even if she doesn’t, I just happen to know one of the service girls at Crazy House so the next time I go there  I will be sure to tell her that I paid 1000 baht to boom boom the service girl from the other go-go bar. Even if I don’t if one of the more attractive dancers sits with me, I’m going to be telling her I pay just 1000 baht short time.  And the girl I brought in the other night got 1000 baht from me and we will be doing it again.

Now let’s suppose the next time I go into the waitresse’s bar and she’s not there? I can about guarantee that one of the other girls will wanting to steal me away from the waitress and when she comes around me trying to feel my older than God penis up, I will be telling her my price is 1000 baht for short time.

So what I have done is I have established my price at 1000 baht, no more or no less.

One thing I’m not going to do and that is to be paying the tourist rate of 2000-2500 baht for a short time. I might even go to Super Babes where there’s one or two good looking waitresses and bar fine one of them. I think even the bar fines for most of the go go dancers is still around 600 baht and once I bar fine someone there and give the girl 1000 baht for short time, I can tell the next girl “my price is 1000 baht.”

So here’s the deal guys. In Thailand money is number one.

One might say that in Japan honor is number one or that it is important to have a great education, to do the best job possible, to tell the truth, and so on. That’s what I admire about Japan, and believe me, in general I like Japanese people very much.

But a lot of Thais do not respect this. They see English, German or American men ringing the bell and buying drinks for an entire bar and they lose respect for the customer for parting with his money so foolishly and for nothing. They see Japanese men buying up a lot of ping pong balls and throwing it at the girls.  And they perceive this as “stupidly throwing money away.” The employees and go-go girls are now perceiving their Japanese customers as the easiest of all to take advantage of.  But the truth is Japanese men do not deserve so little respect. I will now put one last thought in your minds.

When I was bar fining the waitress the mamasan came up to us and asked me, “What are you giving her?” If I were Japanese I might have been polite and said, “one thousand baht.”

If I had been polite, the mamasan would have then said, “Why you can’t do that. You must give her 1500 baht or 2000 baht.” So what happens then? The mamasan would have demanded the higher price and if I wouldn’t pay it she would have told the waitress–“ you can’t go with this customer. You must stay and take care of the customers as a waitress.” If I caved into the mamasan’s demands she would told the waitress later on, “Look, I got you a higher price than you were asking so I want a share of the increased money I got for you.”

Lesson to be learned is this…NEVER, NEVER DEAL WITH THE MAMASAN. I told the mamasan that what I was giving the waitress was up to me and up to the waitress and not up to her. In other words, I was telling her this is none of your business so fuck off.

But I put it a little more nicely than that. So there it is….work it out between yourselves and get that price down—a lot. Even if you can’t speak English or Thai use sign language if you have to or get one of your Japanese buddies to help you out.

Just remember that a lot of these go go girls are going home alone. They need the money. And most of them need a lot of help on how the math works out, that a thousand baht is a lot better than not getting barfined.   If you get that price down (a lot) and stop throwing all those ping pong balls these girls will respect you a lot more.   And even if they don’t, who cares.  Money is, after all, number one.  Just make sure you are not getting the short end of the stick  when it comes to the money. Above all remember that Japanese wanting cheaper go-go girls get a lot more respect than the Japanese customer who simply agrees to whatever the mamasans and go go dancers demand.

If you are Japanese you will especially enjoy reading Japanese Politeness is Ruining Walking Street.  Because it represents the personal views of a lifelong friend of mine who just happens to be Japanese.

Japanese politeness is ruining Pattaya Walking Street

Ironically it is Japanese politeness that is ruining the Pattaya Walking Street go go bars.  The cause is Japanese men agreeing to outrageous pricing.

With the word getting out  how much cheaper it is to buy sex in Pattaya than in Japan,

I know about Japanese politeness personally
My good friend Takoi and my Thai girlfriend in Tokyo 5 years ago. Takoi and I became good friends when we were in our mid twenties. I was getting my MBA from St. Louis University while he was getting his Masters in Engineering. Now that over 40 years have passed we are still great friends.  So is my friend oftentimes over polite?  You bet he is.  He’s Japanese and a great friend.

