The East St Louis Cement Mixer meets Pattaya, Drinking Street

The East St Louis Cement Mixer meets Kwan of Pattaya Drinking Street fame  is my latest You Tube video.  We or at least, I, have found our favorite entertainer in Kwan who works at one of the Drinking Street bars. If Kwan were American I think that today she’d be a super star feature entertainer. She’d certainly be making a lot of money. She has brains, loads of personality.she’s tall, about five foot six or seven and that’s tall for a Thai woman,and brother can she dance and put on a performance.

Then there’s Renee or Delirious Delilah who once worked for Stimmelators in Northern Indiana as a stripper. She got all this started with the East St Louis Cement mixer. I think she must have been around 28 when she finished stripping all together and from that point on she became a great friend of mine. She was a computer guru.

East St Louis Cement Mixer creator Delilah
Here’s Delilah breaking into her girlfriend’s trailer home. The friend was so absent minded that she failed to show up for Delilah who would overhaul her computer for free. That’s when Delilah and I got our heads together to play a few pranks on her girlfriend.
East St Louis Cement Mixer
Here’s Delilah overhauling a friend’s computer. But the friend was too lazy to show up. In revenge Delilah and I located pictures on the Stimmelator’s web site of the absolute ugliest girl in the club and then we identified those pictures with Delilah’s friend. Then we created a profile for her friend. And for her greatest interests we put down “Picking up men to do tricks with”.

But I never knew that when she was stripping.  But  as I got to know her better,  I appreciated her more and more for her intelligence and great sense of humor.  Which was a lot like mine.  Delilah was totally warped.

Delilah creator of the East St Louis Cement Mixer
Delilah was also very beautiful. In this picture she’s posing on the hood of my supercharged Mazda Miata sports car.

So in this you tube video I’ve put several pictures in it of Delilah to honor her. And as for Kwan.  well she reminds me more than any THai woman of the American entertainers I had for good friends. And that says a lot because the American strippers were just simply terrific.

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