Japanese tour groups have gone overboard in targeting Pattaya as a premiere hunting ground for beautiful available women.

Although not long ago certain go go bars such as Super Girls, Super Babes and Baccharat have been targeting  the Japanese, the incursion of Japanese men had been limited only to a few clubs.

This incursion has recently become an invasion that has taken over most of the Walking Street Go Go bars.   This pestilence has been the ruination of the Walking Street go go bars.  And the pestilence cuts two ways.  1.  It’s ruinous  for those who are unwilling to pay the outrageously high prices Japanese men are willing to pay.  And 2. Even the Japanese  will seek cheaper countries when their Pattaya go bar playground’s pricing gets too high.

There are currently seven go go bars that have the same owners. These include the Lighthouse, Crazy House, Bacchara, and the Shark Club.

Back in 2006, most of Pattaya’s Go Go bars charged 600 baht bar fines of 600 baht while the girls charged 1000 baht for short time and 1500 baht long time.  With the American dollar at 40 baht, this meant that a man could bar fine a go go girl for $15.00.   Take her home  for $25.00.   All for just $40.00.

Fast forward to the present now that hordes of Japanese tourists have descended on Pattaya’s go go bars.  And how Japanese politeness is ruining the Walking Street Go Go bars for everyone.

  The typical bar fine is currently 1000 to 1500 baht now that the coyote way of doing business has come to dominate the Walking Street go go bars.  Meanwhile short time prices have escalated to  2000 baht to 2500 baht.

At today’s exchange rate of 32 baht to the American dollar this represents $100 to $125.00 for just one short time and that’s not even including all the high priced drinks one’s likely to consume beforehand.

It’s not going to be very long before we will be approaching $200.00 for a single short time with a Pattaya go go girl.    One of the primary reasons for this is Japanese politeness.  Specifically it’s  when Japanese men  too readily agree to  the outrageous demands  go go bars and the girls are ramming down their throats.

Take the practice of convincing a go go bar’s customers into buying all those ridiculously priced ping pong balls

Customers throw the ping pong balls at the go go girls.  Who then scurry shamelessly across the floor on their hands and knees trying to gather as many as they can.  The girls then turn in their captured ping pong balls for cash.

You’ve seen the signs on the walls of the go go bars.  Especially on the bathroom walls screaming out at the customers.

“Be a nice guy.  Be a real king among men and buy fifty ping pong falls for a measly 3000 baht?”

Good God, that’s a hundred American dollars and for what?

If you ever see an Englishman or an American falling for this ruse, you are looking at one real stupid sad sack of a man.  I mean really!  But the Japanese are not stupid.  They just seem to be and it’s all on account of their confounded Japanese politeness.

What does a man gain by spending a hundred dollars just to watch a bunch of money hungry women groveling around a floor.   This pantomime  proves conclusively that money is indeed number one in Thailand.   These dumb shows only remind me that a woman is willing to do anything  to get it?

This is in Kyoto almost 4 years ago.  

Does a man get the sexual experience of a lifetime from buying all those stupid ping pong balls?

He should, at those insane price levels.   No self respecting Englishman or American would ever do that.  And if you ever see an American, Englishman or even a German doing it, you can be sure that this man needs to go to a mental institution.

“So why do you Japanese indulge yourselves in such Ping Pong madness?”

“I’ll answer that.”

“It’s because of your confounded Japanese politeness.”

I think you Japanese are very different.

Japanese men are typically polite people who build damn good cars, motorcycles, television sets and wonderful optical  instruments such as cameras and binoculars.

You are making great advances in global climate change.   To my notion you are the most admirable people in Asia.  You are obviously far from stupid.  But you do like to avoid conflict and are not the kind given to haggle over prices.  Especially when it comes to a group of men who have set out on an evening enjoying themselves.

Especially in Pattaya where a man can easily get beaten up or killed for protesting against being overcharged.

My girlfriend always wanted to see snow. Problem was we go to the U.S. in August. When there’s no snow. Ironically we saw too much snow when we went to Japan nearly 4 years ago. A blizzard caused us to miss the miss that would have taken us to our hotel in Tokyo from the airport. So we took a taxi. There was a lot of snow and ice on the road and the taxi spun out and hit the railing. The impact caused my head to strike the taxi’s window. But not too hard. I wasn’t really hurt, but too bad for the taxi driver who would have to pay the damages to his vehicle. He took it in stride, however. It’s the Japanese politeness that kept him from losing his cool.

I can’t ever forget that old Irish friend of mine who got the hell beaten out of him by Thais.

And only because he refused to buy a drink for a Soi 7 bar girl.  The girl asked him to buy her a drink.  He refused.

This didn’t matter to the Englishman who owned the bar,  When my Irish friend finally asked for his bill he noticed he had been charged for a lady drink for the girl he didn’t order.  The English bar owner insisted that he pay the entire bill.  When he continued to protest the Englishman moved towards him in a threatening manner.  Which caused him to back into a Thai man. The Thai man then promptly punched my friends lights out while he was focusing on the menacing English bar owner.

When my friend finally came to the police were already there hovering over him.    Then he pointed at the English bar owner who was trying his utmost to hide from the police.  But the police simply ignored my Irish friend, and then they put him in jail.  By that time his Thai assailant had already disappeared.

This story is not something I had just read about or what someone told me about in a bar.  I was the one who got the phone call from the Irishman and it was I who went down to the police station at 5:30 in the morning to bail him out.

My friend’s face looked like hamburger.  His eyes were two solid red colored orbs minus both the retina and pupil.

I  had to take him home on my motorcycle.  And got to see for myself how the Thai criminal justice system works.

How many times have the Walking Street go go bars overcharged me for drinks ?  And how many times have I had to put up with a go go girl bringing a second girl to my table.  Only to have the girl tell me I should buy drinks for both of them because the second girl was her sister?

Sister my ass!  I learned that trick over 8 years ago, so don’t try to pull it on me.

Truth is most Pattaya go go bars treat their customers despicably.

I really like most Japanese men, but hey guys, it’s us against them.  I mean you who are Japanese and me, and I’m American.    It’s time that you start to recognize who the real enemy is and that’s the  high prices the go go bars are charging us.

Those high prices are already getting to be so high that soon you won’t want to be coming here anymore.   You are a very intelligent, high minded race of people.  It’s high time that everyone cooperate together to keep Pattaya Walking Street from becoming a place you will never want to go back to.

As to Japanese politeness, hey I love it, especially when I’m visiting Japan.  Like last February when all you Japanese treated me like a king.  Yep.  That was in Tokyo and Kyoto.  But when it comes to Walking Street go go bars, it’s far better to question the prices of everything.  From what we are being charged for our drinks, to bar fines, to the tips we pay the girls.  With or without the sex.  We are, after all, in this together.  Aren’t we?

 As for all those ping pong balls, please deposit them in the nearest toilet where they belong. And all your Japanese politeness?  Please leave it at home where it is appreciated.

Japanese men Pattaya Go Go Bars is what this category is about

Japanese men  Pattaya Go Go Bars getting cheaper and far better treatment from Pattaya go go bars and bar girls is what this category is all about. Some of this site’s other categories are go go bars, beer bars, you tube videos, etc.  So if you are Japanese you might be wondering why am I putting Japanese men Pattaya go go bars in a special category of their own?  Why haven’t I chosen Australians, Germans, or Englishmen or any other national group other than Japanese?  Because of a long lost friendship, and that friendship newly found, I have found a special place for Nippon in my heart, its core values, and the fact that Japanese in general do so many things so well.

This includes most Japanese men Pattaya Go Go Bars who treat go go dancers  too well for their own good.

Halloween on Pattaya Walking Street

Japanese men Pattaya go go bars
Japanese men Pattaya go go bars. The two are coming together as Japanese men do not only not have problems overpaying for women in the go go bars. They savor it.

Just two weeks ago, I returned from a trip to Japan where I visited Tokyo and Kyoto.  I knew you Japanese would treat me well, but what I found far exceeded my expectations.

I was meeting up with a great friend of mine who I had not seen for over 15 years.  We had first met in St. Louis while he was getting his Masters Degree in Engineering from Washington University.  While I was getting my MBA from St. Louis University.  That was forty years ago when I was 26 and my friend was 22.  After T returned to Tokyo, I visited Japan in 1982 where we met again.  By this time my friend was married, and T and his wife started having children.  He visited my father and me in the U.S. several years later.

T told us how expensive things had gotten in Japan.  And how the family business was finding it more and more difficult to compete with other Asian countries that could produce the same products far cheaper.  I came up with an idea for him about a product line that he could offer.  The  next thing I knew was that he had taken my advice and moved to another country in Asia where he and his family remained for over 20 years.

Then my father died.  The house was sold.  I moved from my farm.  And my Japanese friend and I were no longer able to find each other.  I searched for my good friend on the internet, found nothing. And concluded that I’d never see him again.  And then a Christmas card arrived at my farm from Japan, and the people living there e-mailed me it came from Japan.  I sent a letter to T’s address in Japan which included my email address.  And my old friend and I were once again in contact.

While my young Thai girlfriend and I were in Japan, T went way beyond anything even the closest friends do for each other.

The service we got at both our Tokyo  and Kyoto hotels was exceptional, but it was the hotel in Kyoto that impressed my Thai girlfriend the most.  She said, “In Thailand a hotel gives good service because the hotel considers money to be number one, but here (in Japan) it comes from the heart.”  My girlfriend recognized that our Japanese hosts prided themselves not only on giving great customer service and making their guests feel comfortable, but that their smiles were genuine because they really wanted for their guests to be happy and content.  Neither of us had ever felt this level of customer service anywhere else in the world.

By the time we got back to Thailand my girlfriend had developed a great love for Japanese food which she now ranks second only to Thai food and way above Vietnamese or Malaysian cuisine.  And she had certainly gained a huge respect for the Japanese people.

By now you are probably asking yourselves, what does all this have to do with my keywords here, Japanese men Pattaya go go bars?

That question had popped up while my girlfriend and I were having dinner over at T’s home in Tokyo.  I had asked my friend, “what is it with all these Japanese men in Pattaya go go bars?  They buy all these ping pong balls.  So that they can throw them at the bar girls. The girls then get 100 baht for each ping pong ball they can scoop up.  And Japanese men in Pattaya Go Go Bars are notorious for giving the bar girls huge tips just for sitting with them.  Then if they take the bar girls back to their hotels  for sex they pay them three times what my friends and I would ever think of paying them.  Consider what Stickman’s remarks about Japanese overpaying  Pattaya bar girls.

My Japanese friend replied to me, “Most Japanese men in Pattaya go go bars are shy. Most of them do not speak good English.

They don’t know how to act in go go bars and they don’t know what is expected of them.  So when the go go bar, the mamasan, or go go girl tells them the price of anything most Japanese men in Pattaya Go Go Bars will simply agree to it because they don’t want to have any problems and want to avoid conflict.”

My friend told me Pattaya Go Go Bars are punishing Japanese men  for being gentlemen.  For being good guys and for not being trouble makers.  The truth is that most bar girls take gentlemanly conduct for weakness.  And then they descend on kind and considerate men  like vultures.  Hoping to rip as much money out of their prey in the shortest time possible.  Most of the Japanese men in Pattaya Go Go Bars do not deserve such bad treatment.  Hopefully they can learn from this how to cope  with Pattaya go go bars.

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